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  1. I'm following this thread as I too have some questions on textures attached to imported objects as meshes. Once you open a mesh it looses the texture. How does one restore the original texture?
  2. Hi @Sidney Lo a little curious with the confusion as I have 2017 still and all is where it should be. See pic attached. In the pic you will see I have the Wall Join Tool Selected (highlighted in blue) and in the tool mode you'll see I have "L" join mode and the "uncapped" mode selected (also highlighted in blue). Not sure how you can be missing the "T" join mode.
  3. @Inspectorjack I hear ya but when you're doing a 50+ unit multistorey apartment building, using the framing tool gets long and tedious.
  4. Hi @Wes Gardnerit would be quantity of 2x's not BF.
  5. Math is not a strong suite @CipesDesign How do I apply those board foot numbers to a slab for instance. We'll use a space that is 10ftx10ft using 2x10's
  6. As we all know when we draw walls, floors (slabs) and roofs the component portion of each object representing lumber is a monolithic object that in itself can only give area and volume. How does one determine board feet or the number of joists, studs or rafters required from the data we can retrieve from these objects. A formula of course. Would anyone care to share how that is done? I haven't figured it out yet. I'd like to get estimating materials worked out more for the company I work for using the models we create. More BIM! Thanks.
  7. I didn't realize I could make a property line using the "Create Object From Shapes Command..." SWEET! The Property Line tool is very cumbersome in trying to generate property lines.
  8. Another great tutorial Andy. Precise and to the point. Very easy to understand.
  9. I would simply say up your Dpi to 300. Do you feel like you've had sharper images at the same Dpi on other files?
  10. @Thomas Wagensommerer I figured that is what you were getting at. I was hoping to be able to turn off the "elevation and diameter" by assigning a class but doing so also turns of all the other alphanumeric text. Wish list I guess.
  11. @Thomas Wagensommerer are you referring to size and font? If so what I do is create a Slab-Notes class and when you select the Slab Drainage Tool you will see the settings button on the end. In the dialogue box you can apply all those text items to one or more classes.
  12. @VWVSpass this thread may be of help to you.
  13. Markvl


    Haha @zoomer beet me to it. Couple of things came to mind. 1. Considering how the door is sitting in relation to the wall. Perhaps your wall design (how you lade out the components) may have something to do with. or 2. See pic attached. @zoomer picked up on it. Perhaps your "Offset in Wall" needs to be filled in with the difference to push back the door system. Note: you can give that offset a negative distance to push it back or a positive distance to push it forward.


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