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  1. Tried both of the above methods and got interesting results. Bucket mode created the "thousand vertices" plant object - and it was like my normal setting (tic on, tag off) Convert to object created the "Million vertices" plant object - But had everything turned on. Bucket mode: Convert to object:
  2. Thanks Tamsin, I'll try the bucket mode. And Tom too, I'll try the convert to object workflow. I do like the keeping the original shapes - especially if the curve get converted to an approximated curve composed of straight lines... that's what creating the curve shape with the reshape tool resulted in when I was exploring this. I use the reshape tool all the time on my straight plant object paths. If you have to basically rebuild a new curve for any edit - and then re-convert to a new plant group - you lose all your tag editing and any data tags you've attached to the plants... Has editable curve plant grouping been added to the 'wish list'?
  3. Is there a way to do this using the Plant Tool in 'poly edged spaced mode"? I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this so I tried using the 'Duplicate Along Path" tool. The first time I tried this the Plant Objects they were not centered along the polyline (I did have 'center object on path' selected.) The second try VW crashed hard. The third time VW crashed again. So then I duplicated a circle along the path and then just snapped each plant to the center of each circle. Much slower and limited editing control (I really like the ease VW allows for moving rows of Plant Objects!) vs if they followed a polyline. So then I tried using the Plant Tool in 'poly edge space mode' to create a straight path and using the 'reshape tool' converted the straight line into a curved line. I really thought I had found the work around! But this created a polygon with 50 or so vertexes - again not an easy object to edit. What is the best way for plants and hedges to follow curves? Some screen grabs Using the duplicate along path tool path, original object, and offset final object highlight: using the reshape tool:
  4. Please Implement this! I can't say how many times I've duplicated a site model too. There's something about the shortcuts for Pan being MMB, Tumble being MMB + ctrl, Zoom requiring that awkward half-second wait time, and Copy being Ctrl + Click that ends up with me coping the damn site model when I'm just trying to navigate...
  5. Since I seem to have shutdown crashes at least every couple of days... I was thinking it might be a nice concession to have an "open from backup" option right below "open recent" on the FILE tab. It would save me a couple of clicks every week! /S
  6. Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" had some beautiful pages on manual writing. Good documentation really shows the commitment to quality - something that software developers just don't seem to understand.
  7. Tamsin - another Existing Tree tool Question. I like using the 'use 2D component symbols" (ET05 and ET06 work well with our style) but it seems that the geometry is on the 'None' class. This makes selecting existing trees awkward (they only highlight at the very center of the object) and all but negates the 'class options:' usefulness as, for example, if you have your existing tree class active and set to "grey other" it greys your trees as the '2D component' geo is on 'none' by default. So my question: How do we set the '2D component' geometry class to a custom class as opposed to 'none? This is so true!
  8. So the tag isn't "highlighting' anything red like my other data tags, and is returning 0" as the data. I have object function set to #ZCTR# Do I need to specify the object somehow? My other attempts at data tags where object specific.. hardscape and landscape areas - and snapped to there object type only.
  9. More notes. If I delete the stake objects I get everything back. If I add a stake object in, I get a clipped viewport. This is repeatable.
  10. I placed a stake object on my model and the main viewport camera went clipped on me. From a distance I can see the mode, but when zoomed in the near and far clipping is extream. Help?
  11. As the Site Model elevation numbers are difficult to make presentable I was thinking I would make a data tag that would grab info from contour lines. Is this possible? Did some quick searching in the tag menu but didn't see anything that looked promising...
  12. Thanks Tamsin - I'll give that a try. I did turn VW off and on a couple of times and now everything is working again. It was odd because it was across files, even ones that had worked fine before. But as I said, restarting fixed it.
  13. I've been having issues with texture beds today in multiple files... Texture beds are not presenting their class attributes ( neither line type, line color 2d fill, or 3d texture) on the site model. They are showing as a white outline in 3d and a green dot dash linestyle in 2d. I made a very simple test file but still could not figure out what I'm doing wrong. If anyone has the time to download and take a look I would be in their debt... FILE: Texture Beds.vwx
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