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  1. Thanks so much @Pat Stanford Found a few more functions to play with. That did the trick. This new tool is just fantastic and is going to save us at our office a lot of time.
  2. I've been playing with the new graphics legend in vw2023 but I'm wondering if you can display the Style Name/Symbol Name of the Object you're displaying such as a door. I may have a door style called "Door Int 32in Closets" Can we make that show up in the Cell for each door, window, etc?
  3. Try using the Roof Face Command under the AEC Menu. I make my roofs with the Roof Face Command. I like to first draw my roof plan in 2D and then make all my polygons for the command and then systematically make each roof face.
  4. I have an M4000 in my workstation. I've been happy with it. Just updated drivers for it this morning. Seems to be doing well in VW2022 too.
  5. Well I'm not the only one who thinks Windoor is not intuitive. I want to like it but man some of it takes time to get my head around.
  6. @Wes Gardner I know things can take time but this is still a problem in VW2022. Should be an easy fix for the code writers.
  7. Found it. Had to import it.
  8. Would there be a reason why I don't see Redshift as a style option when I go to update a viewport?
  9. I'm excited to have Windoor as it does so much more but boy it's a little harder to get my head around some of the details. Not too intuitive I find.
  10. So Yay. Its available to Designer licenses. Now I need an instruction manual.
  11. So windoor is not included with VW2022. Is this a plug-in that we can now purchase? I was hoping for windoor to be built in. Sadly not so.
  12. Agreed. I often have situations where I wish I just had an exterior finish to finish off a small area created by a roof without using an entire wall style where a wall peak function will not work well.
  13. I would suggest that you use something you can adjust the texture with for the floor.
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