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  1. Hi @HEengineering, It may be due to my sleep-deprivation brain-fog, but it took time to interpret the issue you're experiencing here. Perhaps a screen recording would have elicit more responses. Nevertheless; If this behaviour occurs in a new, blank document - using the default file supplied by Vectorworks, not a template of your own - then the cause will either be due to: A corruption in your Vectorworks User Folder: Quit Vectorworks, move or rename your current Vectorworks User Folder. Reopen Vectorworks and re-test. A corruption in your Vectorworks installation: Quit Vectorworks. Open Vectorworks 20XX Updater app (Vectorworks 2019 and later). In the Advanced menu, run the REPAIR option. If the issue persists after this a clean installation might make the difference, but I'd say probably not. A Vectorworks bug Submit it using the 'BUG SUBMIT' link at the bottom of this page. If it does not occur in a new, blank document, then I'd say your file contains 'far out objects' and/or a corruption. - If other files with this problem are all derived from the same template, then you'll need to account for these possibilities in that too. See this post for a guide on verifying and correcting the very common problem of far out objects.
  2. Remember to right-click > Open with the actual installer app as well. - I believe this is more important than with the dmg actually. There error from Terminal in your last post brings doubt to the relevancy of my suggestion, but it might be a seperate matter because you get different results when running a copied-over installer.
  3. This is something that occurs on occasionally for both Mac and Windows users, but usually shows up after Resetting Vectorworks Preferences. Click here for the remedy. Regarding the first issue you mentioned - that the installer opens exhibiting problems if downloaded directly to the Apple Silicon Mac Mini, I think this might be avoided if both the .dmg and the installation application were opened using Right-click > Open, instead of double-clicking. I suspect this because (my experience suggests) macOS GateKeeper more readily blocks the opening of files downloaded from the internet but not files copied onto the drive from elsewhere.
  4. Hi @briland23, Excuse the obviousness of this suggestion, but if you haven't tried restarting your Mac, do that first. No dice? Then, ensure you're opening Vectorworks from within the Application folder, not your Dock. - Just in case that has become troubled. If the issue persists; Based on what you've described, while there's a couple of further actions that could remedy this situation for you I'm not confident they're worth entertaining. I suggest you just jump right up to the most silver of silver bullets and uninstall, then reinstall Vectorworks, accounting for the possibility your Vectorworks User Folder might be part of the problem: Download a fresh installer of Vectorworks 2020 (currently SP4). While that's going on… Back up your Vectorworks User Folder but just in case it contains the problem, disable it before proceeding by prepending its name with an 'x' Uninstall Vectorworks using the dedicated uninstall app in the Vectorworks application folder. Reinstall Vectorworks, then re-test for the problem. If no issue occurs, reinstate your Vectorworks User Folder. If the issue recurs, consider software conflicts or save yourself detective-time and query your region's distributor/tech support provider.
  5. Hi @shamika881, Regarding the rectangle not adhering to the width you specified: While I agree with the explanation given above by markdd for why the distance you entered for the Move by Points tool wasn't retained, this doesn't explain why the rectangle doesn't retain the width you entered, - because you hit the Tab key to move the input focus onto the height field. - In my test, the width figure is retained even if you don't confirm subsequent values for height etc. I also note that when the rectangle is complete and selected, the 'X:' label in the Object Info Palette shows '…' Given these two symptoms, I believe one of the following is likely to apply, in order of likelihood: The file in question contains one or more 'far out objects.' Click here for instructions to verify and remedy this condition The file is corrupt. Go: File > New… > 'Create blank document' Retest for this behaviour Vectorworks needs to be restarted. Your computer needs to be restarted. Your Vectorworks installation needs fixing. Quit Vectorworks Open the Vectorworks 20XX Updater app In the Advanced menu, choose 'Repair'
  6. I did some troubleshooting for a user about this exact thing. Yes, DPI is a factor in the accuracy of the geometry exported or published to PDF. Geometric points in PDFs must adhere to a grid, the size of which is set by the DPI value. This is a limitation/function of the PDF format. If you need to produce PDFs featuring drawings of a large area and need to have very small objects drawn with high levels of accuracy, the answer is to increase your page size.
  7. If upgrading to Big Sur is the only change you've made, that does make it sound like it would be a problem of Vectorworks running on Big Sur… but if it were I think more people would be reporting this problem. Therefore, I suggest you: Check for software conflicts: Close all programs, then reopen only Vectorworks and try again. If that doesn't resolve it; Restart you Mac in Safe Mode then see if it persists. (Safe Mode turns off little 'service' applications that don't show up on your Dock). Account for a potentially corrupt Vectorworks preference/setting file and Reset Vectorworks Preferences
  8. I'd say it's much less likely the mouse concerned and more likely the drivers developed for it. (Perhaps they don't play nice/responsibly with the operating system's 'mouse actions.') If you submit a bug report to Logitech, you might end up owning two mice that work. 😉
  9. File size often has little to do with how much geometry is in a file because images/textures are more data intensive. A file can be small and have copious amounts of geometry in it that makes your computer work very hard. Geometry takes up comparatively very little data, but can be responsible for massive loads on your CPU or GPU. Looking at your iStat readout for the CPU and especially the memory consumption (26GB!) I'd say there are one or more objects that add up to a lot of load on your computer. Find the highly or overly-complex geometry and simplify or remove it. You may also want to check for far out objects. See here for instructions:
  10. This is the sort of behaviour I would expect a restart of your computer to resolve. If it doesn't, suspect and account for; a corrupt Workspace file. See if that does it.
  11. Before trying alternate user accounts or subsequent installations, it would've been suitable to first try Resetting Vectorworks Preferences (in the original user profile). It might still be the solution, but usually if something works in a new user account that didn't work in the original, there's something to fix/remedy in the operating system, or there are programs or services active that are affecting Vectorworks. - You could narrow the cause by booting in Safe Mode and seeing if Vectorworks is able to perform normally then. If you require further assistance, I suggest you contact Tech Support for the region you're in. Also, serial numbers are associated to the hardware ID (related to the motherboard of the computer), so you have used up one of two activations, for two different licenses, on this one computer. They can be reset by contacting your region's Tech Support provider.
  12. Vectorworks 2020 is the first to include an ability to detect if you have a dedicated card and whether it has been assigned for use with Vectorworks. This is why you didn't get this message in Vectorworks 2019. Do you need a dedicated graphics card? It is strongly recommended by Vectorworks in their system requirements page, but it's really a matter of how much time you'll save and how much a 'smoother' interactive experience with Vectorworks will improve your efficiency, your work experience, and ultimately your work quality. Here's why: In Vectorworks, the graphics card handles what you see on screen while you work as well as the quality, detail and speed that your model is displayed while moving around your model/drawing. The better the card, the faster and smoother your model is displayed during and after navigating. Better cards may also improve the stability of Vectorworks because low-end graphics cards rely on your computer's main memory (RAM) which when under a lot of pressure can cause instability/crashes. If you've never worked on a well-spec'd computer before, once you do you'll know about it. It's liberating and going back to anything less conveys just how many seconds are lost a minute and how stilted - if not frustrating - working on low-spec computers can be.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up Andy! Another variable I shall keep in mind when reviewing the Activity feed…
  14. Hi @barnes2000, Can you be more specific please? Maybe generate a screen recording of the situation or at least a screen shot. I suspect you're aware of the following and I may just misunderstand the situation you're describing, but just in case or for those who may encounter this thread in future: There is no tool named 'Extrude,' however there is a menu command but edges of objects can't be selected for use with that command. You must first create, then select objects that work with that command. These include Lines, Polygons, Polylines, Rectangles, Arcs, Circles…. If you're referring to the Extract tool, the object types it creates (NURBS) don't work with the Extract command. There is likely a super-easy way to achieve what you're after, but it might not be the way you expect.
  15. Hi again Ari, This won't relate to the age of your computer. I've verified these keyboard sequences still work on Vectorworks 2020 SP4, so the issue is almost certainly due to a corruption in your Vectorworks User Folder. But it could also be due to a software conflict caused by other apps that are open at the same time. I suggest you try the following (Prioritised first by likelihood, then by order of likely resolution). If this issue occurs in all files, proceed with the following. If it occurs only in some files, then check here to resolve 'far out objects.' Your Vectorworks User Folder has a corruption. Solution: Backup Vectorworks Preferences Reset Vectorworks Preferences Rule out software conflicts. Method: Close all programs Restart (not Shutdown) your Mac. Quit any apps that opened automatically. Re-test. Your particular installation of Vectorworks needs repair Solution: Quit Vectorworks Open Vectorworks 20XX Updater app In the 'Advanced' menu, choose 'Repair.' Your particular installation of Vectorworks needs reinstallation Solution: Uninstall/Reinstall Vectorworks.


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