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  1. bgoff

    GIS Stake

    First set your file to use OSGB 36 Datum, Then set the origin (search for) 49ºN, 2ºW (this is British Grid Origin) and it will set the point. You can also go to the File Georeferencing dialog and set the coordinate points of 49, -2 there also.
  2. bgoff

    Site Model Modifiers

    This can sometimes happen when your site location is very far away from your origin point, as it looks like it is. Try locating this (in a copy file) closer to the internal origin and see if it improves.
  3. bgoff

    Site Model Display Units

    Ahhh, yes at this time if you are working in MM you would have to then change to Meters for the correct units. I will add this as an enhancement!
  4. bgoff

    Site Model Display Units

    Paul, for clarification. You are looking to move or delete the contour labels or are you looking to change from feet to meters or meters to millimeters, or the like?
  5. So if you are both pointing to the correct location, and you each "get plant Data" in the plant preferences> plant style dialog box. Either can access the info? Ensure you are using Edit Plant Style and then Get Plant data.
  6. Question. Are you opening the Plant database on its own or through Vectorworks? Open Plant data. Also Do you have this issue (Plant Database not running with this step) if you "get plant data" within Plants in Vectorworks.
  7. what is in the Vectorworks Plant database file?
  8. here is an image of my setup. Then go to choose plant data source and look to the leading folder.
  9. sounds like the setup might be wrong! First does your workgroup folder work properly for other files other than plant database?
  10. bgoff

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    If you are snaking the tube then I find it easier to do tube first. It all depends on the plantings. If they are close to each other I prefer to use a branched network instead of one long continuous line. the long line produces to great a pressure for the system to run correctly. A branching network that is tied back to itself will have a more even flow and less pressure.
  11. bgoff

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    As for Live Data Viz. Wow! it is fantastic! You should really try it.
  12. bgoff

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    No you can snap as many emitters at that plant as necessary. Also this will allow you to use specific emitters. .5,1,2,3 + GPH based in the water need and where to place them.
  13. bgoff

    2020 GIS Location

    I am having issues trying to reproduce your issue. when I try it. it works fine for me. could you post a video of the steps you are taking?
  14. bgoff

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    I'm curious! Why not use the Drip Pipe (no emitters) and place the emitters (in outlets) on the pipe. You could also use Live Data Viz to show the plants per size parameter. This would make all emitters connected to network allowing for proper calculations. I will try what you are proposing, might be great but also might be a lot of extra steps which can add to error. But hey! I haven't tried it so you might be on to something.
  15. bgoff

    2020 GIS Location

    are you connected to the internet? PC or Mac? Also try to search Globaly not from user location.


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