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  1. hi @FBernardo did SP4 resolve your issue? Seems to be better here..
  2. I did a fresh install of 2020 SP4, I'll report back re: whether this shows up again
  3. Hi.. @FBernardo, yes, this does appear on elevations as well.. I have updated my installation of 2020 to SP4 and this issues seems to have gone away.. we'll see if it returns..
  4. I seem to remember that this may have come up before, if so please point me in the direction of the previous post or solution. I'm having an issue with the display of components not being consistently rendered. A particular roof component periodically becomes "invisible" and renders in outline only.. see the attached files. Seen in a design layer, the project renders correctly.. then when I create a sheet viewport.. some of the roof components display incorrectly as edges only. Yes, all classes are turned on and unmodified in the viewport. Yes I've reset my preferences, Yes, I'm using an unmodified workspace.. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. just playing around with the file, I concur with @Andy Broomell the file is working in Meters, your door is 790 METERS wide, probably should be 790mm. Weird behavior would be expected with an unusual scale like this... I did find that if I changed the wall dim. to 499M thick, the door actually showed correctly. (see screen cap) At 500m thick, problem came back...
  6. We really should be able to cause a site model to simply fill in the area around a foundation. Using all of the various site modifiers, .1" gaps etc is very time consuming and tiresome.. in other words, the foundation "is" the site modifier, since in many cases, that's essentially what happens... excavation occurs, foundation is poured.. backfill, and the site contour is more or less as it was, with the exceptions of some minor drainage slopes etc..
  7. I'd like to bump this topic.. I've tried a number of strategies here, without a bombproof solution. texture mapping mode consistent between floors, attribute mapping tool used to align the texture bitmap.. Often the hatch is still not aligned between floors.. Anyone have a reliable repeatable method here?
  8. I'm experiencing crashing as well.. VW itself, crashing at different times , it's been when working on VP annotations.. just last night, VW crashed on quitting the application.. Also, most concerning yesterday, VW kernel panic'ed my machine.. (first time in probably 10 years this has happened). VW crash log 02.rtf VW crash log.rtf Mac Pro.spx
  9. Hi all, taking a bit of a poll here.. how do folks deal with the large blocks of notes and text (code citations, other paragraphs of boilerplate)? Do you keep a library of formatted text, use the notes tool with database, edit text in an outside tool and import... all of the above Just curious how you all have tried to become more efficient with this necessary aspect of creating a drawing set. Thank you for your input.
  10. After updating to 25.0.2 (530873) I ran the repair utility to see if anything needed correction.. The repair fails to complete.. anyone else having this issue?
  11. I'm having the same issue failing to get through the repair sequence... stuck @38%.. maybe a bad url in the updater..
  12. I recently had 2020 crash when COMPLETELY UNATTENDED. (I was at dinner) When I returned, the typical Mac crash message was up. I assumed that it was caused by something in the "housekeeping" category, such as autosaving or checking for update etc. That being said, I am on Catalina beta.. so weird behavior is to be expected./
  13. Been experiencing the same phenomenon here...
  14. looks like a service pack 5.1 is showing up... @JuanP comments?


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