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  1. Matt Overton

    Preview Render

    Given most viewports are set to render far more pixels than currently on screen couldn't there be a low dpi pass to get close to visible then continue on infilling the rest of the pixels.
  2. Matt Overton

    Service Packs as a Download

    Will that require each machine in the office to download directly or is single download still able to be applied to all?
  3. Matt Overton

    Rotated Symbol Replacement

    Yes, much could be done to make common operations with symbols like this simpler.
  4. Matt Overton

    Licenses based on hours vs seats

    I know of offices that would need more licenses than staff with this restriction.
  5. Even a basic step like offlining single threaded operations so the interface gets back to user input would have been a major win and would have set them up to then multi-thread those processes in the background.
  6. Yes please, even for smaller files it would be a win to offline save, commit and sync. I mean it's an inherent part of our job to management co-ordination of out of date information both within our teams and at a larger project scale. We can deal with the risk here that is minutes, not days like is common when we deal with other consultants. That said the old model of checking out whole layers seemed problematic it just meant we needed to keep the number of layers we always had for Workgroup Referencing. Also, In term of streamlining workflow. I think we could add "Updating Story Linked objects" as a background potential operation. Especially given it happens often inside the organisation dialogue while we might be making numerous edits. Slowing down the progress of each edit while waiting for non-visible operations to occur.
  7. Matt Overton

    Timesheet / TimeCard ?

    Yes this has been great over the years. Works better if you have autosave set to operations not fixed time. Then you can scan time and get a sense of how intensely you were working. However, I think Ethan might be asking for it to go one step further and do a daily summary
  8. Matt Overton

    Open Beta Program

    Then you are talking a whole new animal. Instead of a beta dropping a couple months before release and testers needing to cover the full scope of the program in that time and allow for the bug fixes. The model you talking about would suggest regular incremental features added to the software one at a time. They'd also need to increase the frequency of service packs to say monthly.
  9. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks 2019 Launch Time (vs. 2018)

    Seems like there should be a progress bar so we at least know it's working how it should.
  10. Matt Overton

    VW2019 - OIP Layout for Viewports

    Advanced properties could have come up to the top as well given they apply regardless of Viewport type.
  11. Vectorworks and the forums here are fairly international, which makes getting notification setting right a bit of an issue. Would it possible to add "do not disturb" hours to the forum settings so that notifications are not sent during that time period? Thanks in advance if I've been blind and it's already here somewhere.
  12. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    I suspect they would cross the line here in Australia. Especially the bit with the guy using an iPad while you talk about Sketching your design ideas.
  13. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks 2019

    Can you confirm if changes made for Space styles allow the setting of display units in tags associated with a space? So file can remain in millimetres but room dimensions in metres with rounding.
  14. Matt Overton

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    I guess all the VW staff like to take new iPhone day off work.
  15. Love Section in place very very useful, although time to time got annoyed there didn't seem to be a way to get back to the model complete. Turns out there is... Right-Click "Exit Viewport".


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