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  1. Yes, was going to have a crack at one on the weekend. If you have one to share it will be much appreciated.
  2. With Modelling* being the way we do things this days it would be great to have and "Active and Below" Layer Option. Doesn't need to be fancy render view or filter things that are well above zone of the host layer. Just work purely on the Z value of layer. If I have my model set up correctly it should work nicely if I don't it'll make it easier for to see. *modelling being an interesting division in VW userland.
  3. Worst case I've found so far is Publishing drawings. The command works the drawings output as PDF files with updated plot dates then the command fails on one TB the whole thing reverts and the working file is left different to the output.
  4. I'm hoping this has been fixed in later versions. In Project sharing why is the check to see if things can be checked-out and altered the last chain in the link? I mean I can select a viewport... Open Annotations... Paste something from another file...Require new classes to be created by that paste...Asked if I want new classes to be turned on in viewport... and then and only then have the whole exercise revert as the viewport is checked-out to another staff member. Seems like check should not have let me enter annotations at all.
  5. I made have a script somewhere that makes text objects of class names with attributes all set "by class". Happy to dig up and post if you want. Then I've grouped them together in symbols. Pulling any of these symbols out of the library bring all the classes in fully configured. Put them into the nonprint are of a layer somewhere and then the classes can't be purged until you delete the symbols off the layer late job.
  6. Adding Section Line Management to the list. Why Section lines need to be managed is beyond me and why the very simple thing of having section line on a design layer not show in viewports is still very much beyond me as to why that was a good idea in the first place.
  7. Minimum 7 clicks to check out all of the file. Still doesn't stop someone adding layers, changing resources. Doesn't give other team members a heads up they shouldn't be in file. Doesn't reduce resistance to Project Sharing generally. Saving as non-project file would still be path of least resistance.
  8. Would an Increase Line Thickness and Decrease Line Thickness control click menu options be enough? Or are you changing by more than one at a time?
  9. There are many times I'm the only one working on a project, but the project has sharing turned on because yesterday or tomorrow I'll be farming work out to others. It would be nice to be able work uncontested like the file is just a regular file not be prompted every new layer. To me this would be a special mode I'd have to active it after opening the my working file. When I'm working this way other people should be prevented opening other working files with a message to say "Bob has exclusive use of Project" or some such. Close and release would revert back to normal project sharing system. I think it needs to be distinct mode as there are times I'd like to lock people out. Alternatively if I'm the only one with a working file just check stuff out for me don't ask.
  10. plus using the same spell checker everywhere means one custom dictionary of industry terms works in all instances. Better still OS spell checkers pick up (sometimes) client names in address books and emails and reduce flagging them in checker.
  11. Why not just have a very simple titleblock with only the requires information?
  12. Ok so they are horizontal sections neat.... had a play and well.... at the risk of offending some of the team these are not great.... They are promising but if I run tests on useful test cases then they fall well short of delivering outcomes. Maybe that is why the market sort of brushes over them. - They are not of the standard that they could replace an ordinary plan even in the situation that the building is complex enough that an ordinary plan requires drafting gymnastics. Generally to slow to cut render. Like other sections have quirks in all the wrong places. - They do produce nice solar penetration diagrams and I assume if you have lighting scheme in model useful lighting studies. - Rendering Interiors plans for presentations and similar final output. - Well except you need a heliodon or light for each time you want to test. - So that does highlight the need for per viewport time of year lighting settings. More generally - Cut Plane and Extents setting are a mess and don't make a lot of sense in the context. - What does infinite mean in the context of cut plane? - Why is story or layer cut plane not an option? - Why can't the extends up or down be relative to the cut plane in use? - Views will require a lot of set-up in use but that work isn't recyclable across files by the looks of things. - Even recycling in file looks problematic.
  13. Try using 2 verticals (blue) that are further apart. The third point of the perspective is the one that tends to drive the set up in these views. You have a few good edges further out to work with so also worth trying to get your other lines further apart so the perspective become more apparent. Greens especially but reds will help keep it anchored.
  14. Have you tried using the same source polygons as a multiple extrude instead of a stack of extrudes? Might need to limit to 4-5 polys at a time then merge to a solid.


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