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  1. No sooner have I posted this...I run a search on google and @Andy Broomellhas got a tutorial. Cheers.
  2. Forum. I need your help. I need to make triangular windows (custom models) and insert them into a wall but I'm getting a strange result. See pic attached. I must be missing something. The symbol refuses to insert itself parallel to the wall but rather perpendicular. Thoughts?
  3. @Chris Fleming that seems to be doing the trick. Thanks.
  4. Hey forum how do I best keep vertical items vertical in perspective to keep the image more realistic and avoid a fish eye kind of result.
  5. This would be so fantastic. This is one thing I liked about Revit Families.
  6. Sounds like a nice wishlist item @Rishie
  7. Nicely done @Partridge Design I did my own little take on it. Works great.
  8. That works @Nikolay Zhelyazkov. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hey Forum. I need some help. It seems I've done this before but have forgotten how to do it. I'd like to create a custom data configuration for a particular titleblock that we use for siteplans. I like using a master subdivision plan and insert (reference) house plans and then using sheet layers to create individual siteplans for the different lots. Using this method though creates a small problem while using and "Sheet Data.Sheet Number" as this references the Sheet Layers in the Navigation Panel. Meening I can't use Sheet Number "100" for each individual Sheet because you'll get the error "That Sheet Number is Already in Use by and Existing Layer" So I want to create a custom Data config rather than rely on the Sheet number in the Navigation panel. Get me? Also I want to add a config so that I can have a "project name" under sheet parameter rather than the project parameter so that this name doesn't override the other sheets in the file. I'd like a config Like "Sheet Data.Project Name" I find that this process is not very intuitive. So I need your help. Thanks!
  10. I'm following this thread as I too have some questions on textures attached to imported objects as meshes. Once you open a mesh it looses the texture. How does one restore the original texture?
  11. Hi @Sidney Lo a little curious with the confusion as I have 2017 still and all is where it should be. See pic attached. In the pic you will see I have the Wall Join Tool Selected (highlighted in blue) and in the tool mode you'll see I have "L" join mode and the "uncapped" mode selected (also highlighted in blue). Not sure how you can be missing the "T" join mode.
  12. @Inspectorjack I hear ya but when you're doing a 50+ unit multistorey apartment building, using the framing tool gets long and tedious.
  13. Hi @Wes Gardnerit would be quantity of 2x's not BF.


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