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  1. When using a section that is not cutting object, surface hatches are not showing on extrudes, but are showing on solid subtraction, any clues why ? Also when changing class thickness of the section class attribute, the result is not updating unless the viewport is moved (update viewport as no effect)2021-09-21-TEXTURE-HATCH-TEST.pdf 2021-09-21-TEXTURE-HATCH-TEST.vwx
  2. Hello JuanP, so are all the scheduled items in the roadmap for a 2022 release ?
  3. A lot of software allows you do download the help in epub format, this would be great. I have tried to convert it with Calibre, no luck yet...
  4. Yes, actually that is a good idea ! Thanks Simon
  5. Yes, thanks for your suggestion. That is what I did as a workaround, and it works since I have always the same size and position for the viewports on the sheet. Have a good day Simon
  6. Hello Nikolay, Thanks for you answer, that is why I couldn't figure it out. I know it is unusual but I am working in the film industry and we are making some sort of storyboard on the wall. I print big sheet with many view, and then we cut out the views (cut the paper with scissors) and pinned them to the wall triying different combinations. I wanted to keep track of wich views refers to wich set. Simon
  7. Hello, is it possible to include a custom data field from a Title Block sheet data into a drawing label ? Thanks Simon
  8. I have customized my workspace and now numpad "0" is broken and does not give me top/plan anymore. Since it is hardcoded and cannot be changed, I don't know how to fix it. Here is my workspace file if anyone wants to have a look. When I change it back to the default Designer, it works... Any idea ? Designer SIMON.vww
  9. Rhino version 6 file is working, maybe downgrade and re-import.
  10. Yes I will try to reproduce it and send you the file. Does Vectorworks produces a crash report that I can also send ? Simon
  11. Thank you Nikolay, Yes I have tried that, but since it is not automatic, it is not suitable for me. I tried to put a Data Tag with automatic date into a Title Block Border style symbol (by editing the Title Block Layout graphics), put it seems to cause frequent crashes. Thanks Simon
  12. Is it possible to use Auto Long Format Current Plot Date in Title Block, and using Current Plot Date in Short Format when using in the naming scheme of a publish PDF ? I would like the Published PDF file to be Sht-2-Sheet Title-2021-03-11.pdf and not Sht-2-Sheet Title-March 11_ 2021.pdf but keep the Title block showing date as March 11, 2021. Thanks
  13. Hello, I am new to Vectorworks. I want to attach the exterior line of a wall to a grid line. I am trying with the constraint tool but the only way it works it point constraint from the end point of the grid line to the mid point of the wall. But it snaps to the wall's mid line. Colinear constraint does not works. The purpose is to adjust only the grid lines, and have the walls follow. Any clues ?
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