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  1. @jpccrodrigues I am not seeing that on my end. The tabs exist and were not removed in 2024. Try a rest of Vectorworks and see if that solves the issue.
  2. Importing and manipulating the DWG line work is a simple process. I would first suggest getting some direct training on these processes. I am also posting some Vectorworks University courses that could help. https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=134 https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=290 https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=2474 https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=2434 https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=181 https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=294
  3. As for creating smaller lists. I will use many options, some of which are lists specific to Tree, Shrubs, Perennials. Also specific to region or area of the design. Such as Parking lot plants, Front Yard, Back Yard, Phase 1. This often breaks down the size of the list to manageable pieces vs an extremely long list.
  4. Etienne, Just skimming through here. As a note, the database is a great resource and can be used along with the catalogs. If you choose to leverage them to your needs that may and can be possible. I however like to use them as a general lookup volume. If I need more embedded data, I add a custom plant record format (or two, or three) depending on my needs. These are often regional data. As for publishing books. While we all love Vectorworks, it is not a book publisher. I have always utilized other tools such as Pages, Word or Indesign for this. This process allows me to design a master sheet layout and populate as many high res pictures and custom information in the format and layout style I choose. I then have one big master book with a plant per page with seasonal pictures, leaf and flower pictures, bark images, along with species data, and care instructions. All while having a creative layout and my logo and contact info. I would then select the plant types from the master and copy them into the client document that is titled for their job. I used the same for furnishings and lighting and well... everything. We had a spiral binder so these were a fantastic addition to provide. As for images in Vectorworks. I created unique symbols for these botanicals allowing for a more creative way to produce plant imagery within Vectorworks. This takes the gridded confines of a database away, giving me creative presentations. Hope this helps a bit, feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. I am always happy to help find a solution that works best for you specific situation or need while creating rapid and profitable workflows. Quick sample attached.
  5. I believe this is what you are looking for. S-1 Site Survey.pdf Essentials Starter Template.vwx
  6. @hollister design Studio yep Eric is correct. De-Select the check box and the dialog will not come back. With the check selected every time you change a value of a plant it will change the database. This is not necessary and often leads to inappropriate data. Leave it unchecked and continue with design.
  7. Here is a video explaining zoom_0.mp4
  8. do not relocate the origin
  9. Give me a min and I will post a quick video about this. Still drinking my morning coffee! 😀
  10. The initial image you see is for site reference and is only temporary. This is why it disappears. You are still Georeferenced you just need to use the Geo Image tool to draw a rectangle around your area (make it a decent size) and that image will be better quality and stationary for your site.
  11. you most likely used WGS84 as a coordinate system this can skew the image due to regional location. It would be better to use a specific local coordinate system such as in the US (state)NAD 83 HARN. Just find your local system and change to that.
  12. In the case that @Rossford is refering to a hole like you are suggesting will work also but in this case it is faster to duplicate and crop the second model and lay over the top. But yes this is also a great solution.
  13. Try copying the new poly line to your clip board, then after you delete the original crop, paste in the new crop.
  14. This is a GOBO for Spotlight lighting design not a fire as you are thinking.
  15. Give it a fill in the attributes palette.
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