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  1. @WhoCanDo Here is a little tutorial on the NURBS and Shell. Sounds like you area getting there. This little tutorial might help some. In the Loft steps, I added the alignment to make a straigter shape. Another approach is to use the Ruled option. Align as desired. In the Shell steps, when picking the surfaces, click the 1st (top in this case), then, to extend the selection, press/hold Shift and Option to acc press the occluded surface at bottom of the figure. HTH -B Shell(1).mov
  2. I would try to convert your initial lofted solid shape to Generic Solid. Or also try starting with multiple Extrude of the Oval and Circle (instead of the Loft) to create a different version of your solid. Apply the Shell tool to hollow it to the “pipe” solid with specified wall thickness. Generic Solid again if necessary. Result should be a solid which can export as STEP, or STL for print. Not sure if the Loft or the Multiple Extrude will make a better Generic Solid and subsequent export for a better print. Post back if no joy. -B
  3. (Should take my own advice - ironic, right.)
  4. Luis! Holiday - go have some non screen quality time! -B
  5. Also, Welcome to the forum!!! Post back as needed. Many helpers here. It helps if you make a signature for your posts in the forum Account Settings. Include your vwx version, operating system and a bit about your hardware. -B
  6. If you are unable to create the required working planes for direct drawing, you could instead draw a 2d arc on the layer plane, convert the 2d arc to a NURBS curve and raise the end and center points via the OIP. “pipe” objects with better vertex efficiency can be created via Extrude Along Path. Path is the above described NURBS curve. Profile is low vertex polygon, eg. hexagon or or octagon rather than circle. For more efficiency, make a symbol of one “pipe” rail, duplicate and reposition for the additional rails. hth -B
  7. My polyline tool works as expected. Need a bit more info. Or a file or a video Do you mean that the snap does not acquire for the end point? Which OS are you using? Which version of vwx? Really helps troubleshooting if you create a signature for your posts including vwx and basics of your hardware. See forum account settings. -B
  8. Solved. Update to 2024-5 and updated forum signature. The rectangle>Obj from Shapes>Walls creates 4 joined walls as expected. Thanks @Kevin McAllister for kick in pants to update. Except your edited comment regarding other tools. Need to test more tools and commands. Will report of anything found. -B
  9. FYI, for MacOS - opening LAS or LAZ file in CloudCompare and port back out as LAS does import into vwx. Scale and location are wrong, but can be adjusted. -B
  10. Draw a layer plane rectangle. Objects from Shapes. Creates 4 walls, but one corner is not joined. Work around is to start with or convert to a polygon, but why doesn't the rectangle just make the join at all corners? -B
  11. Not marionette, but previous thread about modeling elliptical stair might also be helpful: -B
  12. Late reply, hope this is solved already. Here are some comments and a workaround. 1. Model>Extrude needs 2d source object(s). The selected 3d Poly will therefore not extrude and will instead generate that error message. 2. Push/Pull 1st mode should work with the 3d poly. Don't know why it fails. Maybe something wrong with the poly, the working plane, or ??? 3. Workaround: Put drawing in Top/Plan. and set the working plane to Layer. Select the 3d Poly, Modify>Convert>Polygon - result is a 2d polygon (or a group of 2d polygons - Compose them and ungroup), Model>Extrude to desired height of building, (or flyover view and use Push/Pull) Set Bottom z to 351.2 or as desired. Repeat for other shapes as necessary. HTH -B
  13. Landscape area modifier? Can also have a component for thickness, if clay volume needed in addition to the area. -B
  14. Also - If hardscape 3d display curvature is is changed via the simplification tolerance, a double click of the Hardscape launches the Reshape tool and reveals vertices of the Path (no need to right click>edit path) for edit - not converted to some polygon with many facets. Edits can be made in 3d views as if editing that simple 2d polyline. Changing the Simplification Tolerance in the OIP does not affect the vertex count near bottom of the OIP. eg in my example above, the vertex count is 8 in each iteration of the simplification value. -B
  15. In my tests - Adjustments to the 3d simplification tolerance, eg in Hardscape OIP, do not affect the source object geometry. Those original Arcs, Bezier and spline curves in the source polyline are present for edit via right click Edit Path pane. TopPlan always displays the curves as the source obj . Perhaps others can comment on performance and print/save issues of complex files with super low tolerance settings for such DTMs and site mods? I don't have any big, complex files to compare. -B
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