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  1. Or even relative to the file. If your standard folder structure allows it these options would avoid the need to think about it.
  2. It’s in the roadmap under viewport styles. When that arrives I have no idea. since this was posted we now have storeys and story layers have a type as well strikes me a viewport style could have a target story as well and visibility of layers could be automatically set by that.
  3. If this happens what would be the effect of the flip button?
  4. With many still working both in office and home or other remote locations. (some because they discovered how good it is others for many other reasons) It would be good to have a recent files list that covered files we opened in either location. Sure files would need to be accessible both locations like Vectorworks Cloud, dropbox, et al and office server but would be great if it was synced. Even maybe have a team options to share my recent list with co-workers.
  5. Do you have another larger spaces called 1? I've found the function returns an array of spaces in that location anywhere vertically in the file.
  6. Until you hit a tool that Is hardcoded to only use the primary units of the file and can't switch to dual.
  7. Given the working file is a complete copy your using say at least 4 times the volume on your server and getting on bandwidth reduction from read or write. Keeping working files on local means a lot less read times. @Benson Shaw if you don’t save your working file how do you get auto save to work?
  8. Also, and it depends on usefulness to you, A reference of the original file can have different units. So our working files remain millimetres we often reference presentations files set to metres so Space objects work well.
  9. Unsure why this setting is still marked slow. Is it really slow? you can set so the snap loupe zoom is independent. I have line thickness on in main view but off in the snap loupe to make the line ends clear.
  10. Agree fully anyone using Project sharing probably worked or still works with Workgroup referencing. We are very much geared to dividing layer (which are free after all) to allow more people to work in files without tripping over each other. Checking out a full layer is faster. as you only need to do it once per layer. Not sure I've seen any advantage all all to per object check outs.
  11. Well this is far more fun than my work around. I'll find uses for this. Wondering out loud if this would make a better texture for glass in drawings and sketch renders.
  12. Trying to use Data Visualisation to show fire rating of a project. It seems like it only works with numeric ranges. Where Australian Fire Rating use a tuple of 3 values (eg 90/60/-) which the system reads as text which also means they won't sort correctly Wondering if anyone has found a work around?
  13. Artistic render works - line and shadow - set line thickness to 0.1 or small as it lets you as you can't set it 0. Is that what you are looking for?
  14. Is it possible to schedule items (symbols, windows, doors, smaller spaces) by what space they are within the boundary or touching the boundary of? The more we get information in models that we want to schedule the more I realise this is the way I want to group them. Doors schedules - what spaces do they service. Bathrooms/Kitchen - modelled in 3D with each fixture a symbol - would love to schedule the fixtures by room. Apartment schedule - how big the balcony, bedroom, kitchen space associated with the apartment space. Yes realise I could have a layer per room but that when seems like double handling would be great if someone has found away to test what space the item is in. edit to note: this is post 777
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