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  1. I now find the points with trigonometry. https://www.matheretter.de/wiki/dreieck-berechnen-abc I still need the ring. Who has a simple solution ready?
  2. 1. I need the two points above and below. Where the hand-drawn lines and ring cross. 2.I would also like to get the red ring with Marionette. I could possibly get the ring from a nurbs surface. To do this, however, I would have to be able to reduce the modification points of the nurbs surface in a targeted manner. Is my explanation OK? ... Google translator...
  3. Hello everyone I'm looking for a way to find the intersection and the ring around the object. After a few tries with Poly 3D and Nurbs I am now asking you. Do you have a solution? Thank you for your help Ring.vwx
  4. SimA

    Euler Angles

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a network that can output the resulting vertices in 3D: Given are: - Starting point 3D - segment lengths - segment angle a,b,y So far I've thought of trigonometry, but failed so far. One approach could also be the Euler angles. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eulersche_Winkel Has anyone had any experience with the formulas? Thank you for your help
  5. Hello Sabarrett What possibilities are there in the network to make the object faster? Thank you for your help. Sorry google translator... https://www.vectorworksforum.eu/topic/22778-bemassung-von-schifterschnitten/#comment-100801 https://www.vectorworksforum.eu/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21459&key=7c325e41d2a42137d99c9c4316a4867f
  6. Das Einfügen in Z-Richtung funktioniert nicht. Alternativ in Z Richtung verschieben ist möglich. Aus meiner Sicht ist dies ein Fehler im Symbol-Knoten.
  7. Import und Export in Excel...
  8. Ich denke, damit kann ich arbeiten. Habe noch etwas am Netzwerk gemacht. Mich stören allenfalls mögliche Duplikate, die konnte ich noch nicht eliminieren. Gegebenenfalls muss die Tabelle auch mal sortiert werden (ABC) das geht auch nicht direkt im Netzwerk. Ich denke jedoch, dass dies einfach mit einem Tabellenfilter gemacht werden kann. PopupfromWorksheet v2020.vwx
  9. @DomC Danke, genau das habe ich gebraucht!
  10. genau das möchte ich auch. Die Auswahl möchte ich in der OIP treffen. Ich habe auch bereits einen Verweis wie bei Excel aufgebaut... Das Script kann ich dir nicht erstellen, ich bin Schreiner. that's exactly what I want too. I would like to make the selection in the OIP. I have already created a reference like in Excel... I can't create the script for you, I'm a carpenter. @KingChaos is also looking for the same solution as you @corbinhand and me.
  11. Hello @Pat Stanford There is no solution in German yet. MRoth's knot works great. @MRoth Thanks! This node with a list entry would be gold right for me. The input and processing in the node would have to be adjusted. The last value used must continue to be used and should only be changed if it is selected again. Can you help us?
  12. Hello corbinhand, check the knot of MRoth. The selection menu is in the OIP, only the list input is missing. do you know the scripting language of marionette? https://translate.google.com Google is fine...
  13. SimA

    3d Mirror node

    One symbol works, the other doesn't. Why? Marionette Spiegeln.vwx
  14. Hello Marissa I think that the mirror node has a bug or reacts to a null point in the symbol. Do you know why? Thank you for your help. Spiegeln v2020.vwx
  15. SimA

    3d Mirror node

    Hello, everyone Is there a way to change the handle type on the "Flip 3D" node from 86 to 84? I need an Addition,Suptraction. Thank you for your help
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