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  1. Thanks, Benson. If I didn't have 2021 to revert back to I would do that, or just stack two walls, one with door and one with windows. Too bad bugs have to go and make life more complicated!
  2. Correct. No Wall Closure. Using "1" Exterior Component for Exterior Wall Detail.
  3. Thanks for digging deeper. Much appreciated. Pat, have you given it a shot?
  4. Not specific to a 4-panel door. Attached .vwx file has the wall with 4 different configurations. Also attached is a new screenshot for reference. Window over door problem.vwx
  5. Et voila! (Switching it up!;-) Vielen Dank, Zoomer! I guess I need to wait for SP3 or revert to 2021 on this one.
  6. Understood, @Boh and @E/FA, but these windows are meant to be clerestory windows, not combined into one unit with door as transom window(s). Definitely not changing the design just because the software won't currently let me do what I need to do!🙄 Instead I'd go with the option of keeping to 2021 for this project unless issue is resolved.
  7. @michaelk Nope. Tried that. @zoomer Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ich kann, nur ein bisschen, so I suppose that won't help for me to easily find that (unless the German Forum ist auf Englisch)! Do you think you would be able to find that again? @Tom W. I tried this, shifting varying degrees, both beyond edge of door below and toward center of door. Nope!
  8. The attached screenshot of wall model is from a .vwx file which was updated from 2021 to 2022. The wall is 14' tall and the window is supposed to be a clerestory window over a 4-panel sliding door. Actually I had 3 clerestory windows but deleted two to illustrate the problem better. As you can see the brick veneer (and probably other components) are extending below the window obscuring part of the door. What gives? I've tried multiple settings and have noticed the window and door tool now have new features. I tried a variety of settings to see whether any of those could be the issue, to no avail. The 2021 file did not exhibit this problem.
  9. Still keeping my eyes and ears open... My search for immediate/long term assistance is still active... Summary of Major Requirements: • Vectorworks 2022 software, including Renderworks • Residential design experience, from schematic through production of CDs for permits, with a competent working knowledge of the IRC (Virginia-adopted version, available online) • Fluency using Vectorworks, including 3D tools along with rendering • Construction knowledge, preferably with some hands-on experience • Some knowledge of green building techniques • Strong communication skills • Ability to listen well and take direction, yes, but also able to provide useful design and technical input as well (I'm willing to learn from you!) • Ability to take my developed 3D models and create CD/permit-ready sets using the system most comfortable and efficient for you, with detailing and specs consistent with construction methodologies in my area of the country and to my standard documentation level • Must be able to demonstrate through portfolio or samples of work the ability to produce well-detailed and organized construction documents (full set with candidate producing it in entirety: plans, framing plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules, etc.) • References required • Knows and lives the Golden Rule. Preferred: • Willingness and ability to relocate to a very scenic, pastoral area of the country with a slower pace of life, and possibly take over my business in the long term. Due to the influence of nearby Virginia Tech this area is in a sustained growth mode. U.S. residents only
  10. Jumping onto/re-starting this thread because I'm trying to find out how to import a .laz file from my state's inventory so that I can create a site model for a home I'm designing. The file is one grid/panel, and is 49.9MB in size. When I try to import, whether drag and drop or using the drop-down menu VW crashes immediately. Is this because the file is so large VW can't even handle opening up the importing parameters menu? I don't speak/understand techno/code language so if someone could answer in an "Idiot's Guide to..." fashion I would greatly appreciate it! A simple step-by-step would be great, including the possibility of a workaround (if the file is too large for VW to handle) such as: if there's a way to use the .laz file in some open source easy-to-use software in which I can see topo lines in place on an aerial image, then take a screenshot and trace them with 3D polys, that'd work. Think cardboard topo models from architecture school years ago. Accurate enough. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks, Jeff. I do believe you are right. I can use a 2D background in my RW-rendered Elevation views (see attached example, using a Google Earth image). Of course I wonder if this is explained anywhere in the KBase, or anywhere else easy to find? It sure would be good to know this without having to spend hours fruitlessly tinkering with settings! (Maybe I used the wrong search terms?)
  12. A little help, please: with everything being equal in the two VPs shown in attached image, except perspective vs. orthogonal (front elevation) in the Projection setting (see screenshots of OIPs) why won't the RW Background (HDRI Sky...) display in the elevation view? It will display if Background render is set to OpenGL, but grays out using the Custom Renderworks Background Setting, which is exactly the same as the perspective view.
  13. You're very welcome. I've mostly been on the receiving end of this forum when I've needed help. Glad to be able to give something back!
  14. Over the years I have tried different ways to create glass block walls or windows, and looked to these forums to find helpful suggestions. Nothing I ever found seemed to do what I wanted to. So, I finally figured out something I thought I would share with the community, by using a door object either as an individual glass block unit, in the case of the attached image, or by making the door as large as a wall panel and using muntins, as you can see (and use if you like it) in the attached .vwx file. GlassBlock.vwx
  15. Found my answer and posting here in case anyone else has the same problem and goes searching like I just did. What worked for me was turning ON Display Screen Objects in Unified View Options. Scale of the model doesn't matter, whether 1:1 or 1:48. Model and heliodon on design layer; OpenGL. (Psst, VW: it'd be nice to include that little bit of info in your instructions.;-)
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