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  1. Looks great - thanks for sharing it.
  2. Yikes, another dialogue? Maybe those classes could be marked orange in the NP and at an inflection point in the session you could pay attention to addressing them all at once.
  3. Just set up Dual Dimensions File>Doc Settings >Units>Dual Dimensions. Then you can have the Dimension object reference the primary, the secondary or both dimensions at once. Just pick one of the preset Dim Std>Dual presets in the OIP or create your own custom one.
  4. You need to have Snap to Angle turned on then it will reliable snap up the Z, across the X our out the Y axis. If turned off you can hold shift to snap up the Z when hovering over an endpoint.
  5. Yes a regular Symbol is the way to go. Create a Symbol of the bucket Make sure the Symbol options are set to Insert in Walls Edit the Symbol's 3d Wall Hole Component Place a 'solid' bucket there. happy wall bucketing!
  6. Have you looked @ the Foliage tool?
  7. We can currently define a Custom Dimension in a drawing. I rarely use this but just discovered a use case where it's going to be very handy to count units of objects eg. LED panels in an LED wall. But we're restricted to a single Custom Dimension. Using it for linear object counts can be applied to a wide variety of objects so it would be great if it could be developed to allow for multiple Custom Dimension definitions in the same document.
  8. Hi guys, I've been running the 'base' M1 Ultra (64GB, 48core GPU, 1TB) for a week or so. It's great to be back on Mac & I'm seeing a 2x improvement in HLR over an RTX 2060. I'll keep the RTX for the amazing Lumion exteriors. With the mac studio complex files no longer struggle - I no longer need to be selective with visibilities to make the file manageable. Everything just seems so much more fluid but I haven't taken the time to do much real benchmarking. Interestingly C4d has locked up a couple of times needing a force quite. VW seems like a different animal to before but simple things still take surprisingly long. Trying to rotate a Receptacle was taking between 1-2s yesterday, very peculiar. Anyhow - I'll be sad to see it go but it's going back tomorrow. The new 16 mbp max also has 64GB and I feel (hope) that for 95% of the time the difference won't be noticeable. Portability, screen, =ram, battery & storage all combine to make the argument for me .­čśÇ (If anyone want's to pm over a file for test I can get to it later this evening)
  9. I'm not sure about this. When exporting to PDF do you have Reset all plug-in objects, Rasterize Text, subset fonts, file size reduction,etc selected? Try turning off as many of these as possible to see if it helps. It would be interesting to do it one by one to identify the cluprit.
  10. That would be it. If you draw on the DL at a similar scale to the sheet layer viewport it should resolve the issue. Try changing the scale of the DL to 1:1000 and change the Drop Shadow offset there so it looks correct, it should look better then in the VP.
  11. Are the scales of your DL & SLVP similar?
  12. That's a lorra lorra fixes. Hats off to the developers but also to all those who are fastidiously reporting bugs!
  13. Yes, it look like Nomad was updated last night. Many of the sample files are quite old and when you open them you see the message to 'generate the .vgx file again from teh web portal or from Vectorworks 2022'.
  14. It sounds like it's a bug, unless the direction of the SV is flipping with the addition of the extra vertices. (Barrier free architecture anyone?)
  15. bcd

    Wall Profile

    Just save it as a Symbol>Symbol Options>Plug in Object Next time you need it Drag&Drop from the RM
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