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  1. Dave Donley

    Panorama Render issue

    Hello SarahISO: Are there any light objects in this model? It looks to me like this might be default lighting. The second one looks like it might be an OpenGL preview panorama. VW saves out an OpenGL preview before the RW rendering is done. Then when the RW rendering is done the OpenGL one is overwritten. Maybe the RW rendering wasn't done yet? You could also try saving to a different file location.
  2. Dave Donley

    VW2019 Performing very slowly & Crashing regularly

    Hello PeterF: Before trying anything else make sure you are using the latest video driver from the card manufacturer. Basic operations crashing on Windows is a hallmark of out of date video drivers.
  3. Dave Donley

    Cloth Shader - What's the deal?

    Hello markdd can you attach the VWX file for this so we can look? Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Dave Donley

    Does anyone make use of mesh from drone data?

    Hello J.: You might want to try using the Modify->Mesh Simplification menu item, which will let you reduce the heavy load from the mesh without hurting quality too much (it is a smart function).
  5. Dave Donley

    How to assign a texture to a 3D object (Solved)

    Thanks spaghetto for helping! I think one detail is that the texture part for 3D polygons should be 3 (for overall texture part). HTH
  6. Dave Donley

    I need a texture for polycarbonate sheets.

    Hello cberg: Well it was 10 years ago... I think I would use the Tiles with a Vertical pattern and adjust the margins. You could fiddle with the settings as a color shader so you could see easier, then choose Tiles for Bump and the settings should be copied over. Then set Color to Obj Attribute or Plain.
  7. Dave Donley

    Files made in VW 2018 - Lighting Not Working in VW 2019

    Hello rjtiedeman: Is this a design layer rendering? Can you send me bug file please so I can look? We added environment reflections for design layers in VW 2019, so that glass and metals rendered more realistically. This may be what is going on here but I can't confirm without a file. This should not affect output formats like printing, image exports, render bitmap tool, or viewports.
  8. Dave Donley

    BimX for Vectorworks?

    Thank you for the feedback arqteran, hopefully we can improve to better meet your wishes in this area.
  9. Dave Donley

    BimX for Vectorworks?

    Hello Diego-Resuelvectorworks: The Vectorworks portable viewer technologies you should look at are Web Views (File->Export Web View command in VW, now includes Clip Cube and shadows as well as immersive HMD VR support using WebVR on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Google Daydream), Vectorworks Nomad (PDF and 3D model viewing on iOS and Android, and Augmented Reality viewing on iOS devices), and Renderworks Panoramas (File-Export Panorama, can be rendered using Vectorworks Cloud Services to free up your machine), as well as PDF (Export PDF and Publish features) and 3D PDF (Export 3D PDF).
  10. Dave Donley

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Hello Zeno: Are you using exposure to brighten up the scene, or is it this level without exposure? If it is very dark and then being brightened up I might understand the GI struggling. The usual reason would be a very small very bright surface somewhere in the model. When the samples are sent out some hit it and some don't and so there is a lot of variation, not smooth. Another contributing factor can be surface not having breaks in them where the trim piece meet the wall surfaces. Like if the wall surface continues under the trim some samples will be dark under the trim and others are lit because they are exposed. The big difference in brightness across the face then looks like a splotchy thing like in your renderings. If light is coming in the windows, and the windows use a glass texture, make sure that the Indirect Lighting options for that texture have "Portal" turned on. This tells the renderer to send more rays in that direction. It doesn't help speed but it can really help quality. Maybe that is at play here.
  11. Dave Donley

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    Good info, thanks very much zoomer!
  12. Dave Donley

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    I would be curious to see a C4D file with your typical materials, to make sure we aren't missing something in the way we make them for RW. We do try to map settings to good C4D shaders but just wondering if there is more we can do to match best. I thought you might be talking about a Lambertian option or something more exotic. Importing from C4D into RW should work too, that is the intention of the import feature.
  13. Dave Donley

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    Thanks for the feedback zoomer, could you attach a C4D file with a couple materials you'd like us to be able to create in VW?
  14. Dave Donley

    Arroway Render Materials

    Hello Zoomer: I am not aware of updates to Arroway's textures, they just have a reflection map as far as I know and this should still be no problem even with the old reflection setup. So for floors for example there are several with reflection map with blurriness and I think these are still quite relevant.
  15. Hey aaronrey: Try exporting a Web View from Vectorworks if you haven't already. Those already support Daydream and navigation with the Daydream controller.


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