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  1. I'm looking for tutorials and/or templates for Data Visualization I have a basic understanding of how to color code wall types but would like have a better understanding how do I customize the legend how do I manage colors can I color code based on a the wall data tag instead of the wall style Vectorworks does so much but I struggle to find basic tutorial videos to really understand how to use the tools
  2. What is the best way to use project sharing over the internet?
  3. My google server experience with project sharing did not go well. but I need find a way to use project sharing over the internet. I'm looking to use the Vectorworks service select server for project sharing. I'm having difficulty finding how to set it up. I have two users each with service select accounts. How can I put a shared project on the Vectorworks sever so we each have access to it. I would like for both of us to access the shared folder from our desktops and not through a web browser. any thougths
  4. My understanding is using the Vectorworks server is the only supported system to use project sharing. I'm not a network guy and maybe I am misunderstanding, but what I have taken from all of this is: Vectorworks confirms that google file stream hasn't worked for Vectorworks users (it worked for us for several weeks but then kept giving us errors to the point I had to split up a project and rebuild it) The Vectorworks solution has been to develop their server to transfer data a particular way that supports Vectorworks project sharing. This is great in that there is a project sharing system that Vectorworks supports, however one needs to be deliberate about what files are on their server and what are on an office server. So it's not a very functional way for an office to work. If this is what Vectorworks has set up to make project sharing work, I'm assuming that I cannot trust a server other than the Vectorworks server to have success with project sharing. So setting up an internal server (like NAS) to use project sharing doesn't seem to be an option. I'm assuming that it is a given the all this needs to work for remote workers and not people sharing one office space.
  5. This is exactly the way to have it work. Yes Yes Yes! Having to put a select few active cad files on the Vectorworks server and everything else on your in house server or other third party server is not a functional system for an office. Thank you
  6. A Video would be great. I feel a lot of basic work flows are not communicated very well
  7. Not sure what Im missing unified view on active layer only all layers but one turned on 2D top plan mode on there are sever layers showing up in 3D
  8. several layers show up even when the are turned off and I have active layer only turned on. Also they show up in 3D top mode even when 2D top/plan mode us on. It sometimes goes away after a restart. but is happening quite often
  9. I am having the same issue. space tags will not connect between reference files. tried it with reference layers and reference viewports. I gave up on using project sharing because kept getting permission errors. I am at a loss.This is a big deal.
  10. I guess its not just me. Thanks and sorry. pulling from backups and safe saves are great practices.
  11. Thanks, it does sound like it's been an issue from the past. I've never had the problem till now. Started with a sloped slab for a roof. These roofs also have modifiers and several components and edge extensions so its kind of a complicate object. But it has also happen when i had a simple 4" concrete flat slab. so Im not sure I can blame it on complicated roof slab. sloped roof slab with modifiers to get the odd shape works but i have to rebuild it every few days or never touch it Im not sure how else to draw a shed roof with an odd footprint and have some components overhang and some stop at the wall I can be the only that as ever had this condition
  12. 2021 document. slabs are disappearing. while trying to edit them. I have redrawn them several times from scratch, any updates with this bug.
  13. We are using google drive file stream. All working from home. One user is on PC and one is on mac. We have the network protocol set to SMB we have been successful at working, sharing and saving our project. We have gotten a message about permission being changed and not being able to commit our work. (see image) we can rebuild from saved copies and get things going again but the problem sees to keep showing up. Its becoming a serious problem with our work flow any thoughts on this issue
  14. Matthew Hall Please let me know if I can help. See attached matthewwhall@me.com Matt Hall Resume_20200728.pdf
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