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  1. There seems to be no call for shadows... I'll check on that but here's a version that should also do text styles and textures. Object Attributes to Class_02.zip
  2. The 'Assign obj attrs to class.vsm' is protected, so one cannot edit the script. But from your description, this plugin should do the trick. It acts on a multiple selection also. Just unzip the archive and put the folder in your plugin folder. Object Attributes to Class.zip
  3. That would be completely rewriting the dialog... After you solve these issues, you run into the next one. Also related to the dialog.
  4. Use a higher export resolution for the pdf export. The export of a pdf seems to export line start and end points to the ‘resolution grid’. The higher the resolution, the better the pdf export. Even for vector objects.
  5. Have you tried renaming your user folder? Quit Vectorworks, rename user folder, restart Vectorworks.
  6. If Pat’s workspace trick doesn’t fix it, just some ideas: Are the resource libraries up to date? Do you use workgroup libraries? If so how many? Otherwise please send us the file?
  7. I think the "image" option in the worksheets is always a "render" and not a vectorial drawing.
  8. @Pat, in 2020 it will also work on design layers.
  9. Is there a way to make a PIO reset when the linked LayerLevel changes?
  10. Found it... stupid me! SetObjectWallHeight
  11. I'm trying to connect a PIO to layer level types. I need to set the height of the PIO when it's in a wall. The test I did works with the object when it's not in a wall, but when inserted into a wall, it doesn't work... I used the vs.Move3DObj(h) Any ideas?


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