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  1. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    @Gaspar Potocnik Can you please give me the ticket number? I'm having trouble locating it in JIRA 😞
  2. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    I'll ping tech support and QA on this again and see if we can reproduce the issue on any equipment in house. That will make it much easier to debug the code!
  3. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    @Gaspar Potocnik What DMX Provider were you using before Artnet that seemed to be break the renderings unless the mouse was moving? sACN! Sorry! You are on OSX, correct? Also, can you please post your system specs?
  4. bbudzon

    Vision 2019 SP3 MVR Improvements

    @Jake DeGroot Thanks for trying things out! 1. All of this is on the VW side, which I am less familiar with. I'll pass this info along to @klinzey and @Moritz Staffel, however! 2. Same as 1. 3. Same as 1. 4. This seems like an issue with VW not respecting the Data Visualizer Mappings? I know ESC uses those mappings, perhaps MVR isn't? I'll pass this info along as well and try to do some testing on the Vision side. 5. Because MVR is spec'ed to millimeters, this should almost always be selected. The only reason I decided to include it was in the event a 3rd party program implemented MVR in a non-standard way (didn't want to leave everyone hanging!). Millimeters is the default and should rarely be changed, regardless of the units in your VW document. I'm glad you're finding reasons to adopt MVR into your workflow! If you haven't tried out the merge functionality, give that a shot too! Very cool 😎
  5. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    Yes, unfortunately that is a known issue on the VW side of SP3. We are working to resolve the problem in SP4. Layering issues aside, did MVR fix your rendering issues with being forced to move the mouse? That will definitely help us narrow the bug down in the code!
  6. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    @Brandon Any help you can provide will help us help you as well as the next customer that comes along so it's greatly appreciated! One thing I noticed was you kept using the phrase "send to vision". I just wanted to make sure you saw my post about MVR support in VW/Vision 2019 SP3. If you aren't exporting an MVR and opening that in Vision, give it a try! We weren't able to switch the "Send To Vision" command from ESC to MVR in a SP release, but it should switch to MVR most likely for 2020 😉
  7. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    @Brandon We've done limited testing of external GPU's over Thunderbolt. I can't see any reason it wouldn't work if you aren't having issues with other OpenGL applications, but perhaps there is something wonky going on in the Vision 2019 code that is messing with the drivers. Do you have boot camp installed? If so, does the issue happen there as well? Would you be able to test Vision 2019 on a system that has a dedicated graphics card to verify the issue is specific to the external GPUs? Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you! I've let the Vision team know about the problem so we can look into acquiring equipment for internal testing.
  8. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    Can you please post your system specs?
  9. bbudzon

    MVR Export Process

    I think this may be a known bug in VW; it exports everything everytime. I'll pass this along to the team and try to give you an update.
  10. bbudzon

    Vision Running slow

    If VSync is enabled, I do not believe it should be pegging your GPU at 100%. If you select ROOT in the Scene Graph Dock and press the 'o' key, it will show an FPS meter. If this is a very large number in an empty scene, you likely have VSync disabled. I highly recommend running with VSync unless if you are testing/comparing performance of the rendering engine. Have you seen this issue in previous SP's of 2019 or previous releases of Vision such as Vision 2018?
  11. bbudzon

    Emissive Fixtures

    Can you please post your Application and Document preferences? You may need to bump the texture quality up to get it to work??
  12. bbudzon

    Vision 2019 SP3 MVR Improvements

    It still uses ESC unfortunately. We were hesitant to change Send to Vision to use MVR as it would change up the workflow mid-release. 2020 will likely use MVR as the default format for Send to Vision. MVR will be the preferred file type moving forward. I highly recommend checking it out. For the time being, from VW simply export an MVR to your desktop or a user-created folder. From Vision, "Open" this MVR to create the initial document. Now you can go back into VW, make more changes, and export the MVR overwriting the original file. From Vision, you may now "Merge" this updated/overwritten MVR into the existing Vision document. Because we use UUIDs to track objects, only updates to existing objects and new objects will be pulled in! It truly is a HUGE improvement to the old workflow (which was plagued by special exports of selected items and other nonsense that users shouldn't have to deal with).
  13. Check out this post I made 😉 I hope you find it informative!
  14. bbudzon

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    Just wanted to chime in here, try out the new Vision 2019 SP3 release as it contained a fix related to focus of instruments. Basically, some fixtures were modeled with a 90 deg tilt. Some fixtures were not. Because of the way the code was loading fixtures from ESC/MVR, it was loading the fixture as it was modeled and not applying any sort of "physics tick". We now perform one "tick" of the fixture on the physics engine when loading via ESC/MVR and now these fixtures that were importing with a 90 deg tilt will import with 0 deg pan/0 deg tilt. Let me know if this hasn't resolved your issues and we'll continue working to address any problems! Thanks again guys!
  15. I know I'm digging up an old post here but there is some good information in here and I wanted to acknowledge that. I'll be making sure to pass these notes along to our product planner so they can gauge how we can fit this into our schedule. A few things I'd like to note: This should already be possible in the code. So, I think we simply need to get the content updated to contain these parameters. I'll pass this along to our content guy 😉 I can't believe it's not already doing this! Thanks for pointing this out. We have some support for multiple selections so it shouldn't be too difficult in theory. The biggest caviet might be that this will only work when a homogenous selection of conventional fixtures is selected. This was actually fixed in a recent release. I'm not sure which one, so I would just download 2019 SP3 as it was released a few days ago! I'll need to pass this along to someone who knows more about the entertainment industry than myself. I'm just a lowly computer programmer 😛 While this still isn't entirely possible, the new MVR importer in Vision will certainly help. I believe the way it is currently implemented you will lose your focus data. However, if you assign focus points in VW they will come over to Vision properly via ESC or MVR. I highly recommend using MVR though moving forward! Hopefully this helps in some areas and gives you a clue as to what we are looking to address in future versions. Thank you very much for your feedback. It is highly valued!


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