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  1. bbudzon

    Codec for Render Movie

    If you are talking about creating a rendered movie from Vision via a DMX Recording, we always write our videos out as MPEG-1. We've recently discovered this is what is causing a crash when rendering at a resolution of 4096x2160 as MPEG-1 only supports up to 4095x4095 (ie; our height was one pixel too tall for the codec). We're going to remove this option for now, but would like to investigate other export formats. If you have any suggestions/insights that would be great! If you are talking about reading a video file off of disk for playback in Vision, the generally consensus has been "If the OS can play it, we can play it." I'm not very familiar with the code that handles this as it was written well before my time. But if we need to support better codecs here, it would be good to know that customers would like it investigated!
  2. bbudzon

    Vision 2020

    @TomWhiteLight hit the nail on the head here. What you want to be looking at are DMX XForms in Vision. The help contains valuable information such as what our profile/personality looks like for controlling various features of DMX XForms in Vision. Generally speaking, each input should show up as a unique entry in the Video Input dialog. There are a few ways to go about doing this, but the simplest way of doing this from inside of Vision itself is to simply select a mesh/object and then right clicking in the viewport to get the context menu. There will be an Assign Video Inputs option. This will spawn a dialog with all available UVC Devices (ie; webcams, capture cards) and NDI Streams.
  3. bbudzon

    Merge v3s?

    We actually do not officially support merging v3s files. That being said, there is a hacky work around... If you open a v3s and copy the items you want, you can then open notepad/textedit and paste "v3s-like" content into it. If you now open a new v3s, you can then copy everything in notepad/textedit and paste into Vision. I tried this and it worked for me, but again this is not officially supported so I cannot guarantee it will work. I will bring up v3s merging in one of our meetings so we can see how we want to go about approaching it. One easy thing we could probably do is just not clear the clipboard when opening new files. This way, you could simply open a v3s, copy, open another v3s, paste 😉
  4. bbudzon

    Change fixture type

    Most rendering engines do something called "face culling" for performance reasons. Essentially, what this boils down to is: in the real world, you can never see more than 3 sides of a cube. This is true for rendering as well. When Face Culling is Off in Vision, we render all 6 sides. When Face Culling in On, we only render the 3 visible camera-facing sides. Face Culling relies on Winding Order. Winding order specifies whether the 3 vertices that make up a triangle are wound CW or CCW. Flip Winding Order converts CW to CCW and visa versa 😉 Truth be told, because our engine uses something called deferred rendering, Face Culling doesn't seem to make THAT much of a difference in performance. Due to some bugs with VW winding order, we generally just leave "Face Culling" turned off 🙂
  5. bbudzon

    Change fixture type

    Was pouring over old posts and forgot about this one. Get out there and download 2020! We've added a "Replace Selected Fixtures" to Vision's Scene Graph Dock Context Menu 😄 One thing I do want to point out is that even though we added this feature to Vision, you should try your best to always make your changes in VW and leverage the MVR workflow. I understand this isn't always possible which is why we wanted to add in the feature. But if you make this change in Vision and then send your document from VW to Vision it will trash these changes! Just forewarning!! 😛
  6. bbudzon

    DMX Transforms

    hahahah sorry! I thought we were in the beta forums 😆 Essentially, I was trying to make sure this doesn't get lost by asking you to put it in our system. But just the other day I found it in our system! So, that is good! 😛 Now, we just need to work on collecting workflow information from users so we know we are going down the right path!
  7. bbudzon

    DMX Transforms

    Unfortunately, this is something we haven't gotten around to handling in VW or Vision. You have found about the best workaround which is adjusting things on the VW side. While this could be done on the Vision side, it would have to be done every time you send an MVR to Vision. So, doing it in VW is ideal. I just talked with our team internally about this and we'd like to get a TO together. Would you mind maybe opening up a VE for this and any ideas you have for how you would like this workflow to behave? Some ideas we've thrown around internally is having a "marker" specifically for DMX Rotations. You could drag this "marker" around in VW to "adjust" the rotation point for Vision. Doing this in VW ensures that every time you Send to Vision, you get the result you want 😉 While technically, this would only be needed in VW, it would be nice to have the same UI/UX in Vision in the event you need to adjust something. (But I will say now, ALL adjustments should be done in VW! If you adjust a DMX Rotation in Vision and not VW, then the next Send to Vision will "wipe out" your changes! 😧 Always, whenever possible, make your changes in your VWX! 😄)
  8. bbudzon

    Emmisive Fixture From Vectorworks?

    I'm not sure this helps at all, but I can see the workflow frustration here. Everytime you send to vision you have to keep "re-enabling" the "Force Emissive" option on your fixtures... It would be a nice enhancements request to be able to set this flag from VW when sending to vision. The only half way work around that I can think of is leveraging the MVR workflow and only exporting/merging necessary updates. If the Force Emissive fixtures in Vision are not contained in the MVR that is being merged, then they will be left alone in Vision and all other items will be "updated" to match the MVR. Hopefully this helps!
  9. bbudzon

    Exporting MVR

    Can you email me your VWX?? I'll get it to the right people so they can take a look. I don't think it should be taking that long!
  10. bbudzon

    Texture Reflectivity

    @Charlie Winter I think the issue you are running into at a conceptual level is that alpha masks are not created for geometries but for textures. So generally speaking, when looking at a regular image texture, you will see a spot that "should not be rendered". For example, if you are using an extrude as a truss it will just look like a box when no texture is applied. When you apply a regular image texture that looks like a truss, the box now LOOKS like a truss but light doesn't shine through it like a truss. This is where you would want to generate an alpha mask from the regular image to allow light to "shine through". But bear in mind, this is all being done at a texture level. There is also a concept for generating normal maps called "baking". I know this has nothing to do with alpha masks, but it might be something you are interested in or at the very least something that helps make alpha masks make more sense. The interesting thing about "baking" is that it DOES work on geometries. So essentially what happens is you make a high poly count and a low poly count model. You then "bake" the high poly count model into a normal map and apply the normal map to the low poly count model. This gives you incredible quality at the cost of very little performance (look at the Lion Head in the Sponza model for a good example of baking normal maps into low poly count models). All of this being said, I always want to help people take their Vision renderings "to the next level". Perhaps, if you post an example VWX I could help you work through the alpha masking of the arches? I'm sure users here in the forums would benefit from this as well!
  11. bbudzon

    Vision Capture card Crash

    Hmm, that is odd! Please ensure you are on the latest version of Vision. Also as a test - try using this capture card with a 3rd party application, such as Skype, on both machines; this will help narrow down where the issue resides.
  12. Hmm, we have an option for inverting pan/tilt, but not zoom 😧 Perhaps, @Mark Eli or can chime in here? If the content just needs updated, it might be a quick fix.
  13. bbudzon

    Video Screen Sizing/Scaling

    Check out this post! MVR is pretty frickin' amazing, especially for VW/Vision users 😉
  14. bbudzon

    Video Screen Sizing/Scaling

    I'm glad you have video inputs working! I'd need to let someone who knows more about VW chime in here (I'm a Vision developer), but you can adjust texture scaling in your VWX on the VW side of things. If you are using MVR, you can simply export and overwrite the old MVR file and merge these changes via MVR into Vision. If you aren't using MVR, you should look into it!
  15. bbudzon

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    I can say that I've successfully used my MBP WebCam along with a Capture Card to feed different screens different feeds at the same time. Perhaps, there is an issue with the drivers or something? If you have 2 capture cards plugged into your machine, do other programs like Skype see both capture cards? Is it only Vision that does not see them both?


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