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  1. Matt Overton

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    We use a Legacy version of ArchiOffice using half the features on an old machine sitting in the corner. So have been looking around at replacement systems. Just in case. Have noticed a lot advertise a lower tier per user price but when you read details you need the upper tier of pricing for the accountant or project leaders but everyone needs to be on the same plan. So suddenly resonable price quickly changes.
  2. A terrain-aware Crowd object that doesn't use the same symbol twice would be handy as well.
  3. Why not go further and just Improve VW ability to scale to larger projects? It would be great if we could get to point where there is not WRG or Sharing because the system just handles them for you. Every project would have the ability but you wouldn't care till someone needed to be in same part of the file as you and sent you request to take charge of part of the project. Still, in my mind, it would be an advantage if a project wasn't a single entity but was a "file" per layer but in a container that made them look like a single entity. The system took care of either opening a stack of files stacked on each other if you have write access or as reference viewports if you don't*. Each layer would only need the resources it needs. * this could be determined by things we tell the system anyway to produce output.
  4. Nice trick must remember that. Still, one button would be nice for clearing out design revisions at the start of each phase.
  5. Matt Overton

    Save and Commit

    Anything relating to workgroup workflows tends to get lost and forgotten pretty quickly in the forums.
  6. Matt Overton

    Save and Commit

    Yes, whatever process let this dialogue into the shipping product needs to change. I end up creating a second workspace that maps command+s to save and commit and switch to it (mostly) when working in teams. Not optimal either due to various reasons. Even worse it's been this way over 2 years.
  7. and hopefully get rid of that strange angle ends on walls with top slopes while they are at it.
  8. Matt Overton

    Archiving VW files

    Would be a great upsell joint venture with an online storage/archive company (like Backblaze or similar) to do this at the farm on our behave, so to speak.
  9. This would vastly improve the situation when dealing with alterations to existing buildings.
  10. Matt Overton

    Sloped slab

    Adding auto-generated tags and slope indicators to Roof faces would be a great addition.
  11. At the same time there should be always plot classes. For office branding, object containers and such. A few others that 90% of time should be always on and the 10% could handled another way. still genuine non plot would be great.
  12. Me I'd go the other way. Releases every 3-4 months that have only one feature but concentrate on getting that feature right and working cleanly with the programme as a whole. Bring the edges that feature touches up to date. Keep testers focused on one item so more chance of finding edge cases. Allow customers and our teams to integrate that feature into the workflow given more chance of its usefulness being found.
  13. Could it go the other way? Others shown with the "by class" arrow by default. So you only need to touch them if they differ from the main texture.
  14. Matt Overton

    Mojave when?

    I'm going with 20 November. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/tech-bulletins/apple-macos-1014-mojave-compatibility-r771/
  15. This should apply to rotated rectangles as well. Maybe all polygon plugins should act this way.


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