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  1. I second the sentiments @Archidochas expressed.
  2. Great show, great time, great staff, great food. Great, great, great. Now it's back to work.
  3. At first glance...Ya there is the Section/Elevation Direct Editing and the Multi View stuff but next to nothing on any enhancements to existing tools in the AEC like doors, windows and stairs. Remember "At first glance" Maybe there is stuff deep inside. Robust Wall Modelling Options has my curiosity peaked. Just no time to investigate at the moment. Nothing really, as of yet, has got my mojo going. 2018 Kinda feels like 2016 did. 2017 was a good release. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.
  4. @Andrew DaviesI think I see what your saying. Is there any reason why you couldn't draw at a given scale other than 1:1? Lots of factors there given I have no idea what your workflow is like. All my line work such as leaders etc. is done in the annotations portion of my viewports on sheet layers. So I never deal with this kind of issue.
  5. How about giving us some more details about your installation troubles. I'm sure there are reasons and solutions to your problem.
  6. You can edit the marker list. And in that list is an option for a custom configuration. Press the down area on either the lower left or lower right sides of the palette.
  7. I concur. It does work.
  8. Totally concur. If its only a straight line form A to B use a line. Mind you if you click twice you now have to erase the line. Click once only to set the line at the beginning. (for the newbies) This is one of those tools that is used for other purposes other than what it was designed for.
  9. I have not found any way to change the size or style of the hinger direction marker. Ya on large small scale work the markers are almost invisible. Give it an up vote. @Jim Smith
  10. This has annoyed me for a while now. It becomes a matter of remembering to exit sheet layers to a design layer and then edit the symbol. Gotta agree. Editing a symbol should be the same no matter where you are in the file.
  11. Thanks @JimWfor the older link. Some of the names/titles have changed and others added but most of your list was there.
  12. So I've got an Nvidia Quadro M4000 graphics card in my workstation. With it comes Nvidias control Panel. When it comes to functioning at its best is there anything that I can set to make the card run its best with VW or is it best to leave everything at a "default" level. I've attached a screen pic that shows a partial list of stuff that can be "customized". I'm not well versed with most of what it shows. Is it safe to assume that most of the possible settings don't apply?
  13. Congratulations @JimW! Your balanced and charitable responses keep, I think, everyone a little calmer and more constructive. I've only been using VW for 3 years now, the same for the forum, and it's been fantastic. I've learned so much and continue to do so. Most recently because of the "DRAWING LIST ADJUSTING DATA" thread, I'm going to look into that end of things more closely. Cheers for 10,000 posts and cheers for the next 10,000!
  14. This is pretty much what I was saying. Notice how I used the word hierarchy at the end of my sentence. I don't think assigning more than 1 core component is the answer.
  15. Thanks @rDesignI should have just looked at the help section first.