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  1. Agreed, @DBLD. The issue @LJ TMS is talking about is a known separate issue that tickets have been opened against.
  2. Outstanding! Thank you for the report and hopefully we can continue improving the product with future releases and SP's! Btw, Vision 2019 SP1 shipped with quite a few fixes in it as well. Take a look!
  3. bbudzon

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    I think this furthers the point that most users won't need these settings. I really like the idea of having presets ship with Vision, and furthering that - fostering a community for Vision in which people share their presets with each other. Spoilers Below: Something we did in the code that probably slipped through the cracks is portability of presets. Every time you save a v3s, we store off the document settings. Every time you open a v3s we restore those document settings. Simply open a friends document, go into the document preset dialog, and save off their document settings for later use 👍 Here's where it gets a little more interesting... we also store off the application settings in the v3s despite the fact that they are ignored when opening the file. We did this, for one, because it helps us with debugging customer issues. But, we also did it so that you can easily share your application presets with a friend! Simply copy their v3s into your Application Presets folder (you can rename it to something more appropriate/contextual) and it will now appear in your Application Presets drop down. Arguably, this is less helpful as the point of Application Presets is to be more specific to the power of the computer. But, this allows individuals with similar machines to share application presets which is a powerful thing for end users. I literally suggested that we write the code this way to encourage community and sharing 🙂 I will say this portion of the code probably has gone slight more untested, so consider it an easter egg feature 😛 (On OSX the path to the preset dir should be: ~/Library/Application Support/Vision/2019/AppPresets) (On PC the path to the preset dir should be: C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/Roaming/Vision/2019/AppPresets)
  4. bbudzon

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    It does effect flyover but very little. Pan is somewhat effected (def more so than flyover). The one you want to be playing with is zoom (ie; mouse wheel).
  5. bbudzon

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    @VClaiborne Not quite but you're getting warmer. This is an extreme example to prove a point, but set your Push Looked At Distance to 1.0 (I believe it will go this low). Now, try to use your mouse wheel to get across the room. It will be very VERY difficult. Now, try the same thing with Push Looked At Distance set to 1000.0. You will notice the mouse wheel now moves the camera much more quickly. Edit: I wasn't done with my post but the enter key wasn't working and somehow posted this! Edit 2: The last thing I wanted to point out was that we picked a default value of 90.0 because it seemed the most reasonable and worked in almost all cases. Unless you are having problems with not being able to get close enough to something (ie; you should lower the Push Looked At Distance) or unless you are having problems with navigating too slowly (ie; you should increase the Push Looked At Distance) then you likely won't benefit from changing this from the default value of 90.0.
  6. Hello all, There have been a LOT of new settings (both document and application level) added for Vision 2019. We spent a lot of time updating the help documentation so that you can adjust them when necessary. But, perhaps people are having to adjust them more than they'd like. What we'd like to do is poll everyone for their most commonly used Application/Document Settings in Vision 2019. We will go over these and come up with some internally as well to ship as Presets for a future Service Pack. Some example presets might be as simple as High Quality or High Performance. Others may be as complex and as contextual as Night Time Rock'n'Roll Medium, Day Time Corporate Event High Quality, Large Indoor Venue High Performance, etc etc. The advantage of doing this is that many users will not need to care too much about the different settings and what they do. They can simply select from a list of descriptive presets that seems appropriate for their file. Thanks for all of your help!
  7. bbudzon

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    All settings in Application Settings stick from document to document. All document settings are reset to defaults on new documents. I am getting ready to make a post in the general vision section about what presets users would like to see and what they are finding useful. Please make sure to contribute to that thread as hopefully it will spark discussion. I can talk with Tech Pubs about updating the help with better examples 😉
  8. bbudzon

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    We've worked really hard on getting the help documentation up to date. Here is an excerpt: So to summarize: - Push Looked At Distance is a way to make the camera tools interact the way you want them to. Small numbers mean you can get closer to objects, but this can make large motions take longer. Larger values mean you can't get as close to objects, but large motions will be faster. We decided on 90 as a default. I often use 300 unless I'm trying to get close to a fixture or scene object. - Far Clip Distance should always be set as small as it can be as this improves shadow quality, even if only slightly. I recommend zooming out as far as you would ever want to (given your current scene) and lowering the far clip plane until it starts to "cut out" geometry. Bump it back up a little bit so it's no longer clipping. That's the sweet spot, which is contextual to every document you create. Generally speaking, unless you find a need to adjust either of these, there isn't a need to adjust it! I know that sounds oxymoronic but some of these settings were created for the edge case where a customer really does need a radically different value than the default.
  9. bbudzon

    Fixtures not Showing Up?

    Are you using the CDM or Tungsten Nexeras? And are these the Wide Nexeras?? I may not be able to help as much with this one, but I would try clicking Help->Update Libraries to ensure that your copy of Vision has the latest content 😉
  10. bbudzon

    Vision 2019 first impressions and questions

    I think we may have found an elegant solution to the colors not coming over properly such that it wont need to be reworked later. We are testing the fix out in the beta. Assuming things go well, it should make it into the final SP1 release.
  11. Hey Dan, We found a pretty serious bug in DMX just before SP0 release and were able to get a fix into the initial build. Have you had a chance to test Vision 2019 SP0 to see if this issue still exists? It may require a new file as the bug may have been stored off in the v3s (the esc should be ok).
  12. bbudzon

    Beams going through walls?

    Glad to help! You are right about the menu not being called Application Settings but we will refer to the settings in that menu as Application Settings because they are stored in the Application and NOT in the Document. Similarly, Document Preferences (such as Render Shadows) ARE Document Preferecences and therefore will be stored in the v3s. When you email Vision files to others, the Document Preferences will carry along but Application Settings will not as they are set on a per user basis inside the Application itself. (This is similar to how VW handles Application/User Settings vs Document Preferences.)
  13. bbudzon

    Beams going through walls?

    On OSX, you can click the Vision menu and then click Preferences (on PC it is Edit->Preferences). You can also use the default OSX keyboard shortcut that is used by all applications on OSX: Command+, (note: this keyboard shortcut does not exist on PC). If you were unaware of this menu, make sure to check the help documentation, as well. There is a LOT of good stuff in there and you should try to understand all of these settings as they have direct impacts on performance and quality. The settings that impact performance the most (and in order of importance): Resolution Quality Volumetric Quality Render Fixtures (with large number of lights) Shadow Quality Texture Quality Dynamic Shadows (should almost always be set to "Objects", which should be the default) We tried to ship mostly sane defaults here, but feel free to try these settings out and store them off as presets.
  14. bbudzon

    Beams going through walls?

    I think I know what's going on. Go into your application settings (not document settings) and make sure Dynamic Shadows is set to "Objects".
  15. bbudzon

    Beams going through walls?

    The "Enable Shadows" document preference is now disabled by default because (you'd never believe me when I say this) most people don't notice they are off and the performance increase is astounding. Simply select ROOT and check the "Render Shadows" check box 😉 One last note (kind of tying in to what I said earlier), if you can run in realtime without shadows it will run WAYYYY faster. You can always toggle the shadows on and off in realtime mode to see what you need to see when you need to see it. I would recommend always enabling shadows for Rendered Stills and Rendered Movies.


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