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  1. Markvl

    Determine roof face slope from existing geometry?

    This is exactly how I do it. I haven't been able to think of another way.
  2. Markvl

    Final renders

    I'll use a dutch word to describe what I see. Mooi. @Bas Vellekoop The renders give a nice sketchy render feel. Light and not too specific.
  3. Markvl

    What mouse do you recommend?

    You'll get used to it. Love my CadMouse. We got the smaller wireless model with a mouse pad.
  4. Markvl

    Twinmotion plugin/livesync

    Refer to this thread for voting it up.
  5. Markvl

    Custom Titleblocks

    Wow at first glance this looks great @Andy Broomell. I'll dig into it when I got some time. Thanks.
  6. Markvl

    Custom Titleblocks

    Does anyone know of a good comprehensive tutorial on making custom titleblocks in 2019? Especially when it comes to custom fields. I find that small part to be very un-intuitive. I've done some custom titleblocks but upon wanting to go back and tweak a few things to make things work more seamlessly I'm forgetting what I did in the first place.
  7. Now that is a fantastic offer. I will definitely latch onto that and use it to wow the boss. Thanks for sharing @Hans-Olav
  8. Markvl

    Until Next Time

    Man... coming in late. Where have I been to not have seen this? I am sad to see you go @Jim W but I wish you all the best with your new endeavors. Family is so important and it makes me glad to see that you see it as important as well, as well as many others. Kind feels like a big hole has been left wide open. Who will fill it? (Rhetorical) I appreciated the grace, wit, enthusiasm and professionalism that you brought here to the forum as well as a good handle on the product that is VW and guiding us all through the inner workings to get the most out of it. Cheers!
  9. Markvl

    a "Real" 3D Polygon

    Is the subdivision tool then perhaps a bit of an overkill? I do think though that a simplified version may be helpful. I haven't used the subdivision tool myself simply because it starts from an organic point of view.
  10. Markvl

    Space under door?

    @Bruce KiefferI haven't tried this but it's the only thing I can think of is that you could try making a custom leaf with a false gap at the bottom. Perhaps by adding a 1"+/- tall object without a fill or pen. Otherwise I don't think it's possible with the typical door parameters because the leaf (custom or otherwise) fills (stretches) in the space allotted for the leaf. But maybe there is a way. Anybody else know?
  11. No doubt it would happen.
  12. Markvl

    Summit 2019?

    Well...that would explain why we haven't heard a peep. Understandable as to going to an every 18 months or so. It is a lot of work. Just gotta wait a little longer then. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Markvl

    Summit 2019?

    Soooo....It's almost the end of March...Any word on location for this years Summit? I do plan to go. @Jim Wilson and company?
  14. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Sky it is weird but I remembered that I also had this problem the first time I used a wall section for my fire rated walls and so what I ended up finding out it has to do with IFC settings. When you edit the style of your wall and click on the Data tab you'll notice an IFC button on the bottom left. Select this and the pic attached is what you'll see. I went into each "Object Properties" that was checked and unclicked all the items that had a style lock on it. (Swishy arrow) I then went back to the schedule and recalculated it and the info showed up. Bonkers! But now all my walls show the info I want to see.
  15. Markvl

    Help with Wall Schedule!

    @Sky Sorry something goofy went on there. See this pic. Hmmm... something else I noticed is that some walls are showing a description and others not.


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