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  1. bcd

    Drawing spiral chair in elevation

    For a rendering you can always just use a masked photo as an Image Prop.
  2. bcd

    Drawing spiral chair in elevation

    Is that a scale model? How closely do you need to match it? Have you considered placing a grid of tape over it and running the 'photos to 3D model' function on the cloud services website? This may be your fastest/best bet - as it appears as if it not only has a variable and rolling crossection it also has a variable diameter & pitch. Remember you can always model it in the traditional way using Nurbs & lofts etc, and then Convert to Subdivsion for more plastic control
  3. bcd

    Substracting solids from walls

    In Top/Plan view draw a rectangle Select the Wall & Rectangle Right Click (contextual menu)>Clip Surface Adjust the Height and Offset from top of wall to fine tune the vertical position and height of your subtraction.
  4. bcd

    Referenced viewports and classes vw2019

    Be sure this isn't checked in the Viewport Class Properties (from the OIP)
  5. Check in the OIP under the Render tab that the texture is not being mapped as Plane.
  6. bcd

    Worksheet Data Visualization

    +1 to this, eg a function called =Image using Data Visualization attributes or something other and another called =Pattern using Data Visualization attributes It would probably be necessary in both cases for the Worksheet to live as a Viewport Annotation.
  7. I'd like to be able to set a custom height for the Top Drawer on the new Base Cabinet. It's currently locked @ 5 1/2" which unfortunately renders this tool useful only for preliminary models.
  8. I'd like the Apple Quicklook feature to work on Resources, So, for example, after selecting a Symbol thumbnail or list item in the RM a quick press on the spacebar will result in a 50% screen area preview of that resource.
  9. bcd

    Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

    The new Truss tool segues nicely into this.
  10. bcd

    Display Flashing and Changing Colours

    Change the VW>Preferences>Display>Navigation Graphics to Best Compatibility.
  11. bcd

    Viewport crop legend / count

    Use the Location field in the Database Criteria. To do this fist place a polygon outlining the room Name it List objects within Location=Name of the ply
  12. Short of extracting the surface of the landing, for example, and extruding... I'm not seeing any. The stairs are still built as a Mesh object.
  13. bcd

    surface array

    Not exactly what you need but using the bump shader you can get a decent approximation quickly, especially where the slope approaches 0º
  14. bcd

    Creating Finished Worksheet

    Hi Howie Maden- PM me the files & I'll send it back to you.
  15. You will need to do this twice if yours is a Hybrid Symbol. Once in Top/Plan on the original to retrieve the 2d components Once in a 3d View of a of the original to obtain the 3d components


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