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  1. @Tom W. So VW will find the resource even if it's in a resource folder in a resource folder and not duplicate? Good to know. I've been trying to keep things structured... all my perennials are in the " PLNT-perennial" resource folder and my succulent are in 'PLNT-Succulents' in my library/favorite files and I chose to 'preserve folder hierarchy' when I first import them. Coming to VW from Maya I do miss the 'organization and hierarchies' that made everything so easy to find. Learning way to keep everything under control is very helpful. Thanks!
  2. What's up with all the "zNested" folders. I have zNested Hatches, zNested Textures, zNested Gradients. And then I have all kinds of hatches, textures and gradients that are not in a folder. What's the difference? Can I put all my hatches in a folder to help clean up my Resource Manager? Will VW find these or will it just create duplicates and put them in the top level anyway? Trying to clean up a new template file I created and realized I'm not sure how VW accesses textures etc. I just found that the new - completely empty -template file was 238MB!! Any one with a link to an in-depth explanation please let me know. The Help pages are less than helpful - "znested" and even "nested hatches" result in 'no results found'. ...VW seems like such a black box so often.
  3. @bob cleaver Not visible in top/plan - maybe I have a setting turned off? Visible in Top View and all other 3D views There is also : A 3D locus that is on an upper corner of the top component of the landscape area. A rectangle above the landscape area that is somehow part of it but not selectable nor a component (there are only two components of this LA). I tried to select the 'insertion point" - it will highlight (and provide a label) but it is not selectable. I tried 'edit Landscape path' and I seemed to be able to select it with reshape tool -- but this immediately crashed VW. So I'm just moving on and chalking this up to "one of those VW things that make no sense but don't seem to interfere, much"
  4. I recently 'edited the path' of a landscape area using the 'reshape tool'. When I was working around the area later I noticed a 3D locus point - hovering over it saw that it's the landscape areas 'insertion point'. I didn't know there was such a thing and now I'm wondering what it's for... Also since I've 'edited the path' it's now floating in space - beside being messy, is this a problem?
  5. @Benson Shaw that was it Thanks man, was honestly perplexed!
  6. So what is this? I have 63 stake objects on 'Site-Stake' class 'Z-SITE _SURVEY' layer. I click on Landmark/create site model/ site model from source data I get this error: "there were no valid 3D data selected to use for Site Model source data" Selected with 'select similar tool and just by marquee box with no change in results.
  7. When I have a PDF selected I don't see scale factor in the OIP. I've brought in a PDF plan and have scaled it up to 1:1 using "symmetric by distance". Where can I find the scale factor so I can bring in other pages at the same scale (or a relative scale)?
  8. This is VERY important. I think stock 3D Viewer in Windows 10 is a really good example. Just works as expected: pinch zooms, two finger pans, one finger flyover. Both on a trackpad or on a touch screen Easy Peasy!
  9. I bought a Surface Book for just that reason. In the office I have a extremely capable laptop with a 1tb drive and a Quadro graphics card. In the field I just take the screen with me and I have a tablet with full VW loaded and all my files... Unfortunately VW has less than good touchscreen input. ...actually it seems VW has negative good touchscreen input! I'm sure that until Apple decides to make touch screen as standard usage VW will never even look into it... maybe as ipads get more professional. Would be so nice if there was two finger pan and three finger flyover etc!
  10. thanks @line-weight I am definitely still figuring out my 'best practices' for section drawings... Often now (as I'm trying to learn and still get projects out the door) I'm just drawing over in the annotation editing space. I made a class called 00_draw-over and put most all of the 'amending' on that class. I was doing the whole render to a 'temp' sheet layer at 1:1 -- then 'covert copy to lines' to get a nice editable version --- then put that on a 'elevations' layer -- then clean and edit. Saw this on a tutorial and seemed like a way to go... this might work fine for set designers (I used to be a set designer back in the day!) with smaller, more concise drawings. But with the level of complexity I'm drawing at the convert copy was way to large - with multiple instances of the same line etc... Just to much work, and then it doesn't update with changes. I'm not doing it that way anymore! So any thoughts on how to get sections drawings to be clean and communicative, while still using all the benefits of auto updating as changes are made, I'm listening!
  11. I downloaded it when I first switched over. I guess I was expecting something like the 'AutoCAD for Android' level of app. I loaded a couple of files and... was very disappointed. Haven't opened it since. With AutoCAD I actually took notes in the field on my phone. Plus quickly checking dimensions or details without having to pull out an ArchD sheet on a windy day. A mobile app is very handy with landscape design where there isn't a desk to set your laptop down!
  12. Me neither, UI has a lot of room for improvement and/or better documentation.
  13. What other object would you suggest for pavers? Here's a screen grab of a current project with the paver groups I was wanting to DataTag pointed out with red arrows. I'm trying to use classes to control Textures, Hatching, Lineweight, etc. and setting my hardscapes to "by class". I was looking for a work around to get groups of hardscapes (like the row of pavers above) to read as 1 single hardscape. I tried 'edit path' but even if you have multiple polygons or clipped polygons VW seems to only recognize the closest to the origin for creating the 3D mass.
  14. Is there a way to report the area of multiple pavers with one tag? I generally make each paver a hardscape - but then I've only figured out how to get each individual hardscape data. Is there a work around to grab a group of hardscape area data and amalgamate it into one data tag? Perhaps there is a way to make separate/individual objects into one single hardscape?
  15. @markdd Thanks. I used Create Detail Viewport (assuming this is what you meant?) in the View menu and this created a callout with the annotation in the right orientation. Is there a way to create this way and then un-link the new viewport and relink the existing viewport (that I have already annotated)? The newly created callout has the linked viewport greyed out. I also tried 'create objects from shapes' Detail-Callout Marker... am I wrong in thinking this legacy callout doesn't allow for linked viewports?


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