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  1. @Tobias Kern Yes thank you for the wish, I agree style resources are the best way to collect and reuse the settings. And templates are the way for now, thanks @zoomer
  2. Hello @Simon Allan we are aware that we need to put more metadata into the Datasmith files so that Visual Dataprep can get traction, we are adding this to the Roadmap for a future release.
  3. Hello @bcd in the test file the Crease Angle is set to 1 degree which is why this one shows so many noisy edges. The default for crease angle is usually 70 degrees. Set it higher and this one will not show so much noise. FYI Also if you set to 0 degrees you will get pretty much only silhouette edges which might be a look you might like.
  4. Hello @trashcan This might be the edges of the viewport clipping out some pixels at the edge. We inflate the size of the viewport to account for this but you might try editing the viewport crop and putting a rectangle in to make the viewport area account for the lines more. HTH
  5. Hello, we have a potential fix, can you post a file we can verify if possible?
  6. Hello @Kazemester We have new code queued up for Service Pack 2 that occludes point clouds by the model. It should give you what you want here. Thanks for the post!
  7. Hello @Dendecko Vectorworks 2022 uses Metal on macOS and DirectX on Windows, so the OpenGL render mode was renamed to Shaded. HTH
  8. @Kazemester I have not seen that, unless you have Unified View turned off and the design layer rendering is being overwritten by a later design layer? Check if Denoising is on in your settings, de-noising takes 2x the non-denoising amount of render time. And it most of the time can be turned off. One useful way to use denoising would be Sampling quality set to Low and Denoising on, to clean things up. With High the Denoising doesn't improve things much for the 2x render time. "By the way...can we ask for render passes finally as Redshift render engine is present?" Sure, what passes would be useful to you?
  9. In our testing some files render several times faster when compared to the same quality rendering. Redshift is a different render engine, the renderings from it look different. Not every file renders faster, for example simple models that don't use raytracing effects like blurry reflections, soft shadows, depth of field, fine details in global illumination, or anti-aliasing do not show significant speed improvement. Where Redshift pays is for high quality renderings that use these effects. In the test models we used, I noticed one that was a high quality rendering using non-Redshift, the blurriness quality was set to Medium, likely because blurry reflections are "expensive" with the non-Redshift rendering mode. You can set the quality setting to High with Redshift and it doesn't slow it down. As with all things, once you have a higher budget for quality versus speed you will use that budget up to get more quality. IMO the Redshift renderings have a per-pixel crispness and higher detail, whereas non-Redshift can have some areas that show the tradeoffs made in speed/quality. Here is a panorama rendered at 8k res and High quality setting: https://beta.vcs.vectorworks.net/links/11ec149795a09d6a86e8122ca254d0a9/
  10. Yes Metal on macOS and DirectX on Windows. The name of the render mode was changed since we are not using OpenGL anymore.
  11. Hi all: Please note that the latest Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app has a new feature to select whether files sync to your local drive or only exist on the cloud. I saved a ton of space I am using in my VCS account by not syncing some of my files to my local drive. And a reminder anyone with a Vectorworks login has 2GB of VCS storage; if you have a Vectorworks Service Select license you get 20GB of space on VCS. VCS can be used with Project Sharing and you can share folders for general read and write amongst contractors and/or collaborators. To use this feature update to the latest app version from the About pane, and control the syncing to your local drive through the Settings pane.
  12. Hello @zoomer The Redshift requirements are the same as the ones listed here: https://www.maxon.net/en/requirements/redshift-requirements M1 requires 16GB because with Unified Memory roughly 1/2 is available for graphics, and Redshift requires at least 8GB VRAM to operate reliably. Redshift on Windows doesn't support AMD, the only AMD chips supported are recent ones on the Mac.
  13. @twk Do you have what you need?
  14. @Elin Hello Elin, we are working with Enscape on being able to put Enscape asset objects into Plant symbols, so that they show automatically when rendered in Enscape. For now you would have to replace them with Enscape assets directly.
  15. Hello @Rishie You can increase the ambient light brightness and this lifts the overall brightness of the rendering. This is in the Lighting Options dialog. The shadows will become less dark when you increase the ambient. HTH! https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/VW2021_Guide/Rendering2/Ambient_light_and_sunlight.htm#XREF_16547_Ambient_Light_and
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