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  1. Please follow up! I like being in the loop on these things so next time someone asks I know the answer 🤣
  2. Interesting.... I would've expected that to work!! Good attempt 😄 The dll for MANet should be the same between 2019 and 2020. In fact, if it were to break my best guess is that it would've broken going from 2018 to 2019. So, it sounds odd but the fact that 2019 is working for you is really good! That is the release in which we dropped 32bit support entirely. I'm going to ping @klinzey, @BrandonSPP, @BSeigel, and @Mark Eli in hopes that one of them may know what it going on! You may also considering calling in to Technical Support and seeing if they can work through the problem with you over the phone 🙂
  3. I would try adjust the Texture Scale/Offset H/Offset V in Vision to start. If this gets you even remotely close to the desired look then it seems like the texture coordinates coming into Vision are off. These texture coordinates come from the modeling program, in this case VW. If the texture coordinates are off in VW, it would be interesting to know what you are applying the texture to. Is this a parametric television or blended screen? Or is this a simple extrude with the texture attribute mapping tool being used to apply the texture to the mesh?
  4. Inside of your Vision installation folder, there should be a DMX Providers directory with some dll's in it. If you are missing the MANet.dll in this folder, try repairing/reinstalling Vision to "bring it back" 😉
  5. I've had users report this in the past, but I was never quite able to reproduce the issue or figure out what is going on. Would you mind attaching your vwx/mvr/esc/v3s? I'll see what I can figure out 😉 It sounds like it may be that our content doesn't support gobos in these fixtures? Perhaps, @Mark Eli can chime in.
  6. You should be able to rotate this fixtures via the Vision Properties Window. A new feature was added for Vision 2020 that should be familiar to VW users; the Rotate 3D Menu Command! Perhaps, give this a shot and see how it works for you 😉 Sometimes with Vision (in regards to conventionals), you have to assign the Gobo to the second slot instead of the first. If you continue running into issues, try launching the Software Console window with one of your fixtures selected. Tweak some of these sliders, and hopefully you'll get to your desired look!
  7. Perfect!! I had no idea 😛 (sorry, I'm just a lowly programmer 🤣) Glad you found everything you needed to get up and running. If you have any questions, feel free to search the forums or create a new thread!
  8. As of Vision 2019, serial numbers are supported. HOWEVER, Vision requires a dongle in order to use MANet. (This was a restriction placed on Vision by GrandMA). I'm not sure how easy it would be to switch you over, but I'd either call in or see if someone jumps in here 😉
  9. I'm glad it's getting more stable for you! I opened an enhancement in JIRA with some suggestions as to how we could solve this. I linked to this forum post, so feel free to leave additional notes/comments here!
  10. I'm not sure if a ticket has been opened or not, but we can certainly look into it. I'm guessing most Vision users are just used to the old workflow or aren't reaching the right people to get things resolved.
  11. I'm not sure I can help much with the VW side of things with plot and model views and what not. Maybe @klinzey or @BrandonSPP can chime in. But as far as your last point was concerned, I wanted to make sure the crash wasn't something I could reproduce and fix. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue. My concern is your forum signature 😧 Looks like you have an nvidia card which is not compatible with the Mac Operating System on Vision 2019+. The hardware is okay; if you have bootcamp installed and boot windows on the same machine the nvidia card will work fine. See the tech bulletin below:
  12. I think it is just that when Vision was originally implemented way back when, they treated gels the same way as they treated gobos and that's carried forward; they are essentially interchangeable from a rendering standpoint. I could be wrong, but I think the original crew through some extra wheels in the content just in case; you can safely ignore them if you do not need them 😉
  13. Have you tried assigning a fixture mode, going into the Edit dialog, going to the Color Wheels tab, and assign gels there?
  14. Of course! If you are using 2020 SP2 VW and Vision, we just got renderworks transparency images coming over via MVR. So, simply assign an image shader to the renderworks texture transparency. Export an MVR and open with Vision. Alternatively, this can be done inside of Vision. Each mesh has a Material grouping in the Properties Window. Under Materials is all of the different image textures; one of which is Alpha Texture (this aligns with VW's transparency image shader). For a good example of this, please load up the Sponza Demo file and inspect the chain links and the foliage 😉
  15. Unfortunately, there is currently no way of doing this. Meshes are either visible or they are not. Vision 2018 had transparency, but it was never quite implemented correctly (although it kind of worked for simpler meshes). If you happen to have a dongle for Vision, you can fall back to the older release if necessary. (Serial numbers were not implemented in 2018.) Vision 2019 introduced a new rendering technique to drastically improve performance. The cost of this was not having transparency. It can still be done with quite a bit of elbow grease, but it has fallen down the priority list. If you need part of an object to be invisible but not the entire thing, transparency/alpha masks can be used. This is helpful for things like plants, chain links, and other odd ball things; using them for truss is an interesting use case. I'll make sure to bring this thread up in our meetings and let the team know transparency is catching on!


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