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  1. Thx @Pat StanfordI do really apreciate Your help! I have to rethink what You wrote and check what will be the best solution.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to figure it out formulas combination in reports especially combining =SYMBOLNAME & TrimLeft I want to trim first 8 digits from the result of =SYMBOLNAME formula, which bigins with 7 numbers and SPACE after it. Please provide me a construction how to combine different formulas for the future... I haven't found it in neither in help file and "https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=Worksheet_Functions" Any suggestions? Thx for Your help in advance. PS =TRIMLEFT(SYMBOLNAME; 8) (returns =SYMBOLNAME) & =DELETE(SYMBOLNAME,8, 1) 😎 does not work
  3. It'll be so nice to have live view (live refresh) of Camera tool in multipanel mode - on one panel live view and on the other 2d view with IOP Camera configuration/adjustment.
  4. I'd love to get to know something more about connecting WMS to VW too.
  5. I'd like to know if there are any plans for NOMAD APP to add some functionalities that will be helpful during landscaping process? For ex. measurement tool? Or maybe I'm missing sth?
  6. Hi, I'm still wondering after converting to 2022 how can make changes in plant styles to connect or disconnect plant style parameters with a plant style globally (picture 1) - meant by: in all plants in the project...? I'm tired of making it again and again with every single plant style. Or maybe I can make some kind of preset in template, for example to have the same Tick Marks and Polygon Display/Mass Outline for all the plants ... or just global change to fix parameter with style or make it editable via PIO (picture 2)? I'm kindly asking for solution ...
  7. @jeff prince I do not make legends very often, but when I do I choosing to make every symbol even but not smaller than 1/2''. Clients sees it related to the blueprint so I'm thinking that he or she realises the difference between rules of legend (plant list) and symbol of a plant in appropriated scale on the plan. Mostly I use an extra file with plant list and numbers for each species and varieties.
  8. Thanx @danm01 for Your kind help and advice. My idea was to make it much easier to use and edit. I wanted to make a base of symbol for a small irrigation design shop. The clue for them is to to have a report that includes EAN-13 bar code in separate column of the raport. That is why I was wondering about adding to each symbol a record with an EAN-13 number which could be displayed/printed with barcode font so I could have a table with column full of barcodes. I'm aware of QR code advantages, but I need barcodes for order lists and that kind of documents. EDIT: I have installed barcode Libere Barcode EAN13 font but it every digit looks the same. I have checked with letters in Excel and figured it out that letters form A to T matches numbers from 0 to 9 Does anyone have any experience with that? I can feel that I'm close but sth is still missing.
  9. Hi, its been a while since this topic was on board. Could You please refresh it for me..? I'd like to add some extra record to the symbol with a barcode number to provide it with barcode field (barcode font) on the report. I've been testing barcode font called Libre BARCODE 39 in MS Word, but each digit look exactly the same, and the stripes has the same length not like in barcode EAN-13 Any tips how to achieve it?
  10. This is the exact reason why I've been looking for it. I want to create a library of symbols for DYI irrigation projects.
  11. I don't know if You know what I wanted to say? I was writing about unnecessary multiplication of symbols after any modification (like cutting hole into symbol) we have to create a new symbol. After all we will have a multiple line report concerned on one product - base symbol and its modifications.
  12. I think this is one of the most necessary function at all! Especially in the matter of cutting/editing symbol which normally end in turning 2d/3d symbol into non-symbol object it's so irritating that you have to create another variant of the symbol over and over again.
  13. HI, I'm thinking about the same thing for a while.... ... creating those fittings for manual or better automatic insertion to the irrigation components... is it possible to DIY? @JuanP any road plan for this?
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