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  1. Hello @sara_JMA Is Unified View off in the document? Or, is Accelerate Graphics pref off in the Vectorworks Preferences/Display dialog? A rasterized zoom would be what is shown if those are off.
  2. Hello @Corbin Dallas my first thought is the lights might be set to have soft shadows. The dark pixels can happen when some raytraced samples are blocked but others are not, when the shadow is sampled to make it look soft.
  3. If you use the walkthrough tool's "look around" mode I would expect the camera position to stay the same, you could try that.
  4. This shows cast shadows off if my zoom is correct
  5. Hello @TaniaD Is the floor a 2D object or a 3D object? 2D objects won't receive shadows in the rendering.
  6. If nothing is selected the whole model is used for the initial clip cube bounds, it is effectively the same as selecting all objects in the model.
  7. Regarding the look of the rendering, Shaded with Draw Edges on would look very close to your example. Crank up ambient light value to wash out the shading so it looks like hidden line.
  8. Hello @bpsabatier The clip cube bounds are set to the current selection, is an object selected when you turn the clip cube on?
  9. Hello @DMcD Try SP3 now that it is out. It may remove this problem.
  10. Dave Donley

    RedShift SP3

    Hello @mjm Yes Redshift has always done glow, it does not do area or line lights and glow is important as the alternative for area lighting. Glow in Renderworks requires indirect lighting being on, I don't recall if Redshift requires some indirect lighting bounces to show glow; from memory I don't think it requires indirect lighting being used. A lot of visual effects are part of a unified sampling system deep in the core of Redshift, blurry reflections, anti-aliasing of edges and textures, soft shadows, blurry transparency, indirect lighting are all samples of the scene and Redshift's relatively new unified error tolerance control we use for quality controls all of these visual features. If you set sampling quality in the Redshift render style it controls this intelligent sampling in Redshift's core.
  11. Hello @Mat Caird Are your lights listed in the Visualization palette?
  12. Hello @Chris Fleming It's called the Datasmith Direct Link tool, does that help?
  13. Hello @Clint Alderman Are you on Mac or Windows, and what is your hardware config like? It sounds like Cineware did not start up on launch. If you are on Windows make sure to run the VW installer on that computer because it installs necessary system libraries.
  14. Adding export web view to workspaces will give you the old legacy web view which is not as good as the new one. The new one (Export VGX) uses Unity for the rendering and there have been improvements over the last year in every area with the new 3D viewing. Export VGX will give you the best exported model and can be viewed using web browser and/or with Nomad. To share the VGX you can click to get a link to share with them either as a text link or QR code. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/generate-3d-models-from-vwx-files/?app=VECTORWORKS#
  15. FYI the kernel used for Photos to 3D Model feature was updated very recently to use macOS Object Capture. We have seen much better success rates, better results, and faster performance from this change. If you had Photos to 3D Model jobs that failed in the past you should see them work better now.
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