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  1. OK, I played around a bit and found that although I had "re-named" a contained object in the symbol - I had only deleted the original name "PLANTER (G)" - thinking that was enough. But you actually have to name it something different - i.e. I re-named the contained object "tttttttt" (figuring I would NEVER need that name for something else) and then VW allowed me to use "PLANTER (G)" for the symbol. So my takeaway is: If you need to reuse a name, deleting is NOT enough - you have to create a new name for the original object. It would be nice to have searchable 'names' in the resource manager for file management... ...but this is not an easy request. Again thanks @Pat Stanford!
  2. This question comes up because when I tried to name a newly created symbol "PLANTER (G)" VW displayed the message " The name you selected is already in use. Reverting to old name." How do I find what object VW is referring to so I can clear that name? Is there a worksheet criteria I could use? ...also is can VW not revert to old name and just let me edit the name I've typed? If I have a series of planters and X is already taken, I'll just add to the series with planter Y. The way it works now I have to retype the whole name.
  3. Pretty simple, it would be helpful to have a Preview of worksheets in the preview pane of the resource manager. It was a turning point when windows made the Excel preview actually navigable... I'm not asking anything that developed, but a simple preview would be great.
  4. Opened this file this morning and all hell has broken loose. The site model had shifted an undisclosed distance from where it was supposed to be. Moving it back cause the site model to break horribly - the Contours are showing as correctly, but the mesh is all messed up... Oddly broken Site Model: So, I deleted the whole Site Layer and pasted a copied Site Layer from a backup file. This seemed to work.. Except one of the Landscape areas is now completely broken in 3D. Screen Grabs- Isolated Top View: Landscape area is fine. Isolated 3/4 view: the center section is displaying moved and under the section to the right AND the section to the Left is no longer adhered to the site model. Non-Isolated showing that LA is not adhering to surface: Send to surface does nothing Upddating the Site Model Does nothing. Thoughts? Should I upload these to Service Select tech support? I did save out the various states as separate files.
  5. Just a curved wall. The file seems fine otherwise. I'm treating it as this. I just need to get it through my thick skull to NOT Radially Dim 3D objects... I'm always good for a couple months and then I grab the tool and hit a couple points on a curved wall and then just hope I saved recently. I just don't often have curves in any of my designs - so I forget.
  6. I've been told it's not broken, but that it's just not meant for 3D objects. I usually try to remember to draw the circle/curve in annotation space and measure that - it works fine with 2D. ...actually, I usually just use the callout tool and write in the correct dim!
  7. ... when am I going to learn that the radial dimension tool is not a real tool and stop using it!
  8. I was trying the new "edit DTM within a Graded Limit" which almost immediately crashed VW. Won't be trying that again for a while.... No problem, I have backs set to every 42 operations, so I didn't lose much work! When I tried to open the most current backup file - which is clearly a 2023 file (WORKING_UPPER_AA3255 REV 2 v2023-Backup-20221212112349), VW said that it was created in an older version of VW and will be converted and renamed. This is not true, but I said OK. VW then said that the file was unrecognized and created by a newer version of VW (who knew I had a copy of VW 2024!). I had no issue opening the penultimate backup, I just lost a bit more work by doing so. Screen Grab video: backup fail.mp4
  9. Me for sure. The thing that really kills me about navigating in 3D with VW, is that after you placed an "interactive origin point" Vectorworks erases it if the point strays even a tiny bit off screen! How does that make sense at all!?! I obviously set that point for a reason. And Vectorworks thinks it knows better than me and will reset my interactive origin point to "active player plane origin" for no reason other than I tumbled a bit off screen? Here is a wish list I started for an interactive-origin-mode -lock-button last year that never went anywhere... Here is @trashcan's wish list better-3d-move-and-3d-rotate-tools
  10. @zoomer When I moved over to VW I was appalled at the complexities for simple navigation! Maya Tumble/flyover - Alt+LMB | Track/Pan - Alt+MMB | Dolly/Zoom Alt+RMB ONE modifier key plus one mouse button for each - simple. VW Tumble/flyover - Ctrl+MMB | Track/Pan - MMB OR Spacebar | Dolly/Zoom Ctrl+Spacebar+LMB Now VW seems to work for me (although I hate the awkward flyover 'center of focus' options.) ...that is until I'm in the middle of a meeting and I forget which key chord is which!
  11. @Peter Neufeld. I tried the spacebar as both Pan and SOD and found it just incredibly awkward - I really do not understanding how anyone can make that work! I don't have time for the idle. And I use the spacebar for Pan and Zoom(+MMB) See above... @Mark Aceto if you map it to a key there is no idle time - the moment I hit the '1' key the SOD pops up. If you press the mapped key, it turns on instantly, and if you hit the key again it goes off - very clean. An update so that it doesn't auto-shutoff if you move outside the hitbox area would be much appreciated. ...I've gotten better at not "overshooting" the menu and having it disappear - but I still do this at least a couple of times an hour.
  12. I use that for zoom (or dolly) but I'm not sure if that's stock or something I set somewhere... Just checked... that's completely wrong! I use Crtl+Spacebar for zoom like everyone else... And MMB by itself for Pan - I have my first button on my wacom set to MMB so it's just click the pen button and drag to pan. And MMB+ctrl for Flyover - again with wacom just click the pen button and hit Ctrl to tumble.
  13. Hoping someone from VW will take a look and help explain the editing of a path. I've made my path modifier (which is very cool!) and created a landscape area by extracting the base polygon and using create objects from shape to create a LA on my "surfaces" layer Everything is looking good - but now a couple days later I want to adjust the path a bit to better fit my design. Editing: I first adjusted my LA thinking this would give me something to snap to when editing the path modifier. Then I selected my path modifier and used the reshape tool to move the modifier points to correspond with the LA: The LA actually didn't provide useful snapping points - every point was selecting as an 'endpoint' - so no point was useful. I had been hoping I could snap modifier control points to LA control points. Not going to happen. But it did give me something visual to try and match - so that was nice... Oddly as I moved the modifier polyline, the modifier PROFILE got all moved around. As i slid the modifier control points, I expected the profile to move with them... but it shifted in almost the opposite directions. It became shorter and curved the wrong way. Here you can see the profile curving in the opposite direction and the end point moved "up hill" from its original and my final position: So I tried the "edit profile" button the reshape tool seems to ONLY move the control points in the "Z" direction. I could not move them in either X or Y. Her showing that the altered profile can move is Z . Vector Works - PLEASE proving some webinars/videos as to how to work with this new tool. It obviously can be edited, but without documentation it's close to useless. I started another post HERE concerning the recommended path modifier workflow - but got no response. .... except from @jpccrodrigues who also thought we should get some webinars for these new tools!
  14. @Mark Aceto I use the "all eligible objects" mode to propagate my plant callouts - I then rearrange as needed. I like that mode as it's "one click" to get everything tagged. "All eligible objects" auto select: 'One click': My issue is that for every group object (the red boxes above) the leader line doesn't go to the start or end of the group, but to the center of the group. See that group of 11 grasses at the upper left corner. "Align/distribute leader lines": This process would be SO much quicker if the tool allowed the choice of "center", "insert point", or start/end of poly line. I believe most graphic standards (at least here in america) require the leader to be connected to the end of a plant grouping for clarity, as opposed to the center. I know ours does at least!
  15. I have SOD mapped to the '1' key - I use the space bar for navigation. I use a Wacom and came from years of 3D modeling and want the navigation to be as close as possible to a 3D modeling program like Maya or Max... MMB+ctrl for rotating. MMB+spacebar for zoom. Spacebar for pan. I honestly would love the SOD to be as full features as heads-up menus on the 3D software too! Maya has EVEYTHING on the hot box - and it alters depending on what workspace you're in - so fast and convenient!
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