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  1. Save Wall as a wall type

    Now just needs an option for "New Wall Style from (insert Current)" so it's easier to make duplicate styles.
  2. Monitor recommendation

    Thanks that is a good read.
  3. Monitor recommendation

    Anything over 4k and not overly large should give nice high res and lower visual stress for CAD work.
  4. Apple ditches Intel

    Source of Rumor is Bloomberg who's news ticker is basically a subliminal messaging system to most the traders in the world. Want to move stock prices getting them to publish is a great start. That said I'm sure Apple would love to ditch Intel Platform hubs and graphics for in-house solutions. Luckily Intel have answer to that with their tech to stitch multiple dies into one "chip" package. Which Intel are already using to package AMD Vaga GPU with Intel CPU. Apple could use it to tailor custom package at far less risk than a full custom job. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3185875/hardware/future-intel-cpus-could-be-cobbled-together-using-different-parts.html
  5. Do away with annual NEW releases

    I remember Biplab talking about how great the new file format of VWX was because it was extendable so new features add to the format instead of requiring conversion. I though that meant it was basically versionless already. Admittedly that was years ago and no plan survives battle as they say. Not sure I understand why we need to re-set up our system each version anyway and why we cen't just expect it to transfer to the next version with minimal effort? To me it still would be better if there were versions but have the core release dedicated to speed and stability so it could be close to a drop in replacement to current workflow then release features over the year. So testing concentrates on each feature. Break up training and feature integration. Plus well the world is news hungry why drop all that information in one hit and compete against yourself for attention.
  6. Photogrammetry is Coming

    Everything I've read says VW are reserving the option to charge if we over run allowances and these sorts of tools are computer intensive and likely to push us over allowance. I guess I'm saying If VW are wanting to charge for use of Cloud it would be great if we could flag something as billable, pay for that and save include time for non-billable work. I can see us using this a lot for context and existing building models. Also, Jim any reason not to go one step further and have an option to get cloud service to deliver us a VWX file.
  7. Photogrammetry is Coming

    First be before I get to excited. How Much and can we get separate invoice we can disburse to clients? but... Yes Very Excited. I guess I'm going to go get Drone License and Drone.
  8. I have long wished for Veiwports to have a Default Layer and Class like saved views. Go straight to that combo with the edit design option. Then 90% of time I'd never have to change the layer.
  9. Node to get Object by Point

    Sorry.. I missed menu command as an option. That'll work for me too.
  10. Node to get Object by Point

    Every time I try Marionette I feel like I'm missing something really vital to make it work smoothly. In vectorscript you can prompt the user to click a point and get the objects below that point. Is there a node in Marionette that gets object by point?
  11. Big undo issue.

    Will send Monday morning.
  12. Big undo issue.

    I think I've just discovered this issue continues in Vectorworks 2018. Made worse by autosave not having saved for over an hour even though it's set to save every 5 operations.
  13. Yes the Lighting Options contains less than say 10% of the lighting options that should exist per view port. Starting with letting us set the fundamental lighting option time and date for the sun. Can I suggest two buttons, one renamed as above and another that lets us control the lighting.
  14. Class 'Parent class'

    I do believe this item is similar to what you are asking. It would be good if you could lend your support to that and expand discussion if you thing there are tweaks or scope that can be covered by a single item.


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