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  1. So in a nutshell - Vectorworks won't get in the way of my train of thought anywhere near as often as current.
  2. A simple request often we walk thru a drawing set adding things like scale bars that have been missed. So into annotation, select symbol, insert then out and move on. It would be great to hold a key or set a mode on the symbol insertion tool and place these directly into annotation space without having to go into annotation space. Edit to add: Would be useful to be able to inset in to any container without being in the container.
  3. Curious about how you are using Tags? My first reaction would be that they would be useful for less obvious or informal grouping. After all, they are effectively hidden data so would be reticent to use them for things that should be obvious to the team. Still can think of a number of uses that fit the bill assuming there aren't better ways coming in further teasers or versions. To me, the informal only approach would have 5-6 tags at most. Still if quicker to type single factor searches it would be even quicker with live filtering (like the drop downs) and auto-complete as you type. Then as you say leave saved filters for when there are multiple factors.
  4. Why doesn’t creating a tag auto create a basic filter for that tag? that reduce steps and give us an instant view of what tags have been used.
  5. Matt Overton

    Bring Back Teaser Tuesdays!

    Yes but it’ll be Wednesday here by the time it’s Tusday there.
  6. Matt Overton

    Bring Back Teaser Tuesdays!

    and invoices have been sent promising VW2019.
  7. Matt Overton


    Hi Jim, So after a fair bit of time for the concept to sink in and hopefully be subject to some in-house development. How do you see Materials handling different "states' for Existing, New and Removed/Demolished? Will we need 3 versions of the same or will each material a number of states procedurally? Could a material know to tone down line-weight, Plan/Section fill to black or dark, Turn off the surface hatch when existing not new?
  8. Matt Overton

    Library Content Generating Contest!

    The prize could be a coffee cup in this years theme colour with VW logo and the words "Mad Props"
  9. Matt Overton

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    I think more clients would understand plans if they could pick up their phone and see the rooms on the plan drop down into the page as an underlay.
  10. Matt Overton

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Well not continuously but every week or so. Would be completely ok if it wasn't automatic and required publishing, but yes if we as designers could train the model to know how it fits in the space and clients could then using their own device see the same model that would be a game changer.
  11. Matt Overton

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    I guess it's too early to say anything but will we see Nomad upgraded to use AR persistence in iOS12? It would be great to be able to you on site drop a placeholder model into position then share it and updates to the client.
  12. Matt Overton

    How to show Level Markers from Stories on Viewports

    In the mean time best solution we've found is to manually create a symbol with insertion point at RL0 an height markers in a line up from there at the right heights. Use this in Viewport Annotation space when you need to show heights. At least then there are only 2 places to coordinate not many. Yes this is a much wished for, often teased by marketing material, long over due feature.
  13. Matt Overton

    Using Records To Modify Objects

    If a marionette network could be within a symbol then we could have a fairly easy to understand way of making active symbols like this.
  14. Matt Overton

    Viewports and design layer order

    Well that's embarrassing, I swear it wasn't there yesterday.
  15. Matt Overton

    Slab Object As a Site Modifier

    Curious how are getting VW to model a slab with a tapered edge thickening that isn't a RPITA?