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  1. M1 Studio Ultra 64GB RAM: 6:33
  2. Hi @zoomer thanks for chiming in.. I’m on the Ventura PB and 2023 as well.. at least so far, it’s been completely normal.
  3. @Christiaan Still on Ventura? Have you had a go with 2023? Impressions?
  4. just to comment, I’ve been using an M1 mini, over a year, set up dual monitor for quite a while.. no issues of any kind..
  5. How are folks feeling about the Max vs Ultra question at this point? More RAM more important than the better processor? ornot?
  6. it’ll be interesting to hear about RAM usage during a long work session..
  7. Hi Ed, David from Seattle (bike group) my bad if this is a different Ed Wachter.. Chiming in on 2022, performance is far better on my M1 mini, invisible object bug seems rare.. I did get some locking or crashing, but that was on early builds, that seems much better with the updates..
  8. Is your firm shifting away from Vectorworks to another package, or just selling spare licenses?
  9. UPVOTE.. on a 30" screen.. the snapping palette is really out of my field of view.. it'd be really nice to have a movable/dockable palette available again.
  10. I actually had the command in "object context" right click.. I've moved it, now works as you describe.. I've noticed that you can select any viewport to modify visibilities. That's a nice touch.
  11. @Jesse CogswellThank you for making this available to our community! This is a great tool.. definitely should be core functionality of VW out of the box. Completely non-modal would be even better, but I don't think that could be done with scripting, unless I'm mistaken.. but I digress.. I'm using it in my document context right click, and I've found that when I'm in a viewport annotation it'll appear only if an annotation element is selected.. not when simply right clicking in an otherwise "empty" part of the viewport. Is this expected behavior? Now... how about restoring the snapping tools to a palette.. is that a possible customizaton?
  12. I (probably) agree with you.. but I can't help but hope that the rumor mills are on to something.. An M1 Max Mini would be a super hot seller.. so there's that..
  13. I'd snap up a Mini with an M1 Max and 32-64GB RAM in a heartbeat.. my M1 Mini (with Monterey) has been so great, I'd love to see what even more headroom could do..
  14. YMMV... Running Monterey beta 21A5534d (hardware below) Everything is smooth, dual monitor, 2022 works 99% as expected.. in many cases exceeding the stability of 2021.
  15. The best Macbook for Vectorworks is always whatever Apple is going to release 6 months from now.. (said tongue in cheek)
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