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Ram bandwidth improvement with 8channel memory?

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Hi, how much does memory bandwith affect performance? I'm in the process of building my new rig and I'm considering moving to a cpu with 8 channel memory support. I'm currently running a i9 14900k with dual rank, 2 channel 64gb 6400Mt/s ddr5, with a pice 4.0x4 NVME and I'm still having lagging and program lockup issues, especially when copying/pasting multiple complex symbols. Watching the system monitor when it's frozen, I will see the memory usage slowly increase, once it stops rising it will unfreeze.  This leads me to believe it's my memory bottlenecking the program.  


If I were to make a system with single rank ram in 8 channel operation, I would theoretically x4 my bandwidth and also increase my per channel speed since it's only 1 rank per channel.  If my lagging problem is due to insufficient memory bandwith, this should cut my lag times by 1/4,  300% improvement.  


Hopefully someone that knows how the program handles memory management and operations can give some insight into my problem.


The cost would be significant to build an 8 or 12 channel system, but it would be worth it, assuming it would actually increase my performance.  The real question is whether or not I will see any benefit. 


Does anyone have experience with quad or 8 channel memory? Does it offer any improvement?   Thank you.

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