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  1. We're still using VW2019 and it's frequently crashing, specifically when updating section viewports. It doesn't happen every time but every crash I'm experiencing occurs upon clicking to update a section viewport. I'm currently spending a lot of time in these VPs and the crashing is occurring once or twice per hour. No problem with elevation VPs. Any thoughts? Would using 2020 resolve this? Thanks Ed
  2. Yes. Ditto regarding Pat's generosity and wisdom! I am grateful and more productive as a result. And it's raining here in Seattle as well. Ed
  3. Okay. Great. The only things I dragged back are my workspace and a couple of .vsm plug-ins that I like. I'm up and running again with the working plane grips! Thank you! Ed
  4. Mark - Thanks for joining the conversation. BTW I am working on a Mac, so some of Pat's suggestions might be Mac-specific. Pat - Dragging the Vectorworks Preferences folder out of the Library folder and onto the desktop worked. Grips are again appearing and working correctly. So now, is it a process of trial and error, dragging VW Preference items back into the Library folder (a bunch at a time) and checking to see if grips are working after each bunch? Thanks Ed
  5. Pat, Yes! The grips appear normally under the new User. Does this mean I have some device driver, or VW plug-in that's interfering? How do you suggest I narrow it down? Thanks Ed
  6. Pat, Thanks for those thoughts. I've tried your suggestions. I'm still stumped. I couldn't find a safe mode for Vectorworks so I tried the Mac OS safe mode but I was barely able to do anything in VW while in that mode. I could not even set or select a working plane. I liked your suggestion of removing the Wacom tablet, but that also did not help. One of the for computers we have is displaying the grips correctly. All four computers are the same model I am using, although there might be slight differences in the version of the video cards. I've attached an image of what I'm seeing. Note that the working plane axes are kinda faint and grayed out. On the one machine that's displaying these correctly I can click on the exes to get the grips. But clicking on these grayed axes does nothing. I getting my work done but sometimes I get tripped up by an incorrect orientation of the working plane. Ed
  7. I'm re-posting this question from earlier this year as I am still struggling to resolve it. The attached VW Help page explains that clicking on the working plane will make "grips" appear to allow the rotation of the plane. When I click on the plane only the center grip appears. This grip allows me to move the plane but the rotation grips are not appearing. I can see the axes when my cursor hovers over the center grip but they disappear when my cursor moves away. Any thoughts on how to make these grips appear? I'm currently working in VW2019 but I also had the problem in 2018 (but not in 2017). Thanks Ed
  8. Thanks Digital Carbon for that explanation. Some of us will need to continue wrestling with EAPs. Our frequent need is handrails where the corners are often mitered and the path is always passing through multiple planes. There are so many possible profiles and stair geometries that I doubt we'll ever have the time to build a library of parts big enough to useful. I entered this thread looking for best ways to edit NURBS paths. So far it appears best to use alot of 3D loci. After the stair is modeled that becomes the basis for placing and offsetting loci as needed. It works, and it's getting faster, but always seems a bit tedious. Thanks for all input! Ed
  9. Digital Carbon, In your 4/19 reply you mentioned that you prefer to not use EAP to model these tubular shapes. What method do you use instead? Thanks, Ed
  10. Oh! Knowing that will help a lot! Thank you! Ed
  11. I just noticed that if I turn off a bunch of lights then that spot light does illuminate the ceiling. I still don't know why. I turned off the class that includes all those wall washing track lights. Ed
  12. When I use Open GL for showing interior spaces the results are usually too dark, especially the ceilings. I'd like to present interior views and walk-throughs to our clients using Open GL but with better lighting. I see that the default Open GL lighting is turned off as soon as any other light source is on. So for now a few questions (see attached image): Why do you think that the selected spot light would not be illuminating the ceiling? Sometimes adding more lights makes the scene darker. Why would this happen? Turning on Shadows in the Open GL settings makes the scene dark. Why would this happen? Am I getting my self in trouble with so many light sources? Bt the way, in this scene I also want the heliodon to send light through the windows (behind in this view). Sometimes it does, sometimes not. I keep adding more lights but not understanding why some illuminate and some do not. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. Ed
  13. It works for me in VW2017 by clicking on any of the axes. But it's not working for me in 2018 or 2019. I also see that the axes are not visible in 18 or 19. So maybe that's the underlying problem. Is there a preference setting that makes these axes disappear? Ed
  14. You should be able to snap to the imported lines while using the wall tool. This is true even with an imported PDF as long as the PDF is created in vector software. If you can snap to the imported geometry then tracing goes quickly. In our office we identify the various wall thicknesses that are present and create VW wall styles to match. If you don't already do this, become fluent at creating and editing wall styles since they are much more versatile than extruded polygons. Ed


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