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  1. Went to an interesting talk the other day on building defects and leaks. The suggestion was all architects should draw isometric sketch details instead of section details as the top 3 things that can be down to stop problems happening. So so I can see the value in this.
  2. I say no here. I say 95% of the time we want copy class as a sibling of original. So deleting the dash and using copy instead would be preferable here. As well, as the obvious of opening properties to edit.
  3. I think storey and absolute heights could be in the same column as the layout has a bit to much white space. Still, certainly an improvement on current.
  4. Minor version change we would do by layers. Major changes or changes that are only shared with limited audience we find better to do by new file. Really not expecting VW to add features to help this anytime soon. What I don't get is why they choose to actively get in the way of workflow. Requiring the user to "Save as copy", close working file and finally open the copy. When having exactly the same file type options in "save as" means one step? I mean the interface is already in place as "Save as" has the drop down but with only one option. Why have the drop down for one option?
  5. Why is it my working file can be saved as a copy that can be just a plain old file type, but I can't save as plain old file type? This seems backwards to me as I do this most in one of two situations:- 1) branching the file to test an option or alternative. 2) Rescinding all access to make changes to the file that don't take if project sharing is enabled. In both cases, I want to work on new save not the open save.
  6. Yes please. Better rules for the auto naming could be handy as well.
  7. Yep, is tool is seriously broken in this regards. It doesn't use the dimension standards at all, it uses the document unit settings. So the only way to get it to say 3.2 x 3.4 means setting the document units (note: not dimension unit) to Metres with 0.1 display. Meaning the whole file runs +-50mm error / precision. This tool isn't set and forget reliable that is or sure.
  8. Best method I've found is the render bitmap tool. Turn all lights off other than the sun then use the tool to render each time of day to a seperate class or layer. Then you can have the building appear like a roof plan with the shades showing. Also good if dealing with a terrain model as direct rendering of that rarely gives good results. You can use Artistic render works to get coloured shadows with the model set up in different configurations. Making it possible to distinguish neighbours, existing and new shadows on one plan.
  9. We use scale bars in Annotation space as well and it's something that sometimes (mostly in some staff cases) is missed, leading the old crusty to make comments like "Sackable Offence". It just strikes me as one of those things the smart draftsman inside the CAD box should just get right with at most a checkbox. How it works - I don't overly care about as long it's easier to get right than wrong. To me if viewports could display a scale bar with a checkbox then that goes a long way. Yes also if things on the same sheet know about each other knew about each other like drawing co-ordination then also good. Given the sheet layer is the common container to connect them. To me maybe the easiest way might by to give sheets a base or predominate scale. - Title block on the sheet shows a scale bar for that scale and field. - Viewports when created default to that scale. - Viewports changed away from sheet scale or created at a different scale also pop up a separate scale bar with control point to move around. - Ideally, these viewports would tell the titleblock to add that scale to the right field.
  10. Yes the more I model projects the more the scale of the working space become less permanent and more situational. So really see how converting model view scale to "view as" would work well. Same time I see no reason not to leave Layer scale setting so switching to that layer could quick change the "view as" scale. The flip side to this is - Should sheet layers have a scale? It would help with title blocks and scales bars embedded in the template to get the main scale used on the drawing.
  11. Any chance you could post all three rendered images? It would interesting to see if improvement is noticeable.
  12. It would be great if working on a project sharing project if the Save key command switched automatically to "save and commit". I know we can do this with workspaces which is workable for the people in the office who get to work all day on the same project. Not as practical if you might be jumping in to ongoing projects for quick dimensions, detail or co-ordination discussions. Might be a bit more controversial but switching close to close and release could be helpful.
  13. Slab falls cover drainage well, but that function is useless when you have a slab between slabs. Carpark Ramps, threshold ramps for wheel chairs, or anywhere else the bottom of the slab runs parallel to the top sloping face. At the moment roof faces handle these situations better. Then you end up with a roof style and a slab style
  14. The more I build BIMish models in Vectorworks the more I find I'm having to recreate slab styles as roof styles and vis versa (sloping ceiling, ramps in slabs,...).Either of those as a wall style is also useful for generating details and the wall tool being the best for laying out lines of shell detail. The problem being I end up with two even three resources to then describe what is effectively intended to be the same system. It would be good if the three separate shell styles could cross-over between all the shell tools.
  15. Will the VR walk thru work with a 3d TV instead of goggles?