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  1. So I just used a Barn Door style for the first time. Love it...but it doesn't seem to flip in 4 directions. It is only flipping in 2 directions. In other words the door only slides left. I have a location where I want it to slide right. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. Are you using a solid to apply the texture to? In the case of your box I'd assume 6 sides no matter how "thin" it is. This is why you see grass coming out of the sides. Try a 3D poly if this is the case.
  3. This is a pic of an HP T120 probably similar to the T130 above. What I like about this model is the 11x17 feed tray that you can see at the back.
  4. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. This is for the tech guys at VW. Perhaps we could see a fix in upcoming service packs? I've been toying with 3D window details such as using "Jamb Extensions" but I've noticed a glitch in how Interior trim interacts or positions itself in relation to the Jamb Extension. I've attached a couple of screen picks to illustrate the problem. I've never noticed this before as I've never used jamb extensions in earlier versions. I used clip cube to show this issue from a right side position. This is not an issue in top/plan view as seen in the second pic. It also does not matter what type of window one illustrates; Casement, single hung etc.
  6. Totally missed that. Thanks.
  7. I'm now working with VW2020 and something I can't seem to figure out is how do I control what level of detail I see when in design layers? I see how to do that in Viewports. The level of detail I can see would appear to be "medium"
  8. VW Rabble Rouser. I'm honoured (I think) to be included in that list @Sean O"Skea. I don't like to complain but if no one ever did, things would never change. There are wish list items that have garnered a lot of support, but have not been addressed in any meaningful way and I've only be using VW now for 5 years. The none action is starting to add up. Windows/Doors and stairs are the items that matter to me the most.
  9. I had a sneaking suspicion that this version wasn't going to be something to celebrate. Maybe there will be some hidden gems but I won't hold my breathe. I suppose I do like the updated history based modeling, the updated data tags and the walk-thru animation tool. I'm at a point where I'm starting to feel like upgrading next year will not be worth it. I guess I need to trust that I don't know all the ins and outs of upgrading certain tools. How hard can it be to upgrade the stair tool and doors and windows?
  10. I just gotta say "oh ya" I found some windows in a render I'm working on (interior Kitchen) and some baseboard and crown moulding where I had a plastic type textured white on them and I was getting the splotchiness and when I went with a straight off white colour with out any other shaders the problem was gone. It makes sense.
  11. Nicely done @line-weight Your card stock/balsa wood renditions look great. The contrasting materials really help define the details/features. It very much has an "artistic" flair to it.


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