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  1. @Elin Hello Elin, we are working with Enscape on being able to put Enscape asset objects into Plant symbols, so that they show automatically when rendered in Enscape. For now you would have to replace them with Enscape assets directly.
  2. Hello @Rishie You can increase the ambient light brightness and this lifts the overall brightness of the rendering. This is in the Lighting Options dialog. The shadows will become less dark when you increase the ambient. HTH! https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/VW2021_Guide/Rendering2/Ambient_light_and_sunlight.htm#XREF_16547_Ambient_Light_and
  3. We tag Datasmith materials as two-sided, Twinmotion and Unreal Editor use those tags to show correct shading.
  4. Hello @line-weight might not be your issue but the bug where untextured parts of extrudes would fail to show in TM has been fixed for SP 4. The too strong bumps issue is more extensive and is fixed for the next major version but not in SP4. There have been several issues noticed about modifying and then updating objects in TM and we are still working with Epic on that investigation. I have asked about texturing objects that come into TM untextured I will ask again.
  5. Hello @thijsdebock I ran a test of a model with lit fog background and ambient light turned off in render style. The panorama I got back from VCS showed these correctly. I will need your file to test with, can you send it in a message? Q: Are you rendering locally or with Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3gPB12Gnfw Hello @Matt Hall You create a folder, either locally and it syncs up to the cloud, or just create the folder on the cloud. Select the folder using web portal, then share with edit permissions to the emails of your team members. Add the project file to the shared folder. Team members will have the vwxp project file in their local drive if they add the folder to their Home. When using VW just open the local vwxp and it will be coordinated with the cloud project. This button in the VCS desktop application (in the tray ^ on the Mac) opens your local cloud folder:
  7. Yes I agree @line-weight to sort this out I will need to set up some kind of online session and use your file and see what actions you are doing in VW and TM. I will reach out in chat.
  8. Thanks for the detailed info @line-weight I will file the filter color and too much bump issues as bugs. I agree the bumps are too strong.
  9. Thanks Lisa I'll look into this with Enscape!
  10. Hello @LisaErn That is a good idea, can you attach a VWX file here set up with the Enscape tree asset inside the PIO and I will share this with Enscape. This should be possible, we might be skipping these somehow. Thanks!
  11. @Jan-Burger TROOST Back at you JB, thank you so much for coming and talking to us, it is a pleasure to have these events and talk to our users about how we can make an impact for you!
  12. Hello @MSLD We know of an issue where extrudes with different or no textures on the top/bottom/side will have their geometry skipped in the export. The fix for that will be in the very next service pack release. If you can send me an example object we will make sure that is fixed. @Justin Nigh Also Justin we have reproduced the issue you are seeing and are looking into a fix for it.
  13. @Justin Nigh Can you put the file in Vectorworks Cloud Services and send me the link? https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/files/home/
  14. We are setting every material that goes out to Datasmith as double-sided. Are you using Twinmotion 2021.1? This kind of bug existed in earlier versions but should be fixed in 2021.1.
  15. Hello @Justin Nigh Are you using the latest Twinmotion 2021.1? Can you share this model or the problematic parts of it with me?


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