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  1. The materials resource discussion noted below did get to a pretty good place in terms of features like you are suggesting. Although I think you've hit on two important ones not covered. -Thickness Most of the materials we use come standard sizes. Plasterboard, Plywood, steelmetal, framing members (steel or timber) have fixed off the shelf sizes. Materials that aren't fixed like concrete still have sizes that very common. Having this embedded in the "material" so we can create wall, roof, slabs more easly would be a big bonus. Auto-naming would be useful too to add into the discussion.
  2. Yes that is better, as the keyboard shortcut would work to get back.
  3. Ok so only really one option I can think of to start the ball rolling is... 1) when you go to design space from a viewport, if you then adjust classes or layers it would be great if an extra button appeared to match those visibilities in the viewport on return.
  4. We run VW2016 on some hardware that is low spec. Compared to VW2013 it was certainly an improvement in overall for speed and stability.* That includes moving most projects to at least a minimal 3d model, but also others with reasonably high levels of detail and rendered elevations and sections. Factoring in some new hardware as we get more demanding but it's certainly workable. *one office experience may not be a reliable indicator of another's.
  5. I often wish VW was more like Apple with it's willingness to pure dead wood from the trees. After all, you don't get good apples without pruning to let the sun in. Apple do trim aggressively and maybe over do it at times. They aren't shy about making developers transition either. Yet in VW old tools that have been rewritten and replaced by much better tools yet the old tools still get pride of place in workspaces and keyboard shortcuts. I think the perception of VW would be better if they shipped a best practice workspace that wasn't shy in moving legacy tools out of the workspace* and moving the improved tools front and centre. * those tools could still work to edit (even duplicate) existing you just would be able to create new objects.
  6. Yes, 300mm gap is a very high requirement and generally involves two completely independent frames in what is basically two independent walls. So you could just model it that way if important. Also make sure builder cleans the inside faces of the glass before they put the second sheet in (new client/old problem). That said having multiple glass types as an option would be helpful in many regards, we have 4 colours of fritted glass, switchglass, heavy laminate, double heavy laminate and standard clear in various parts of the same project at the moment. Multiple classes for multiple glass types just doesn't work as fluidly as you'd hope.
  7. Location information would be helpful to point you in the right direction?
  8. It would be useful if the table and chairs tool had the option for single end chair. 3 person meeting rooms or modular tables in groups.
  9. Try setting the Heliodon over 100% light and making sure there is no other light source.
  10. plus google will pick up discussions on the forums for trouble shooting and the like.
  11. Also sounds a lot like the Facebook sponsored OpenCompute project, expect all those modules so far have been about data storage / serving not big number crunching like MacPro would be. Still good news seem to be change was inspired by getting big Single GPU instead of duals. Also iMac is getting a Pro config this year and it sounds like that will follow the theme of having more GPU grunt.
  12. Better still why does it not have a "Save and Commit" button in the dialogue box?
  13. Went to an interesting talk the other day on building defects and leaks. The suggestion was all architects should draw isometric sketch details instead of section details as the top 3 things that can be down to stop problems happening. So so I can see the value in this.
  14. I say no here. I say 95% of the time we want copy class as a sibling of original. So deleting the dash and using copy instead would be preferable here. As well, as the obvious of opening properties to edit.
  15. I think storey and absolute heights could be in the same column as the layout has a bit to much white space. Still, certainly an improvement on current.