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  1. Yes, that does get much closer. The engine has interesting ideas about cricket. Prompt "group of highschool students playing cricket over a solid white background. "
  2. Surely, any thoughtful discussion of AI now must include recent events of ChatGPT literally stealing someone's voice. I'd think they bet the farm and have lost with the hubris of such a move.
  3. Is there a standard prompt that will isolate the "subject" from the background like an image that would be then useful for image props? Negative prompt - Background also variations of the positive prompt "remove background" have no effect.
  4. Yes bring back blueprint (please tell me I'm not the only one old enough to remember that). It was a stripped back version of minicad but could do all those sorts of mark-up tasks, and simple 2D drawings from memory could open and save MiniCad files directly. That level of product as a starting point would be great.
  5. Is this a city of constructed iceberg buildings?
  6. Looking more and more like we will get to a camera on hardhat providing a pointcloud of site conditions before we get a device to make direct file mark ups.
  7. Still, an "include/ignore always visible classes*" option would be handy it that case. *understanding don't have such a thing as always visible classes.
  8. Or it would be bad and make conversion super lazy.
  9. If you want something quick and don't need the skills on an ongoing basis. Then there is the Massing Model tool(s) under site planning that will quickly draw you a building and let you edit it. Sure not great if you care about the look of the building to any detail but ok for planning studies where you want to give a sense of a building.
  10. On the OIP "Data Display Settings..." fourth button down in standard OIP. Good addition. Could we maybe get an option for all non-style parameters to be displayed?
  11. Why can't we have it produce a grid of options like this?
  12. This is the point - You might trust those brands, I have no reason to, so do you trust them enough that you are willing to take the hit if they on-sell or leak my information from an account I had absolutely no need for. If you are going to the effort of trying to engage customers, why not use the signup bonus to encourage people to come here and be part of diverse the group of voices here? If you have specific questions then have a sub-forum for currated discussions on features. Even make a special "first impression" sub-forum public or otherwise for new sign ups (low-post count).
  13. Yes, the Licence system has changed in the last 16 years and this on longer works.
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