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  1. If you are a student your you'll need to go to http://student.myvectorworks.net and upload whatever credentials are required to get your license extended. If you're not a student or have had your extension already approved, run through the Resetting Vectorworks Preferences process. I've helped one other user with this and this resolved it for them.
  2. Since when has this been your belief or experience? (I've only encountered two matters that relate to Macs specifically. One only affects Mojave users on VW2019 and the other seemingly relates to graphics card drivers exclusive to particular graphics cards and particular Mac operating systems. I don't have full details - and nor is it my purview - but it would be good to get the particulars of your systems and symptoms to engineers so they have the data. (See final paragraph below). I've posted a remedy for this annoyance here. Sorry Cyndi, I didn't deliberately omit you. My train of thought left the station without you on board it seems! Well, folks; SP3.1 is projected for release in the US in the next day or few (skip SP3.0) so let's see if it delivers better performance for you all (when it gets to your region). If not, recurring crashes (that aren't particular to a file) are prioritised by engineers so I suggest you either funnel your case through your distributor or use the 'Bug Submit' link at the bottom of this page to bring heat to these matters. Also, if you can take a moment to populate or update your forum signatures to include your operating system and hardware details and the version/s of Vectorworks you're using it can help us see (anecdotal) trends and help each other quicker.
  3. AMENDMENT: This has since been fixed. See here:
  4. I was able to download the Kohlet Toilets 01.vwx files just now, so either it was a temporary outage or internet issue, or if the matter persists for you something may have changed on your computer. Check what privileges/permissions you have for the Vectorworks 2020 program folder in your C drive, and check the Library folder within as well. Windows recently release two updates for Windows 10, perhaps they changed the privileges needed for Vectorworks to write to / update these folders.
  5. Hello all you lovely contributors! I've just encountered this myself and after reading what fixes worked above thought I'd be very methodical in determining what piece of Vectorworks was responsible and was successful. Here's the component that was cause in my case: I disabled the Vectorworks Preferences.xml file in the Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder, by putting an 'x' at the start of its name. (Deleting it would've had the same effect, but I was being methodical and non-destructive in order to isolate cause). What I find interesting is that both my Vectorworks 2019 and Vectorworks 2020 suffered this symptom. So, given that: Each version has its own seperate preference file and that I haven't opened Vectorworks 2019 on this computer for a long time, and that Simultaneous corruptions are extremely unlikely, I'm suspicious that they were both corrupted on opening tonight and is therefore probably caused by a conflict with other software that was open at the time. Recent notable software events include: In recent past: Brave Browser software conflict with Return to Dark Castle and the Vectorworks Updater app, but wasn't opened tonight until this issue arose. - I think. During this session: GIMP 2.8 seemingly misbehaved. So I deleted it and installed GIMP 2.10.
  6. @DMcD, I've looked over your many posts regarding Vectorworks compatibility and performance with Mojave and Catalina and it looks very much like you are experiencing abnormal and untypical performance. Meaning, unless the cause turns out to be a common condition that can't be readily changed (i.e. insufficiently supported hardware or certain drivers), you can expect to achieve a timely resolution. To do so, please contact (or prompt, or get back to) the tech support provider for your region about this so they can either establish a path to resolution or escalate to Vectorworks software engineers. You also have the option of submitting a bug report directly to engineering. Use the 'Bug Submit' link at the bottom of this page to do so.
  7. No. It would require major adaptions to be compatible with Catalina and Vectorworks 2018 is outside the support period. Vectorworks Inc provides support for the current and prior version only. This is an industry norm and has always been the case for Vectorworks. The reason prior versions of Vectorworks remained functional for more years than they received updates for, was purely due to good fortune. Apple made major changes in both macOS Mojave and Catalina that required many adjustments for existing software to remain compatible. As Vectorworks 2018 is outside the support period it won't receive the adaptions required to make it work in current operating systems.
  8. Hi @NeedHelp, If Vectorworks behaves poorly after upgrading your operating system (to one that is supported for that version of Vectorworks), then you're best to run the dedicated Uninstall app (in the Vectorworks application folder), then reinstall Vectorworks. I suggest you preserve your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder first, but don't reinstate it until you've tested the fresh installation without it. Search the Vectorworks Help for more info on each of the concepts mentioned here. If this process doesn't rectify the issues you're experiencing, then it might be that your operating system upgrade went awry. In which case I'd call Apple for support.
  9. What is it you are referencing from the source file? Geometry or a PDF? If it's a PDF ensure you're using the latest version and service pack of Vectorworks. Even if a PDF is outside the Viewport but still on the Design Layer being referenced, it could still have an effect. If it is only geometry that's being referenced, see if you can recreate this problem using two new, blank files. File > New… > Create blank document
  10. I have a vague sense that I've experienced the progress bar not showing when I thought it normally would. So others can verify this, can you please post one process that does show the progress bar on your 2010 MacBook Pro, which doesn't on other hardware? It will also be pivotal to stipulate what version and Service Pack of Vectorworks is being run on the 2010 MacBook Pro to ensure we're comparing apples for apples.
  11. Thanks for posting your solution Knut. When migrating workspaces all new tools are omitted and new menu commands get consolidated in a seperate menu called, 'New.' Manually identifying new tools and menu commands and where they're supposed to go, then doing so, can take a lot of time. For this reason I prescribe that our users recreate their workspace every year. In most cases it takes less time - with zero risk of omitting anything new - and provides the beneficial opportunity to configure the workspace based on current preferences and workflows.
  12. If you mimic the folder structure and folder names found in your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder, then those resources will show up in 'nested RM windows' (Resource Selectors). See this article: Creating custom resource libraries from Vectorworks Help for more info.
  13. Just passing through here and thought I could contribute… I can dock palettes to each other on a second screen. (Tested with Basic and Tool Sets palettes). - Perhaps you want them to dock to a floating view pane? Or the edge of the screen? When I toggled the Basic palette after I obscured it with a floating view pane, it did bring it to the front.
  14. Hi Julian, I've reviewed your videos and the file you've provided and when working with them experienced a variety of graphics/display related anomalies. Because these anomalies don't occur in a new, blank file, or with all Floor objects, in this case a data corruption will be the cause. Here's how I verified this: After opening Vectorworks 2019 fresh, then your file, to mimic the actions in your first video I grouped your objects then created a SLVP. My OpenGL Viewport rendered the right 'door' correctly, but the left door was invisible. Present geometrically, but invisible. To determine if your file was the issue, I copied the two objects and went to paste them in a new, blank file but after I went File > New… > Create blank document, the main Vectorworks window bugged out and just displayed a solid beige colour from my View bar down. - This indicates Vectorworks has processed code that was corrupt, causing bad behaviour. So either the file you've provided or one or more of the floor objects are. Almost certainly the left of the two objects seeing as it has its own display problems. Another result that confirms this: I've recreated the exact scenario, floor objects, classes with textures, applied textures to them by-class, and they worked fine and the OpenGL SLVP rendered fine. The behaviour you're seeing where the texture doesn't update until you edit (or move) the floor object's geometry, is known to Vectorworks and a fix is in the development queue. You can get the object to update just by moving it, then 'Undo.' Much easier. Just delete the corrupt object and recreate it.
  15. The nature of the symptoms you describe suggest to me an aspect of your file or Vectorworks installation is corrupt, or there are some extreme and unrealised conditions (Far Out Objects) in that file resulting in odd expressions. Or possibly there's a software conflict with another program, although this is much less likely. I suggest you: Close all other programs, then re-test. If the issue persists: Do an acid test: Close all currently open Vectorworks files Open a new blank document (File > New… > Create Blank Document) Re-test If the issue doesn't occur, it is almost certainly particular to your file. In which case there's either a corruption in your file, or (more likely) your file has Far Out Objects. (Click here for a solution). If the issue doesn't occur in a new blank document, then the solutions will be to either: Reset Vectorworks Preferences, OR Uninstall then Reinstall Vectorworks. (Use the dedicated 'Uninstall' app in the Vectorworks Program Files folder (Windows) or Vectorworks application folder on Mac. If you preserve your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder, move it elsewhere before opening the new installation of Vectorworks. If you need it, put it back after testing the new installation. If the problem returns, you know it relates to your Vectorworks User Data and Preferences Folder.


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