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  1. We have 3 computers all fairly similar in age and specs. 2024 runs very well, stable, with no obvious new slowdowns on 2 of them and almost unusable on the third. Although did improve on SP2 but still not enough we transitioned all projects. Still, good that VW lets you keep 2 different versions open at the same time on the same machine. (I assume both need to be "same" serial number for each version)
  2. To me, the interesting bit kicks in when you can overlay your style in the generated output of the model. https://blog.metaphysic.ai/custom-styles-in-stable-diffusion-without-retraining-or-high-computing-resources/ I could see us creating many styles in the years to come as this sort of function becomes more mainstream. A suburb style that would push the context of the image to be similar to the site surroundings. Company presentation styles are based on the hand-drawn work of people in the company. Interiors based on photos of our own work.
  3. I would have thought the consequences were already ready there and needed to be dealt with due to IFC mapping. There is currently no simple way as part of our core workflow to allow us to annotate how we want them dealt with. The new model of how things should relate is defined. How we make it useful is up to us if we have an interface that makes that information available in a generally useful way. This model would seem to translate to a lot of things, not just Architecture. https://ifc43-docs.standards.buildingsmart.org/IFC/RELEASE/IFC4x3/HTML/lexical/IfcBuildingStorey.htm If Filters were meant to be the answer, then firstly, that should have been said so it could be tested to see if it meets the brief. Secondly, they should have been upgraded to allow summaries that group the items in the interface by the same types as filters act on. allowing filters to be a more fluid interface by folding in groups in the summary that don't meet the filter requirements at the time. Edit to add: A nice visual interface could make assignments far easier and more direct as well. We could drag a layer from one summary group to another, the system would then apply the right data to the object to make that true.
  4. Is 2007 the oldest? As much as a number of items around layers needs overhauling 17years with no action is about 7years longer than most popular Wishlist items take. Might be a sign of disinterest from the devs.
  5. No worries, I will do it again, but none of these ideas should be news to the team. I should brush up on my VS skills and build an example of the interface.
  6. They are a good start but I’d encourage you to keep pushing them forward functionally. We can’t yet have a viewport style that the only non style setting needed is which storey it applies to. There could also be integration with title locks maybe via sheet layer names to automatically name drawings in the file
  7. Yep the T rex lasted millions of years as the apex we aren’t going to clock up a 100,000 years at this rate
  8. A couple of requests it would be good for dressing images for concept and other presentations. - Skew or Distortion on images We often find images with the right feel but the wrong perspective. some simple image tools would be really handy in these situations. Also, Image Effects should be usable everywhere there are images. Image Mask for Camera Match for instance.
  9. Now conditional command logic is going to be in the app, can we have a few others? Like Project sharing commands:- Save vs Save and Commit Close vs Close and Release
  10. That is why it's optional. But if you don't care why did you open a 2Gig file to do non-critcial updates while trying to hit a deadline?
  11. That could optionally trigger Reference updates for files.
  12. Why not just have viewports include a default layer and class? it would be still good to have them auto appear in the saved views to jump to different work states without going to a viewport first.
  13. Well, the other option would have been to listen to that older Architect and upgrade textures to make them worthy of the internal name. More advanced still than the texture groups (surface presentation) called "materials" in the current version. Actually, have Material resources that fully define the common geometry, included in that all of the visual presentations of the surface(s). The current system doesn't even handle end grain for timber and the like. Then we could just have Materials, Material Style (common families of similar materials, Steel, Wood, etc) do away with textures and so many classes. Doesn't need to all at once, roadmap the steps then we know where it's going. Terms wouldn't need to be as wordy IMHO is features were pushed incrementally towards a larger goal. We need a good spring clean.
  14. Not sure why we need an empty useless file open in order to batch convert a number of files to the latest version of Vectorworks. It seems to me it would actually be best done with nothing open.
  15. https://multi.app Interesting idea allows multi-tasking of any mac app. I could see this being very good for VW teams. quick collaboration on designs or small edits of a workgroup file someone else has open without the close and open cycle.
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