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  1. Markvl

    Download Content

    Glad you got it resolved.
  2. Markvl

    Download Content

    How did you down load the content? Via the Resource Manager or thru the VSS website?
  3. Markvl

    Concrete surfaces question

    Learned something new today. Thanks @Gadzooks
  4. Markvl

    Focus Rendering Attention

    I have worked with 3dsmax in the past and with their setup I could have the whole rendered image in background and simply patch render the offending area. That would be a cool feature.
  5. Markvl

    Focus Rendering Attention

    As a work around, sorta, I will reset my viewport crop to surround the offending location as you've described and then re-render and then if I'm satisfied with the results I'll return the crop to it's original extents and re-render the whole scene.
  6. Try this site @Matt Overtonhttps://renderpeople.com/ They have really ramped up the number of models they have this past year. Lots of figures seated. Have a look.
  7. This has been an interesting thread. One thing I can add is that amongst our 3 workstations only one has 2018 on it and it's mine and I've only used it for one project. Everything else has been done on 2017. Why? Several things I think but thinking deeper about it I find...well...2018 really didn't set the world on fire (for me). I've stated as much when it first came out. I think it is going to slink into obscurity and 2019 will take it's place on our workstations. (With the hope that there will be some good upgrades especially to existing functions) I do have the luxury of not having to pay for the VSS but it is valuable when it comes to the future. Just my 5 cents. We don't have pennies in Canada anymore.
  8. I think this is a decent idea. It would be great to see them labeled or sub divided into the different aspects of VW like all that apply to Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, etc. I'm generally on the Architect side of VW so I'd like to quickly glance at all the fixes that apply to Architect.
  9. Markvl


    @Rob Books I don't intend this thread to be overly critical but rather to express a level of disappointment. A VSS subscription isn't just about getting the latest version of VW but having access to these said libraries and other content. The models are great for enhancing visualizations and are put together in such a way that makes navigating in the VW environment easier vs grabbing models from say the 3D Warehouse. So when you get a notification that libraries need to be updated, I get excited to see what is new.
  10. Markvl


    The libraries in general have given everyone a little something. I agree. It's felt a little like rain or drought.
  11. Markvl


    I get a notice as I open 2017 to start work. Update libraries. Oh sweet...new content! So I promptly go to VSS and go to my usual sections that apply to me and...zip, zero, nada. It's all in the entertainment section. Let's share the love.
  12. Markvl

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Looking forward to seeing the grunge look and how it's done.
  13. Lets give this another bump.
  14. Markvl

    Resources for Backgrounds

    Wondering if the forum would chime in on resources for great backgrounds for exterior renderings. Suitable for Single Detached homes. Something to cover up the infinite horizon.