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  1. We're using 2021 MacBook Pros with a second, larger monitor where we do most of our drawing. It seems that each time I open the line styles palette (from the Attributes Palette) it's located a little further to the left (on the large display), until I eventually can't see or select all the line styles. So far, I'm using a workaround suggested in the thread called Missing Resource Browser from 2006. That solution requires that I set the displays to mirror, then change the resolution to make everything smaller. Then I can see all the palettes entirely and reposition them. Then, of course, the problem repeats over the next several weeks. See attached screen shot. Does anyone have a better solution to this? Thank you! Ed
  2. Hi. I am wondering if textures that have a surface hatch can display that hatch in Top/Plan view. What I'm seeing so far are textures whose hatch only appears in hidden line render mode. I'd like to be able to apply a texture to a floor object that looks like tile in 3D views and displays a simple line hatch in plan that also look like tile. Can a texture do this? Thanks, Ed
  3. Thanks @Wes Gardner. The Beginner video about Data Tags mentions that, for now, the traditional door and window tags are still available. It sounds like we'll be encouraged or forced to adopt the new Data Tags at some point in the future. I'll start learning how to use them. Ed
  4. I have the same (or similar) question for ID bubbles in elevation VPs. It seems that a fill will appear in the bubbles in design layers. However, in elevation VPs the window numbers have a fill but not the bubbles. Can we get the bubbles to display a fill? See attached screen shots. Thanks Ed
  5. I see that Activate Layer and Activate Class are not working for me from the context menus in VW 2022. Ed
  6. Thanks again. I am still using this method (in March, '22). Since getting the new MacBook Pro a few months ago, I've twice had the pop-up pallet for changing line weights / style move far enough off-screen that I need to use this method to get it back. Today the problem occurred just after I edited my workspace. Ed
  7. I just noticed that if I uncheck "Enable mouse wheel zooms" in VW Preferences then I can use the track pad on my new MacBook Pro, at least in VW2022. Two fingers work for panning. A pinching gesture works for zooming. Hopefully this will work for other MacBook users. Ed
  8. Our Mac consultant recommended the laptops so we could get the M1 Max, and we get them with 32GB of RAM. Our VW files are much smaller. Our files always seem to be between 100 and 500 MB. These are BIM models with a lot of VPs and also a good bit of 2D drafting; typical architectural stuff. From what I can tell so far, the performance is not dramatically better with the laptops. Some things are happening more slowly. In VW2021, at least two us notice that we sometimes click on a line (or other simple object) to select it, and we wait for several seconds for it to be selected. That's surprising. Similar to using the old iMac, we also notice objects disappear, even though we can still select them, if we know where they are, and then they'll re-appear if we edit them. We're now committed to the laptops for several more years, but it was a disappointment for me. I prefer the iMac because I don't like having a laptop on my desk, and the iMac's display (even from 2015) is still the sharpest display I've used. In addition to paying an additional $1000 for each laptop, we then had to buy external monitors for $600 each. We have the LG 4K displays, which are almost as sharp as the iMac Retina display. Good luck, Ed
  9. Does this depend on what version of VW you're running? We just replaced our 2015 iMacs (same as your's) with new MacBook Pros. I am not noticing any dramatic difference in performance once I'm inside VW. It appears that the old machines will not run VW2022 and the new ones cannot reliably run some of the older versions. Ed
  10. NO! SAY IT ISN’T SO! Imojis in Vectorworks?. A sacrilege! I don’t want to live in a world where there are imojis in the CAD software. Where did they come from? How did they get there? I was just editing room names on a floor plan when Vectorworks (or somebody) thought I might need a smiley face. Is this supposed to be happening? Amused and mildly annoyed, Ed
  11. Thanks for help. I've been slow to adopt slab components & drainage. I'll take another look at those features. Ed
  12. It seems like Create Roof should work well to create a roof slab with low slopes (2%, about 1.2 degrees). However it seems that 2 degrees is the minimum that works with this command. Am I missing something? What other approaches are used for modeling something like this? I'm currently making a roof about 20 feet square with 2% slope in all four directions. Thanks Ed
  13. Well, I'd love to see a screen shot or some images of what you're talking about, if you're at liberty to share this. Which forms did you model in Rhino? Which forms were modeled in VW? Thanks Ed
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