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  1. Vw2022 - why do you hate me so. So promising fairly stable and usable out of the box but..... Still obvious friction points left on the tree.
  2. Ok VW2022 now that is just being cruel. Reshape tool now works directly on rectangles - sort of. Reshape a corner yep works - converts to a Polygon for me. Reshape an edge, yep works - stays a rectangle So far amazing new mode preserves area This is brilliant OK sweet moving on Change node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles add node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles delete node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles hide edge - Nope doesn't work on rectangles If reshapes does the covert to poly for us why not the last 3. I feel like the precedent was set and could have applied to all for consistency.
  3. Nope .... we shouldn't have to wait to 2024 for Viewport Styles. They should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
  4. It would be good if we could apply image effects to image masks in camera match. If we could turn some pixels transparent by colours in the sky range we could pretty much avoid most fiddly lines in the mask.
  5. When was the last time WRG got any improvements? 5 or 6 years. Doesn't really seem to be on the radar of the engineering team.
  6. Maybe it could still make it in to "Viewport Styles" some time in 2024.... I kid, I kid...
  7. Exactly so why wasn't the design horizontal or better still and floating or summonable like smart palettes on the cursor. Still popups are great.
  8. If on a Mac you can save as Postscript then double click the .ps file and preview will convert it to a PDF. This is most effective when you have lots of layered transparency or other bitmap layering.
  9. Is the redesigned Attribute palette now dockable in a sensible fashion? Seems form the video it is locked to a single column layout, yet it would be great for integrating with the rest of the palettes if it had a 2 column horizontal layout. Pen next Fill instead of being on top. It would then work nicely with the natural width of the Navigation or Object Info.
  10. Shame that, I'd be more than happy to see annotation space done away with like this. Allow not just dimensions to associate with viewport and pick up scale but also allow notes and tags to associate and read scaled data out of them. If we have multiple viewports on a page they are all related, like larger scale section cut into pieces to get all the interesting parts on one page or internal elevations. avoiding the need to jump in and out of different viewport annotations would be a real advantage. Maybe there is a direct edit approach that moves the objects into annotation and takes use in as well to reduce friction.
  11. Which looks promising but could still go either way depending on details. If walls jump to 1-50 while slabs are still 1-200 that doesn’t get us any closer to cut and annotate 1-100s
  12. How excited should we get about the 3D profile of the window frames?
  13. Yep the Stair improvements shown are a winner from the first day it's a stable release.
  14. Sold... 1minute and 15 seconds
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