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  1. Hello Stephan This file is awesome! I have inserted the object and everything works fine. Now I wondered if I could make a handle profile for the front. (I inserted the processing as a handle. I am aware that this leads to an incorrect parts list.) For me, the profile of Häfele would be art. 126.27.904 important. The profile is available as a 2.5m rod. I want to extrude a symbol cross-section and adjust the front width as a path using the start and end points. Can you tell me how to get the start and end point? Thank you for your feedback. I wish you a nice day. https://www.haefele.ch/de/produkt/griff-profilleiste-aus-aluminium/0000004000026d5d00010023/#SearchParameter=&@QueryTerm=griffprofil&@P.FF.followSearch=9814&PageNumber=1&OriginalPageSize=12&PageSize=12&Position=3&OrigPos=39&ProductListSize=45&PDP=true
  2. SimA

    Input data

    Many parameters can be represented more easily in a table. Calculations can already be made in the table. Diagrams would also be ideal.
  3. SimA

    Input data

    Hello everyone After a few tries I am now ready and have defined some input sources. Usually the data is entered in the object info palette. I would like to display this in a separate input mask. Are there already solutions to this? maybe with a linked table or a database connection. A working file would be great. Thanks for your support SimA ps. Google translator


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