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Revolutionize Your Rendering with Vectorworks and Twinmotion


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Join Jonathan Reeves, UK architect and real-time rendering expert, to see how easy it is toupgrade your presentations with renderings, animations, and interactive cloud presentations.Reeves will also show how Vectorworks’ 3D models can be developed, exported to Twinmotion,and easily updated to create interactive presentations for clients.You’ll learn how to refine textures and lighting to produce photo-realistic renderings, as well ashow to add context to high-quality animations with landscape, plantings, and entourage.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the main benefits of Vectorworks and Twinmotion for real-time rendering.
• See how the Datasmith Export connection works in action.
• Develop stunning visuals, renderings, animations, and shared cloud presentations with the Twinmotion connection to Vectorworks Architect.

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