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  1. contact Tech. They can do a once through with you to see what they can find.
  2. @jpccrodrigues We believe it is from an old workspace that was corrupted or modified incorrectly. Could you try editing the workspace? Got to Tool>Workspaces> Edit Current Workspace. then under tools tab (on the right hand side) select tool sets>irrigation remove the pipe tool and then find it in the left column and replace. Also if you are using a custom workspace and it it listed try switching to the Landmark (Stock version) this would only be if a different workspace is showing.
  3. @jpccrodrigues There won't be as it is Locke but it is in your list that's a start. Have you tried the restart?
  4. @ericjhberg what version are you in? I am adjusting JP's file and it seems to work but at this moment all I am doing is adding Pipe. Is there more in regards to changes to the design that you might be referring to? Also could you PM me the VB #.
  5. of course you would find that! Do you test everything working backwards in a mirror on a Thursday with the wind blowing from the east? ūüôā Good to know I will test. Lets see what JP comes back with.
  6. Also check in the Plugin manager to see if you have "Irrigation Pipe" in the list. It will be under the built in tab.
  7. Interesting. Try a restart and let me know if that helps. This may have to go to tech support. I am monitoring this chat today. Let me know if anything happens after a restart.
  8. When you set the perimeter in a New Data Viz do you not see object parameter and Pipe?
  9. what version of VW do you have? Are you using Designer or Landmark?
  10. @jpccrodrigues Attached is I believe what you are looking for.Set the criteria to Object Parameter then look for Pipe Nominal size. Because it is a line you need to set the line color of the DV to apply attributes then set the pen to the color needed. Hope this helps. Fixed.vwx
  11. Also with some in-depth understanding of the catalogs they are the future of operation. this can be customized but it can be a little involved.
  12. That is about it. I prefer to set up my own plant book with one plant per sheet with more info pictures my logo and a layout I designed. This is best in Word, Pages, indesign or the like. Then use the Database or catalogs for plant lookup only. Once you attach the data to the symbol then no need for either.


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