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  1. Hello MartinaL and Nico_be: Thanks for letting us know the link is broken, a later version will have a fixed link for this. More plants are available here: https://vectorworks.rendermall.com/?language=en
  2. Hello lcda: This should work, I tried with and image bump on a sphere with textures on and colors off and I'm seeing the bump map. Your rendering has glass showing like it should so it's doing something. Is the bump too subtle or really large or really small?
  3. That format is used for internal storage of texturing info. I don't know why it's visible to you in this alert. It doesn't change (at least not in any recent versions) so replacing or not should have the same effect. Hope this helps!
  4. Hello lgueron: Sorry for the problem. Can you send me the model so I make sure this is fixed in SP2? There is a difference in reflectivity with the latest Cineware we are using and the bug for that is fixed for SP2 upcoming. The bug is that reflectivity like image or glass looks like mirror.
  5. Hello BGD: Can you send me a simple file to show this?
  6. Service Pack 2 has the fix not Service Pack 1. SP2 will be out in a month. Sorry for the delay.
  7. Hello, the Enscape free beta period is coming to a close. Enscape is about ready to ship the Vectorworks plugin. You can get the free beta here if you haven't already: https://enscape3d.com/works-with/vectorworks/ Edit: to get the very latest beta of Enscape go here. This installer works with 2020 and 2021. They update nearly every two weeks: https://enscape3d.com/version-history-preview/ Let us or Enscape know if you have any remaining issues using Vectorworks and Enscape together. You can report issues directly to them with their Feedback Tool. It has been a pleasure developing this plugin with them, they are a great partner. Enjoy!
  8. Hello J Coups: Vectorworks imports point cloud data. On import you will likely want to reduce the number of points in the cloud (these can be enormously huge and Vectorworks is not a point cloud-specific authoring program). Once imported you can use the clip cube to line up sections and trace geometry. A point cloud can be converted to 3D loci that can then be used to define a Site Model, if you want to capture the terrain. Some links from the help: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/VW2019_Guide/Import/Importing_a_Point_Cloud_Object.htm https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/VW2019_Guide/SiteModel1/Extracting_3D_Loci_From_a_Point_Cloud.htm Also Vectorworks Cloud Services can turn drone photos into point clouds and/or textured 3D models. This can require some curation of the photos to improve success. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/capture-photos-for-3d-models?app=VECTORWORKS
  9. @Will Can you send me the file? I was looking at the stone wall, which looks like displacement and maybe a reflection map there. It also looks like this is using an HDRI environment background and maybe that has differences.
  10. Speaking of stylizing, if you wanted to make it very stylized you can use Vectorworks Cloud Services. If you are on a Mac you can copy the viewport rendering, paste as image to Preview on the Mac, save as a file, and then stylize the image with different styles. Maybe too stylish but that is your option. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/stylize-images-machine-learning/?app=WEB
  11. Hello Will: Vectorworks uses a new Maxon Cineware engine in 2021 and there was an issue with reflection maps that is fixed with 2021 Service Pack 2. The bug was that they look like a pure mirror reflection. Are the textures here using Image reflection?
  12. Hello Stephane: I think this problem is specific to using Artistic RW style. It doesn't happen with Photorealistic RW style. Using a Photorealistic style would be a workaround you might consider.
  13. Hello again @Gabriel-VW We found the reason for this bug and put in a fix for 2021 Service Pack 1 which is very soon. I will let you know when the cloud rendering is corrected.
  14. Hello Andy: The symbol edit detail is important to know. Can you attach a specific file with a symbol you are editing to the bug? Thanks for the testing!!
  15. Yes I am wondering the same, if it render with different object type choices. Does Renderworks fail for you in other cases besides this one with the Edit Texture dialog?


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