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  1. VW-Lumion is sweet! If you're running Wndows and have a spare hour for a testdrive you'll be blown away. I have seen this mapping error happen before but not for a while. If you change the texture/color of an object in VW it breaks the material mapping in Lumion but the wholescale loss of mapping is a different animal. Do you lose the VW Texture->Lumion Material mapping every time or just sometimes? Will it happen in a test file after a restart of your machine? Are both files saved and using static file names? Do you keep both files open at the same time - you should be able to tweak the master VW and see the changes reflected in the Lumion almost immediately. You have the option to bypass LiveSync and instead export a Collada (dae) file from the latest version of your VW file and import this to Lumion.
  2. AutoHybrid is the way to go. Edit the 2d Display Options Make sure your cut plane is above the hedge and control the look Below Cut Plane via the Class You can then use Class Overrides to further control the Top Plan look in various Viewports
  3. That 2nd Viewport definately looks pixellated. How big is it on the paper?
  4. Interesting. Could there be a copy of the worksheet on another Layer that your collegue has checked out?
  5. It's an excellent & and often overlooked feature. Either as @markdd says those little arrows in the upper left, or View>Previous View Ctri+Shift+. Often overlooked, very useful.
  6. Could it be that a Layer in the building file is incorrectly Georeferenced?
  7. In the OIP there is a Lock Position button.
  8. Depending on the LOD you're going for, but for accuracy yes.
  9. #ZCTR# will work for this. Be sure you isolate the 3d Polygons first (inside a group or whatnot) or every living thing will get a tag.
  10. It depends on the objective. Repeating frame elements can be Symbols. Purlins, corner & door colums could be framing memebers
  11. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+7 by accident seems unlikey. <Maybe the cat walked across the keyboard. 🐈
  12. Thanks for getting back. Glad there's some sort of solution.
  13. Your Site Modifer is on a different Layer than the Site Model. You can either move it to the Site Layer or In the Site Model Settings>General>Use Site Modifers on: Select Layers
  14. What's the latest best way in 2021 to export to SU?
  15. Do you have Show/Snap/Modify Other set for Classes too? Save and restart.
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