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  1. Ya you have to actually edit the class using the edit dialog box.
  2. THEN DEATH YOU SHALL HAVE. (Add in your own evil laugh in the background)
  3. I reshape walls all the time. But using a wall recess to make the cut at the top of a wall for a door is something I've never thought of. Will give it a try.
  4. Any improvements to stairs, windows and doors is a plus for me. Ya I'm still waiting for a stacked wall solution. Stacked walls was my first wish here on the forums. 5 years ago.
  5. I gotta say I'm still waiting, slightly holding my breathe that something architectural will be shown. The last two versions have been very abysmal when it comes to something I can use. So far only the new 3D modeling tools is anything praise worthy from my end.
  6. The VW Help was no help. It's like the software installed on my machine is missing something. This a screen pic of what I get when I click on "Create Animation" under Model.
  7. Is anyone else having trouble creating a basic animation. I just want to do an orbital animation around a model and I get nothing. Zip, zero, nadda.
  8. Fantastic. Figured there would be a way. Thanks @Boh
  9. Is there a way to make a revision act like Project Data so that I only need to type out Issued for permit once with a date and similar other items?
  10. Well you're not alone. Hope that makes you feel a little better. It certainly is inconsistent and less so at least for me with vw2020. I've had to do all the things you posted and that would usually fix it. Just a shame that one has to go thru all that to make it work when it's not working.
  11. Yes this is the exact problem. I suppose you could submit this as a bug from your end. Thanks for having a look @Wes Gardner
  12. @Wes Gardner A quick update. I adjusted my jamb width to 1/2". Essentially matching my jamb extension and look what it does, it fixes the issue. But this is not the result I want. When I set my Jamb width to about 4.5" I actually create a more realistic effect of how a replacement window looks. The jamb extension in many ways should be called a drywall return.
  13. @Wes Gardner Hmmm...well I tried another window. I set my jamb depth to 4.5" and my extension to 1/2". Again the side trim works out fine but not the bottom or upper trim. See pic attached. You'll see in the pic that the bottom trim creates a kind of 3D pocket.


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