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  1. This is where Surface Array could come in handy - but I think Kevin's suggestion will get you there more reliably & with more hair remaining.
  2. This brings up an interesting question however- because in reality both leafs of the cavity wall work together to form the core. Perhaps what's needed is> Components'-Sub Components
  3. If you set the Metsec to be the core in each wall type you get closer but the problem is a wall can only have one core and your WallSepa-240-1 has dual cores.
  4. and no animals were harmed...
  5. Try a non rectangular crop object for comparison. It may be that it's not actually a crop that your seeing but an outline of the viewpoint.
  6. Looks like a schematic of a survey dome to me:
  7. I look forward to this Project Sharing becoming consistently solid & reliable so I can use & recommend it to clients. Currently it seems to be still in the experimental phase.
  8. Currently the easiest way is to Shift drag the windows & doors out of Wall B Delete Wall B Join Wall A to Wall C Shift drag the doors & windows back
  9. An interesting dilemma. Short of going back to 2012 where these lines showing in HLR was a constant problem can you explain why you need to show them as separate walls. Perhaps therein lies the solution? Or render with Polygon Shaded.
  10. If improved Revit import is going to be a thing - then perhaps Archicad Import & C4D import. Yes? Teaser Wednesday anyone?
  11. sounds like a family is something that could be defined by VW marionette = best of both worlds, built in parametrics & customized parametrics.
  12. It's a mutiny Alan, I think you're running it too hard and those nodes have been conspiring for a break. I don't know of anyone outside VW HQ who pushes this as hard as you.. Perhaps delete the VW preferences and promise to play within the envelope and they'll play nice again.
  13. I have to agree - in even modest homes & remodels I see these mult-fold doors (& windows) become a very prominent part of the architecture.
  14. Is that a chocolate beaver by any chance? - Looks delicious. Very nice work Kevin btw.
  15. You can create a Saved View with only the Plan Rotation (Orientation)- then a double click in the SV palette will get you there quickly.