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  1. Roly, Try this link instead: HTH, Raymond
  2. Sam, Was this of any help to you? Have you tried it yet? No hurry, just curious. Raymond
  3. There are 3 characters to be aware of when typing "dashes": - Hyphen (also called Dash or Minus Sign), – en dash, and — em dash. In Western Mac OS encoding (single byte characters): Hyphen, ASCII 45, Hex(2D), Hyphen key en dash, ASCII 208, Hex(D0), Option-Hyphen key em dash, ASCII 209, Hex(D1), Shift-Option-Hyphen key In Western Windows Latin 1 encoding (single byte characters): Hyphen, ASCII 45, Hex(2D), Hyphen key en dash, ASCII 150, Hex(96), type Alt-0150 em dash, ASCII 151, Hex(97), type Alt-0151 In UTF-8 the Hyphen (Dash, or Minus Sign) is still #45, but the en dash and em dash are multibyte characters; Hex E2 80 93, and Hex E2 80 94, respectively. Art mentions, "Often the minus key is both hyphen and N-dash", as seen in Word. Actually Word substitutes an en dash for a hyphen when a hyphen is typed, and that is a user preference that can be set, like substituting "smart quotes" for the singlequote and doublequote characters. I'm not sure if this helps, but VW sees all three of these characters as being different and will sort them accordingly. Raymond
  4. Patrick, I think FPenPat() is what you are after. The names are confusing. PenPatN() sets the active pen pattern (line style) for the document. FPenPatN() returns the active pen pattern setting of the document. GetLSN() returns the line style of the referenced object (by handle). SetLSN() sets the line style of the referenced object (by handle). HTH, Raymond
  5. And YES, -209 refers to the Symbol Tool.
  6. Michael, Look in the Vectorworks 201x Script Function Reference. There is an online copy at There is an HTML version on your computer that can be found in the application folder; Vectorworks 201x -> VWHelp -> Script Reference -> ScriptFunctionReference.html. Look in Appendix E for SetTool-CallTool Selectors. All tool selectors will have negative numbers. Raymond
  7. Jim, If Art's link doesn't work, I'll be happy to convert them for you. I've got versions back to MC+2.0 running on a trusty G5. Raymond
  8. Hi Sam, Here's a script that works to move the progress bar 10 times, but does nothing useful. I split the process into 4 segments representing different portions of the progress bar (10%, 30%, 50% and 10%) each with 10% steps, though a simple process would have one segment of 100% with ten 10% steps. If you have questions, fire back. I'm too tired to go into any more detail right now. Have fun, Raymond PROCEDURE xxx; { Linear script showing how to move the Progress Bar 10 times. } { The "WAITs" simulate a longer process taking place. } { 2 Nov 2017 - Raymond Mullin } BEGIN ProgressDlgOpen ('Progress Bar Demo', False); ProgressDlgSetMeter ('REACTANCE (%):'); ProgressDlgSetTopMsg ('CAUTION! HIGH IMPEDANCE!'); ProgressDlgSetBotMsg ('RESISTANCE IS REDUNDANT!') ; ProgressDlgYield (0); { start at 0% } wait(1); ProgressDlgStart(10, 1); { first 10% } ProgressDlgYield (1); { Increment the progress bar } wait(1); ProgressDlgStart(30, 3); { next 30% } ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgStart(50, 5); { next 50% } ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); ProgressDlgSetTopMsg ('THE'); ProgressDlgSetBotMsg ('END') ; ProgressDlgStart(10, 1); { last 10% } ProgressDlgYield (1); wait(1); { Next two lines not needed in VW 2017 & earlier } ProgressDlgStart(0, 0); ProgressDlgYield (0); wait(3); { Wait, so you can read last screen } ProgressDlgEnd; ProgressDlgClose; END; Run(xxx);
  9. Sam, When I get home tonight I'll post an example of a script I wrote. It took me a long time to figure out how to set it up. Hopefully I can remember how I got it running. It is very unintuitive, but it does work. Raymond
  10. Dom, Actually, you can copy text from the Message window, but you have to use the COPY command in the contextual menu. Select the text in the MESSAGE window, Right Click, Copy ... Paste elsewhere (any way you like.) I assume it works on Windows as it does on the Mac, but I have no idea why CMD-C doesn't work in the Message window. I just checked back to VW 2013 and it works at least back that far. HTH, Raymond
  11. Martin, You are very welcome. Raymond
  12. Claes, When using Add Surface, I have found that limiting the selection to 200-400 objects is optimal for throughput. There appears to be an exponential slowdown based on the selection count. Waiting for 1000+ objects to ADD is intolerable for me, so I select small groups and Add Surface repeatedly. When done, I select the whole object and Add Surface again, but this is invariably a significantly reduced object count. If the resulting reduced object has over 1000 pieces, I'll carefully select contiguous pieces and add those. Using this approach I can be done with a 30k object count in under 5 minutes where VW night easily take 30 minutes to a few hours to complete in one pass. Raymond
  13. Pat, You're doing arithmetic after midnight (my time). You win. My mind is already mush. Please define "Late posts" – Are you counting posts after midnight, or posts we both try to answer? Who's the keeper of the tally? When did it start? What's the score right now? If this is a race from now to sunrise I think I'll concede – a good night's sleep vs. a beer; I'll gladly buy the beer ;-) Did I mention my mind is mush? Simple arithmetic - when it stops being simple, it's way past my bed time. That's been my litmus test for several decades now. It's how I tell myself I need to go to bed. g'night... Raymond
  14. Pat, it figures you'd get here first. I posted an answer in an older post, a half a day late and 50¢ short. I really should read all posts before answering any. Raymond
  15. Martin, I am seeing the same behavior in VW 2017 and VW 2018 when ungrouping. If there is a record attached to a GROUP, I get a dialog asking if I want to attach the GROUP's record to the objects inside the group. Do you get this dialog when you ungroup? Did you ever click the "Always do the selected action" box? If you did and then pressed NO, that would explain why you don't get this dialog and your objects never get the GROUP's records when you ungroup. To reset this setting, go to VW Preferences under the Session tab and click the "Reset Saved Settings..." button. Pick how much you want to reset and click OK. HTH, Raymond