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  1. The Page Center circle has appeared on my drawing... screen grab - red and orange center symbol: How do I hide this? Searched help but no mention of 'page center' - or more exactly there where 1889 results and the first 10 pages had nothing to do with page center. NOTE - Do advanced search operators not work in the helps files? I searched with google and the site: operator but still came up with nothing.
  2. For some reason my Nvidia quadro rtx 3000 card can't seem to handle vectorworks hatches... Simple hatches are fine - but anything like paving stones or other complicated hatching make my GPU fan go crazy and make any navigation a stutter jumping mess. Counter intuitively, if I just draw paving stones as polygons everything is fine - but this does take a bit of time in drawing and updating. Is there a way to use the quick creation that hatches affords but to break them apart and turn them into some sort of geometry so my graphics card doesn't burn up!
  3. Like photoshops 'F' short cut toggling between standard screen - full screen with menu bar - and full screen with only the document? I couldn't find anything in the help pages. I was presenting and thought it would be nice to lose all the menus and just have the project - but to be able to toggle back and forth between the two. I created a floating view pane and full screened that as a quick fix....
  4. Thanks for the link @Nawal.B FYI - I had not been activating GIS for each layer in the organization menu. This was very clearly pointed out by Tamsin in the webinar. Import trees works for me now
  5. Recently watched a webinar by @Tamsin Slatterconcerning the existing tree tool and noticed this. My layer organization menu does NOT have a heading for 'GIS' it has two 'elevation ' headings. If I edit the second elevation - it is the GIS - and when GIS is turned on it has the same icon. See below a comparison of @Tamsin Slatter organization menu in the video and mine: Tamsin's screen with one elevation header and one GIS header: My screen with two elevation headers and no GIS header:
  6. edited because Wrong post - but I did get to watch the existing tree webinar - (thanks @Nawal.B)
  7. Is there a way to watch this? I went to my Service Select page and searched for it but nothing comes up except @Tamsin Slatters teaser video on GIS support. I'm struggling with importing an existing tree survey and this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. plus there doesn't seem to be much documentation in help or online. If anyone has seen any other tutorials, video or otherwise online please let me know. I've been trying to use the 'import existing trees" tool: I uploaded a CSV file to my project. Following help directions: Select the command. Select the survey file to import. The Import Tree Survey dialog box opens. select CSV file Help now says " Other: File in any other format; also enter the Delimiter Character that separates the fields" I select 'other' but there is no place to enter coma as the delimiter... Dialog with no delimiter has only one line and places all trees right on top of each other with no attached data like type or DBH etc. So I tried saving the CSV file as a excel file: Select the command. Select the survey file to import. The Import Tree Survey dialog box DOES NOT OPEN. Try again and again nothing happens, VW's not hanging, it's just doing nothing at all. So I tried reducing the Collums in the excel file the minimum needed: Select the command. Select the survey file to import. The Import Tree Survey dialog box again doesn't open. I've tried restarting VW, opening a new test file, restarting computer. Nothing. A little help?
  8. So I've been working on this. It seems to be connected to the "create 3D Geometry' setting I created a blank document with 4 existing tree symbols: 'Rotate Plan' to 45 deg 1. Clean existing tree. Change any of the attributes Everything works fine. 3. Clean existing tree with 2D properties enabled. go into 2D properties check "use 2D component symbols" Change any of the attributes Everything works fine. 4. Clean existing tree with 3D properties enabled - Here's where it gets weird. go into 3D properties check "create 3D geometry" Change any of the attributes NOW the view changes to top/plan like documented above. Somehow my 3D properties setting is breaking Vectorworks... Test file attached below "existing tree test file.vwx" to see if someone can tell me what setting I've got wrong.... existing tree test file.vwx
  9. Pat - I've started moving all my working space to be 'centered' on the internal origin - as opposed to my previous workflow of having everything in positive cartesian space - so that nothing is very far away from user origin. edit to say I will see if i have any 'orphaned' objects far away.
  10. Here are some screen grabs from another file - same problem with a different effect. Instead of a blank square the area around the existing tree becomes a top/plan zone... selecting existing tree - everything looks normal: After changing tree stings - in this case DBH - area around tree gets 'rotated back to 'top/plan'' in a odd box area: I don't know that this is a new problem, I honestly don't remember if I've ever used the existing tree tool in a rotated plan view.
  11. Last night I was trying to enter some field data and having a lot of issues with vector works existing tree tool. Trying to change any settings resulted in the selected tree either - disappearing, becoming a transparent square, becoming a transparent square with a red dotted diagonal line. Either changing from rotated top view to top view and then back to top plan view fixed to the visibility issue. Often if I touched the pan tool vector works would change from rotated top plan view to standard top plan view and shift the center of focus to a spot far off of my working area. I did have a saved view that would get me back, but this happened every time I added an existing tree, edited an existing tree, or duplicated an existing tree. This happens only in rotated plan view. Here's a breakdown of the attached video. 00: 00 in rotated plan view Select existing tree 04: 80 change DBH 07: 70 existing tree becomes blank square 11: 04 use pan tool 11: 62 Victor works moves to very off center focal point and changes to top plan view I zoom out and pan back to center the project. 22: 30 I use saved view to get back to my rotated plan view and center. 27: 66 existing tree is now visible with the updated DBH. This obviously make working with the existing trees problematic. All of this is happening only in rotated plan view. All of this is happening in multiple existing files, but not in a blank new file that I created to test... If helpful I can upload the file Exsiting tree issues.mp4
  12. VW created class 'Tools-Main' - what's on this class? I wish there was a (toggleable) setting where VW would ask "...do you want to create a new class or would you like to rename/combine with an existing class..." when bringing in an object or style that requires specific classes... I similar to how it asks if you would like to bring in a new hatch with the same name as a hatch you already have or use the existing hatch.
  13. I'm a landscape designer not an architect so when I'm laying out building walls it's almost as-builts. I tend to put a point at the beginning and end of notable 'points of interest' (windows and doors, wall height changes, wall material change, etc). It's always a bit hard "trusting VW to snap to these points when I can't SEE them... If I could make them visible when needed that would help so much. And @yasin2ray either color coded, or circles and squares, or both! would make drawing and editing shapes so much cleaner, great wish. Take my up vote!
  14. @Frank BraultThanks for this - will give it a test and let you know if I need any help. I still think a dropdown would be the best solution in the long run.
  15. Include a drop down under tools/options/vectorwork preferences with a list of saved preferences similar to the saved workspaces dropdown. It seems that "vectorworks preferences' are a pretty common customization point and should be treated equally to workspaces.
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