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  1. Except that if I turn off the class with my stamp it universally turns off my stamp on all pages, not just the engineering pages. I was hoping there was a way to do this so I could print the entire set with my title block, my seal, and their seal. then send out for digital signature. Creating a separate title block doesn't necessarily solve the problem of duplicate seals being visible, but could be a workaround. I just want to avoid that as it creates confusion in the office when working with multiple people.
  2. Is there a way to have more than one stamp on the title block? I.e. we have engineers that we want to show their stamp on the MEP sheets but not our architectural stamp. They are in the same location. Is there a way to control visibility on an individual sheet?
  3. We have noticed all of the same issues. and some others. One of my interns is making a list. I'll post it here next week when she's back from vacation. I noticed the base and upper cabinet tools are now "legacy". I really hope they don't do what they did with the Custom Stair tool that everyone loved and they made it completely non-functional.
  4. I think the issue is your handrails are not continuous points. Start at the deck and work your way around with a continuous line. That should work.
  5. I'm also having issues with custom windows in VW2024. The mullions move to the jamb. I've been a user since 2013 and have never experienced this many issues. Seems like 2024 might need a mulligan.
  6. I have had this issue as well. Just gave up trying to set up camera views at this point.
  7. Juan, we've noticed these issues on multiple files. I'll figure out which one has the most and try to send. Thanks.
  8. Also, custom window object has center mullion on left or right side of window not in center.
  9. Is anyone else having major issues with VW2024? I upgraded the first day, as I always do and I've never had so many issues. First, the link to camera function for the renderworks camera is completely non-functional. I set up a view then go in to edit it and it flips me to a top view no matter what I do. Next I've had issues with floating pallets not collapsing. The roof objects are acting all kinds of wonky - like floating sheathing and shingle layers. Most of this seems to be related to importing 2023 files. This is happening on multiple files and it's getting cumbersome to work in. Anyone else?
  10. Is anyone else having trouble with the VW Cloud Service? Our office is unable to print through the cloud. I have downloaded and reinstalled the VW Cloud Service and still get an error. What's the deal? I'm working with VWArchitect2021 latest service pack.
  11. Has anyone else had issues with the parking space object? The accessible space is all sorts of screwed up. The aisle is placed over top of the adjacent parking space instead of next to it and the width of the accessible space is 5' larger than what is specified in the OIP. HELP! Untitled-1 (dragged).tiff
    Works great! Now, can we make one that is the HSW type? That would be amazing.
  12. This seemed to work. Not entirely sure why as the wall was highlighted when I originally inserted the clerestory window. All is good now though. I'll keep an eye out for this in the future. Thank you for your help!
  13. I've tried that and it is not working. The work around is to have a separate wall above on another design layer, but this is not ideal in almost all situations. Any other thoughts?
  14. Alright, this has only started happening recently. Anyone have an idea why this happens when I insert a clerestory window above a door? Instead of seeing the wall cut by the door it isn't cut by either the door or the window above. Help greatly appreciated!
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