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  1. In the curtain wall edit tool there is a mode to select a panel and Insert Window. Whenever I do this the window inserts into the lowest panel of the bank and the only way to get it to move up is to adjust the sill height by adding multiples of the frame spacing. Am I doing something wrong, seems like it should work better.
  2. Matt Overton


    No, at all times you are modelling what you want to be the reality. Call it BIM or Legacy this hasn't changed. You can't get it built currently without convincing other people to build it. Design Layer scale is useful for keeping you focused on the current aim and doesn't take away from modelling in anyway.
  3. Matt Overton


    Design layer scale is purely a visual convenience to the user nothing more and doesn't impact the BIM FULLNESS either positive or negative. It does help people better convey intent by always having an eye on how the output will be read by others. It should stay. After all, why invest time to make the program worse?
  4. Matt Overton

    Lower Subscription Cost

    Monthly would be nice.
  5. Matt Overton

    Extrude to Wall Height

    Longer answer repost or get moderator to move to Wishlist as that would be a valuable feature.
  6. Matt Overton

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    It's a price you have to pay if you really really want one. I see vesa being basically default option, what is a rip is the vesa mount isn't included in the price.
  7. Turner Hughes Architects is a friendly boutique practice established in 1990 specialising in television and media projects, fitouts and high end residential. We have an immediate opportunity for a graduate architect with 2-3 years local experience. To be considered for this role you must have previously worked in the local market and are Vectorworks proficient. Our team based approach means you will get work from inception to completion including site and contract administration experience. We provide mentorship and assist with the Board of Architects registration process. Essential criteria: Tertiary qualification in Architecture Good written and verbal communication skills Proficiency with Vectorworks Please email your application to tha@turnerhughes.com.au
  8. Matt Overton

    BIM and correct workflow for elevations

    If you create section viewports instead of just 3D views of elevations you get a lot more control needed for reasonable technical elevations including ability to set depth cut off for the section.
  9. Matt Overton

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    And the scripting system has to recreate 10 times the function from scratch each time you edit it can't just ignore stuff you don't need. Still not enough to cause the sorts of 30sec plus slowdowns we see in some large masterplan files.
  10. Matt Overton

    Navigating Layers

    Yes please. Also would be useful have an option to navigate visible layers only.
  11. When dealing with files imported from others it would be super handy to have and Edit Class option at the top of the list similar to New Class.
  12. Matt Overton

    Projected copy of Site?

    You can make a snapshot (select site model, button on object info palette) of the site model and move it vertically.
  13. Matt Overton

    Multi Floor Buildings

    Design Layer Viewports are basically an advancement on Layer Links. Offering control of layers and classes and referencing from other files. I used to use Layer Links a lot but the big advantage DLVeiwports offers is you can mix and match treatments for different parts of the building and have just a single object. So if you divide each floor into say Core, Shell / Internal and Balconies you still only have one referenced object per floor not 3 or more.
  14. Or just not allow them at all. Require file to be saved as a non-project file before origin can be moved.
  15. Matt Overton

    One D Perspective from 3D drawing

    A section viewport lets you set the perspective and will give a one vanishing point based one centre point of the crop object (as far as I've been able to work out).


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