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  1. From chatting with other users I'd say depends entirely on version. One version the Mac runs better next it might be Windows but could equally be Mac. Go with the system you feel more comfortable with.
  2. To me it would be better if they stayed that way. The dial should be on the view not the objects. The problem is the current system can't defer the creation of geometry until it's needed it has to create (and recreate in full) every time the object is touched. So would end up slow and unworkable if implemented in the current system.
  3. Would it have been so hard to turn this into a proper signed app?
  4. Is there reason there couldn't be a final option in this that translates the Internal origin to align to the current User Origin? Sure understand might be slow and probably should generate a new file untitled file that has to be saved as if you want to replace orginal. Still that would save a whole bunch of manual intervention.
  5. or Top Right, Mid right and even centre. That would be tops.
  6. Wikipeadia have a good how to guide using free tools here.
  7. If you export PDFs (not bitmapped) those can be converted to SVG.
  8. It would be brilliant for Slabs and Roofs as well if a component could be a framed zone instead of a solid mass. Better again if these zones were "lazy generation" so walls using them didn't become as slow and unworkable as the current framed walls. Stretch goal - Infill sub-component(s) for glass or insulation between the framing members. I mean being able to draw four walls. Associate a floor slab, and roof with them then get a credible section in minutes would be a dream.
  9. From what i can work out sections are single point perspectives and default to the middle point of section bounds. Two ways to change from memory. - Replace the crop object of the section with a rectangle centred were you want the vanishing point. - Adjust the top and bottom cut-off of the section so it's equal distance above or below. You can also adjust the perspective distance to show more or less of the receding walls.
  10. Wouldn't it be better to change the wall style for a wall type change like the one you noted? (Yes In a fan of the newer more direct record interface)
  11. Have you considered just making the trees 2-3 crossed planes.
  12. You forgot the what will be the most common one... "Words as implemented"
  13. Very happy about this.
  14. I have to disagree with this. I mean the standard steel section I pull out of the my library to sketch around for the builder, is the same item I want the framing member tool to use for the model or the repetitive unit tool to use for hand crafted sections and details. Having multiple copies is not a good solution, having to dig every time in an interface that actively discourages it is not great either. One well organized library mirrored in file for project specific items and each tool having favorites (instead of defaults) to hot link the best parts would be ideal in my book.
  15. How do I trigger this rendered view with the Energos model? I realise the interface element are marketing material but the heat map view looks like it's something the program should be able to produce with the data. Yet there seems to be no obvious way to trigger it.