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  1. Having just managed to tear off a palette I wasn't anywhere near I fully support stopping the madness.
  2. In other words dive in give it a try see what works for us, and if we need to spend cash to hit a certain project goal next year well, at least we know.
  3. Has anyone had a look at BlenderBIM clash detection? Sure it seems a little hands on to set up but the price can't be beat... free. Still wondering if worth the effort of setting up to try it.
  4. I think a file or app wide preference to force all "by class" all the time would be another wish entirely. Still why isn't default configuration for all tools should be "by class".
  5. In practice this is bad practice due to the way the tool works. (and frankly should be fixed) Drawing a shape and adding this way adds that shape as a modifier to the slab it doesn't change the boundary of the slab. You can use the reshape tool to then also change the same boundaries of the slab. Annoying I know a little more fidlely sure but to me always use reshape for edges, save add or subtract modifiers for internally reshaping the slab.
  6. Didn't we get a resource recently that made the same functional promise? This wish seems to be well outside the mental model the developers are using of how buildings work.
  7. We try to keep classes in files tight to the project. So searching for class and layers is great but often we don't find the item we are looking for and have to make it. Would be great if search didn't find an exact match then would ofter to make a new item. Saves hitting new class etc then typing again.
  8. if Object info allowed 2 buttons in the same line there could be "Replace" & "...with Duplicate" in the same space as just "Replace".
  9. Is there a way to time limit the Indirect light? Some times you have a rendered viewport works well as a scene and renders in a reasonable time (say half hour) you go off make a few changes and suddenly indirect lighting now takes 16 hours on the cloud renderer. Even with cloud rendering it would be good to be able to set a timeout on this step and just accept what ever results were produced at that time.
  10. If you click on the tab for a feature there is a direct link to share that actual feature. and leave feedback or encouragement. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=redshift-rendering-mode
  11. Yes, oh yes.... Vectorworks object have fill attribute there is never a need to have a line object and a copy of it to fill. Sorry pet hate that seems to crop up with all exAutocad users we've retrained.
  12. As an option instead of hiding the content, could it change to a view that is sectioned by content? Hot list drop-down would scroll to points in the view associated with the content type. with Space and same note. No need to move, hit buttons or right click just scroll. All resources would change back to standard view.
  13. Are materials and on-going project? They don't seem to make the road-map. Seem like are we going to be left with a promising but undelivered feature that isn't worth changing the way we work because we still need to keep doing it for some items not others.
  14. Would be most handy that colour blind palette. We have a few clients who are and can never read diagrams. I do wonder if 2 might be solved by offering Grey Scale instead of Black and White only as that would be handy generally.
  15. Yes and as discovered recently is even linked on the front page of Forums.
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