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  1. Yes all the unsexy stuff that really makes the updates worth while but never makes promotional material.
  2. There are any number of online project management sites now that do Gnatt charts that are fairly easy to learn and use. We have been using one called smartsheet it's works ok but doesn't do resource allocation, while a friend and Ex-Vectorworker has built his own in excel so that is doable if you are OCD. Still, I'm guessing if you were to try and make one in Vectorworks. I'd start with a Marionette object to handle each line then work out how to link the lines. Then again if I was going to build a gnatt chart I'd personally be looking more at collision detection systems in gaming engines to build the chart.
  3. Space tool both the label and reportable dimensions need to be able to use alternative and display units not just be locked to working units.
  4. So finally kicking in transition to 2017 with some real projects kicking off and just noticed this change to records. Thank you.
  5. I'd really like this but then it's a problem with too many variations on a theme to cover the full international code requirements. Still, a special "blessed" worksheet for this sort of information and some other improvements to worksheets to make these sorts of things possible could be very handy.
  6. If they used system provided tab bars on each platform all this would work as it should. Not to mention they wouldn’t be so ugly.
  7. Thanks, I think I have it working now.
  8. It would be a real time saver if rendered viewport flagged which geometry effected then and could estimate how much change will effect them. Give higher weighting to changes front and centre. Even break the dirty viewport indicator up to show which part of the viewport is effected.
  9. They could just switch the blue and the gray over and have a better interface.
  10. I think the problem you highlight kills off most of its value above generic cloud service. Just think full set rendered overnight in morning check prints to realize a couple of notes on a rendered page didn't pick up a conversation you were having with the client as the "draftie" sent the file to cloud and went home. If the viewport cached no problem fix and publish. Sure you can cut the render out of the PDF paste it over the wireframe viewport.
  11. Needs to create section viewports like Interior elevations tool not views like Multiple Viewport command.
  12. Great Idea, Might have a look tonight at building a script to make a one click timestamped named saved view to add to right-click or key. I could always then go back rename if useful. To me it is not multi-view in the sense that the views are not on-screen at the same time. it's more like having the file open a number of times each time logged into project sharing as separate user or user with a different hat on.
  13. Well, they could give us a true sloping slab and fix the roof tool as well in the process.
  14. Something different and in part driven by this. say your madly working through steel detailing coordination so you have a set of views set up like this. The phone rings it’s the builder who is doing first set out in the shed you are doing works to. The client has moved all the stuff out of the way and there are a few quirks to the existing heritage brick facade he wants to talk about and how they effect set out. If I change my view in the file a lose my place and view set up for the work I need to get back to now later in the day. the more complex the view set up is the more VW cost we have dealing with what are just natural parts of the job.
  15. It would be good (ie Faster working) if the same file could open multiple tabs with different views. Better if certain navigation operations were configurable to do this automatically. Such as navigating into design layers from a viewport making it easier to switch back and forth. Great for leaving one task as it is, then jumping to another part of the file for builder phone calls or team coordination discussions. Then quickly get back to working view.