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  1. bcd

    QTY of Selected object

    Two possible solutions: 1) Set both Plant (groups) to be On Plant List and create your BOM as a Tools>Report>Create Report / Peformatted Report>Plant List or 2) Select Both>Right Click>Change Plant Grouping
  2. bcd

    pulley & belt system

    This is exactly why we need a Rubber Band tool A 2d version of the new Shrink Wrap? command Which will supersede the current Drape Surface command
  3. Direct modelling is definitely the way to go (imo) If you have spot heights or a reliable cross-section it should be pretty quick and accurate. Consider the Inner Boundary Mode of the Polygon tool to quickly generate extrudable polygons.
  4. bcd

    How to save custom Nodes

    Great - thanks Marissa
  5. bcd

    How to save custom Nodes

    How do I save a custom version of the #COMMAND;REFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Input\PopupWidget.py; node with custom popups without overwriting the original? Thanks
  6. Great improvement - I Like!
  7. bcd

    Solid Subtraction

    I'd take a look at: Duplicate Intersect Solids Subtract Subtract
  8. bcd

    VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    Try pressing & holding B for the X-Ray mode while using the tool
  9. Whatever function the 'Does not Contain' dropdown criterion applies isn't correct. It should be, in the case of a Symbol Name: (S<>'*STRING*')
  10. bcd

    drawings side by side

    Interesting - I hadn't considered that. Let's find out.
  11. bcd

    drawings side by side

    Looks like you can - but it's slightly different. You have to stretch the VW window across the extended displays and then you can manually move and stretch (morning VW yoga?) each file to float on its own display.
  12. bcd

    drawings side by side

    Unless I misunderstand the question you already can. Just drag the tab of one of the files off and it will float in a new window that you can move to your 2nd screen. Cmd ~ to change focus from one file to the other
  13. bcd

    Class filtering

    Class & Layer filters are becoming ever more necessary as Class Lists & Layer Lists get longer & longer in more & more complex drawings.
  14. Double clicking anywhere on a Title Block Border typically brings up the TBB Setttings window. It would be very helpful, faster and require fewer clicks if double clicking a field of the TBB opened the Settings window focused on that particular field.
  15. I'm not a big fan of symbol scaling - but in this case I understand where you're going. Rather than rely on nested symbols for the glass hatch I'd use an actual hatch with a large enough offset that you don't see it repeat. (you can edit the hatch in the Resource Manager so that there is no background if needed) VW Nested Symbol Issue v2018 v2017.vwx VW Nested Symbol Issue v2018.vwx


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