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  1. This is what we use now but it is all drafted, not using BIM We have all the info shown here built into our wall type and would like to use the BIM This must be an out of the box feature in the new Legend Tool?
  2. I am trying to use the legend tool to make a graphic showing my wall types and notes. I have used the legend for doors and windows to have had some basic success I grabbed the ready made partition legend and a ready made partition (both out of the standard VW libraries but i cant get the legend to show the wall. I cannot find any tutorial or example project that can shed some light
  3. Is there a simple step by step tutorial and or video showing how to make wall components wrap around a window. There are a lot of slick videos showing that there is great control over this now but nothing that breaks it down. It looks simple enough but it but its just not working for me. Im looking for a 3'0" masonry opening with the gyp bd wrapped at the interior head, jamb and a wood sill
  4. yes very common condition. 2" jamb and 4" head for a hollow metal frame in a masonry wall. I was hoping to find that this had bee addressed over the years.
  5. Was able to do it and keep seating tool likve left justify the seating reshape the the seating boundary clip boundary at omitted seat (not sure why I can't center the seating and omit a seat and have the count work out?)
  6. I was unable to create this with seating tool. I got close then converted it to a group I needed 12 seats (it keeps bouncing from 11 t0 13 or if i force 12 seats it justifies to the left or right not center) needed to omit a seat at a column when i omitted this seat the seat count was off (maybe could have a aisle tool but cant find in any workspace ( my VW arch is up to date) need 100 seats want the left over seats centered on back row but seating is left justified so had to reshape the polygon to move them to the right
  7. Occupancy Tag and worksheet.vwx I've been trying to figure this out for years Thanks all Still not sure why this type of thing isn't a stock item. It works, but its not elegant as far as how you input the information. It would also be great if the occ load factor could be tied in with the occupancy type.
  8. Hey, didn't see the the last reply. looks like there in the round up part. Thanks now its perfect
  9. Thanks That got me to the next level. Maybe close enough for me to move on with my life. It would be perfect if I could round up the Occupant number in the tag.
  10. I pulled the worksheet from the gallery project. It does do the math but what i really want is to have the data tag show how many occupants can be in the space. cant figure a way to make a data tag give me the results any other thoughts
  11. I Would like to us the space tool and assign an occupancy type (like A occupancy) then an occupancy load factor (like 15) then a total occupancy base on the s.f. of the space. I know it can be done, I'm sure i'm not the only one who needs to do this for code reviews. why cant vectorworks provide some simple version of this without making me spend hours trying to find the answer. I end up just manually doing this stuff. I believe Vectorworks is as good or better than Revit, but dosn't mater if people can easily access the power of the software. There are some really basic things that every architecture firms needs to do in their documents. and how to do these things in vectorworks should be as easy as putting a door in a wall love the new space tool love the tags
  12. Window style, classs and offset grayed out.vwxWindow style, classs and offset grayed out.vw My Styled windows also have class and offset options grayed out. Window style, classs and offset grayed out.vwx
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