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  1. Yes and as discovered recently is even linked on the front page of Forums.
  2. This has been on the Wishlist for a very long while now and is in the roadmap under research. Might be worth an encouraging comment for the developers. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=elevation-markers
  3. Yes but could be streamlined to 3 click option if you have aligned a common point already. Assumption would be objects would scale around the common point not around objects centre. Would be highly useful as an improvement on many fronts.
  4. I would think the new hot space around the cursor in VW2021 would do a fair bit it making it work in a touch-focused environment. Add zoom loupe to that mix and the drawing environment might be not far off at all. Sure still to need to rework Object info and attributes palettes and hopefully both those are in the works because they are very much in need of overhaul. Layer / Class Navigation short some sort of short hand or auto retraction in to the side of the screen really isn't going to get better. Other things that make it pass or fail seem to be in the hands of the OS text input, file handling, menu commands substitutes and various others again hopefully Apple will take the lead on more of these now iPadOS is a thing. Edit: to add My assumption is that VW on Tablet would require at least a secondary pointing device or a device that can distinguish left and right hand. So we can have finger touch be interface/command gesture and pencil as drawing gestures. Works well for other apps.
  5. Much needed. Often we want to "set-dress" the production model for Client walkthru's, photomotages and higher quality images. We end up creating a copy of the file that is out of the co-ordination loop so we can touch objects like Windows and doors and change opening status and angles along with other things. If this was a viewport setting we could do this as we like to the production model but set Elevations to always closed in 3d and not worry.
  6. Woofmoo... OpenDoc returns
  7. Often if I'm working on a job with a few files then it might over ride or push out other jobs from week out of recent files list. Could we have another list for recent places that keep the enclosing folder of the file in a List? Multiple files in the same folder would then just push that folder to top of list without removing another folder that has been used recently.
  8. Yes, should be applied universally to styled things in the app.
  9. Would add to this:- - Messy chairs - 2D People in chairs (randomised or spacial figure)
  10. Stretch Goal - dated folder creation for documents created or displacement option that archives off the previous version of the drawing so only the current drawing remain in the folder.
  11. My only regret is I can only vote for this once, as it the bane of my existence.
  12. Add to this list Modifier keys allowed for any keys assignments. So for instance 7.Rearrange snap palette in 2 row layout to correspond to the default keyboard layout. We could have 4 more common snaps as q,w,e & r with 4 less commonly used snaps as shift modified Q,W,E & R That row could be dedicated to 'VW System' Keys and free up others for tool keys. On 2D and 3D tools isn't time they went away and just make one tool that was 3D but could be constrained to 2D or screen plane, or further constrained to X,Y on screen plane.
  13. It would be great in the context of suppliers CAD libraries and consultant sets to have a batch importer that can look at a folder and it's subfolders and import anything that is compatible file.
  14. Even if viewports display a Last Render Time and Average Render Time on Object Info Palette that would go along way.
  15. This seems to be part of the problem Moni is having Vectorworks is the same problem many new or converting user have. The programme is full of half tools that work similar but are not compatible with each other. Once you understand this as a new user you can say well just delete the first half attempt at a tool and get on with it. Follow the more recent guides, be comfortable you won't get the best system for you first time. I say this in relation to walls in we have 2 ways to set the wall height but no link between them. Yet clearly the link between them is kind of obvious in practice. Why oh why the system wasn't built with these links in mind I could spent my life wondering or just get on with it.


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