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  1. Have you tried using the same source polygons as a multiple extrude instead of a stack of extrudes? Might need to limit to 4-5 polys at a time then merge to a solid.
  2. Great so we can list certification in job ads without issues. So now I'm going to have to do certification to work out what level to put.
  3. I hope the Certification program is set up in a way that Initial Levels could be completed while using the Trial version.
  4. Not sure this is much of a problem. After all, you'll be able to copy the whole viewport to another sheet then delete the no applicable parts from each. To me, that is a reasonable trade to make the more common situation easier to work with. Also, don't mind if it is a special non-automatic function that I'd have to configure as a multi-crop viewport or viewport container object that collects them into a single viewport like object. Now a Viewport collection object could handy in many ways not only unify the annotation space also could unify class, layer, render settings and maybe force viewport alignment so internal elevations in a container would be height aligned. Upon explode or export the container would move shared annotations to the closest viewport.
  5. I feel It is time to bump this up again given no word yet if it is being done the right way or the fast way.
  6. Yes please. It's very rare to have viewports on the same sheet that aren't context related. A group of Interior elevations, Single section cut into multiple VP's to compress it, Call out details at larger scale than the main section. Altought across scales might be hard. All these times a single merged space would be an advantage. For the rare case it's not we'll cope.
  7. Was rereading thread and half a page in before I realized the age. Still mostly applicable, reaction still mostly the same. This to me is still a return to the mental model of paper drafting. A lot of people say the drawings are flat but they never were, they are slices of the physical building with the draftsperson needing to work out what is applicable.. despite the marketing material, still no horizontal plan sections or the reflected version and the story model is still overly restrictive.
  8. From memory In the Section, advanced settings set the height extent of the section so the middle point is the desired eyeline. Not the most intuitive setting will take a couple of attempts to get right.
  9. If this is going to happen sometime.... It would be great if there was an option to auto group all layers with a storey association together.
  10. Ok, Yes used Well Known Text for a local area and it's far more accurate. Question - Why doesn't the Georeference Wizard Tool that set the most suitable point as part of the Search function?
  11. So first chance to use new Georeferencing in VW2020 - Aus. Image of site is visually 115% larger than the site by the survey. Survey file checks out in terms of scale and dimension and when imported was close to the right location. I suspect I've done something wrong.
  12. We find we get a good balance of immediacy in working vs smaller faster working files if we keep plans and sections sheets in the main working file but move out Elevations and other largely rendered sheets to separate sheet-centric files using a method not dissimilar to your method above. For easy of use and editing I tend to create a single reference layer per source file then split then duplicate the file if a sheet layer needs a different configuration of the source file or if one sheet is getting to memory heavy. Everytime I do it it strikes me as something that could be automated.
  13. Dark mode further highlights what a ridiculous amount of space LOD controls take up.
  14. How it this still not a thing? Why wasn't "Styles" programmed in a way to roll out to everything in a couple of versions?
  15. Best not be realistic or there will be no community feedback to implement 5 years time.


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