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  1. Hello. I am an architect based in Arkansas, USA and I have a need for ongoing production support on a project by project basis. Ideally someone who is architecturally trained, with experience in residential and light commercial design, historic preservation would be helpful. Most projects will be residential, existing homes, some historic homes. Details are important in modeling. Please contact me if interested. Thank you.
  2. Nevermind. "Restore Default Properties" worked. All good.
  3. @cbergthere's no such option when I go to Advanced Properties. Any other thoughts?
  4. Cberg, thank you! That is helpful. Cheers.
  5. Someone please help me out here. In 2017 when you place a space object you have an option in the OIP to "show on finish schedule". Immediately below this was a button to "assign room finishes". The former remains however the latter is gone and is now replaced with lots of useless blanks to fill in that seem to have something to do with HVAC, fire suppression, temperature, and "additional classifications". What happened to "assign room finishes"?
  6. Remodel v2018.vwx?dl=0 Here you go. Cheers.
  7. Odd issue with the Multi-View panes. I have 2 open - top plan and 3D perspective. While working in top plan view, when I switch from one design layer to another it randomly assigns a new layer scale to the previous design layer at 1/16" scale instead of 1/4" scale, which it is currently set at. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Dude! Thank you! I had figured that if the option was turned off it wouldn't apply to the object, but I guess I was wrong. Problem appears to have been solved. Cheers.
  9. OK, so I was told that this issue was resolved with the latest version (2018), but it has not been. Here's the deal: The Base Cabinet tool has some bugs. Whatever height you set the cabinet to it will be short by 1/2". For instance, a 35" tall cabinet will measure 34.5" tall. Also, when selecting the 3 drawer cabinet the top and second drawer overlap unless you set the mid spacing to greater than 5/8" which makes creating a modern drawer cabinet with slab doors impossible. Does anyone else still have these issues? I've attached a file so you can see the issue. Thanks. Cabinets Still Funky.vwx
  10. Yes, sir. If you edit the class under "graphic attributes" there are two selections - left marker and right marker. Why they specify direction I have no idea. Why would you want one marker for left leaders and one for right leaders? But, that is where it is. As long as you only use one class for your leaders it shouldn't be that big a deal. However, if you use multiple then you'll have to change each class individually. Cheers.
  11. Kevin, Just figured it out. It is something you can set in the class style properties. This might be one of those funky bugs that VW needs to address in the first SP. Fingers crossed. Thanks again! This saved me a lot of heartache!
  12. Kevin, thank you! That IS the issue. Now, the question is how to I get the callout tool to STOP setting the marker to by class? Or do I change that in the class?
  13. I am unable to create custom leader heads in VW 2018. The only option is a filled arrow head, which I have never used. I even deleted it from the marker list and it still shows up. I have my own custom leader selected and no dice. Any thoughts? You can see my old custom leader marker in the note top center of the image. The copied into the file just fine. However new call outs all have the arrow.
  14. I have this same issue with shared project files. The rendered viewports do not want to update unless I shut down and restart.
  15. I'm not seeing anything in the video or the guide link that is helpful in changing any settings.