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  1. This is a GOBO for Spotlight lighting design not a fire as you are thinking.
  2. Give it a fill in the attributes palette.
  3. Just change the pricing in the worksheet you are using.
  4. Right click and edit or double click. The worksheet on both.
  5. You can update directly in the worksheet.
  6. not sure what you are doing but it always works fine for me. Use the second mode in the flyover tool and set the rotation axis to your site model with one click and then rotate. then next time you need to rotate use shift-C and you will be back to that point. You could also set a saved view for the rotation and zoom that you like and use that.
  7. yes it could. either will work.
  8. could you load a sample file and I could take a look. Just 2-3 plants in a blank file would suffice.
  9. Just use the hardscape and set a border. set the border height to be what you want and done. As for the plant beds you could use a modifier or sets of modifiers to create your grade or berm. This will help you control your site appropriately.
  10. bgoff

    Pinned to Z 0

    send me the file and ill see and post here what the issues are.
  11. bgoff

    Pinned to Z 0

    Looks like you have an object at zero. Depends on what that object is and how it was placed. let me know what that object is.
  12. Use "Change Plant Grouping" in the Landmark Menu
  13. @michaelk I guess yes I do it every day! I also prepare food in ice counters (you know how the frozen tundra works!!! ) 🙂 @hollister design Studio figured you would like that!
  14. Also I am not a fan of using floors for countertops. Why??? Because do you like preparing food on the floor?? 🙂


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