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  1. Elevation marker isn't relevant as it's completly independant and useful for one off special annotations. (if it can linked to objects like a dimension better still) Keep it simple. As noted by Jonathan above Viewports should be able to render level markers. Which levels show controlled by layers dialogue. Graphics of the markers by a document setting or a viewport style. Storey's dialogue stays the one place to get the information right.
  2. I'd like see project sharing move to a full version control system. Delta saves would add to that.
  3. Yes we use BIMing to producing elevations, sections and 3D's that improved client communications greatly. As other have noted elevation markers can report the correct elevation but if the model changes slightly (or not so slightly as per attachment) marker does not change. In this case comically obvious, in the case of a small change dangerously non-obvious. Is also reliant on snaps but doesn't link to points with a visual marker. If the first goal of BIM* is "model once --> view thrice" then this is not BIM it's a liability. In the case of common levels we note each instance makes the problem exponentially worse. Would be very happy to be proven wrong and there to be an existing solution, but the more I look it the more it problems it presents.
  4. Benchmark tool doesn't track changes made to heights made in the Storeys or layers. So it's still effectively just a manual notation that can be entirely incorrect if not treated with care. Worse it creates multiple instances that could be wrong each reliant on hitting the right snap point. Ok for single referencing but no good for general dimensioning. Using a line of heights symbol at least only gives two locations to co-ordinate. Having Section views directly report heights from Storey and Layer configuration would reduce this to one, distinctly correct location.
  5. I hope I'm not going to have to bump this when we are 6 versions past the obvious need for it.
  6. Not that I've found, so really just tagging myself in case someone has. It would be useful.
  7. So it's summer in Australia the last thing anyone here would be thinking about is Hydronic heating. Well except me who searched Vectorworks Resources Library from with in the app to find radiator and fireplace symbols for a farm house renovation. Even found what I was looking for without a web search. Now I'm seeing ads everywhere on the web for Hydronic Heating. Just coincidence?
  8. I don't mind the nested dialogues, specially the new style list down the side. To me it's certainly preferable to multiple dialogue boxes. Do agree it could be improved for faster navigation from Object Info Palette and will conceed i can see the appeal at times to have direct links. Still why can we have the best of both worlds and head towards an Interface the is rich as required, spares when not. To me it could be in the form of a universal setting button. Main part of button would take you to nested dialogue, a small drop down triangle would let you pick which panel you want to jump to quickly to a panel. Having an option to expand the list into individual buttons as demanded (say option-click drop-down part fo button). As for other suggestions for site model, yes it could be much improved.
  9. A new offender to add to the list of interface missing the mark.
  10. Why not go further and have Viewport styles like plug-in styles? They could link Class set up to the style and then we'd have one central place to fix issues.
  11. Interesting a lot of people have clearly dumped the snap hot keys for interesting things to them. They are right at the sweet spot of the keyboard. I do hope this sort of study is because VW might be brave and do a clean sweep of the keyboard shortcuts. Throw out all the old assumptions make every command earn its place. Make the pain worth it.
  12. Yes sorry read that the wrong way. So how many default keys have a high percentage of remapping?
  13. So "M" is the most popular true key to press in the new Vectorworks. Does it still hold up if you discount all the times M is hit again after the first M without hitting any other key other than to maybe google why did that happen? Maybe needs a voice recorder to check no one said "what happen there". All up I'd think this was a bad metric if mode is so good why are people switching so often?
  14. So one brilliant feature of Vectorworks going way back to the early days is being able to edit numerical values with standard math operators. If you tab between fields the existing value highlights and gets replaced by what you type also very good behavour. It would be great if typing a standard math operator (+,-,/ & *) on a highlighted field caused the existing value to be retained. Avoiding the need to tap after the the existing value and allowing as to tab->math a series of fields.