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  1. Matt Overton

    Focus Rendering Attention

    Yes lots of ways to avoid redundant work but wouldn't it be nice just to be able to tell the renderer were to start so you can get a good gauge. Or better still keep the last render and tell it where to update limited issues. I find the centre of the image is rarely the focus of the image.
  2. Matt Overton

    Focus Rendering Attention

    At times if setting up a big complex veiwport I'll often dulpicate viewport and trim it down to test patches even push on to seperate layer to lower the res to speed them up. that would be very handy indeed.
  3. Many times you let a render run in the background only to find an error (human mostly) that means some part of the scene hasn't worked properly. A texture hasn't taken the the way you thought it would, it's scales all out or to reflective. So you fix then re-render the viewport. The change you have made is a long way from where the viewport starts the rendering so it's going to be a while be before you see the result. It would be great if there was a way to direct the renders attention to the most relevant parts of the image first. Then just let it go on it's marry way. Say by hovering the cursor over the target location or setting hot spots by pressing a key over those locations.
  4. Not sure why they just don't roll OzCad's tools in these to supplanted the stock tools. They seem to address most of the common issues that come up on forums. There was noise that was going to happen to the titleblock but in the end it didn't and again lots of the issues you see with titleblock are very much dealt with in VAA titleblocks.
  5. Matt Overton

    Looking for generic minimal detail 3D people

    No a related note... Has anyone found a good source of seated figures? I tried faking a receptionist once by just embedding them in the floor it really looks wrong.
  6. Matt Overton

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    Would say the better approach would be spread the features out over a series of service packs within the year. Give the testers space to concentrate on the working of each feature both in isolation and in the context of an active project. Testers have the same problem general customers do. Each release is a vast drop of new information that then needs to be digested worked out how it does work, how it works in context, what doesn't work is it a new bug,...., etc, etc. Would help isolate issues caused one feature on others. Might also help with the internal sales pitch if all the staff are reporting continual productive gains over the year.
  7. Matt Overton

    Opacity control directly on palette

    If it's going to dockable with other palettes it still needs to be overhauled to fit more naturally with the size of the other palettes. Still, Yes, Object information Palette does get unwieldy for many objects and really could be better tuned to get the right information on screen at the right time.
  8. Matt Overton

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    I feel like 2019 will be a hard sell in the office, so expecting to be in same position. VW2018 worked out fairly well and stable and feeling in the office (and indeed talking to other local users) is longer term the development is concentrating on graphics and niceties not productive or workflow improvements.
  9. Matt Overton

    Opacity control directly on palette

    Oldest palette in the program needs to be thrown out and restated to fit with the current interface. Better still combined with object info as above.
  10. Matt Overton

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Maybe, Maybe Not. Given Metal can push 3 times as many draw calls than Vulkan. MoltenVK on Metal could be faster if it takes advantage of what makes Metal faster in the first place and possibly faster long term as the Metal team have skin in the game to deliver better performance long term. From the presentation Apple did note openGL isn't going away soon. We could all be using "Webtorworks" by then.
  11. Maybe this could be part of the long wished for ability for VW to restart and only the back up file when it crashes. They could also use this to background saving and allow the app to become active again faster when there is great distance between machine and server by way of a copy on write system instead of a save system.
  12. Matt Overton

    Nudge setting

    Although would be nicer if by snap grid distance firstly snapped on to the grid then by grid distance but that's an aside.
  13. Matt Overton

    Nudge setting

    Like "Move Objects" in Preferences. You can flip key commands if you like.
  14. Matt Overton

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    So given the writing has been on the wall for a while for this change to low level API's. I'd assume from everything that has been said about it, that Vectorworks Graphic Module was developed to be a replacement to what parts of OpenGL Vectorworks relied on that weren't to be covered in newer API's. Including licensing GUI parts used in the App cross platform. So to me the issue is. Is VGM ready for OpenGL to disappear?
  15. There seem to be a few interesting things at WWDC for VW so far. (like an open AR scene file format USDZ) I find it odd DirectX12 (3d), Metal and Vulkan have all come out of the same AMD Mantle project yet are vastly different. Although seems to be some moves by Vulkan team to find common ground. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/khronos-meta-api-vulkan-metal-directx12,33962.html Given VGM age I do wonder how much it was designed with Vulkan in mind and if runs Vulkan on Metal. Or if porting from DirectX to Metal will be easier given they have common ground.