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  1. This sounds like a job for the Title Block You can add data on a per Sheet Edit the Title Block Style Sheet Data>Manage Sheet Data>Add a new field Title Block>Edit Title Block Layout place some text and in the OIP convert it to Data Type>Link Value, Parameter>Sheet Data, your newly created field. Then via the Title Block manager you can select which Sheet Layers you want to display this text and edit it to suit. However, having the Title Block Manager speak to the Notes Database to enter that text would be the business.
  2. AEC>Machine Design>3d Properties AEC>Machine Design>Centroid Model>Engineering Properties Model>Volumetric Properties For a part being designed using a particular Material the OIP should update to reflect the engineering properties Multiple selected objects with various Materials applied should also show the total mass in the OIP
  3. It's a very hidden functionality - It would be 1000% better if it were pre-highlighted in the Contextual Menu - rather than whatever random command is in the position of your cursor at that particular zoom level. Copy, Create Objects from Shapes, Send to Surface .....
  4. This is very useful too for those individual Leader Lines for the small dimensions in a chain.
  5. If a fillet, shell etc. fails because the specified dimension is too large - why not offer the max dimension possible as an option first rather than a jarring beep and unhelpful help message?Then it becomes a series of guess,beep,guess,beep... guess,works, guess a bit bigger, beep, .... bit smaller ... .. beep 🙂
  6. And in this case the order you click the walls for your L-join determines which wall abuts which
  7. Not with the Sweep command but you can with the Birail Sweep mode of the Loft tool
  8. Currently PDF pages are unhelpfully imported stacked on top of each other with a small offset. It would be much more helpful if they were brought in and auto-arranged in a grid - the width/height or spacing of which could be part of the import dialogue. I believe this was requested years ago too.
  9. Just yesterday I was praising the fluidity of the Resource Manager & how quickly and comprehensively the search is. (Although including misspellings in the search would be a welcome improvement even now) I remember when you may as well gone to make a cup of tea anytime you wanted to search the old Resource Browser. I suspect the Folder structure was set up then as a way to try and optimize the horribly slow search.
  10. Hi Eric, Lumion is my choice here for sure. It's reliable, produces great results, has an extensive library & LiveSync from the VW model is very stable. Happy to dive into discussing it in more detail.
  11. A lot of cool modelling here. I would also choose a different texture for the stone floor. It looks like cobbles that have been scaled up, resulting in the grout relatively too wide and the displacement too large. In a setting like this I would expect to also see an area rug. I'm curious why we can see out one window but none of the others. Could it be to do with the reflectivity/ transparency settings of the glass texture? ...because a vision softly creeping...
  12. Yes, the light is where it's at in a scene like this. You will get most of the light from the fire - the candlelight will be very localized & there should be much more shadow where shadows would naturally fall.
  13. I'm curious if you find a solution. Are you also running Adobe Creative Cloud Content Manager? ps @Lance C you may not know that the thumb is more an expression to the person helping you than to their suggestion. I would be giving @Pat Stanford a thumb up 👍 for his response and replying that his solution didn't fix the issue.
  14. I'm also having a font problem Skia is showing correctly in VW but exporting to PDF I lose the emboldened Skia and also Skia bold. Here it is showing both in VW and Preview &/or Acrobat ( on the mac) I haven't tested yet on PC
  15. As it says on the tin: I'd like to lock the position of one object and have other objects constrained to it.
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