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  1. I hope it's been noted previously that the link on this page to more information contains less information.
  2. You can’t even turn the head off on the door to fake it.
  3. I'm guessing the only way currently is a custom menu command to walk through all space objects and update one the custom fields and use that in the space label.
  4. So in a worksheet it's fairly trivial to build a formula that takes the Length and Width of a space object in millimetres and reports the calculated dimensions in Metres with 1 decimal place. How can I use this formula to show my custom text as part of the space label?
  5. It would be great if modal error dialogue boxes allowed certain key and menu commands to be activated within the dialogue box as a way of dismissing it and fixing the problem at the same time. Not suggesting cart blanch just those 1 or 2 obvious ones that would resolve the problem. So say .... "Hybrid objects can't be edited in in 3d...'' which i find I hit a lot working hybrid 2D / 3D bim-ish. It would be useful in this situation to hit Command-5 for top plan and it would go to top plan view and dismiss the impediment to my workflow. This would go along way to making the app flow better. Might be a good chance to teach people keyboard shortcuts as well.
  6. Also like to nominate OpenGL options- Turning colour, textures off and on takes a long time with on sign of action so you end up clicking the button a few times then think it's working and hit return. Ending up with random situation that is a coin toss of correctness.
  7. It might be called to complex for users to understand but yes conditional on walls would be wonderful.
  8. Hardware lasts so long these days and OS support is close to a 2/3 of a decade and you can really go the other 1/3 before compatibility forces your hand. This isn't like the PowerPC /Intel transition at all. Apple Silicon hardware will need to be compelling. I fear VW just isn't ready for the world where more threads = good, less threads = bad. Really doesn't matter what hardware we have going forward if CAD/BIM software is thread bound and no one in hardware is pushing a single core to do more. Still promising signs in the last few releases from VW.
  9. I Look at those new iPadPro with the LIDAR sensor and think why can't my Building model overlay with the LIDAR sensor and tell me where there are differences. Yes hoping all the work that has gone into VGM and getting to work on metal might see a day that a nice big slate of glass overtakes a folder of drawings for site visits.
  10. The poll is slightly redundant in that those for should vote up the wish.
  11. Unless the colours auto-assign based on an internal or refinable system I can't see this being used or useful, much like Tags. People will just assign all sorts of random colour that said I could think of a number of different ways I'd colour both layers and classes at times. Bonus points if you can filter them by colour.
  12. I did just that about 8 times in about 10minutes not sure I'd call undoing back to scratch and redoing a work around.
  13. In short standard tools like the offset tool in modify (not duplicate) mode should not trigger this error. Better still slab modifiers should be improved to allow object creation even application reassignment in edit mode.
  14. A few pieces to the puzzle turned up over the years but like Viewport styles its been dangling as what seems like low hanging fruit left on the tree.
  15. Indeed. Main slopes would be a great thing and could be part of the slab style. While the valley slope is situational.


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