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  1. I've now confirmed this issue in a new, blank document so I'll be submitting this as a bug.
  2. Just thought I'd take a minute to add I'm investigating this very issue and have confirmed the phenomenon in a user's file, however I have yet to verify it occurs in a new, blank file. Specifically; The checkbox for "2D Cut Fill Area" in the 'Graphic Properties' dialogue window turns itself off after closing the parent dialogue window 'Site Model Settings.'
  3. @Kevin McAllisterAs I understand it, if you're using Cloud Services to publish, in the left pane in the Publish window you can choose individual Viewports and in the output 'Options' choose what format they get saved as, (individual) PDF or image.
  4. It's up to purveyors of hardware and software to ensure their products keep up with changes in the operating system, so if this is happening to a few users with different printers - but not all users and all printers, then - as illustrated by paulg's example - the drivers are more likely to be the exclusive cause. I have received a report from a user with this issue as well, but they have no issue producing PDFs. I've prescribed they update their printer drivers and verify if they're compatible with High Sierra as well. Have you tried using JimW's suggestion of using; File > Export > PDF? Or File > Publish... to produce a PDF then print that from a PDF viewer?
  5. Having lots of Favourites files can grossly slow down the loading of the Resource Manager. Does this possibility fit your situation? I have no Favourites (because it's a fresh/test install only) and it loads quickly for me.
  6. @gfp38The following might resolve it for you. I was assisting a Windows 10 user with a Teigha library error. Theirs read, "Teigha Library Error. The file could not be opened. Make sure it is not already open in another application." He had Vectorworks 2017, Vectorworks 2018 and AutoCAD Lt all open at once. I suggested he close all but the program he was using (Vectorworks 2017). - This solved the problem. I suggest you close any other 3D and perhaps any vector drawing applications as well, then retry. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer as well. @JimWFYI
  7. Submitted on behalf of a Vectorworks user/client. They pointed out that when Data Visualization is being used to represent values of given objects, how cumbersome it is to manually update record field values if an object changes - for example - in dimension or area etc. His suggestion is to add the capability for Record Field Values to be drawn from object values in the Shape tab of the Object Info Palette. I seem to recall witnessing an implementation of this type of thing using Marionette, but this doesn't translate or connect to the Viewport Data Visualization facility.
  8. @Mike T. @Jonathan Pickup's suggestion to use Data Visualisation could still work for you because you can easily access the Design Layer through a Sheet Layer Viewport just by double-clicking on it.
  9. The sample Notes Database supplied with Vectorworks is here on Mac: /Applications/Vectorworks 2017/Libraries/Defaults/Notes Any Notes Database you create can be saved anywhere you like so it would be wherever you put it (unless you've inadvertently deleted it!). If you can't recall where that is/was I would check the most logical places, either: A logical directory in your Vectorworks User Folder, such as: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2017/Libraries/Defaults/Notes, or A location 'relative' to where your Vectorworks document is saved, like in the same folder or a subfolder. If you've saved them anywhere but on your local hard drive, they won't be accessible until you reconnect the USB stick, external storage device or network drive etc where you saved it. There are other possible reasons why you can no longer locate/access them but without more insight into the situation it's hard to be more helpful.
  10. A user has asked me how to set the height of the 'First Person' when in the Web View models exported by Vectorworks 2018. There are some rafters he can't get past in a loft of some sort. When exported from 2017 the menu icon (3 horizontal bars) enables one to set the height but this isn't available in 2018. The starting position/height of the initial view doesn't affect the First Person height, because as soon as you drop that little man down, he assumes a pre-determined height of between 1.5 & 1.8 meters. Can we please bring back the 'Set Height' controls?
  11. Hi @mrfrood, I've received communications from a user with the same problem and same symptoms. I expect this will be due to incompatibility with High Sierra and as 2015 is no longer supported I would not expect this to be addressed. As I recall High Sierra is the first macOS to arrive already using Apples new file system, APFS. It is also turned on when upgrading to macOS 10.12.4 (Sierra, update 4) and later. I just downloaded the 2015 installer and was able to launch it on a Mac running macOS 10.11.6 but after transferring the same package to another Mac running 10.12.6 it wouldn't open, same as yours. I would say this is the reason or perhaps part reason. Either way I think you'll have to move on (and up)!
  12. Nope! The issue in that file is due to the rectangle (used in the large extrude) is made up of four individual lines - not a closed rectangle. - This is particularly important given that the subsequent operation performed on the extrude is a solid-subtraction. If you ‘Compose’ those four lines the Hidden Line rendering exhibits the way you’d expect. CORRECTION - Although composing the four lines that make up the larger rectangle avoids this issue I've verified the same conditions don't exhibit this effect in 2017, so I will submit as a bug. Sorry about the misdirection @BG
  13. Hi @iborisov I've had dialogue with Premium Tech Support but I've been told the level of detail the user supplied/is able to supply, is not enough to diagnose. In one of the two instances the user described, about 30 notes just disappeared from a single section and despite the great unlikelihood of accidentally deleting them all one-by-one (which is the only way in the Notes Manager dialogue) the last posit from Tech Support was that it was user error. While there might be other possible ways or reasons that these notes disappeared (like loosing track of which database file was the most recent one) the user is standing by their assertion. This is why I thought asking the community to corroborate such occurrences would be the most appropriate intermediary step to take. ANYONE WHO READS THIS: Have you experienced notes disappearing from the either the drawing OR the Notes Database?
  14. We've been waiting for SP1 of Vectorworks 2018 but I'll be sure to use that when it's available/ready for our market. Thanks for your help, Marissa!
  15. Hey @Marissa Farrell, I'm trying to repurpose Alan's script but am experiencing behavioural issues that might relate to the 'jumps around' phenomenon, despite now using 2017 SP4. I'm using Alan's script to enable multiple straight extrusions that all use the one symbol as the profile, so that when I alter (not exchange) the symbol, all extrusions will receive the altered profile. The symptoms I'm getting are: The position of the extrusion path 'Control Geometry' doesn't reflect the placement/position of the resultant Marionette part either. If I move the resultant Marionette part - no matter whether in an 3D view or a 2D/elevation view and no matter whether with the mouse or using 2D Align or 3D Align commands - it jumps to a completely unrelated location. See attached video for this symptom. EDIT: The Marionette part also changes location when I change the Symbol profile, but it doesn't move again if I change it a second time. The 'control geometry' however stays where the Marionette part was before I change the profile the first time. Are you able to confirm if the 'jumpy' geometry/Nurbs received any amendments since the aforementioned post? Or what could or will be done to overcome this? (I just can't position the object).