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  1. Another great tutorial Andy. Precise and to the point. Very easy to understand.
  2. I would simply say up your Dpi to 300. Do you feel like you've had sharper images at the same Dpi on other files?
  3. @Thomas Wagensommerer I figured that is what you were getting at. I was hoping to be able to turn off the "elevation and diameter" by assigning a class but doing so also turns of all the other alphanumeric text. Wish list I guess.
  4. @Thomas Wagensommerer are you referring to size and font? If so what I do is create a Slab-Notes class and when you select the Slab Drainage Tool you will see the settings button on the end. In the dialogue box you can apply all those text items to one or more classes.
  5. @VWVSpass this thread may be of help to you.
  6. Markvl


    Haha @zoomer beet me to it. Couple of things came to mind. 1. Considering how the door is sitting in relation to the wall. Perhaps your wall design (how you lade out the components) may have something to do with. or 2. See pic attached. @zoomer picked up on it. Perhaps your "Offset in Wall" needs to be filled in with the difference to push back the door system. Note: you can give that offset a negative distance to push it back or a positive distance to push it forward.
  7. @MGilc I would suggest perhaps inserting 3 windows rather than trying to create 1 window using the window tool.
  8. Thanks @Pat Stanford and @Matt Panzer. Removing the base cabinet tool and re-attaching it did the job. Working as intended.
  9. @Matt PanzerI've even started a new blank file and inserted the original base cabinet from VW's default libraries and I still get the same problem. The other symbols from Cabinet Utility and Cabinet Wall do not have this problem.
  10. @Matt Panzerthanks for responding. The problem appears to be only with "base" cabinets. All the others are fine. But have a look. I"ve attached a File. Fixtures-Cabinets.vwx
  11. So I'm working now in VW2021 sp1 and I'm going to use some cabinets to put together a kitchen layout for a 3D render and I notice that I'm missing a couple of buttons to add door and drawer hardware. I went back to VW2020 and they are there but not in VW2021. What happened there? Would someone from VW take a look into this? @JuanP I've attached a couple of screen shots. First shot is from VW2021. The second shot is from VW2020.
  12. Hey @fabrica I took the liberty of taking your *.png image file and making an *.ico of it to share so others don't need to convert it. I love the colour you chose. Thanks for sharing. This is a PC file folks. Use @Tom Klaber method above to change your versions icon. Having to much fun now. Here is one more. GET BACK TO WORK YOU SLUGS! VW-Logo_Minty.ico VW-Logo_Bluey.ico
  13. Ya you have to actually edit the class using the edit dialog box.


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