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  1. Short of extracting the surface of the landing, for example, and extruding... I'm not seeing any. The stairs are still built as a Mesh object.
  2. bcd

    surface array

    Not exactly what you need but using the bump shader you can get a decent approximation quickly, especially where the slope approaches 0º
  3. bcd

    Creating Finished Worksheet

    Hi Howie Maden- PM me the files & I'll send it back to you.
  4. You will need to do this twice if yours is a Hybrid Symbol. Once in Top/Plan on the original to retrieve the 2d components Once in a 3d View of a of the original to obtain the 3d components
  5. There are other ways to do this but you can: Place a Top/Plan Viewport on your Sheet Create a Horizontal Section Viewport of the Underside of your Clip Cube - basically a SVP Looking Up and place on your Sheet Layer Flip the SVP Vertically & align on top of the original VP Turn off unwanted classes - to reveal only the required reflected overhead details
  6. bcd

    Drawing flashing in Landmark 2019

    I've seen this before. The interm solution we found is to reset the Vectorworks>Preferences>Display>Navigation Graphics to Best Compatibility. Yes - this is new in VW2019 afaik.
  7. Just use 2 of the curves Loft with One Rail Then Shell
  8. A Horizontal Section Viewport will allow you to view objects both below and above the cut plane.
  9. bcd

    Angled Stair

    Bingo Mike, thanks - it's quite hidden there - you wouldn't expect it in the Preview Pane! No worries David - thanks.
  10. bcd

    Angled Stair

    That looks like it's 90ª
  11. bcd

    Angled Stair

    I need to place an angled stair (Flight 2 @ 45º to flight 1) - wasn't this possible in the past? I can't seem to convince the current stair tool do this.
  12. bcd

    Sloping Floors

    True- but you can shell up or down (-inside in the OIP) The shell edges can interest the walls & you can then subtract the walls from the shell if you need that level of fidelity.
  13. bcd

    Sloping Floors

    I'd go with this. In plan view draw a polygon for the back or the room Duplicate it and drag it to the front of the stage and modify it to suit (keep the same number of vertices) Select both >Modify convert to Nurbs Ungroup Modify>3d Move the first Nurbs ? in the Z direction as needed. 3d Modelling Toolset - Loft (Create Solid) If you need to add thickness you can do so using Shell in the 3d Modelling Toolset.
  14. bcd

    help with drawing units

    I believe the in VW 2015 units didn't update unless your run Update Plugin Objects. So you may be able to set you drawing units to decimal feet- place the boundary then reset the drawing units.


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