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  1. Jeremy Best

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    I like the intention of your suggestions @Amorphous - Julian. Regarding this one: I expect this one could never be a solid rule because there are conditions outside Vectorworks' influence that factor in what features can be realised, including capabilities of current hardware and software standards, as well as the usual time and financial resources available for development.
  2. Jeremy Best

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Hi @Ben G, Back in 2013 I did a lot of 3D modelling using Vectorworks and encountered many instances where fillet edge and other 3D modelling commands seemed to fail without reason, but what I learned was that there are a lot of geometrical constraints that aren't easily communicated to the eye; physical realities that make what is being asked impossible and that it takes some analysis to realise why. Sometimes the reason was that I'd drawn relying too much on mouse-precision which would result in surfaces that looked like they were 5mm wide, then they were 4.998 mm wide making a 5mm fillet/chamfer etc impossible. Sometimes the sequence of operations were critical to the outcome and sometimes the methods I'd used to construct objects created edges that didn't quite connect tangentially. And so on with many other types of unappreciated constraints with other commands and operations.
  3. Hi @MTRobin, please excuse my brevity as I just happened to see your post while I was searching for something else… If I recall correctly; You can put a shortcut/alias of your Vectorworks file in the 'Vectorworks Cloud Services' folder on your PC/Mac (respectively). This means you can keep your files organised however you want them on your local HD. Last time I looked, no. But if you're on a Mac you can create 'Folder Actions' that automatically handle/edit/move/delete files based on particular criteria you set. I know Windows has some sort of scripting capability too, so perhaps you could achieve this on Windows too. To create Folder Actions on macOS, in the following link scroll down to section, 'Attaching a Folder Action Script to a Folder'
  4. Jeremy Best

    Until Next Time

    Hey Jim! You are SO appreciated. Thank you for being so committed, involved, willing, open and caring for users and colleagues. As a follower I don't know how I missed this topic for so long. It was a big surprise and I am going to miss your perpetual helpfulness. Thank you for everything. And good on you for aligning your priorities with what's most important to you.
  5. Jeremy Best

    Can't select polygons with Hatch or Tile fills.

    As I understand it, stating when a bug will be fixed is a combination of guesstimation (of how many hours it will take to identify a cause and the number of hours to fix it), priority (how many people are affected and how badly) and of scheduling (allocating the limited number of hours allotted to various programming work). If this issue becomes more prominent then perhaps the work schedule for it will be adjusted. Yes, I totally understand your experience. This is unfortunately the reality of all software and you have the choice to wait for SP3/SP4/SP5 before upgrading and delaying your adoption of new advantages, or upgrade early, accommodate bugs and benefit from the new advantages sooner. Every computer user will benefit from knowing and accepting that there is no such thing as bug-free software and that while programmers work hard to make everything work as well as they can with the resources allocated to them, I say the most realistic and effective solution for anyone using a computer is to EXPECT to encounter bugs and get good at reporting them and to become increasingly clever at working around them.
  6. Jeremy Best

    Can't select polygons with Hatch or Tile fills.

    Hi @Patrick West, The inability to select some objects by their fill/area is a bug that will fixed in the upcoming Vectorworks 2020. In the interim the easiest way to select objects that have coincidental edges is to use the Coincident Object Selection tool.
  7. Jeremy Best

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    @halfcouple, Yes, this is a bug. I've tested your file on my Mac and it comes up fine, but on Windows 10 I get the same issue as you, but only when the default compression in Vectorworks Preferences > Edit, is set to JPEG. Change it to PNG and you should be fine. For anyone experiencing rendering issues with any render mode other than Renderworks ones: Update your graphics card driver. Failing that; Clean install your graphics card driver. Failing that; Reset Vectorworks Preferences OR uninstall/reinstall Vectorworks using a freshly downloaded installer. Yes, someone has already submitted this as a bug: VB-87995.
  8. Hi everyone, I have just confirmed that as of at least Vectorworks 2019 SP3; Vectorworks now prompts users to save new files - if they have yet to do so - when the first autosave process occurs. (No autosave can occur / No backup files can be created, unless the file in question has been manually saved by the user).
  9. The Problem: Currently all autosaved backup files are created with the same preview image the original file had the last time it was manually saved. This means if you are browsing multiple/historical backups of your file, you can't tell what progress each file contains until you open it up which consumes unnecessary time and makes the process unnecessarily convoluted. The Proposal: When Vectorworks: creates an autosave backup file OR autosaves over the original file update the file’s preview image to reflect what is currently in-view. The Benefit: This will help users: Identify which file contains the stage of progress they wish to roll back to. 
Identify what stage of progress they were up to (before - for example - their original Ele became corrupt/lost) and therefore what work will need to be redone.
  10. Jeremy Best

    Error loading Vision Library

    Hi @DomC, Did you mean to post this here?
  11. Jeremy Best

    Error loading Vision Library

    Hello everyone! Tech Support USA have provided me with a fix for this issue that worked for me and a user I worked with on this. 1. Quit Vectorworks 2019 2. Go to: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks 2019 3. Select and copy these three folders: ⁃ Gobos ⁃ Library ⁃ textures 4. Go to: Macintosh HD/Applications/Vectorworks 2019/Vision and paste them in. 5. Reopen Vectorworks.
  12. Jeremy Best

    Mojave thinks 2019 is 32 bit

    I'm curious to know; What procedure did you use to do this? macOS Recovery > Restore From Time Machine Backup (Alternative) macOS Recovery (Shift-Option-⌘-R) > 'Install the macOS that came with your Mac, or the closest version still available' > then (IF you chose to erase your disk) use Time Machine Backup to reinstate your login/account data.
  13. Jeremy Best

    Polygons with Hatches are un-selectable

    Thanks @Andy Broomell, I've added this info to the bug report.
  14. Yes this is interesting. Can you expand on this a bit, please? Do you mean that beach balling occurs whenever you connect a USB-C peripheral while other USB-C ports already have devices connected to them? So connecting the same peripheral does not cause beach balling if no other USB-C devices are already plugged in? What are the devices that do cause beach balling when/after they are plugged in?
  15. Jeremy Best

    Polygons with Hatches are un-selectable

    Bug report submitted: VB-158101


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