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  1. Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I was wondering if anyone has written a script to randomize to texture offsets H and V of a selected group of objects? I had a script like this in Maya and it was nice to quickly breakup texture repetition when a group of objects have the same texture. Right now I'm manually changing the H and V for a group of stone column bases...
  2. Hmm. Still doesn't work for me unless I rotate the view from outside of edit mode. Then it works as expected. But I'm having one of those crashing every 30 to 40 minute days and it has me a bit on edge... I've had to restart VW 8 times so far today and reboot the computer at least twice. I think it's time to pour a glass of wine and call it the weekend!
  3. That's the one Pat, I think I've figured out the weird rule for this one It doesn't work if you rotate the plan view while in an edit mode. So if I'm in an editing in an edit mode - say extrude: 1.I have to click out of edit mode 2. change the view rotation 3. click back into edit mode. 4. repeat if you want to rotate the viewport again. Does that sound right? - I was trying to rotate plan while I was editing which seems to be not allowed.
  4. I've clicked this button but it doesn't seem to do what I expected. I thought it would allow me to snap to 'x' and 'y' screen directions in a 'rotated top/plan view'. If not that, then what does it snap to?
  5. I've noticed that object are not visible unless selected in solid editing modes. If I use the flyover tool and then return to top plan everything disappears unless selected or hovered over.
  6. @Pat Stanford Just realized something that may be scriptable... In Maya we have "show last hidden". Which is obviously pretty handy in modeling. Just a thought!
  7. It would be nice (especially for presentation purposes) to be able to use multi-finger touch to activate the Flyover tool, the pan tool, and the zoom tool. VW runs fine on my surface book with the screen detached. Clients love seeing their project on the big tablet, but I have to select the navigation tool by clicking on the menu buttons. Not as 'cool' as full screen and seamless pinch zoom would be! It would be nice if Flyover could be two finger contact, pan three finger, and zoom the typical pinch-zoom. Even the ability to set pen buttons would be nice.
  8. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov thank you. It only crashes in this one file. File is 350mb - what is the best way to send it to you? I'm also Service Select if there is a better option that way.
  9. It even crashes with a rectangle formed with the rectangle tool. This works as expected, tracing the shape with the polygon mode also works fine. The only thing that seems to crash is is 'convert objects to shapes' and only the 'landscape area' mode - not hardscape or site modifier etc...
  10. One of my current project files "create objects from shapes" "landscape area" crashes VW. What I've tried: moving the polygon off of the site model and then creating, still crashes. Updated the site model, still crashes. I can use the landscape area tool set to polygon mode with no issues. I can create a hardscape form the original polygon no issues. Does not do this in a new file. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you @Tamsin Slatter Very clear descriptions. I've been working with aligned slab hardscapes but was unsure as to how to make them 'do what I want'. I did figure out the whole turn off "interpolate surface" all by myself!
  12. Works great Pat. I just meant small workability things. Like it doesn't autoload with a new file. Again, not a problem with the script, just that an official tool would be part of the workspace. Or I would like to add to my right click menu (is this already possible?) Or to the new 'heads up' menu - forgot what we're calling this - which I use all the time too. (had to map this to the '1' key as the spacebar wouldn't work because I'm using a wacom tablet and the cursor can never actually be perfectly still) And again, I love this script and use it ALL of the time. Can't thank you enough for this!
  13. Changing from one device to another issues. Issue 1: When I open VW on my single screen 4k laptop it saves the workspace settings somewhere universal instead of to the device. Then when I'm back in the office and open VW on my HD dual monitor workstation - all the display settings are set to the 4K monitor and the menus are huge and partially off screen. Resetting to a HD specific workspace fixes the scale issue now (did not seem to before SP2? - so thanks for that update) but still… shouldn’t workspace be device specific? It is with Photoshop and (everyone favorite bugaboo) autocad. Issue 2: When switching devices VW ‘requires activation over the internet before it can be used.” What happens if I have my laptop onsite and didn’t “pre switch” before I left my office? Using it onsite is the whole reason I have VW loaded on my second device.
  14. Hmm... is there a way to combine meshes and/or 3D polygons into generic solids? I have noticed when architects send me sketchup models they are basically an un-editable mess of meshes...


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