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  1. @HEengineering Looking through this file, you have the user origin and the internal origin sett the same. The problem lies in the original data to create the DTM. My guess is you imported the lifework and it came in at a distance from zero zero. You then created the DTM and moved the DTM to zero zero. Meanwhile the original data in the DTM still holds the original x,y location, thus when you create the snapshot it will appear at the original location of the data. You can fix this by double clicking the DTM and select recreate from source data. Here you can copy all line work and exit this window. Next paste (not paste in place) your data and line it up with the DTM you created and moved. Delete your DTM from before and recreate using the newly pasted line work. This will reposition your DTM (and better yet the source data) over your origin slowing the snapshot to be placed correctly. As a note it would be better to GEO Ref from the beginning as this would set everything to its correct location eliminating this issue completely. Hope this helps!
  2. could you PM me the file and I can take a look!
  3. Add a grade limits to your site. This should help.
  4. Use a wall to create your retaining walls and then use the "retaining wall site modifier" command. This will generally eliminate the need for all the pads.
  5. bgoff


    No problem. Have you checked the online resources for learning? You tube, Vectorworks University and VSS? Also we offer direct one on one training for those really sticky things you might have. But always check here! The forums are an invaluable resource. Enjoy learning and reach out anytime.
  6. bgoff


    have you "refreshed library"? it is in the gear tab in the resource browser. Also when you say you reduced the plants what exactly did you do? Just need a bit more info to help!
  7. You need to "convert to group" under the Modify> Convert> Convert to group. And I meant Line work. Sorry Typo.
  8. Here is a 2019 file for you. Sorry I didn't initially notice you were in 2019Mass Plant Tile v2019.vwx
  9. As for creation. Select all your plants copy to another location (not necessary if you don't need the original). With all selected "convert to group" then ungroup. Select all lifework and copy it. Then create a "Tile" and paste the lifework in the tile edit window. Adjust your tile repeats and you now have a tile you can use.
  10. Sorry I will send out another file.
  11. Here it is! Mass Plant Tile.vwx
  12. Sounds like a fun project I will create one as a sample from the file you sent and share.
  13. You could enter the plant symbols to copy the 2D graphics and paste in a group and create a Tile. This tile could be used in B&W or color.


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