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  1. Matt Overton

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    Best not be realistic or there will be no community feedback to implement 5 years time.
  2. Love this idea, wondering if you have tried expanding it to use a list of values for different drawing sets. (eg, Sketch, Approval, Construction,....)? That way a preconfigured worksheet would always pick up only the relevant sheets. PS: I still up voted as the developers need to be aware of how seemingly random delays to Plug-in objects and minor changes taking lots of time is affecting the program.
  3. Matt Overton

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    13) Make Sections Great Again - sorry could not resist.
  4. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    When NNA's own staff start and foster threads like this....Is it not time to say damn legacy? We should build a new from scratch "Best Practice" workspace and make that the default. Those who want to keep the legacy or their own version of best practice. It really would go a long way to improving the reception of the product if the day to day working used the best it had to offer on the easiest to reach key commands. Lost track how many times I've said while training people. "You should use ... it's just command-option-shift-control-escape then hit..."
  5. Matt Overton

    Spaces Tool Sticky/Laggy/Slow

    I’ve had files with 30+ lag times on the space object. It’s broken.
  6. Matt Overton

    v.2020 now available

    I’ve seen nothing yet in this about how sections have improved.
  7. Surely "Great sections" would be enough to warrant examples lots of examples as both plan and section, before and after on the same model. Care to share?
  8. Matt Overton

    v.2020 now available

    Are "Great Sections" really great or still grating? Odd the What's new for Great sections shows a plan but says nothing about the ability to cut a horizontal section. Either marketing misunderstood or that is the hidden gem. I suspect the former given there are no examples of said "great sections" and it would be trival to show the improvement. Also maybe I misunderstood as I don't do a lot of intense 3D modelling but isn't "History based modelling" already mostly a thing just with more history. You still have to walk the tree of operations and deal with alignment changes on the way back up again.
  9. Matt Overton

    Guide line tool

    Yes, a true building grid set-up as part of the BIM of the file not drawn objects would be much appreciated.
  10. Matt Overton

    Scale Bar

    I do believe the request is more for the unsexy programming task of expanding "Drawing Co-ordination" to get titleblock to understand what viewports are within their boundaries and automatically updating the Titleblock fields to suit. Including say having a standard drawn scale bar in our TB symbols and have them update to. One less thing to get missed in the rush would be very handy.
  11. Build it in to the control so that we have it as an option anywhere we use a resource. Classes is also a classic place I want to create, edit or duplicate and edit resources.
  12. Any Licensing / Copyright issue we'll need to deal with if the Imagery is used as an underlay to a drawing?
  13. Matt Overton

    make basic tools persistent

    More the reason why we need persistent spell checking. To pick up odd "xx" inserted into notes.
  14. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    Is that the new Workaround tool or the legacy Workaround tool?
  15. Upvotes exceed likes at this stage 9 vs 6. Maybe the message is starting to work. Also, there is far too much of my face in this thread.


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