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  1. Did you try the edit mode for Select Frame? Panel mode grabs the glass. Image looks like many extra frame sections around that panel. hth -B
  2. I see this, too. Seems that the Center on View Change pref is not functioning between views in some (all?) edit panes. Another example is view shift between symbol Edit 3d Component and Wall Hole Component. -B
  3. Funky, but another way is to create the new class by duplicating an existing class, one with desired attributes. Needs edit after creation to rename and adjust other aspects, but starting new likely requires similar edits. -B
  4. Another thing to consider is construction and joining methods. There may be separate units which need to be created separately then connected via overlap, or hinge, or bevel, to create the desired joint. For your drawing, it may be better to shell subsets instead of making the entire assembly a single shell. If possible, work with the contractor to determine options and preferences. -B
  5. @bcd did switching CRS to 27700 work? I think one needs to accept the transformation option when switching. If nothing else works, images, incl geotiffs, can be conformed (scale, rotate, stretch) in QGIS by locating a few known ground control points. This is in the Georeferencer tool. I think one of the polynomial transformation algorithms does the rubber sheet stretch. -B
  6. Might not be same answer for every import because different softwares made the originals. Lots of that other software creates meshes, so import of any particular file may only produce hollow, (multi thousand) faceted object. Or, you might get lucky! If you internet search eg .sat vs .step the hive mind presents the origns/differences and MANY opinions. STEP is where I usually start. it’s a newer version of igs and can provide volumes as well as surfaces. DWG often meets my needs. the glide imports might be overly vertex heavy and might not be perfect representations anyway. Eg Mfg probably doesn’t want you reverse engineering their product. And therefore might be best as basis for modeling new ones in vwx? -B
  7. The screen plane concept is phased out, but available as Legacy 2d feature in Document Prefs. Enable it to control screen/working planes as in earlier versions. -B
  8. @Poot thanks. This is path to label edits, move or delete them individually or all as a group. As asked by @Sameyers But I believe the issue of this overall thread stands ??? multiple labels return if the model is reset to show labels. So hand labeling via text or data tag for now? Or maybe one of those strategies in earlier posts can be forced in some way? Sigh. -B
  9. Edit Site Model Label Position Mode: Select the Site Model Activate the Reshape Tool (basic tool palette) Activate 2nd mode in the mode bar. -B
  10. away fron keyboard right now, but I think these are all the steps: Select your “opening” symbol definition - the one in the Resource Manager. Right click, Edit 3d In the edit bar, choose Edit Wall Hole Component verify that the extrude is desired shape and size Exit the wall hole edit screen (return to the 3D edit screen) if the wood casing or other geometry is shown, delete any elements not needed. Add a 3d locus to help future placement of symbol instances. exit the edit pane if desired, edit the symbol 2d components and delete all geometry. This should also make the symbol instances identify as 3d symbols. Or create a brand new new symbol from a 3d Locus. Add the desired 3d object as the wall hole component. Either way, to use the cutting object, place an instance on the drawing and drag it into the wall. -B
  11. Didn't mean to go off topic. Started a new thread addressing the NOAA point clouds. I though SP1 had this partially solved. Guess not. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/111557-noaa-shapefiles-and-laz-do-not-import/ -B
  12. vwx2023 and vwx2024 produce error when trying to import NOAA Data Access Viewer shapefiles, LAZ and LAS point clouds. These all open OK in QGIS. I attach a couple zip files downloaded from the NOAA site. If anyone wants to test. OR grab your own from the NOAA Data Access Viewer site (search it). Job921534 is contours folder (SHP and support files) from a small portion of Seattle WA. Job 921535 is point cloud folder (LAZ and support files), same boundary, ground only. Image file shows the georef settings native to both SHP and LAZ Here is vwx detail from the LAZ file import: GIS ErrorLog.txt CPLErr( 3 ), err_no( 4 ) Unable to open /Users/bensonshaw/Desktop/NOAA Test/wa2016_pslc_king_Job921534/wa2016_pslc_king_Job921534.shx or /Users/bensonshaw/Desktop/NOAA Test/wa2016_pslc_king_Job921534/wa2016_pslc_king_Job921534.SHX. Set SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX config option to YES to restore or create it. Anyone know how to edit that SHX file config? Or why the file path shows twice? One with extension .shx, the other with SHX? file in the folder is lower case. Strangely, I collected similar area from the Data Access Viewer 3 years ago. NOAA might have changed something. Those earlier files import into vwx2024 and earlier. The SHP file conforms to (or establishes) the georef of my vwx file. The LAZ file imports, but at great distance (ignores the file georef) and needs rescale. If the contours and LAZ are captured from same area boundary, the LAZ can be accurately located and scaled to overlay the contours. Thanks - B wa2016_pslc_king_Job921534.zip wa2016_pslc_king_Job921535.zip
  13. Not sure about ANY objects, or groups thereof, but. . . Similar behavior with LAS and LAZ point clouds imported to georeferenced vwx file (only tested with US NOAA files of terrain/ ground) . Scale and location waaay off. Group the point cloud and it jumps far away. -B
  14. NURBS Curve tool in 3d Tool Set also produces non planar “linear” objects. Defaults to curvy vertices, but in Edit (dbl click) the Convert mode changes clicked vertex to a corner. (Or a corner to a curve). Guide objects for snaps are helpful. - B
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