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  1. Chances are your resources are in VW files that are saved with an earlier version of VW which won't be seen by your current version. Run File>Batch Convert and select the relevant folders to bring the files up to date; then they should rematerialize.
  2. For Vectorworks Fundamental users Auto Hybrid is not an option however you can always manually draw your 2d representation in Top/Plan View as Screen Plane objects then select both the 2d and 3d geometry and Modify>Create Symbol to generate a 2d/3d Hybrid Symbol that behaves much the same in 2d/3d as an Auto Hybrid object.
  3. Could you be comparing a Top/Plan View on the Sheet Layer with a Plan View in the Design Layer?
  4. Great - are you seeing the same issue there? Your earlier screenshot indicated v9.5pro in the top left. If you'd like to share a file I can check into it for you.
  5. Maybe I can get Marionette to pull the images...
  6. Thanks for the quick responses @bgoff, Yes, It seems that the Plant Database is ripe for development, 4 pics, lots of data, we just need a way to pull this into a Sheet Layer. Worksheets are not a good option as you have very limited control of the layout.
  7. Apart being integral to VW and not a FM runtime I'm wondering if the Plant Catalog provides any advantages over the Plant Database. Plant Database allows for the creation of a Plant Book. I don't this this is possible when using the Plant Catalog.
  8. Hi Kal, You're right, once you assign/reassign Materials in Lumion they should 'stick' unless you change them. Lumion LiveSync automatically updates the VW file to the Lumion file as your work progresses so there is no need to perform an update. There shouldn't be any issue with which Layers your elements are drawn on in VW. Lumion will just redraw those elements in the same relative position. You're using an older version of Lumion (v9.5) v10, 10.5 have been out for quite a while and v11 has just been released. Perhaps it's a legacy bug but I haven't come across it before. I would restart the computer. Draw a couple of simple elements in VW with different textures, start Lumion via LiveSync and see if the issue persists. Otherwise you may get more help over on the Lumion forum. https://community.lumion.com/index.php
  9. I think that's there so he doesn't fall over
  10. It looks like you're viewing a Section Viewport with the Advanced Properties>Attributes>Line Style set to something other than 'Use Original'
  11. Does anyone have a suggestion on this please? @Tamsin Slatter ?
  12. I'm curious, apart from Custom Modification selecting objects and presenting the Properties Palette is there a discernible difference between these two commands?
  13. You may need to simplify the 3rd object. Try Add Solids a simple cube and the 3rd object to confirm. Otherwise try changing the order of the Solid Addition. The Slicer Software you're using for the 3d print is probably the best place to create a honeycomb pattern from the exported STLmodel but it can be done in VW but I prefer not to.
  14. A Hardscape can modify the Site Model but not the other way around. Texture Beds can be used to depict a surface that conforms with the Site Model. An Aligned Slab aligns to other objects on the Site when they have collinearity in Plan, eg a step - it will also not be molded by the Site Model but vice versa.


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