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  1. Benson, thank you for the additional instructions. I suspect I'll be referring back to this thread at some point. Ed
  2. Okay. I got it. The OIP has a place to edit the Main Slab Components. These unstyled slabs each have just one component. I just had to edit the component to give it a fill color. Giving the overall object a fill color in the Attributes Palette did not help. Thank you for the comments. Ed
  3. In my case the texture displays correctly but only in the "Border" area, not at all in the "Main Slab" area. I did verify that both the Main Slab and the Border have the texture assigned as well as the class the objects are in. If I turn the border off then then entire object appears only in wireframe. It must be something I'm missing. I don't see anyone else reporting this problem. Ed
  4. Thanks for the thought. I've got a texture assigned to the object and the class - the same texture that's applied to the borders which appears just fine. For now, my work-around is to make the borders as wide as possible, but you can see that there is still a sliver of the middle of two of these objects that is still showing in wireframe. Ed
  5. Hi all. I can only get a fill / texture to appear in the borders of these hardscapes. Please attached screen shot. Any thoughts about what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Ed
  6. Andy, Thanks for the comments. I am aware of the Show Other Objects in Editing Modes setting; I use it all the time. I wasn't having problems with the "other" objects. It was the outline of the object itself that was disappearing. My co-workers and I also have some objects disappear while editing groups (objects with the group) so it may not specifically be a problem with the hardscapes. Perhaps it's related to our computers all being about 6 years old. I'll post again if I learn more but I am not currently working on a project that uses hardscapes. Thanks Ed
  7. Thanks Benson & Tom. So far, I'm resolving this by ignoring the modifier conflict warnings. In my current project it appears that separating an aligned slab from the other objects (by even 1mm) prevents that slab from aligning with those objects. I'm using 3D polys, other hardscape objects and a roadway poly to control the shape of a twisted driveway. Tom - Thanks for mentioning the cut volume calcs. Yes, I see that the hardscapes do not offer an option for "Apply to existing" or "proposed". But I'll keep using the hardscapes unless the calcs become critical. I like to avoid static modifiers that need to be adjusted or recreated as the design changes. When I get to the point where I need cut & fill volumes then I'll try Benson's strategy of extracting the bottom surfaces to use as modifiers. Benson - it seems like there's a lot to unpack in your "Some things I try to keep in mind". I don't understand the first two items but it seems like I might benefit if I did. Maybe they merit another separate discussion. Thank you! Ed
  8. I'm new to hardscape objects. It appears that two hardscape objects must be adjacent if they are to align to each other vertically. Since they act as site modifiers they also create many modifier conflicts. The warning flags say "Pads intersect" just like regular site modifier pads when they touch in plan view. Should I ignore these warnings? Is there a way to avoid them? Thank you! Ed
  9. Thanks. I appreciate that perspective. Yes, it believe I have experienced some of these issues. I assume "container" refers to groups or other objects that we must click into to get inside th editing mode. I do not know what JIRA reports are. Ed
  10. As I posted in the General forum, as a work-around I'm using 3D polygons, outside the hardscape object, to shape the surface. If I learn more about the disappearing hardscape outline I'll post about it here. Ed
  11. Thanks Tom and Zoomer. I'm familiar with the "Show other objects in editing modes" setting; I use it all the time. It's not the other objects that are disappearing - it's the objects within the group or the outline of the hardscape I'm editing. For now, I'm using 3D polygons outside the hardscape to shape the surface of the hardscape and site model. I'll post again here if I learn more, but I've been struggling with disappearing objects within groups for months or more. I just started using hardscapes last week. Thanks Ed
  12. I frequently have objects disappear while editing inside of groups and also when attempting to edit surface modifiers of hardscape objects. Is anyone else experiencing this? Could it be my hardware (iMac from 2015)? Thanks Ed
  13. I'm new to aligned hardscape objects. I'm currently having two problems: Whenever I enter the Edit Surface Modifiers mode the hardscape outline disappears. This may be not be a hardscape problem as I often have objects disappear in other editing spaces e.g. inside groups. Also, I can only get the borders of the objects to render. The rest of the object appears only in wireframe. I have a Main Texture selected but it only appears on the border. Please help if you can. Thanks Ed
  14. Okay. I moved the model vertically to correct. As I recall, several years ago VW displayed an X, Y & Z locations for a site model in the OIP and then the Z value got removed. I thought it was no longer possible to move a site vertically. It's all better now! Thank you! Ed
  15. Hmmm. Those loci are snapped to the corners of the site model. They appear to be coincident with the corners of the model. Here's what I'm seeing and why I'm confused. Ed
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