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  1. For a cheap & nasty version of the above. In a Front View - Convert to Group and Slice
  2. I looks like you're taking screenshots of the rendering in a Design Layer I would do this in Sheet Layer Viewports. It will allow you to maintain multiple rendered VPs for direct comparison, Reduce the Sheet Layer dpi to speed up the process and Save Veiwport Cache so you can save your multiple rendered (labelled) views with the file
  3. bcd

    File is CRAZY big

    Probably one of the most helpful Purge options you'll use is Purge Coincident Duplicates. Take a look @ the file size before & after. I'd be interested to see how it impacts that.
  4. bcd

    File is CRAZY big

    Hi Thais, and welcome to the forum. Are you running the latest version of VW (2018) ? Chances are the file has a lot of legacy items that have been included over many years. It may take a bit of work to go in and explore everything - stripping out what's actually not needed. Another possibility is that there are highly detailed components that have been drawn or imported at a resolution that you will never appreciate at Sheet Scale but which nonetheless are appearing and bogging everything down. One good idea is to try and isolate these, and simplify them or set the more complex geometry to a Fine Details calss which you can then show only selectively. A third option you can try is to progressively divide the drawing in half and perform speed tests on the reaming half. It could be that an errant object (objects) are causing your woes. (eg Auto-Hybrids, Imported geometry, overly detailed extrude along paths, etc.) As for the file-size 13 GB is large for sure but I've seen bigger. You may find the answer in the above. You may also decide to extract some of the information into external files and then reference that back in via Referenced Viewports. Finally - Check out the Sheet Layer & Viewport settings. What's your SL dpi, Viewport Render settings? Smoothing Angle if Hidden Line Rendering .... Good luck with it & let us know how you get on.
  5. Ah - yes. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. I can't park my OIP neatly in the top right of the screen because it obscures the editing modes button. (Return To Viewport, Exit Group, Exit Symbol etc.) I'd like to see it repositionable, or floating above the OIP, or smaller or much wider or something more convenient. Somehow the keyboard shortcut ⌘] doesn't come easily.
  7. Yes. BlueBeam do this with PDF. VW can recognize coincident objects so it's not a stretch to identify non-coincident objects. You can compare contents of design layers by assigning them with a color & an opacity of 50% and viewing both at once. Eg DL 1 - Blue 50%, DL 2 -Red 50% coincident = Purple, everything else is new/removed.
  8. No, but you can place Demo Walls in the opening & assign them to a Demo-1, Demo-2 class etc. You may have issues with lines where Remaining Walls & Demo Walls meet.
  9. bcd

    VW to SCIA

    Very interesting thanks for highlighting this Bret.
  10. bcd

    VW2018 Title Block/ North arrow comment

    Yes, I think the TBM was an important addition and step towards co-ordinate the drawing (s). The MN declination on/off switch was broken in my test. The N-arrow comes with a blue handle to re-position it graphically. Also hold ~ to temporarily disable snaps.
  11. Following this very closely. Thanks Rob & panel. It was a very interesting discussion @ the Summit & I'm glad to see it getting legs here. I'm looking at the archaic & acad based ABTT standards and how to respect those who swear & abide by them while offering students an updated & well considered structure in VW. On a related note & it may be heresy to say this but for standards to be universally accepted in the industry and in the different territories I believe we should also consider, if only obliquely, the pov of users of other software.
  12. bcd

    Title block sheet title too long

    Can we even access the Sheet Title field via the Title Block record any more. In VW2017 S_SHEETTITLE_SD# gave us a 2-way access to the Sheet Title - (in this case a multiline). In VW2018 this field is still available but it looks like there is a hidden field Sheet Title that I would like to make multiline. What am I missing?
  13. One quick idea that may work is to place a 3d seim-opaque mask over the neighboring houses.
  14. bcd

    window and door catalog issues

    Oh - this is surprising & I would offer a little opaque, but thanks Matt for showing me the light. I would have expected: Window Tool, Select Catalog item & Rename Style or Select existing Style. Especially since the catalog button is right there up top with the first insertion A single Window Style called Andersen Windows seems very improbable - perhaps it would be more useful if it defaulted to Andersen Windows-Style 1 or the Andersen Windows - Model number For anyone else struggling with this here's how it works in practice (open to correction if there's a simpler way)