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  1. While it's got a sketchy feel to it, I do like that the details still come through clearly. Nice work @Tom Klaber
  2. @bcdwould you give an example and/or illustrate where this might be useful. It does sound a little weird. Would the extruded locus in a sense remain a locus?
  3. I was thinking about that myself. I like both and I was trying to think of something that was abhorrent to me (food wise) but nothing came to mind in that moment so I left it. All kidding aside. The stair tool simply falls way short especially on what we now see is possible.
  4. I just watched that Archisoft video. Would someone please help me get my chin up off the floor! This isn't even apples and oranges. It's like steak and gummy bears.
  5. Here is a couple of screen shots of what I've got. And like you mentioned @digitalcarbonI've built the stairs that get used the most. A work in progress. So you'll see I've got units with steps only and some with steps and landings. Also a few parts for foundation supports. The Steps are accurately modeled to reflect the real product.
  6. I've got some similarly organized items. I've got precast steps in a separate file but of all sorts of sizes and number of steps and aluminum railings to match to essentially drag and drop into new projects. Works great for me too.
  7. It does appear to be able to upload to a sketchup file.
  8. I've gone back and forth on whether to go with one file or two. If I go two separate files the second file is strictly for very typical details and notes. With two files it does bring the file size down a bit for the model. I like the idea of one file but it can get heavy after awhile. My siteplans are separate files and the the plans are referenced. When it comes to BIM, right now I only get door and window schedules and a basic takeoff sheet. As for classes...yes 50+ very easily. You want to keep things as flexible as possible. Lumping to many objects (from notes, text, symbols, etc) together will mean turning of something you need for a specific task/presentation. My files are used for working drawings and presentations. All of this is still a work in progress as I experiment with the best methods to see what is the quickest.
  9. Ya, I've got to add to the sentiments here. Nice work @jcaia
  10. If we can get this moved over to the wishlist I'll gladly vote it up.
  11. How about get that *.las file into a contour line setup?
  12. How can I get an *.las (Lidar) file into vectorworks?
  13. Totally on board for this. I was use to Autocad being able to fillet any two lines with the appropriate and accurate curve. It was so easy and no guessing.
  14. So I went into the leaf symbol and I had shown the wire in the glass and so I took it out. That did the trick. Too specific.
  15. Hey @zoomer see the pic attached. This is the general area that the "rendering status bar" shows up and yes the geometry update bar. Same location. What I'm thinking and this is related to @bcd comment that the thumbnail view in the resource manager is causing this render cycle. Typically if you've made a new symbol it will show up in the resource manager in the wireframe mode and when you change the thumbnail render mode, this is when you'll see that render status bar show up as it re-renders the view in the RM. See second pic. I'm getting this re-rendering every time I pick something in the doors settings. Digging deeper today to find the offending object. May be my door leaf.