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  1. @MickeyCan you in anyway make the file small enough or perhaps make a new file and dump a few symbols and your worksheet into it and post it here for any to have a look at? I understand it gets frustrating at times. There is an answer though. In cell B2 you simply put =count In cell A2 you want to "summarize items" right click while hovering over the small white box in the bottom right of the cell in cell B2 you want "sum values"
  2. Excellent challenge. Forks are generally very "organic". Kudos to everyone. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well from a first glance...I LIKE IT! What I like the most other than the the dark theme is the User info all brought to the left hand side. Much less looking left to right.
  4. I have thought about this too. When I first saw the list I thought wow this seems kinda technical. Where are the basics that everyone will understand? Needs improvement.
  5. in house functionality would be ideal.
  6. I think what you need @Mickeyis the function "=count". All you are asking for is the symbol name. The spread sheet is not smart. You need to tell it what you want to see. Let us know how it goes.
  7. That is where we had a first glance at them (Baltimore Summit) and decided we needed these. So much better than the standard mice our workstations came with. Make sure you get the pad too.
  8. @NeilBYou'll see my system in my signature below. Love it. It's precise, works well over two screens. I've had no trouble with it. I haven't played with the custom buttons yet. Looking to get one?
  9. Yes. This would be a nice added feature. At least something similar to the split tool where you can choose any face on any object or by the current selection.
  10. I had similar quirkiness @MRD Mark Ridgewell. I simply rebuilt our titleblocks in 2018 and all is good. Copy and past of lines and text and then assigning the text.
  11. I see what your saying @David PoironI wouldn't want to take away from your wish, lets just add to it. So a couple or a few results could be posted. 1...a simple sum of all present R-Values Effective R-Value of the wall assembly. Number 2 would be useful in putting together a worksheet showing the Effective R-Values for permit purposes.
  12. Totally. A total of each components R-value is a wasted exercise and would not be accepted by most if not all jurisdictions. Here in New Brunswick we use Canada's National Building Code and it requires us to show the effective R-value for all exterior assemblies in a Part-9 building. Having VW handle the calcs would be helpful. It is always good though to know how to make the calcs to ensure the answer is correct. Is it possible that the answer could be different depending on where you are? I would think it should be the same. Gets my vote.
  13. I think my thread has put a bug in some peoples ears. Stair Tool Rehab for 2020 has gained another 2 votes for a whopping total of 27...wait now make it 30 and hopefully more for other wishes as well.
  14. That is a very good description "shake it a bit" when the worksheet is not translating immediately. I get that with my takeoffs.
  15. It's a great tool because that means a wall schedule can now be made and that can save a lot of work. Images on worksheets are still lacking in clarity but good enough to get the point across.