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  1. The only solutio I'd see is to add a record to all the involved symbols and have a specific field indicate the desired layer upon insertion. So after inserting the symbol a script could read the record field value an move the object (symbol) to the correct layer. It could even create the layer if that one doesn't exist yet.
  2. @drelARCH: Very interesting nodes by @Takeshi_Kimura but unfortunately there's no 'materials popup' node in his list either.
  3. I'm building a simple hybrid object in Marionette. Now I'd like to use materials in the object. There seem to be no nodes for materials in Marionette. I'm missing 2 nodes: A 'materials popup' node to select a material from the available materials in the current document. A 'set material' node to attach a material by name to an object by handle. I've been able to create the latter. But when I create the 'materials popup' node, I'm running into an issue. When I create the node, it lists the materials in the document correctly, but when I add a material to the document, it doesn't update except when I save the current document... I'm attaching my custom nodes. Geëxporteerd bestand Marionette.vwx
  4. I think Pat is handing the best solutions. If your case doesn't act as expected, we need to see the actual drawing and selection you're using. Maybe we can find why it's not acting as you'd expect.
  5. Hello @Edgar RAMEL I solved the issue withe the units in the script, that's why it's working as it does. I just wanted to explain why the previous version was wrong. The fact that the command changes the selected object's settings to class settings was also a choice that I made because it seemed logic to me. You can always remove the class attributes by hand afterwards.
  6. Sorry, didn't find the time to sort it out earlier. There are some issues between reading and writing of the dropshadow values. By reading, they are always in mm, for writing they need to be document units... Finally, you can try this one. Object Attributes to Class_2021_03.zip
  7. New version, should be fixed now. Object Attributes to Class_2021_02.zip
  8. Thanks all, you rock! SetObjectVariableInt(hSymbol, 9743, 0) did it. We found an old post by @klinzey about this. @klinzey: Do you know where can we find this value?
  9. Hi Julian, I tried the editobjectspecial(h, 4) and got an error. Apparently it doesn’t work from within a PIO. And about the profilegroup, it doesn’t seem to be possible to get the content from that group in a point PIO.
  10. I have a PIO that does something similar to duplicate array, but parametric. I also have a command that starts from a selected 2D or 3D object and turns it into a Serial Duplicate PIO. The duplicated object source has to be a symbol because I can’t use the profile group in a point plugin. I’m trying to make a doubleclick on the object edit the symbol content. I tried the EditObjectSpecial, but that doesn’t seem to work...
  11. Worksheet scripts only run when the worksheet is recalculated. And only if the users allows it.
  12. Hi folks, I'm looking into a way to edit a symbol known by its handle. I have a plugin that duplicates a symbol. Now I'd like to edit that symbol by doubleclicking the PIO in the drawing...
  13. This one does work. You'll just need to reset the object after setting the value(s). I noticed that after running the single-line script "SetObjectVariableBoolean(LSActLayer, 1620, TRUE)", the fact that the emitter was activated was only visible in the OIP after deselecting and reselecting the light object. PROCEDURE test; VAR _hObj: HANDLE; _b: BOOLEAN; BEGIN _hObj := LSActLayer; _b := GetObjectVariableBoolean(_hObj, 1620); SetObjectVariableBoolean(_hObj, 1620, NOT(_b)); ResetObject(_hObj); END; Run (test);
  14. Maybe this can help: // Additional Light selectors const short ovLightUseEmitter = 1620; // Boolean const short ovLightEmitterBrightness = 1621; // double_gs - >= 0 values const short ovLightBrightnessUnit = 1622; // short - 0..3 - eLumens, eCandelas, eLux, eFootcandels const short ovLightUseTemperature = 1623; // Boolean const short ovLightTemperature = 1624; // double_gs - >= 0 values const short ovLightCausticPhotons = 1625; // Uint32 - kLightCausticNone = 0, kLightCausticLow = 10000, kLightCausticMedium = 100000, kLightCausticHigh = 1000000, kLightCausticVeryHigh = 10000000 const short ovLightCausticOnly = 1626; // Boolean


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