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  1. That's interesting, I'm unclear where the handoff happens, but if VW is handing off to Adobe to generate the PDF why wouldn't Adobe PDF generator be able to pull an Adobe font that I've paid for? Hmm...
  2. Thanks for trying, but no, this isn't it. On/off makes no difference in my tests. It looks increasingly likely that VW -PDF export simply doesn't know where to look for the font: I found a Myriad Pro file elsewhere on the system that came with another software & dropped it into the Drag & drop panel of Settings>Fonts. Now VW has 2 places to look for the same font. Lo & behold this font works properly on PDF export. However Myriad Pro Light only exists as a Adobe CC activated font & it's being recognized by VW & displayed perfectly in VW but when exported to PDF, voila - pixels, jaggedness & low quality,
  3. Tech support are looking into it, I'll post back with any updates.
  4. You still can once the 'legacy' feature is reenabled. from the help When legacy 2D features are enabled, add the Unified View option to the View bar from the View menu, to quickly toggle unified view on and off.
  5. Yup, It must be VW. Here it is as a PDF generated from Excel: Font test from Excel.pdf
  6. I'm not so sure I think it's the VW export script that's not able to find the font even though VW itself can find & use it. I just spent a fustrating 85 minutes with 3 different 'experts' on the Adobe Chat. I'll try speaking with a human tomorrow. From what I read once the font is activated then all desktop applications can use it. It's just not stored in the usual place in the usual way & VW forgot to tell VW pdf export how to find it. 👋 (for the tickle)
  7. I don't have the tiff file, it's activated from Adobe CC.
  8. Thanks for this, I'm running it locally. I even have Adobe CC so would have thought that once a font is availble to VW it would be able to export a pdf with it. It looks crisp & lovely on the SL but a mess on the PDF. btw, Myriad isn't on the list of available fonts on the Cloud Services site. Hmm... this isn't good. Here it is exported from InDesign. Somehow VW is breaking the chain, I always thought you could buy, install and use any font you liked. Hasn't this always been the case? Font Test from ID.pdf
  9. Here again, The fonts are being rastered when published! What gives? How can these common fonts not be 'safe' to use in Vectorworks and viewed in Adobe Acrobat? Font Test.pdf
  10. On the topic of mining the past... The Edit>Previous Selection can be a very handy command when you accidentally lose your selection set.
  11. Symmetry: work on one half and mirror it
  12. Revit has guide line functionallity - whereby it automagically sprays relevant guidelines out from a hovered-over point. How about augmenting the existing Smart Point Extension Lines - so that when they appear we have an option to CMD+Click (or other key-click combo) to 'Set Smart Point/Edge Extension Line as Guide Line' Such Guidelines would be new Magnetic Object type which would be classable but never print.
  13. A good tip is to put a few post-its around your screen with a Keboard Shotrcut on each. You will quickly learn the shortcut and scrunch the post-it into the bin. Very satisfying.
  14. It's Redshift, Jim, but not as we know it
  15. I run with 30 usually, but on complex files, with complex operations sometimes temporarily dial it down to 6
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