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  1. Howdy, This is not the first time I've had issues with discrepancies when following along with tutorials, but I cannot figure this one out. I'm on the "Cutting holes in the slabs" portion of the small residential model section, of the intermediate concepts course. Around the 10:40 mark of the video, the instructor changes the textures of the floor assembly but I'm not able to recreate it. There are a couple differences between 2019 & 2022 workspaces that have been problems in previous tutorials and learning paths, so I'm hoping y'all can assist me so I can solve my own problems in the future. In 2019, the plywood decking is in the component-decking class, but in 2022 its in the component-structure class (component-decking doesn't exist). Not sure if it matters, but 2022 also has a materials column that doesn't exist in 2019 workspace. The instructor then goes on to edit the class' texture, which changes the appearance of the plywood to that of a hardwood. Whenever I attempt the same, (remember, mine is only in the component-structure not component-decking) the appearance does not change. It's still the same OSB appearance. Is there something that has changed between 2019 & 2022, possibly related to the materials that would prevent the change from happening?
  2. Since updating to Monterey with vw 2022, I’m having issues with using the “Z” key to zoom. When I use the “z” key, the box that shows the magnified area is completely blank/void of line work and essentially useless.
  3. Thank you! That was about to make me pull my hair out. Wishlist topic has been upvoted.
  4. My resource manager show all the different file folders that might contain hatches, gradients, symbols, objects, etc. When I try to click the files, it says "there are no items in this view". This is for both Premium & Vectorworks libraries. I'm able to access the missing files through the attributes palette, but not able to through the resource manager. Can you recommend a way to fix this? Uninstall and Reinstall libraries?
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