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  1. I found that if you: go to top/plan view / 0deg plan rotation select all your plants. reset the tick marks manually by choosing "none" and then re-click back to "cross" This of course requires that your plants are set to 'by instance' - which mine were not....
  2. With the Plant Object Tick Mark Issue in the latest release, I'm having to go through every plant object and set tick mark style to by instance... Had me wondering if I could access this from a worksheet and adjust all at once?
  3. This happens now and then. (Edit to say you have to draw them in a rotated plan to make it break... if drawn in 0deg then it works as expected.) Here is a plant group with "Rotate Plan" at 0deg - tick marks are at the center of the plant object - as expected. Here is the exact same plant group with "Rotate Plan" is at 90deg --- the tick marks are staying at 0deg: Have to reset the tik marks manually when returning to 0deg by choosing "none" and then back to "cross", they don't reset by themselves. The other Landmark tool that doesn't like "rotate Plan" is the "existing tree tool"
  4. Oh well... I do wish when I bought my license it would have been a bit more clear that some very basic tools were missing from the Landmark edition... Or maybe better said I wish I had looked deeper. As a residential landscape designer, I'm often designing decks, pool cabanas, outdoor kitchens, and other accessory structures. Many of the missing Architect tools would be so helpful. Hindsight! Coming from AutoCAD I had no idea there would be a reason to get the Design Suite... Design Suite seemed to me to be mostly adding the Spotlight features (and having been a production designer for most of my life (and never wanting to sit in a soul sucking meeting with network producers EVER again) I figured there was no way I'd ever need truss objects or cable layout tools!).
  5. slightly off topic... and not a relevant song lyric either! How come I don't see "Create Interior Elevation Viewport " under my View menu? nor in my Workspace Editor. Is it called something else in 2024? Is it not included in Landmark?
  6. @Pat Stanford that what I thought, but I move the windows all over the place and back and forth between screens. Also, I could still use simple tools like polygon tool, circle tool, and rotate - just not the drop-down menus. Odd behavior was fixed by a restart.
  7. This use to happen quite a bit a few years ago, but I haven't had it happen with 2024 - until this morning. For some reason right click and most menu items don't work. Menus are greyed out right click does nothing. and the data window that follows the cursor gets stuck. Screen grab: This means no undo, delete, or saving of the file. It almost seems like a tool is stuck open, but I can use most tools that are available on tool palettes, just not from the greyed menus.
  8. Today the "refresh" button just shifts the visualizer to "text prompt only". If I close the visualizer and reopen it stays with a "stuck" image prompt and no way to refresh. Even after Vectorworks restart - no new screen image is being captured. @Dave Donley - I figured AI Visualizer is mature enough to not flood it's separate forum with troubleshooting..
  9. This is what I had to do. I am imaging it must be one of those edits menus that you can only get to from some obscure place, where no one would ever think to look, that Vectorworks love to hide things in!
  10. I understand how to edit the path outline (reshape tool) Longitudinal profile (OIP (or down arrow on end of path - from top/plan view only)/Longitudinal profile/edit profile/View/zoom/fit to object/Navigation-classes/class option:show snap others) Transverse profile (OIP/transverse profile/edit profile) ...but how do I edit the location of the center of the path? In this case (see image) I edited the "border" path and made the path more of a straight line, but the center stayed like I had initially drawn it, with a jog in the middle. It seems to be fine now - but had me thinking that if I had edited the "border" path any more, the center might not have even been within it's boundary.
  11. @Tom W. I'll try that. ...In this case I would then also need to multiply by two as I have the vertical boards lapped - to do that I had to make a profile with both a front board and a back board lapped in one profile
  12. @Dave Donley that would be so helpful Love figuring this tool out by the way... so far I've been pulling things into photoshop to draw over and make work, but I'm very impressed !
  13. This could be better in the wishlist forum, but AI Visualizer seems a bit separate from everything else right now so I've put it here. I've used the visualizer a couple of times to 'de-computerize' some early concept sketches. It does seem that you have to hit "generate" and "create bitmap image" quite a bit in order to find a visualization that meets your esthetic needs... It would be nice if there was a history button so we could go through multiple visualizations and then look through to pick out the best. I've also found that I look back at my saved images and think - wow, image number 3 was actually pretty good, I wish I could use that to 'generate similar' with different views of the project. Maybe I'm miss-understanding what "Generate Similar" is, but if there was a 'history', it would be very nice to be able to use a past successful visualization to focus the new visualizations of all the views I want to render.
  14. Here is the file. fire safe fence clean.vwx The worksheet just has some test formulas. I'm really just trying to figure out what data you can get at this point. ...discovering that things like "post height" are the cumulative height of all the post and to be divided by the number of posts.
  15. @Katarina Ollikainen Just noticed this is still happening in 2024 update 5 - Any thoughts on a workaround? Any way to remove these attached classes from a fence style --- or do we really need to recreate all our custom styles to not have them pull unwanted classes into new files...
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