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  1. I just ran into this "door in a Fence" issue... So is there no way to flip a Door (as opposed to a "door in wall" which has flip in the OIP)? I drew a sacrificial wall Placed a door that opens the correct direction And then pulled it out of the wall to use as my gate door. Pretty backwards work flow!
  2. Just had it happen again. VW employees, is there something wrong with my set up that this keeps happening?
  3. I remember this now - will have to go back and reread those posts - @jeff prince is always detailed in his explanations! In the video they definitely implied a 'newer better' feature - but it is really just a teaser video.
  4. I'm having this now in a different file. Bug create new class named test class set fill to magenta reset fill to a hatch pattern. Draw Polygon on 'test class' Create objects from shapes / hardscape. Set main area class to <hardscape class> Hardscape shows in Top/plan as a solid magenta fill NOT as the by class hatch. You can NOT set the 'Attributes menu' fill to 'by class' - it just flips back to solid fill magenta. Edit the class set fill to solid Select the hardscape and now you can set the 'Attributes menu' fill to 'by class' Reedit the Class Set the fill to hatch Hardscape is now 'by class' and showing a hatch fill. If you try and make a new hardscape you have to do the whole process over again. Here is a new Screen Capture video: Hardscape by class bug.mp4
  5. It would be really handy to be able to set one of the four corners to 'Class Assignment" and another to 'Layer Assignment" - functionality like with the OIP. Hovering and sliding down to the new desired class would be a hell of a time saver. Especially on a duel screen set up where the OIP is really far away from the viewport... Just a thought!
  6. ... or is it just nice fancy editing. This... ...fades into this. It would be nice to have the 'Shell' model plants for working with (much cleaner and easier to figure out placement) but then render with the image props if needed. Or is the second image fade a twin motion thing? It would also be nice to have those fancy shell models for the existing tree tool!
  7. I opened a file in VW2022 (SP1 on win 10) to convert it and all my hardscapes on V_CONC Class have turned to their fill to "solid" with color (a light blue) 'by class" . The class they are assigned to (V_CONC) has the fill set to Hatch - not to Solid. When I made the class fill a solid, it defaulted to the lt Blue color, and when I changed the class fill color, the hardscape slab color changed. But if I change the fill back to a hatch pattern the hardscape no longer follows the fill 'by class'. Also: If the Class fill set to hatch I can not change/set a hardscape in that Class to fill to "by class" in the attributes menu - it just flips right back to fill/solid/color 'by class' (using the last color the class hard before it was fill by hatch - if that makes any sense.) BUT - if I change the Class fill to solid, THEN change the hardscape fill to 'by class', THEN change the Class fill to hatch --- NOW the hardscape shows expected behavior and shows the fill as 'by class' and a hatch. Also - if I tried to set a hardscape to fill /hatch in the attributes menu I get an error "Hatch and Tile fills are disabled for the hardscape" Attached a test file with a hardscape copied from original file and a rectangle converted to a hardscape: blue hardscapes.vwx Hardscapes are as expected back in 2021
  8. Error "There was an error reading your user preferences. Preferences will be reset to factory defaults." " at startup. Have to reset all preferences, and switch work spaces. Since the last time and a couple of people said 'keep better track of your settings' I reset quickly from saves screen shots. Still not a good thing.
  9. Had this happen yesterday, everything greyed out. I could apply a texture or set it to 'by class' - but could not adjust anything UV wise. I tried two shapes, an extrude and a generic solid. I think I was in symbol edit mode.
  10. I put this up on another thread about the attribute palette. Definitely not as svelte as 2021... Nor as legible at a glance. I'm really happy they're exploring new UI (ahem, dark mode for windows, ahem). I don't think they hit it on the first shot here with the attribute palette. Also if the attribute is set to 'none' the color band disappears - why is the "transparency" band still there? Something out of the box like this might actually work for such a "creative focused" app.
  11. A Very Simple request - I would love some consistency in Top/Plan view as far as the colored axis. I tend to have this setting unchecked, but the second I'm in a rotated top/plan, the colored axis is right back there adding 'noise' to my screen. I love being able to toggle it on off! Just want it to be consistent in all top/plan views
  12. @Tom W. Correct, I'm not using the VW Plant Catalogs. And I to would love to hear how the Pros deal with all this! I do have a worksheet that has many of the important to me Records/Plant Record so I can edit from there... And I can always add more columns if there is a record that becomes important to me in the future. I'm certainly not implying that I have perfect or even proper system - I'm so still learning this beast!
  13. @pitter I created a file called 01-Plants.vwx and put it in my 'user folder' (which I've, perhaps mistakenly, stored in the /vectorworks data/Libraries folder). I then favorited it so I could access from the plant tool. In my 01-Plants.wx file I have subfolders for Bulbs, Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs, Succulents , and Trees. I store all my custom plant objects in these folders and then I can access them easily from the plant tool or the Resource Manager. I also have 02-2D symblos.vwx, 03-3D symbols.vwx, 04-Details.vwx, etc. I store the custom objects I made (like Plants or Data tags or Trellises) or objects from the Vectorworks Library (often faucets and fixtures) or thing I've found online (Kats Hatches!) that I use often in these files and subfolders so I know exactly where to find them. As always, thanks to bgoff for getting me going with this system!
  14. @Eric Gilbey, PLA Super helpful. I've unchecked the box But just to be clear, when you say 'plant catalog' you don't mean the plant library file I created (with Brian Goff's help) where I store all my custom plant objects. This file is in my "Libraries" folder and I access it from the plant tool as a favorited file. When I first started (last year) I tried creating plants from the "get plant data' button on the 'Schedule tab of the Plant Style menu, but never found any cultivars I was looking for... is that the "Plant Catalog"? BTW, thanks for such a detailed answer!
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