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  1. Hello Gregi Can Solid Boolean V3 1.0.0 recognize and process individual classes? thanks
  2. Hello everybody I have the same problem. Could there be an outdated, pre-installed version of Phyton on the Mac that is hindering the script? Thanks for your feedback. Greetings from switzerland
  3. Das was ich brauche funktioniert. Leider benötige ich zwei Symbole (balu und schwarz). Ich möchte lediglich eines. Wer kann helfen? Danke Google What I need works. Unfortunately I need two symbols (blue and black). I just want one. Who can help? thanks Symbol DB.vwx
  4. Hallo Zusammen Ich möchte diesen Knoten als Steuer-Element benützen. Das Symbol im Zubehör-Bibliothek ist mit einer Datenbank verknüpft und soll nicht in die Zeichnung eingefügt werden. Die Werte in der Datenbank werden nicht angezeigt... "sFldValue" Wie bekomme ich die Werte? Danke für eure Hilfe Google Hello everybody I want to use this node as a control element. The symbol in the accessories library is linked to a database and should not be inserted into the drawing. The values in the database are not displayed ... "sFldValue" How do I get the values? Thank you for your help Symbol DB.vwx
  5. Hello Jim Is there a way to shorten a nurbs surface with a marionette node (negativ "extend Surface")? Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day
  6. SimA

    Nurbs Surface

    Hello everybody Is there a node that does the opposite of Extend Surface? Have a nice day
  7. SimA

    rotate list

    Hello The path is defined ... Now I have to create a parallel with a certain edge distance to the nurbs surface. What will such a marionette network look like? Thanks for your ideas and comments.
  8. SimA

    rotate list

    Hello AlHanson Yes, I think the Idde is good. maybe you look at the file. I don't want the red lines. I want a connection from brown to green (blue). the colors are used for explanation. I need the path. Do you have any idea? Thank you!
  9. SimA

    rotate list

    Hello everyone my marionette generates 3d points and puts them in a list. I convert the points into a 3d polygon. I would now like to change the direction to end-start. ideally, the list is sorted first (z-a) and then the polygon is generated. can you help me? Thank you
  10. Hallo Patrick Ich finde die Helix ein Super Werkzeug. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Script auf eine beliebige Nurbs Fläche (Namen) anzuwenden? Als Startpunkt würde mir "Get Gravity Center" hilfreich erscheinen. Danke für deine Rückmeldung. Ein schönes Wochenende.
  11. SimA

    Nurbs Surface

    👍 👍👍 😀
  12. SimA

    Nurbs Surface

    Hello Claes Thank you for your help! I think of a puppet node when solving it. Do you know your way around there too? Have a nice evening.
  13. SimA

    Nurbs Surface

    Hello Alan I have the same problem. Have you found a solution? Thank you for your feedback. Greetings from Switzerland
  14. Hello everybody I would like to process a nurbs surface in such a way that I can then generate a G code for a 5-axis CNC. Sure you can answer all my questions. I would like to provide the nurbs area with coordinates (hand sketch). 1. The coordinates should return position values for x, y, z. 2. The start (00) should be able to be defined by the user. 3. The user should be able to define the mesh size himself. The aim is to define the center point (00, 01, 10, 11 --> 5.5). 1. Point 3D --> x, y, z 2. Vector 3D --> x, y, z Thank you in advance. Greetings from switzerland
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