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  1. Hi @Lawrence Gaetano, and welcome! I think it's important to note that there are at least two similar but distinct symptoms that can be mis-associated. This thread was started by someone experiencing [only] Viewports going solid black once they'd rendered. If your entire drawing area is going black, or different again, your entire screen, then this is not the same issue. Clarifying your symptoms both here in this discussion and when working with Tech Support will make a difference because they are likely to have different causes and therefore different solutions. Is it your entire screen or drawing area going black temporarily, OR one or more Viewports ending up permanently solid black at the end of the rendering? If your Viewports end up black, then for the moment [as far as I know] restarting Vectorworks or failing that restarting your computer are the only reliable remedies for the moment. If your drawing area goes black while rendering is occurring then this might be in the hands of software engineers to address but the Resetting Vectorworks Preferences process might help. If it's your entire screen's going black then I'd broaden my view of potential causes. - Is your macOS up-to-date?
  2. Jeremy Best

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    Now that the Resource Browser of Vectorworks 2016 has been enhanced and renamed as the Resource Manager for Vectorworks 2017 onward, I'd like to reinvigorate this thread and see what you think of the following... When using a tool's 'Resource Selector' - which will only show resources that can be used with the tool - to find content kept within a Workgroup folder, one must still navigate/expand the various sub-directories to where the source file is located. - This is a workflow/productivity bummer, especially when... You could instead have ONE Vectorworks resource file kept in the Workgroup 'Favourites' subfolder. Then it's the only location one must go regardless of the tool/resource-needed, and you don't have to drill down into sub-folders to access content. You can still have a unique Workgroup folder per project (if that's how you're using it) and have another Favourites file within (with a differentiated name of course). Does anyone see problems with my proposed setup above? Here's a depiction of why I think a single 'Favourite' file is better for productivity. It will also make updating a resource easier and faster too. Here it took 5 clicks to access the pertinent resource file stored in the mandatory location in a Workgroup folder. Because any Resource Selector will show only resources pertinent to the tool selected it makes using a single resource file MUCH more viable.
  3. Jeremy Best

    iMac advice for 2019

    I recall seeing a comment by @jimw that the system requirements for Vectorworks will remain stable for the next [few] versions so that should increase the longevity of existing hardware - depending on OS compatibility and support too though.
  4. Jeremy Best

    Titleblock - Issues / Revisions !?!

    The Vectorworks 2018 online Help Manual says the 'Apply Issues Data To:' dropdown is used to specify whether the issue is applied to "All Active Sheets" or a specified one. There is another factor though relating to an OIP setting of the titleblock/s on the Sheet Layers concerned. See: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/Setup/Adding_and_Editing_Drawing_Issues.htm
  5. Jeremy Best

    Vectorworks keeps crashing

    Hi @Joe-SA, I have two users from seperate companies making this claim too, so I'd like to know what more you've learnt about it or how you might have resolved it. Has this issue persisted or happened again since? Did you notice what might have caused it or any correlation with other factors? If it has occurred again for you have you found a remedy that works for you? - Did saving the file with a different name resolve it like it did for@skeyshubber?
  6. Currently Line Types can only be applied to 2D line objects, and not 3D polygons. I've had a couple of users tell me that this is needed and subsequently found a few very old Forum posts requesting this capability too. I'm creating a new post/submission for this capability as I'm not sure if new comments in old threads would get equal promotion. Use Cases Include: Architects using the WinDoor tool can't display door and window ‘arrows’ (‘Hinge Markers’) with a dashed line because they are constructed using 3D Polygons. Interior Designers using InteriorCAD/InteriorXS can’t apply dashed lines to the doors and drawers of cabinets. Draughts-people of utility schematics need 3D Line Types so they can clearly differentiate between various pipes, cables, drains, ducting... etc. Old posts requesting this capability:
  7. Jeremy Best

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Just a thought @SeanOSkea; Maybe you won't need to restart Vectorworks twice if you wait a bit longer before relaunching it. When I prescribe users to restart Vectorworks I usually stipulate that they wait at least 10 seconds before relaunching it. It's not a computer-science-degree validated strategy, but is derived from observation and experience. If you watch the memory consumption in Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) when quitting Vectorworks; You'll see the memory it consumed takes a few seconds to get released. I get uneasy when I see users click to re-launch Vectorworks as soon as the application window has disappeared because my history with computers suggests this is less-okay than being patient and allowing the computer to complete [certain types of] tasks before starting another. How I think this might relate to your need to restart Vectorworks twice; If you relaunch Vectorworks before it's finished releasing the memory it consumed some of it may remain intact, possibly retaining whatever issue you're seeking to clear out. I just did a simple test to which appears to validate at least half my reasoning: On a Windows 10 laptop with an HDD, using Vectorworks 2018 SP4 Restarted computer Launched Vectorworks (1:36 to load) Once fully loaded, quit Vectorworks Immediately launched Vectorworks again (0:37 to load) Once fully loaded, quit Vectorworks Waited 37 seconds (memory level for 32 seconds) Launched Vectorworks again (0:46 to load) These time differences seem to indicate less data is being loaded if Vectorworks is relaunched before it's finished releasing the memory it consumed. I'm keen to hear if this bears out. Comments, corroborative or alternative results anyone?
  8. Hi @abcdefgarin, as per your comment above, have you by chance had occasion to test whether using the Render Bitmap tool also fixes Viewports that have rendered black?
  9. When Landscape Area objects over a [large, high detail] site model are modified, they can easily take 15 minutes to recalculate, and often longer. When even something as simple as moving the Label causes the Landscape Area to recalculate this creates massive delays to workflow. Also, during testing (using a Xeon processor) the Task Manager indicated all the processing was all done by a single-core, when NINE other cores were available, exacerbating the wait times. WISHES: Please limit the Landscape Area objects to recalculate only when factors are altered that change the output values relevant to surface area etc. Please make the recalculating processes multi-core capable.
  10. Thanks @rDesign! Read them all and subsequent comments.
  11. Hey @JimW, Today I was reminded of Apple's External Graphics Development Kit that was announced in 2017 (since sold out). I'm curious to know if Vectorworks Inc purchased one for testing or development. Hmm?
  12. Jeremy Best

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    Thanks for sharing your experience and this useful info @Seth Thomas!
  13. Jeremy Best

    Eyedropper Tool - A Mind of its Own

    Thanks for the updates @nahekul and @Andy Broomell. I've added your insights into the bug report; VB-139611.
  14. @Sky Did you get to the bottom of this? My suspicion is that either you needed to perform the 'Resetting Vectorworks Preferences' process or that there's something wrong with your Mac or the operating system might need reinstalling.
  15. Jeremy Best

    Top/plan panning/zooming sluggish in VW2018

    Hi @Dubman, I have a couple of users in my care experiencing a slowing down of Vectorworks 2018 over 2-3 hours that might benefit from your finding. - Can you please elaborate on what Windows 10 "Task"s you disabled that improved performance so much? And where/how you did this? Thanks! Jeremy