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  1. Would also make it more consistent with the Render Tab if it was a distinct Overall with others as overrides to a specific part. Interface could then be opened up to other object to register specific textures to support. We'd only need to set the ones relevant to us in one interface.
  2. While it doesn't work with Vectorworks Cloud services looks like we are going with Microsoft Office 365 one drive as it suits the clients we work with. Still might have end up with other services down the track.
  3. With the current Health issues effecting workflow we are generally looking to fix a few other issues we are having server wise. Wondering if anyone has used G-suite or Dropbox to replace an in house server and how successful has it been? G-suite is looking to be the better option to improve on email as part of the deal. I've found a few posts from 2018 discussing it but didn't want to necro them but it seems timely to review. Does it work? Are there drop dead issues with either? Do you use any of the services more interesting features to better organise your workflow around projects/ teams? I've always wanted to get a project shared email box happening for each but to date it's been more management than the advantage.
  4. ArchiCAD teamwork was built off fundamentally bad assumption - the sort that make you question if they ever were for Architects/Designers and really just for engineers (software ones) all along. I see nothing that makes me think BIMCloud has reversed this. That said would still love Vectorworks to make Workgroup Referencing and General files work with a proper collaboration/ versioning system like GIT. OK project sharing as well. Either way get away from the bad assumptions, get back to understanding why drawings for all there inefficiencies worked contractually. Then we can talk online collaboration.
  5. Then adding a "Force Select" direct to design layer object shouldn't to hard given all it needs to do extra is select the object.
  6. I don't hold my breath but occasionally if you put an idea out there it turns up sometime in the next 10years. In many years time I'll retire for the finally time and that November VW will release a version that was everything I always wanted. To me this one has the power to fix so many underlying niggles in the program its at least worth considering.
  7. Inline math calculations have been a great feature of Vectorworks from well before it was Vectorworks. I think there are many situations that it could be upgraded to optionally retain the calculation and allow formulas that reference other fields. So there is discussion in another thread of U vs R values but they are linked by a simple formula. So if working in R values I can type "1/6.3" and it'll get converted but no one else knows how I got that figure. If could type "=1/6.3" and that stays in the field then we are closer. Similar we often deal with old imperial dimensioned site plans Vectorworks really help us. Type "5' " and it works out the metric, again would be great if I type "=5' " it would work the metric value out but other team members would understand why it wasn't a round number. This system could go further and allow variables that could be file/model based. ie- "=storey.sill" would tie that value to sill level of the story improving the integration of levels to objects "=dx*2" would set the value to twice of object width. All these cases the other users can see what I've done even why I've done it. New variable could be created with a token like "&" so with our base suggestion. for U vs R values it could have the R-value field "=1/&uValueGlass" and a new field appear below called "U Value Glass" These fields could be exposed to Scripting and would make easier all round to create custom objects. Would make Plug-in Objects easier to write as they wouldn't need to cover lots of bases they could cover the basics while the user can create field formulas to cover certain local specifics. I think such an upgrade could add significant general value to the program and make many part of the program better. Thoughts?
  8. Certainly getting more and more situations in my work I'd like to be able "paint" sections of wall with a slightly different finish that doesn't otherwise effect the wall/structural type to warrant a full wall type. More and more I'm finding uses for a general sub-style or overlay-style to styled objects that could effect a very limited aspect of an object. Like walls-style to control the all structural aspects of the wall will and Overlay-style applied to part of the wall changes a finish like a panel of different brick.
  9. Vectorworks does calculations in field so until in changes you can alway type 1/u-value as R and U are inverse.
  10. Is there anywhere in the world where Energos will produce data accepted by authorities? I know it produces PasvHaus but arround here it then takes 2 weeks of training and close to $10k in fees to be say the results mean anything.
  11. In the Workgroup reference tab it would be great the have a list of files that reference the open document even maybe keep a last updated tag to when they last requested information.
  12. Not sure how I feel about this very mixed emotions but... If you reference a model into another file the target file can have different units. So model file with plans in millimetres, Sections in a reference file so Elevation markers can be in metres. Even thou the tool can't handle different dimensions.
  13. The back up files generated when using Project Sharing should open as regular .vwx files not .vwxw files. If I'm opening a back up something is wrong. I don't want it talking to the server .vwxp file making it crash or worse over-righting the back up. I shouldn't need to air-gap my machine to open a backup. If I do then well copy paste to a working working file is an acceptable trade off.
  14. This could also be useful generally for large, long section view ports that need to span multiple sheets if we had a multi-page sheet layer. Give us one big space to layout and controls on the page breaks. Would have an annotation space style thing that let us set thing that reduced the print area like title blocks and overlapping edges with break line and Refer XXX text.
  15. Yes, was going to have a crack at one on the weekend. If you have one to share it will be much appreciated.


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