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  1. I actually quite like the Logitech MX Master 3
  2. Hi, just checking, and "move face" seems to do what you're looking for.. I don't mean to confuse your search for an answer..
  3. would it make sense to go back to the Taper Face tool, and modify that face back to the desired angle?
  4. Designer 2021 running under 11.0.1, (previously using the beta for a couple of months) very stable.. no issues as yet.
  5. this is very handy.. @PatStanford suggestion still works properly in 2021
  6. There is some interesting content from Europe on the VW University site that could be made doubly useful if there were english sub-titles made available..
  7. Since I do primarily design build, that's an excellent summation of what I've been thinking.. as well as advanced use of all data, data tags, worksheets, etc.. which are so useful for putting together both material costs, and keeping track of code requirements, sq. footage, footprint etc etc etc.. the uses are so numerous.
  8. I submitted a similar question as well.. seems like they don't really want to address this in a public/live forum..
  9. To add some more info here.. In Big Sur latest beta and VW Designer 2020 SP5, I spent the last few days working in a file doing some simple things.. (corrections for a permit cycle) doing a lot of annotation editing in viewports, clouding, callouts etc.. and experienced no issues whatever.. This is simple stuff.... not modeling, stair tool etc..BUT.. I hope it bodes well for 2021 and Big Sur. (YMMV) I do NOT recommend anyone try this unless they have backups of both system AND all of the VW assets that you're using...
  10. Just for information, this is a fresh install of VW Designer 2020 SP5 on an external SSD, (same disc as the OS) I did not do any customization of VW (I do have custom workspaces and commands on my main install) Don't know if that has any relevance.
  11. trashcan mac, 2020 sp5, beta 5 of Big Sur.. I don’t have this issue. exit edit button displays normally
  12. @zoomer any feedback on Big Sur? I have an external disk with Big Sur to play around with, looking for compatibility issues and VW2020 seemed stable.. That's just playing around with some existing files, and not extensively.. what are your experiences..
  13. Very longtime user here... I fully agree with the contention that the icons in 2020 are a serious drag on productivity.. one can only hope that this will be remedied.. undoubtedly, 2021 is pretty frozen in terms of features.. I guess we’ll see very soon..
  14. hi @FBernardo did SP4 resolve your issue? Seems to be better here..


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