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  1. I would recommend that you turn off automatic graphic switching in the battery settings under preferences. This seems to resolve the problem. We have been working with Apple on this issue but we have not found a fix yet that we can do in Vectorworks. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi David, The workaround that we are recommending at this time is to disable automatic graphic switching on your laptop. The usage of the onboard graphics seems to be causing this issue somehow on some computers. Go to the Battery settings in the System Preferences and turn OFF the "automatic graphics switching" if available? Restart the computer and see if the issue goes away. Best Regards, Ian
  3. Great news, thanks for confirming! It seems that somehow VW is getting confused about which monitor the main menu is being displayed on which is causing the menus not to work, even though all the menu shortcuts function, etc. We are continuing to investigate this to try and figure out why it is happening. Just be aware that it is entirely possible that the same problem will happen again until we figure out the problem. Thanks again!
  4. Can you try going into System Preferences -> Displays. And then in the dialog set your display to use a scaled value and pick something like "Larger Text" and hit OK at the prompt. Then go back to VW and see if the menus are working again. If they are working, you should be able to switch your display setting back to the "Default for my display" setting.
  5. Hi everyone, we have been having difficulty figuring out the cause of this issue that a few users have reported on Monterey but we are still working to figure it out. I would recommend updating your OS to the latest Monterey 12.1. There are some reasons to think that this may resolve your issue. If you decide to do this, please report back and let us know if this helps. Here is some additional info: Unfortunately, reinstalling VW will not help. You can try closing and reopening the lid on your laptop. Reports indicate this clears the issue in the meantime. Another thing you can try is go into your computer's battery settings and try turning OFF the "automatic graphics switching" option and see if it helps. Please see this thread for more info.
  6. Yes this has been fixed for VW 2021 with SP5 and it will be fixed in 2022 in an upcoming service pack.
  7. I would recommend updating to Monterey 12.1. If you do, please try to scale your display again and hopefully everything should work fine again in the new OS version. Please let us know if you decide to do this. Thanks for the info!
  8. Hello, Thanks for the message. We are aware of this issue and I am happy to report that this will be fixed in Vectorworks 2022 service pack 2. This should be released in the next few weeks. Please update to the latest when you can and sorry for the problem that you have been seeing. Best Regards, Ian
  9. Good morning, This problem has been fixed in the SP1.1 build that was released on 10/22/21, build 619242. Please make sure that you are using the latest SP1 release. This was a problem with the initial SP1 release that was released a few days prior. Please let me know if you are continuing to see any problems after updating. Best Regards, Ian
  10. Hi Christiaan, Can you provide some more information on this? We are not seeing this crash anymore. What version of VW are you using and what build? Do you get a crash log? What is the behavior that you see on quit? Thanks!
  11. Kaare, Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with the feature. Early on we made some changes to make it harder to accidentally detach the tabs but some users reported that they were still having problems, while many other didn't have an issue at all. As Andy shared (thanks!), we added a new Lock tabs option in the utility menu of the palettes. When this is turned on you won't be able to detach or rearrange the tabs. Turning this on won't set things back to the way that they were, so you can move tabs around or detach them and then lock them how you want them to avoid accidental changes in the future. Hopefully this helps you out and thanks for your continuing feedback. -Ian
  12. Hi Ryan, Our general policy is that we never recommend users to upgrade their machine to any beta operating system versions, especially not the first beta that is released. There are almost always bugs in the beta releases that need to be fixed, and keep in mind that things like printer drivers are normally not available immediately. We do not get early access to macOS betas, so our testing just started for Monterey when it became available to us yesterday. We will update our with our findings over the coming weeks as we do more testing with Vectorworks.
  13. Hello, The M1 Macbook Air that we have is the 8GB version. I'm not sure if the 16GB was even available when we purchased this since we got it when they first came out, but I would say that this machine is pretty entry level. Thanks, Ian
  14. Please follow the official thread for the latest updates to our testing efforts on M1. There was an update posted yesterday in fact. Enjoy!
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