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  1. Longer term would it be possible to set versions to understand when the file is another version is opened and offer up an option to open in the suitable version as well as the current options to convert or cancel?
  2. Alternatively lighten files so they only need the memory footprint of what is currently visible like it is the only part of the file to exist. That would make it easier all round and we could just use project files for everything.
  3. Add to that many material are directional. Ie. section cut , textures, attributes can be different in one direction X or Y even Z. I say this because we it is an impediment good drawings. The material in 2 instances within the same section might run different directions creating all sorts of class complexity to solve. Edit: maybe this more another resource Components perhaps. Made up of materials like timber makes ply. Rafters make floor structures.
  4. I take it from the videos these goals didn't make it to production?
  5. Lots of materials have a distinct structural direction and appear different in both surface and section. New Materials seem to be very much monolithic only by the interface yet the marketing graphics show numerous examples of linear, modular spaced items that could be part of the material.
  6. Same but often end up with multiple versions of concrete or brick or doing the container and object dance. So hoping this allows in effect a class that is by material by with overrides to allow tweaks in the class to suit a situation. Might finally product a good reliable, teachable, templet solution to alterations and additions projects.
  7. I believe the slide from WWDC that you reference had a very specific context even then it notes metalAPI will continue to support the same range of GPUs as it does on the Intel based Mac(metal Gpu family mac 2). The only thing Apple have made clear about the ASi Mac is that it’s coming, looks nothing like the test hardware and that we won’t know what it’s fully capable of until they release a mac with or without particular functions. mud is clearer than the ASi Mac at this stage.
  8. This video just goes to show Architects who only work in hand sketches never have clue how big stairs really are.
  9. Trying not to think about what could mean it's bound to be different to what I'm thinking but guessing it feeds into the improvements for next years release as well. Still a lot to like in this list. Would be great to see the bullet points from design summit as chronology seeing the programmer overall has benefited bite size chunks of improvements. Each year we both get a little better, having seen office do the transition I'm convinced they would have been better off sticking and throwing the same money at training and hardware.
  10. Yes but not all will be VW21 I'm told but still it is effectively a road map for each section of the programme. I assume that is goals for 1 to 3 years in order to get 12 items on each screen.
  11. "Sack every betatest who didn't scream the following about quick search. Get rid of tabs - I don't care if it's menu, tool or command they are just getting in the way of me finding the right tool." Edit : Oops looks at still and realizes mistake there is and "all" button. continued... Also are results weighted to favour more modern tools or will I end up needing to turn it off when people use legacy tools because they are in the search results?
  12. Seems like these teases follow a basic format each year. Assume tomorrow will be spotlight tease.
  13. Yes we ended up using the Windoor class for so many AS1428 compliant line work that we really should surface it up the tree. Would be great if there was consistent means for plug-ins to show regulatory compliance information. It could be a Detail level in it's own right.


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