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  1. Why add another interface to help the user navigate a confusing interface? Better just to make storey interface non-confusing.
  2. Matt Overton

    Multi-view Drawing destruction

  3. Matt Overton


    It would good to have both kinds of auto save activated with individual timing settings.
  4. Matt Overton

    Multi-view Drawing destruction

    Is it a known issue that invoking the Multi-view within annotation space causes the viewport under edit to be destroyed? Generally to make it happen M-key pressed while the mouse is away from the bottom corner is another view is considered active. So pressing M key again cause a move to an unrelated view. Navigation by any means other than undo causes the viewport to be destroyed.
  5. What if you change the surface hatch to something more simple? How does that effect the render time? There must be 10's a layers in that hatch.
  6. Matt Overton

    Bluebeam dropping Mac

    Oddly just today they are in my news feed plugging the iPad app. Why not just keep the mac app a bit longer then replace with UXKit version of iPad app?
  7. You can even make it part of your storey layers to assist set up. Folders would be more obvious than tags. (they could be tags as well)
  8. Matt Overton


    Yes and yes to working roof and slab components as well.
  9. Matt Overton

    Stepping Floor Plate Setup in Stories

    Not sure full BIM VW handles your situation well. Sooo .... . I would pretend VW has support for IFC Storey Tree structure and divide the building into three sub-buildings or building zones. Each Building zone has a complete copy of the layer structure shifted in the Z to suit. This process is a bit of a fight but saves other more painful fights. Avoid Level Types as there can only be one in a storey and making numerous copies and wall stypes to suit is well a hiding for nothing. Define walls by Layer Elevation and Layer Wall Height (yes I can hear the purists screaming all the way over here) but that means one wall type will handle use across any of the building zones. Always layout a wall on the lowest applicable zone of the building. Only your zone boundary walls should now need tweaking to get up to the height needed for the upper level. After you do all that you realise the project isn't really anyone more "full BIM" than the hybrid BIM you are using.
  10. Matt Overton

    Best Way to Manage classes?

    All I can say is set rules, not classes. Keep the rules simple and if you can keep it so each family is generally all on or off for each drawing type. Also helps to keep your own class families as two levels deep not three. Set a policy on naming such as are abbreviations acceptable. The one I'd add to Zoomers list would be Existing- Basically a duplicate of Materials but for existing building fabric. Existing-Concrete Works out a lot cleaner easier than Material-Concrete-Existing Be careful about Imported classes always import into another file first and reference. Avoid pollution. Finally, don't fight standard classing in PIO A
  11. Matt Overton

    Workflow for large projects

    I've found just pulling the rendered viewports out of the main file to be a real stress saving measure. Model and Plan sheets stay in one file so most working can happen at the coal face. As noted above you could also have a Library File for Apartment layout or other parts that need greater detail in presentation but not in general arrangement. With workgroup, it should always be a linear flow most detail/interaction to least.
  12. Candy will be nice, but I'd suggest if they want to get ahead then understanding there will be a backlash and keeping an eye on ways to improve what we do in the sketchy styles as well would be good positioning.
  13. Maybe it's the scale of work we do but finding high quality renders are turning clients off. They feel like they are too far resolved and they haven't had a chance to input.
  14. Matt Overton

    Hidden line for over head slab in floor plan?

    Manual it. As draw by hand An option that can work Design Layer view port isolating just the required linework with class override to dash lines on a non-model layer.
  15. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks 2019

    And basically requires a ACAD license for other common tasks. Evens out with larger teams but for smaller ones VW is cheaper both software and hardware costs.


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