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  1. Unfortunately I doubt that Apple Silicon will have any affect on Apple's tools regarding support for older versions of the OS, etc. Apple is very aggressive about pushing the latest updates, and their hardware, software and tools seem to follow this policy as well. As for the universal binary, I would expect that universal binary support will be baked into all releases for a while. It is hard for us to have an official policy on this because we don't know how long Apple will continue to release Intel based machines and how long they will continue to support those machines. A given version of Vectorworks tends to have official support for 5 or 6 versions of MacOS. So for VW 2021, it will run and be supported on 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.0 and eventually 11.1 when that is released next year. I do not expect that to change moving forward. Here is a list VW versions and official OS support that we have maintained through the years.
  2. Hi Mau, You are correct that at this time we do not recommend upgrading to Big Sur if you are using Vectorworks 2019. We always like to be proactive and make users aware of the issues that they might face if they decide to upgrade their OS. We want to be transparent and make sure users can make the most informed decision. As Zoomer mentioned, VW 2019 does not run well on Big Sur. And thank you to Christiaan for his detailed post, he explained the situation almost perfectly. We have historically avoided supporting versions two years back and older because of the inordinate amount of effort that it can take and the risk of creating an unstable version of VW that might be worse on the OS versions that it was designed for. Here are some more technical details also if you are interested: The main difficulty with supporting older versions of VW in the newest MacOS versions is difficulties working with Apple’s tools. VW 2019 was built with an older version of Apple's development tools (Xcode) that does not run on Big Sur. It is not safe to try and create a new version of VW 2019 using a new version of these tools because this can introduce bugs and make 2019 unstable. This forces us to work with an older development environment running on an older OS, which makes any fixes difficult because you can’t test and work in the OS that you are trying to fix things for. We will continue to keep our users informed as we investigate these issues and Big Sur is officially released. Best Regards, Ian
  3. Hi Larry, Jeremy may be correct above about your workspace files being corrupted somehow. I haven't seen this particular problem before but it definitely looks incorrect. I have sent you a private message requesting your workspace files so that we can investigate the problem. Palette data is stored in two different places in your user folder, the saved settings file and the workspace itself. If there is saved settings information for a workspace then that is used first, and then it falls back to the workspace if there is no palette info available in the saved settings. This allows for palette positions to be saved without having to modify the workspace file. You can reset the palette positions in your saved settings by using the Reset Saved Settings button on the Session tab of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog, but note that resetting that will also clear out other data. But this is a way to reset those palette positions if that is causing the problem. Another option is to just create a new workspace based on one of our shipping 2021 workspaces. That may be the best solution if you are still having issues. Best Regards, Ian
  4. I will also add that if you don't want to detach the tabs you don't have to, you can just ignore the feature and use the palettes exactly the same way that you used to. The main menu items for the Object Info, Navigation, and Visualization tab families will close all of the tabs together, resulting in the same behavior from previous versions.
  5. Hi Larry, For 2021 we have allowed users to choose what they want to do. There are menu items that will close ALL of the tabs that are associated with a tab family. These are assigned shortcuts in our shipping workspaces and they will function like they used to in previous versions. The CTRL+L shortcut will close all of the tabs that go with the Object Info Palette. That is the Shape tab, Data tab and Render tab. We also added new menus that will allow you to toggle the visibility of each indiviual tab if you want to do that instead. If you want to use these new menus with a shortcut you will have to assign shortcuts to them in the workspace editor, they do not have shortcuts by default. As you can see in this attached screenshot, this is the new palette menu in one of our shipping workspaces. You can toggle the visibility of each tab through this menu. Best Regards, Ian
  6. Hi all, If you are running VW 2019 I would highly recommend NOT to upgrade at this time, as zoomer noted above there are issues with Big Sur in 2019. If you are running VW 2020 make sure that you have SP5, this has some critical crash fixes for Big Sur. The initial release of VW 2021 will be fine to use based on our testing. But as Juan mentioned, Apple is still releasing new betas, so you never know if something will break...proceed with caution! Thanks again for continued testing and feedback, Ian
  7. Please tag me somewhere in this new thread so that I am aware of it.
  8. Yes this is correct, at this time quick search only finds menus and tool that are in your active workspace. So make sure the center line marker is added to the Braceworks workspace first and then you'll be able to find it. We investigated being able to search all other inactive workspaces also but there are many technical challenges related to this.
  9. This is something for a future release. In our opinion, adding more functionality to the nav palette is always a good idea, as long as it can be customized so that unwanted info doesn't get in the users' way.
  10. Sorry for all the multiple comments, just trying to keep the various conversations organized with my quotes. There was certainly a lot of useful info shared over the weekend! Last thing I'll add is that a context aware quadrant for SOD is another one that we have discussed during task planning, so this is a definite possibility for the future.
  11. This is the intent of the detachable tab palettes task and the ability to direct edit in the nav palette. We wanted to give users the ability to keep these lists open all the time and edit the info so maybe they don't have to use the org dialog as often. Our plan is also to support more columns on the nav palette and make them editable in the future. What functionality do you need in the org dialog that you can't get from the nav palette? This will be helpful information for us to have.
  12. Yes I would agree that the workspace editor has been a long standing feature that hasn't evolved much over the years. It really could use a complete overhaul to improve a lot of aspects in my opinion. But even some small features like the ability to drag multiple items from the left side would be a good start. I would recommend that you create a new thread where you outline your requested workspace editor fixes, that will make it easier to keep these together and not get lost with the other SOD or QS comversation. There are two flavors to this, workspace editor improvements and also suggestions for how we should modify our shipping workspaces. Obviously with our shipping workspaces it is impossible for us to create something that everyone will be happy with, but suggestions for changes are always useful. Thanks again!
  13. Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate a bit on why you need 9 different workspaces? I'm a little unclear on that part. It seems to me that what you are requesting is an "everything" workspace that has ALL of our tools and menus already added in. With the new Quick Search tool this kind of workspace could be useful because you can still easily find everything.
  14. There is not currently any setting for this in the preferences. We debated adding this but ultimately decided against it. We worried it could be preference overload. But perhaps in the future if others think this would be useful!
  15. I can confirm that this issue will be fixed in 2021 SP1. Thanks for your help finding the problem!


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