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  1. Try flipping the wall and rearrange the finish component in the wall style.
  2. Your arrows are a Symbol. First Modify>Convert>Convert to Group to release them Next select the arrows and in the 3d Modeling toolset choose the Deform Tool>Bend Solid mode Click to set the bend center enter 68.72 to match the arc Enter
  3. I'm starting to think that a Selected Object should always be immune to Pre-Selection Highlighting. Any thoughts?
  4. bcd

    Arched Windows

    Aside from creating a Marionette to create & control this I think the only (viable?) option is to create a Symbol combining both windows, sill & header and Custom Wall Hole Component for each size.
  5. There was a lot of discussion about this when VW2020 was launched. I haven't heard - but I can't imagine VW isn't listening @JuanP ?
  6. Displacement bump/ Grass will penetrate through an overlying object. Eg - grass through a paving stone It would be convenient if the texture of the overlying texture could negate this effect or if the grass/displacement bump could be set to react to all objects it interferes with.
  7. Thanks for this - it's interesting I don't believe I've ever explicitly done this with a Nurbs Surface which are only planar in selective cases, although in these cases they should also respond to the Extrude command. I have generally extruded VW Planar objects (polylines etc. ) only using the Push Pull or the Extrude command. + 1 to this.
  8. Is this new? or are we talking about Shelled Nurbs surfaces?
  9. There is some limited control of the 3d detail level visualization via the Style>Edit Style option in the OIP but nothing similar for 2d.
  10. I recommend always comparing the timestamp of the backup file with your working file. It would be great if, after a crash, VW would offer the option - together with timestamp information: Reopen the working file or Recreate working file from backup
  11. There are several cool ways this could be implemented. Drag-Drop a symbol to a Sheet Layer to automatically create a Symbol Viewport Right-Click on a symbol in the RB or on a DL to do the same Symbol creation options - Create SVP In the OIP - Create SVP button. it's clear that this is a really important enhancement- as we regularly create unnecessary Design Layers to host an unnecessary instance of a Symbol simply to be able to create such Viewports
  12. bcd

    Unfold Help

    You need to Extract each of the surfaces - Extract Tool>Tool Preferences>Non-Planar (=Nurbs Surfaces) However from the left: the first and third surfaces are developable and will successfully unfold. the second and fourth have double curvature and will not unfold. You could redraw the piece so be close to the original so that all four surfaces are developable.
  13. Class & Layer Tags could easily populate the unused column in the Navigation Palette Sort order based on Tags, Class name/visibility would ideally also work just as it does now for Layers
  14. Very odd - There's no Show/Hide lights apart from Class / Layer visibilities You can control whether light objects are visible via the VW Preferences>Display but this isn't what you're asking. You can switch Lights on/off individually or via the Visualization Palette Have you tried a restart?


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