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  1. Dave Donley

    What is the Perspective Distance value?

    The distance is the distance between the center of projection and the view plane, if that helps. What you see will depend on layer scale and crop rect, if that is on.
  2. Is that render style an "Artistic" one? Artistic renderings don't render instances so we don't use them for artistic modes.
  3. Dave Donley

    OpenGL Lighting Very Dark

    If you are on Windows make sure your video driver is the latest from your card manufacturer (get it from their site). Also if this article applies to your computer maybe it is stuck using the integrated video instead of the better discrete video:
  4. Dave Donley

    OpenGL Lighting Very Dark

    Good to hear!
  5. Dave Donley

    OpenGL Lighting Very Dark

    Hello Smatticus: Is Draw Edges on in the OpenGL Options?
  6. Dave Donley

    Gobo projections on a glow texture?

    Hello jarjones: The Glow shader has an "Add Matte Reflectivity" setting, that might help here. Does turning that on help? That should work to show partial glow and also show effect from light objects.
  7. Quality settings for those aspects of rendering are in the Quality section of Custom RW Options and in the Edit Render Style resource dialogs. If you want to see the multiple parameters that are being changed by those settings in VW you can send the model to C4D.
  8. Dave Donley

    Laser Measuring As-built (auto import to .vwx)

    Hello DesireeRos: If you have a VSS account, Nomad has a new Augmented Reality Measure feature that lets you tap to define points on the floor or walls, and in room mode will create a VWX file using Vectorworks Cloud. Try it out if you haven't yet and let us know if that helps. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/measure-in-ar/?app=IOS_NOMAD
  9. Dave Donley

    Displacement mapping causes corners to 'peel away'

    If you don't need the silhouette to change (looks like you do here though), parallax is a lot easier and doesn't have any negatives compared to displacement.
  10. Dave Donley

    Audit a document? aka Something slowing me down

    Hi again Ethan: Can you email or message me the object that crashed please?
  11. Dave Donley

    Audit a document? aka Something slowing me down

    Hello Ethan: If you can convert that object to a mesh, then run Modify->Simplify Mesh maybe that would help to reduce the complexity there. We have had a wish for a "file doctor" of some kind for a long time.
  12. Dave Donley

    area or line lights in OpenGL not working

    Hello frv: Area and line lights only render in Renderworks render modes, not in OpenGL.
  13. Dave Donley

    'Glow Texture' - I'm new to it!

    Hello Micel: Note that you can set the glow % above 100% to get more light out of the fixture if you need to.
  14. Dave Donley

    Thanks for making computer work fun again!

    Hello Jeff: Nice work! Have you tried the Photos to 3D Model feature in VW cloud? I thought that was where this site context 3D mesh came from? https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-3d-models-from-photos/?app=WEB
  15. Dave Donley

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Zeno this bug with image effects and Renderworks rendering showing black is fixed for SP4.


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