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    March 26, 2019 05:00 PM      07:30 PM

    With our Spotlight Essentials Seminar, you will explore some of the most common workflows and utilize the latest tools and commands of Vectorworks® Spotlight software. Designed to help you save time, by designing more efficiently, this seminar will cover the fundamental knowledge, needed to be successful with Vectorworks® Spotlight software. The Spotlight Essentials Seminar will cover topics including:
    A guide to the Spotlight workspace &amp: Spotlight workflows
    Importing a Base Plan
    Document Setup
    Efficient Drawing Techniques
    Creating a Venue
    Placing Stages, Lighting Devices, Rigging, Audio/Video Equipment, and more.
    Spotlight Numbering and Labeling
    Presentation and Documentation
    Focusing Lights and Rendering a Scene

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    March 26, 2019 06:00 PM      07:00 PM

    Attendees will learn from Emmy award-winning designer Kevin Lee Allen how to effectively communicate across multiple disciplines by using Vectorworks Designer. Thanks to its tool sets from the three built-in modules: Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight, Designer offers tools and content to represent and edit exterior landforms digitally, add plants and trees by genus and species, as well as incorporate architectural and entertainment lighting and rigging support for Building Information Modeling techniques. Designer also offers rendering tools to help users draft, model, and present in a single interface.&nbsp:
    Allen will walk participants through examples of how the software can assist with scenic design and renderings. Modeling, texturing, organization, and tool usage (including possibly unexpected uses) will be covered, as well as rendering for presentation and creating design documentation.
    Attendees will:&nbsp:
    Explore the expanded features of Designer and how they can enhance projects in the entertainment industry. Work with the Site Model feature from the Architect and Landmark toolsets to develop an accurate landform on which to accurately place outdoor events while considering drainage and sun position. Populate the Site Model with specific plant species found in the Landmark toolset. Learn about the uses of structural steel assembly and wall styles from the Architect toolset.

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