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  1. Hello @Christian Fekete I think if you use a clip cube viewport for the section it might not have the extra lines in Artistic Renderworks mode.
  2. You can export the Datasmith file to a network volume and use that on a different machine, the thing that is not available is using Direct Link across machines.
  3. Did launching VW or TM in different order make the Direct Link work for you?
  4. Hello @techdef Can I get the file? There is a known bug in Renderworks modes in section viewports where door trim geometry is missing. This might be the same but the large vertical beam doesn't look like door geometry.
  5. Hello @Alvar I have seen it where direct link between Vectorworks and Twinmotion requires launching one app first and the other app second. Try launching in different orders to see if that is the issue here. There are a raft of enhancements and bug fixes coming in the next Vectorworks Service Pack, we are very actively improving this connection.
  6. Hello Alan, you can export Datasmith file to any location. We are adding a new option for Direct Link to save it somewhere other than the default location if you wish, in the next Vectorworks Service Pack. We would like this to work across multiple machines ultimately but Twinmotion doesn't yet support direct linking across a network from one machine to another; it only works when the file is on the same machine, for now. Epic may change this in the future. HTH
  7. Thank you for the nice detailed bug report @Niels Timmer this bug will be fixed in Service Pack 3.
  8. Hello @Jayme McColgan Calling SetPref(596, TRUE); might work to make VW wait until all viewports have been rendered. Could try calling do menu text to run the update all viewports menu command from a script, then wait, then run save file. (My scripting is not very developed, used to using C++ SDK but these hooks might help you)
  9. Yes that's right, the cloud will update your viewports for you.
  10. Hello @Tom W. Here are some resources: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/publish-files-from-vectorworks/?app=VECTORWORKS
  11. Hello @willofmaine Surface hatches only match textures when the map type is either Plane or Auto-Align Plane. The other map types will show mismatch between textures and surface hatches, because hatches cannot stretch around a curve. Hatches are always face-on, not projected like textures are. HTH
  12. Hello @Christiaan Reminder that when dealing with project files .vwxp that you do not move those around and/or copy them using the Finder or File Explorer. If you want to make copies be sure to use Save a Copy As in Vectorworks. Project files have internal IDs in them to keep project sharing connected to them properly and moving the file (changing its file path) without revving this ID with VW can be problematic.
  13. Hello @jarjones I duplicated the cabin sheet and turned off the miner bunks class but it is still rendering OK for me, in VW 2022 SP1.1.
  14. @nwfonseca After the palette becomes inoperable can you create a Renderworks Texture resource in the Resource Manager? I am trying to find out if Renderworks has shut down or not, we disable textures and render modes if Renderworks doesn't start up properly. If you can still do Renderworks renderings and the Edit Texture dialog works OK then this does sound like it is limited to the Object Info palette.
  15. Ah OK good! There are changes we made in VW too, that are in SP2 that help. Any other problems you see let us know please.
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