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  1. virtual GSHandle VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewCreateCurrent() = 0; virtual void VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewDelete(GSHandle hView) = 0; virtual GSHandle VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewDuplicate(GSHandle hView) = 0; virtual size_t VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewGetNumLayers(GSHandle hView) = 0; virtual void VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewGetLayerVisibility(GSHandle hView, size_t index, InternalIndex& outName, short& outVisibility) = 0; virtual size_t VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewGetNumClasses(GSHandle hView) = 0; virtual void VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewGetClassVisibility(GSHandle hView, size_t index, InternalIndex& outClassID, short& outVisibility) = 0; virtual void VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewStore(GSHandle hView) = 0; virtual void VCOM_CALLTYPE ViewRestore(GSHandle hView) = 0; @JHangstoerfer ViewStore saves the current layer's view state to the view handle you pass to it. So if you have the handle you want, then set view projection with gSDK->SetProjection and other view settings using other gSDK routines, then call ViewStore that should commit your new changes to the view handle. There is also a utility class VWViewObj that calls these gSDK routines to do the same things.
  2. Hello @Visconte Cobram Web view and Nomad will do what you are asking, to see the model easily in a web browser and on iOS and Android.
  3. Couple thoughts - what does the class dialog look like? There are separate settings for roofs, walls, and "other" object types. The roofs are roof, the porch might be "other". Plan shows image fill, maybe setting fill to solid would show texture in 3D. But I think image fill counts as solid already, not sure. HTH!
  4. You could try converting the polygon to a NURBS surface textured with Surface UV map type, the texture might stick to the geometry better when scaling it.
  5. Hello @rafaelmartins.95 Is this Mac or PC? The quickest way to see if Renderworks is available after Vectorworks has launched is to create a new Texture resource. If the Edit Texture dialog comes up then Renderworks is running normally. Renderworks not working usually is due to system install driver issues on Windows. For example when the OS is updated there are some system libraries necessary for Renderworks that need to be re-installed. The quickest way is to run the Vectorworks installer. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello @Martin Hofmann Can you provide more details about what operations you were performing when the material overrides reset? Some operations (editing plug-in object parameters, reshaping walls) will reset the material overrides.
  7. Hello @MHBrown The Datasmith Direct Link tool in Vectorworks has a preferences setting for Detail, this should affect how many facets are used for curvy objects. Maybe changing that to high will help.
  8. It sounds like you want the auto save to overwrite and also save a copy to your Drop box, and this control doesn't allow both things.
  9. Hello @livespace josha Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. If I am reading this right, autosave is set to a Dropbox folder and VCS is not integrated with Drop box. If that is the case the only thing that VCS would sync up to the cloud from your local drive would be any manual saves you make when using VW on the VW files in their non-backup locations. Was it 4 hours between manual saves of these files, or are you saying you saved these multiple times manually in those 4 hours? If you saved the files locally they will be up to date locally, the extra step would be for the VCS desktop app to sync them from your local drive to the cloud and that should happen when these files are not opened in VW anymore. Also, what operations are you doing when Vectorworks is crashing?
  10. Hello @Simon Allan The materials are assigned to child objects inside the plug-in further down the scene hierarchy. That might be why applying material override to the parent plug-in object doesn't have an effect on the child objects' materials.
  11. Hello @mcochran7 Can you email the VWX file to us so we can investigate this?
  12. @Kevin McAllister Good, yes daytime sky is not very helpful for theatre. You can aim the light direction to the horizon and that reduces it some.
  13. Hello @Kevin McAllister Are you using Export Web View or the new Export VGX command which replaces web view in 2022 SP3? Web view is re-engineered with Nomad and I am curious if you are using the old one or new one?
  14. No not necessarily, but to improve over a piecemeal WYSIWYG workflow for you, something that lists all the views and lets you pick what to produce would be an obvious functionality, whether it is publish or just similar to publish. Somewhere you want to see a listing of what the VWX has in it and pick what you want to produce. The new generate 3D model/export VGX shows an options dialog, this could be elaborated further (maybe). Cloud Presentations let you stitch together 2D and 3D information but this is also a scrapbooking-like exercise that could use more automation, like what Publish does.
  15. Yes this can happen, we have noticed cases where export fails on the cloud when the file is saved in a view where there is no 3D geometry to export. A more full featured export would be more like Publish, where there is a lot more control.
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