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  1. Yes. I've had situations like this too. Thumbs up here.
  2. Gotta love it when you answer your own question. Keep posting those questions though. At some point you will definitely not have an answer.
  3. Hi @joergI had a look at your dilema and I immediately tried building your shape with 3D polygons and then used the add solid tool and then apply the shell tool. worked just fine. I've re-attached the file for your use. vw2016 The screen shot shows the results in wireframe to see the underlying geometry. roofshape_Revised_v2016.vwx Cheers.
  4. @Andy Broomelldo you have experience with using figures from If so how do you set up the textures. I'm finding the figures are showing up with artifacts. In the pic attached I've highlighted trouble areas. I get two different sizes for each character one at 30000kb and the other at 100000 but neither one seems to make a difference.
  5. Oh Yes Please. These would be great improvements.
  6. I'm on board.
  7. Your thinking along the lines of a "Nano Door" scenario? Like the pic attached?
  8. The best forum I've ever been on. I check-in everyday...except weekends. Always plenty of nuggets of knowledge to be had. Kudos to the @Jimw and the other moderators. Always a pleasant experience.
  9. This is a pet peeve of mine as well. If I start with a window that is 48" high and I wan't to add a transom to the top. I would intuitively expect that the height I choose for the transom would be added to the 48" not take away from it.
  10. The only place available that I can see is in the OIP when an object is selected. Wishlist?
  11. Perhaps @CraftyCatyou might consider going (get the boss to foot the bill) to the Vectorworks Design Summit in Baltimore in September. Lots of workshops over two days all about VW.
  12. For that transition piece, I would look at using nurbs and the loft tool.
  13. Yes. Some control by the user is needed. I too often just turn off the grey others option because the clarity is to distracting and unhelpful.
  14. That new Imac Pro does look impressive.