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  1. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    2019 Titleblocks - Troubleshooting

    Hello Matthew, Could you attach the file before updating the title blocks? Thanks, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  2. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    VW2019 Title Block Border Tool tabbing

    Hello all, This is known issue and should be fixed in Service Pack 1. Until then, here is a workaround: If you are using Mac OS, could you make sure that you have Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts->All controls checked for keyboard access, as shown in the attached picture? If tabbing still does not work, try using Ctrl + Tab, instead of just Tab. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  3. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Title Block and Revisions

    Here is the sample file. Click on Edit Title Block Layout to see how text blocks are linked to revision data. SampleRevisions.vwx
  4. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Title Block and Revisions

    Hello Tim, You could display revisions by linking 'Text in Title Block' objects from "Edit Title Block Layout" to Revision Data parameters (Number, Date, etc.). For example, you could see how revisions are displayed for "My Custom Title Block" style. If you want to, I could attach example file here. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  5. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Titleblock - Issues / Revisions !?!

    Hello all, About Issues and Revisions for the Title Block Border: Revisions are Title Block (Sheet) specific and the latest revision is calculated separately for each TBB. Issues are document specific. This means that, when adding a new Issue, no matter if you add it for the selected TBB only or all TBBs, it is going to affect the next added issue for the whole document. @twk this is the reason why the latest issue for your TBB is 12 - you probably have 11 other issues in the document that are not used for the selected TBB but still affect its latest issue. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  6. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Simple frustrating publishing problem

    Also, could you send me a test file with which you are reproducing the issue? That way I might be able to reproduce it too.
  7. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Create Project Issue History

    Hello cwinterLD, You could edit the worksheet in the file "Libraries\Defaults\Reports_Schedules\Architectural Reports.vwx" and change only the values for these cells, without adding any additional rows/columns, as this might break the creating of the reports from the Issue Manager. Also, make sure to change the values for the both Project Issue History worksheets in that file. Let me know if you have any issues in accomplishing that. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  8. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Simple frustrating publishing problem

    Do you have Automatic Drawing Coordination turned on for the Title Block Border in the Sheet Layer? This is a bug, but, as you can see from my screen recording, I am not able to reproduce it, so I suppose that we are doing some different steps in between. That is why I wanted you to follow exactly my steps from the screen recording and let me know if you still have the issue or not.
  9. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Simple frustrating publishing problem

    Here is the .mov recording. In the steps above is not shown if you have turned on Auto Drawing Coordination for both the TBBs and the Document. clip0004 (Converted).mov
  10. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Simple frustrating publishing problem

    I am attaching a screen recording showing how turning on Auto Drawing Coordination is fixing the problem for me. If you still have troubles, after turning on Auto Drawing Coordination, could you make a screen recording, similar to mine, showing me the issue? clip0004.zip
  11. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Yes, if your separator is , for worksheet formulas.
  12. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    You could use the function CONCAT. For example with the fields you have specified: =CONCAT('Title Block Project Data'.'bouwheer'; '<Your separator here>'; 'Title Block Project Data'.'bouwheer adres') Note that the formula separator(before and after '<Your separator here>') might be , for you and not ; as in the example.
  13. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Hello, You should use: =SUBSTRING(('Title Block Revision Data'.'Note'); ''; 1) It is better to copy the formula from the attached file as here the separators are not copy-pasted correctly. If you have any troubles getting the formula working, you could send me a test file and I will send it back to you with correct formulas. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  14. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Revision History

    - The file you have attached is already updated and I cannot tell you why the issue numbers are wrong. Anyway, if you change issue numbering to 'Numbers' and then back to 'Letters' it will be fixed. - The information is placed from right to left, as you have selected to show more issues, than you have. If you limit the number of issues to show to the number of issues you have, the information will not be shifted. - In VectorWorks 2018, this information is left for the user to write. It could be written in the resource worksheet just once and then created from the Title Block Manager with that information, without the need to write it to every worksheet.
  15. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    worksheet and title block

    Hello Pascal, Take a look at this thread and let me know if you still have any questions. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov