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  1. Distortion 3D plugin is now available through the Gumroad platform or directly from my site https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/distort3D.html#shop Price is 5€ Vectorworks Italian users will get this for free since it should be part of a future service pack.
  2. Distortion 3D is a plugin "tool" that was missing in Vectorworks! The plugin calculates and apply the transformation matrix to distort the selected 2D shapes according with the handles new position. It is based on the math used in my previous PlumbBob plugin. It works on 2D objects as points, lines, rects, ellipses, arcs / circles, rounded rects and, of course, polygons and polylines. The plugin is currently under beta testing, I'd like a couple of volunteers to test it. In the end, beta testers will get a "signed copy" 😉 of the finale release. video distort 3d.2021-02-08 18_05_49.mp4
  3. Hello @LARElias, follow exactly the instructions you find here: https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html#installation Once done, you should have all the tools in your workspace. Try one plugin, for example Moulding on 2D path, click on the library button in the OIP to check if libraries are correctly connected. You should see the appearing dialog populated with the available profiles: Let me know if this works or not. If you still got problems, let me know something more (error messages, screenshots, Vectorworks version, operating system etc.). I am here to help you.
  4. Hello @K.Lalkovski , I am still getting the same warning trying to install Pillow module (you said should have been fixed…). The module is correctly installed, but this warning is presented as a script error and users of my PlumBob plugin gets disoriented. I am running Vectorworks 2021 R1 (Build 563191) on MacOS 10.14.6.
  5. New version of the Export to SVG menu command just released: https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/exportSVG.html What's new: Improved algoritm Added option to export bitmap images (see dialog) Now the plugin supports also: Symbol, groups, bitmap images, plugin objects, dimensions New attributes supported: Line dashes, markers
  6. @Kim Muhmenthaler You are just one step away from goal… Modify your workspace (here all the info https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/Start/Customizing_workspaces.htm) In few words: Select Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace The workspace editor panel appears Now, on the left column, scroll down and open Import/Export to see the Export to SVG item On the right column, open the File menu, then Export submenu (where to place the Export to SVG item) Drag the item on the left column to where you want it to appear the File -> Export menu Save the workspace (click ok and confirm) Now your Export to SVG menu command is available. Paolo
  7. @Kim Muhmenthaler please let me know if you have installed the menu command. I am here to help you. For Windows installation is better to ask @Brian(J)
  8. The Vectorworks user folder should be in: \Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\20xx By default, both Mac and Windows hide the application data folder. If you use the default user folder, you might want to adjust your system settings to make hidden folders visible. Alternatively, create a new user folder in a more accessible location. once the user folder is visible, you should be able to see the user’s Plug-Ins folder where to copy the .vsm.
  9. @Kim Muhmenthaler Installation instruction are here: https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/exportSVG.html#installation
  10. Paolo

    Homemade CNC

    With this command menu you can export many Vectorworks objects in SVG. Splines, bezier, arcs, lines (polylines components in Vectorworks paths) are perfectly converted into SVG quadratic curves.


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