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  1. Redshift can be used with Spotlight lighting devices. You may have brightness differences from one render mode to another.
  2. What object in Vectorworks was selected when you pressed refresh? Maybe certain combinations/contexts fail to load into the dialog. Was this just a design layer, viewport, or bitmap object? EDIT: I tried a few things (design layer, plan view, shaded viewport, hidden line viewport). I got a similar thing happening after quitting and restarting the cloud desktop app while Vectorworks was running, clicking the Vectorworks image radio would switch back to text only after a second. Couldn't generate. You may try quitting and restarting the cloud desktop app then relaunching Vectorworks. If the cloud desktop app goes away during the Vectorworks session the AI Visualizer can get confused.
  3. Hello @Flair-Studio The limitations mentioned above still exist, where material overrides are lost with certain editing operations in Vectorworks. For example, if you reshape a wall the material overrides will be lost because the objects inside the wall are deleted and recreated with different internal IDs. We are thinking about a reliable fix for this problem but it would require a new ID system that survives these destructive changes when modeling.
  4. @Anthony Neary We have fixed smooth falloff for Redshift lit fog in the next major release.
  5. @MGuilfoile This looks like Cineware is not running. If this is still the first launch of 2024 you might try quitting and relaunching it.
  6. Thanks @hollister design Studio saving and restoring the parameters used for your images with the images is on our radar. If implemented this would allow you to select an image you saved on your drawing and pull in the parameters you used to generate it, to apply to other views or other models.
  7. @GatRed Brushed effect won't show in Redshift rendering, what may help is to set Color to black in the Color shader setting. We are actively working to remove differences between the various rendering modes moving forward.
  8. I helped Anthony with this, same idea - lit fog percentage increased shows fog more prominently. Setting spotlight render options to have lights with Realistic falloff got the lit fog in Redshift to agree with Shaded much better. We are working on resolving differences between the various rendering options wrt lights and textures moving forward.
  9. @Anthony Neary Can you send me a small copy of your file that shows the problem?
  10. We confirmed that file imports correctly now, will be working in 2025.
  11. Hello @Jeff Prince, changes since 2021 are an upgrade to a newer version in Vectorworks 2022, and the changes to make Vectorworks ARM/M1-native.
  12. @hollister design Studio Clicking the tab control in the middle of the left edge of the dialog should make the prompt area show.
  13. Hello all: This bug went out earlier this week and then the release was pulled. A bug fix release will be going out in a few days for this, the VCS app will self-update on launch or you can look for updates in the About dialog. Sorry for the disruption.
  14. Hello I don't see that problem on my Mac, maybe this is Windows only? Also, go to Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app About and make sure you are running the latest version.
  15. @BartHays We are debugging why hovering on the transform widget causes a rerender, this will be fixed. @Pat Stanford I hear you, there is no one right answer which is why these are styles, fortunately.
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