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  1. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I was able to reproduce the issue and I believe the problem is at export time in VW. I confirmed this by opening a blank document in VW and importing the MVR. The hang positions were still at the origin. I've opened a ticket in our reporting system. Hopefully we'll have something fixed soon!
  2. Please make sure you are running the latest version. Rendering out 4K movies is not supported. The backend video codec we use does not support this and we did not realize it when we added the 4K option. This option should be removed in newer versions. We are working toward moving towards a video codec that will allow for higher resolution renderings. Please try rendering out a 1080p video and see if that is any better 😉
  3. Good catch. I thought these were just extrudes! Very good catch again! Thanks very much for pointing this out as it is very important and I left it out of my comment. @mhersland Good luck and let us know if you have further questions! Texture/UV mapping is quite a large topic, but once you see it in action it all starts to make sense 😉
  4. In your VW document, you have a color bar texture. You can see that it doesn't fill your mesh; rather it is being tiled. What you want to do is use the Attribute Mapping tool to "stretch" the color bar texture on each mesh such that no tiling is visible (ie; the textures align perfectly to the corners of the mesh). Vision will take your NDI frame and "pretend like it is the color bars in VW". So, this is why you are seeing the NDI frame tiled in Vision; because the color bars are tiled in VW. (Just to be clear, tiling is not the issue. The issue is that your texture does not properly "fill" the mesh the way it does in MadMapper.) I hope this helps!
  5. From what I'm seeing, it appears the content for this fixture in Vision does not support this functionality. It shouldn't be too difficult to add to the content. And one benefit of content updates versus code updates is that content updates can be shipped at anytime (where as code updates must ship as a Service Pack). Perhaps, @Mark Eli can chime in.
  6. Hey! Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner. When we render stills/movies, we perform "bucketing" to reduce VRAM use and allow for higher quality renderings. This is probably why you're seeing what you are seeing 😛 That being said, it is possible the movie rendering quality is still set too high. What settings are you using for your Rendered Movie? What settings are you using for your Real Time Render? Do still images export properly? Does a movie export work better if less lights are on?
  7. I'm not sure I've heard this reported before. Perhaps, you could include a VWX that replicates the issue? This worked in Vision 2020 SP2, but a regression was introduced as a part of Vision 2020 SP3. Unfortunately, the developer was not able to get a fix shipped for SP4.
  8. I find MVR to be the ideal workflow 😉 If you are new to Vision, you may not be familiar with the woes of the .ESC file format. However, I still think you might find this article helpful: That article may explain benefits of the MVR workflow you are not familiar with. But, there is always more to learn! If you are trying to eek out the best quality renderings in both VW and Vision, you may find this useful as well: I will note that this HQ Materials guide applies to Vision 2020, but will be receiving an update for the Vision 2021 release.
  9. I'm glad you figured it out! I hadn't had time to look into the original post yet, but you've already solved it! A little explanation: The MVR specification/standard mandates that when writing an MVR all units of measure should be in millimeters. It is for this reason that millimeters is the default option at import time; this option should rarely be changed. To be frank, the only reason this option is still around is in the event some company starts writing MVR files "against the spec". We, as a company, did not want to have to tell customers, "Well... I guess you need to wait until Company X fixes their MVR Export before you can pull this into Vision." We felt it was much better to provide you this option at import time in the event that an MVR file was written out with incorrect units of measurement; as this would allow to read a file that you would not be able to otherwise. So, I apologize for the confusion! That Units in File import setting (specifically for MVR) should almost always be millimeters. The only reason the option is even present is for a "dooms day"-like scenario 😛
  10. Well, I hope we can start figuring this stuff out! Maybe between the issues you're seeing in VW and the issues you're seeing in Vision we can nail it down.
  11. 60 fps is pretty darn good and what I expected in a blank document. Odds are, VSync is capping you at 60fps (VSync is actually really good to leave on). The point being, 60fps is MORE than fast enough to avoid "blocking" the UI. So, it seems the issue you are having with tools is unrelated to renderer performance (because again, 60fps is more than enough to avoid lagging or blocking the UI). I haven't seen your VW post, mind linking it?? FWIW, I do not think this is specific to OSX Catalina which you've confirmed with your other machine. I'd hate to have you wipe it, but if other programs are giving you issues as well it may be necessary.
  12. The FPS thing can be tricky but I just confirmed and it is definitely in the 2020 release: Furthermore, you're still getting the preference dialogs confused. Let me try to clarify. The following two menu commands on OSX are both application preferences: If you want access to the dialog for document preferences, you must click this menu command:
  13. That is unfortunate... let's try gathering some more information. Can you launch Vision to an empty file, click into the Scene Graph Dock and press the 'o' key once. This will spawn an FPS counter. I'd like a screenshot of this. I believe if you press 'o' one more time, you will get even more detailed diagnostics. A screenshot of this as well would be nice. I'm just curious as to how well your machine is performing in an empty file as it should be pretty darn fast. If we can confirm that, perhaps the UI is "lagging" for some other reason?
  14. No worries at all! Maybe once we get through some of this stuff we can discuss NDI in more detail (or possibly in a new thread). Not a problem at all. Thank you so much for uploading a video showing what it is you are seeing!
  15. This is interesting! One of the big changes in 2020 that had a larger impact on performance than we realized was the new 4D Haze. What most don't know (and what isn't very well documented) is that you can disable 4D Haze by setting Haze Texture Intensity to 0%. This will drastically increase performance, in my experience, and therefore should "speed up" the UI. Can you confirm if you still experience these issues with Haze Texture Intensity set to 0%? What about when you are simply in a blank file? Do the tools activate properly then?


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