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  1. Jeremy Best

    Wall assembly glitch

    I've just tested this in Vectorworks 2018 SP3 and none of the above issues occurred.
  2. Jeremy Best

    Replace symbol is very slow

    I'm just trying to understand the mechanism behind why having lots of Favourites files (locally stored) slows Vectorworks down, and whether or not files saved in the User Folder Libraries perform better. - If they do, I will prescribe people use the User Folder Libraries instead. Would having lots of files in the User Folder Libraries have the same effect? Maybe this supposed condition isn't even true. Perhaps this assertion refers only to Vectorworks boot times?
  3. Jeremy Best

    Pressing render tab on the OIP is still slow

    Hi @Kaare Baekgaard, just wondering if you got this sorted? This is not normal or typical so there will be a reason and a fix. My first query would be if you have either lots of Favourites files or one or more Favourites files that have lots of resources in them and whether those files are stored on a network driver/server, in a cloud storage folder or just on your local HD. If none of the prior two apply or if you've addressed them and the issue remains, I'd test for this issue using a 'new blank document.'
  4. Jeremy Best

    VW 2018 sp3 : slow, hanging, crash

    PSA: Some antivirus software seems to have been responsible for major speed issues with Vectorworks 2018 where the program gets progressively more laggy as the hours pass. Here's what I've encountered helping one of our customers with this problem: Vectorworks 2018 SP2 had been slowing down after 2 - 3 hours of work and some crashes too. I determined our customer installed a new/different antivirus program (Malwarebytes) just before they upgraded from 2017 to 2018, so I asked that they turn it off temporarily or 'whitelist' Vectorworks 2018. Their IT people told Malwarebytes to ignore the Vectorworks 2018 program folder, after which their speed issues have disappeared and no reported crashes either. I have one other user with the same 'slowdown over 2 - 3 hours' symptom who also adopted a new antivirus program at the same time they upgraded to 2018. They are using Webroot and are going to test if turning it off helps them too. I'll endeavour to update this thread if this fixes the issue for them as well. EDIT: Both cases above are Windows users. Windows 10 and Windows 7 respectively. @JimW Do you have any comments on this matter? I'd like to know whether software vendors are expected to contact antivirus manufacturers to get their programs 'whitelisted?' Or is it expected that their software just wouldn't cause interference at all, except in unusual circumstances?
  5. Jeremy Best

    Replace symbol is very slow

    Thanks Jim. Sorry, I see I wasn't explicit enough. I wanted to ascertain: Given that there's discussion that having 'many' or 'large' Favourites files slows Vectorworks performance, I wanted to clarify if there was any performance difference between: Vectorworks accessing resources in a Favorites file that is locally stored [somewhere on the internal HD]. Vectorworks accessing resources in a User Folder file that is locally stored [in the standard AppData directory location]. Do you know? Is there any knowledge/indication around?
  6. Hi @Alan61 and @JimW, I just had a session with a user getting this error and discovered a cause that might be as-yet unreported. I'm posting this to add to the (small) list of conditions responsible for this error message: One of the directories/folders in the file address used a huge number of characters (43). We shortened the name and all file exports worked thereafter. It might be worth noting that when the directory/folder name was long, some Sheet Layers exported successfully sometimes but one Sheet Layer never did. After shortening the directory/folder name they all exported 100% of the time.
  7. Jeremy Best

    Replace symbol is very slow

    Hey @JimW, I'm looking for clarification about this comment, similar to @Sebastiaan above: I was of the impression that accessing files saved in the User Folder would have a slight speed advantage over accessing any [local] file saved as a 'Favorite' - given that large or too many Favorites files slows Vectorworks down. Is this not correct? I'm currently troubleshooting for a user who has their Favorites loaded on their LAN server and is experiencing major [unspecified] slowdowns that get worse the longer a file is open. They're also having saving issues. I suspected their server or network, or the age of his symbols for the speed problems, but after reading this thread am thinking I'm going to have to include Vectorworks (2018 SP2) as a possible cause. (No SP3 for our market yet). His files are also worked on off the server. I'm going to prescribe he see if working with local C: drive copies makes the difference or maybe using Dropbox instead so staff all have access to the same copy of the resource file/s, but establishing the above first would be helpful.
  8. Jeremy Best

    Walkthrough Cuts through walls

    For anyone who comes across this thread in future, the cause (as was the case for @sandii) is due to things being too far away from other things. Like, hundreds or thousands of kilometres away, however 8km is the recommended maximum span for all objects in a drawing. As I understand it, is a limitation common to all CAD programs. To find and correct the items causing these symptoms: First, turn on all Layers and Classes with 'Show/Snap/Modify' on for both... Then using logical sequences of 'Select All > Fit to Objects > ...' etc, find and correct: Any objects (typically extraneous) far away from their model (first), then; Any object/s more than 8km away from the Internal Origin. If the main drawing is itself more than 8km away from the Internal Origin, centre it on the Internal Origin. See: Tools > Origin > ... A User Origin that is more than 8km away from the Internal Origin. This alone can cause the symptoms described by user Sandii. This situation often occurs as a result of importing a site survey file (including DXF/DWG files) that can contain far out objects or reposition the User Origin. Paying attention to and understanding all the import settings may prevent this outcome. It is also recommended that these files are first imported into a 'new, blank document' where you can check for this phenomenon and purge unneeded items in the Resource Manager.
  9. Jeremy Best

    Site Model 2D Cut and Fill in 2018 vs 2017

    I've now confirmed this issue in a new, blank document so I'll be submitting this as a bug.
  10. Jeremy Best

    Site Model 2D Cut and Fill in 2018 vs 2017

    Just thought I'd take a minute to add I'm investigating this very issue and have confirmed the phenomenon in a user's file, however I have yet to verify it occurs in a new, blank file. Specifically; The checkbox for "2D Cut Fill Area" in the 'Graphic Properties' dialogue window turns itself off after closing the parent dialogue window 'Site Model Settings.'
  11. Jeremy Best

    Export Sheet Layer Viewport as Image

    @Kevin McAllisterAs I understand it, if you're using Cloud Services to publish, in the left pane in the Publish window you can choose individual Viewports and in the output 'Options' choose what format they get saved as, (individual) PDF or image.
  12. Jeremy Best

    page setup issue

    It's up to purveyors of hardware and software to ensure their products keep up with changes in the operating system, so if this is happening to a few users with different printers - but not all users and all printers, then - as illustrated by paulg's example - the drivers are more likely to be the exclusive cause. I have received a report from a user with this issue as well, but they have no issue producing PDFs. I've prescribed they update their printer drivers and verify if they're compatible with High Sierra as well. Have you tried using JimW's suggestion of using; File > Export > PDF? Or File > Publish... to produce a PDF then print that from a PDF viewer?
  13. Jeremy Best

    VW 2018 slow start up time

    Having lots of Favourites files can grossly slow down the loading of the Resource Manager. Does this possibility fit your situation? I have no Favourites (because it's a fresh/test install only) and it loads quickly for me.
  14. Jeremy Best

    Teigha Library Error

    @gfp38The following might resolve it for you. I was assisting a Windows 10 user with a Teigha library error. Theirs read, "Teigha Library Error. The file could not be opened. Make sure it is not already open in another application." He had Vectorworks 2017, Vectorworks 2018 and AutoCAD Lt all open at once. I suggested he close all but the program he was using (Vectorworks 2017). - This solved the problem. I suggest you close any other 3D and perhaps any vector drawing applications as well, then retry. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer as well. @JimWFYI
  15. Submitted on behalf of a Vectorworks user/client. They pointed out that when Data Visualization is being used to represent values of given objects, how cumbersome it is to manually update record field values if an object changes - for example - in dimension or area etc. His suggestion is to add the capability for Record Field Values to be drawn from object values in the Shape tab of the Object Info Palette. I seem to recall witnessing an implementation of this type of thing using Marionette, but this doesn't translate or connect to the Viewport Data Visualization facility.