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  1. This seems to be part of the problem Moni is having Vectorworks is the same problem many new or converting user have. The programme is full of half tools that work similar but are not compatible with each other. Once you understand this as a new user you can say well just delete the first half attempt at a tool and get on with it. Follow the more recent guides, be comfortable you won't get the best system for you first time. I say this in relation to walls in we have 2 ways to set the wall height but no link between them. Yet clearly the link between them is kind of obvious in practice. Why oh why the system wasn't built with these links in mind I could spent my life wondering or just get on with it.
  2. How was it not already on there? was first buglisted 2007 I believe.
  3. Is certainly landscape and outdoor areas I hit a need for this most often. Trying to get a wall accurate enough for elevations and sections while not making plan view confusing.
  4. I assume applying a top cap would make the wall appear soild in Top/Plan view.
  5. @Pat Stanford If you merge these threads might they be enough votes to final get some attention for an "improvement" here. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/79202-option-to-commit-working-file-when-closing
  6. Reference your model into another file for the elevations set that file to metres primary - mm secondary and hope you don't need to dimension to much. This is a workaround at best and not reliable one but might get you over the hump till they fix tools they should allow unit override. (space I'm looking at you)
  7. So a batch import into own file and then create Referenced Viewport in current file option?
  8. Ok this doesn't happen often but it does seem odd the first thing the Vectorworks updater does is insist I did something wrong. Maybe the Updater checker should prompt a save and then trigger the app to quit before launching an update.
  9. Viewport styles are in the roadmap so fingers crossed that will include overrides.
  10. Best not to revive a 2017 thread. Hopefully with lots a key features for project sharing ticked off there might be time to look at some quality of life issues like this.
  11. Seems to me this low hanging fruit should have been dealt with by now.
  12. The Sweep... command allows the profile you are sweeping to pitch upwards as it goes. Allowing it to overlap each full circle and create a corkscrew path like you see on the outside a stadium. That might help you do want you need.
  13. Given one may walk is an important part of that then the structure is inherently part of the floor.
  14. So if you created a schedule of slab types used in a file to give the builders would you call it a "Slab schedule"? Now that I think of it - is there another resource name that I'd need to schedule that wouldn't match the name of the resource or it's plug-in. Problem is the VW naming requires a mental translation of language to construction terminology. Like for instance a young grad talking about the slab in the model to a senior director who was getting annoyed because in was a timber structure. I see no problem with ceilings being made with floors, they are after all structurally weak floors. I mean ideally the ceiling could be part of the Floor(Slab) and certainly the ceiling is always designed in the context of the structure above (Floor or Roof) and everything happening in between.
  15. It could be upgraded with the rename to be the basis of all slab like objects. ie A slab if decomposed could be a group of "simple slab"s. Also benches and other things we use simple single component slabs for.


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