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  1. We're watching you @JimW. Always watching.
  2. When you originally bought from Renderpeople, what format did you download for use in VW?
  3. Very nice work. Looks Great.
  4. There ya go. It turned out very nice. What kind of project is this for if I may ask? @egidoro
  5. @Andy Broomellthese are fantastic. Amazing what good textures and lighting can do. The people in the scenes...are they from Renderpeople?
  6. The LOVE button. Coming to a forum near you. I had need of that a couple of times today on the forum.
  7. Lumion 8...MIND BLOWN
  8. I'm currently playing around with the settings such as Low, Medium or High to see how they act in adobe.
  9. Does anyone have much experience with exporting models out to a 3D PDF? Good, bad, ugly? Any tips or tricks? Better software options for just viewing a model?
  10. Didn't you get a new laptop earlier this year @Tom Klaber? And a very high end one I might add?
  11. Maybe try grouping the dimension(s). @Bruce Kieffer.
  12. What you want is a styled door. Prior to 2017 you use to make a door with various properties and populate your plans with it but there was one problem, if you wanted to change something to that door and make it apply to all instances you had to select them all and make the change or do it one at a time. 2017 comes along and we now have Door Styles. Kind of like a symbol but really a genuine resource. You can now choose what will be part of the style or just an instance. So for your purposes you could have several different doors for various circumstances or one door that has the jamb set to us the wall depth and lock that or leave it open for you to change for each door as you see fit. Check out this video. Also have a look at the help section under Door Styles
  13. You will see at about the middle of the pic attached a button showing a stack of sheets with a black bracket beside it highlighted in blue. This is the "unified view" button and what it does essentially is stack your layers so that when you are creating say a multi level building like a 2 storey house the layers will show stacked instead of what you are getting...random floating layers.
  14. It's been like that for as long as I've been using VW which is only since 2014. I would like it to dock too. Wishlist it @Bertf