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AIADC Lunchtime Learning: Merging Architecture and Landscape Design


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The process of integrating exterior and interior features often begins with a desire to both physically enhance the occupant experience inside the built environment while also addressing energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Integrating a building into the landscape allows architects to design for the environment and lowers a building’s ecological footprint. Architects and landscape architects, building owners, occupants, and building visitors can all benefit from creative, aesthetic, and sustainable designs that merge seamlessly with the environment of the site location.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits to be achieved when architecture and landscape architecture practices are merged:
  • List the energy efficiency and sustainability benefits of melding site and architectural design:

  • Explain the importance of early planning and coordination with design and build teams for successful integration of interior and exterior design and features: and

  • Describe the benefits to the designer and builder by merging indoor and outdoor architectural design strategies and features.


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