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  1. Maybe (fingers crossed) a quick one that is less hard. Could we add RL calculations to Z values. Typing RL92010 on a layer that is elevation 90000 would make the item 2010 above the layer.
  2. At a guess but maybe wishful thinking. Many textures are procedurally generated patterns. They should be able to generate the surface hatch much like bump can be set to follow the lead of the textures visual appearance.
  3. Just remember if the FIle is in Metric you can type the imperial dimension in the scaling fields and Vectorworks will calculate the conversion for you*! *In field calculation and conversion is still the greatest underrated feature of the program.
  4. I'm using the Framing Member tool with symbols for the profile in a lot of situations that I use to use Extrude along path like this. Handles most situations except curves.
  5. Not to sound like a broken record but I'm going to anyway.... Viewport styles should include "time of day/year" controls for lighting. Want to take some of the load off classes - embed lighting scene control and solar information in the viewport.
  6. Lines could run diagonal across the preview to make the most of the space.
  7. As long as it is the proper SI unit tag of m2 I'm fine with it but if it's between 'sq.m' and 'm2' (no superscript) then 'sq.m' wins as more correct.
  8. Put it on GIT or an other Subversion tool and multi-user is taken care of.
  9. This would be great, indeed they don't have stay temporary they could auto-class to a situation and the class could switch on temporarily.
  10. "Great" Sections (ie horizontal sections from 2019) do give you plans generated by Auto-Hybrid sort of. Maybe that is the future but for now it's lacking.
  11. Just a small pitch for a related old wish. Key command that are similar but applied in different contexts could be bound under one key and activate the one that suits the context. ie. Save for a normal file vs Save and Commit in Project Files. Similarly close vs Close and release.
  12. Longer term would it be possible to set versions to understand when the file is another version is opened and offer up an option to open in the suitable version as well as the current options to convert or cancel?
  13. Alternatively lighten files so they only need the memory footprint of what is currently visible like it is the only part of the file to exist. That would make it easier all round and we could just use project files for everything.
  14. Add to that many material are directional. Ie. section cut , textures, attributes can be different in one direction X or Y even Z. I say this because we it is an impediment good drawings. The material in 2 instances within the same section might run different directions creating all sorts of class complexity to solve. Edit: maybe this more another resource Components perhaps. Made up of materials like timber makes ply. Rafters make floor structures.
  15. I take it from the videos these goals didn't make it to production?


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