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  1. Maybe badly phased - it's a wish item.
  2. There could/should be a Texture Rotation field in the Slab Style>Slab Component Settings window. And/or in the Render Tab of the OIP when using By Component mode each component could/should have the texture listed and be editable on the fly.
  3. Hi ztinjf in your case I would simply lower my snap point by 20cm. Symbols will snap to each other correctly and the symbol will land on the ground. It doesn't matter that there may not be any other geometry within your symbol coincident with the snap point.
  4. Ok - a little nerdy but this should get you close. Draw Walls Model the walls as unstyled walls full width of the logs. eg 8" Insert doors & windows etc as normal Create Logs AEC>Framing>Wall Framing Create a new Framing Lumber eg 8" x 8" Set the Sheet Stock Height to eg 8.5" this will give a .5" horizontal gap Now you can delete the unnecessary studs & plates - Push/Pull the logs at the corners to suit. 3d Modelling Toolset>Fillet edge - eg 4" Select Edges to round your logs. Duplicate doors & windows so you can turn off walls. With Wall Insertion mode turned off select all doors and windows, Copy, Paste In Place Set the class of the walls to be invisible.
  5. If you are just interested in the surface topography you could easily model this as a series of 3d polygons from Locus point to Locus point. A Drape surface over this will give you a smooth curved surface
  6. Your good drawing probably contains an accurate hybrid symbol that is replacing the inaccurate one in the working file. Glad you got it sorted.
  7. This is a good idea - I'm surprised it hasn't helped. My first thought is hatches. Can you do a selective cull of the VP data (eg turning off layers by halves in the Viewports) to see if you can identify a gremlin.
  8. I second the Flipped Viewport instead, assuming as said that the flips are identical.
  9. Musical chairs? We would treat the chair and table as separate Symbols and create a third Symbol with Table & Chairs (nested Symbol) For the chair Edit>3d Component, rotate and move it to position so that it agrees with the 2d or vice vesa.
  10. Be sure VW is actually set to use the graphics card.
  11. That's only true if you dimension on top of the Viewport If you place your dimensions as Annotations of the Viewport: Edit Viewport>Edit Annotations then the dimension will respect the real-world size of your model.
  12. I believe there's a Marionette floating about to automatically generate 3d map from a 2d image.
  13. You could simply place a 2" grid over it and mark the suitable intersections. Or redraw as arcs using the polyline tool
  14. Model>Create Image Prop You could probably loop it in Marionette.
  15. Alignment isn't a tool - it refers to the type of Slab the Hardscape is using. If you create a Hardscape and set the 3d Slab to one of the Aligned modes then, if you have geometry in your model that in Top/Plan is colinear or cocurvular (I know it's not a real word- help me out with the correct one please) with an edge of the slab the slab/hardscape will facet or buckle to align to it.


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