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  1. Many thanks, this works perfectly. So nice, and thanks for a quick fix, I am in middle of designing a set and I can achieve what I had in mind !
  2. I have being usig this script a lot, and modified it to 20º rotation. Now I need a random +/- 20º, any idea how to scipt it ? Thanks ! Procedure RotateRandomEachObject; {Rotates each selected object in the active layer a random amount <90°} {Works on selected objects in a layer, symbol definition, or group} {Symbols and PIOs are rotated around the insertion point} {Other Objects are rotated around their center point} {© 2007,2008,2010 Coviana, Inc - Pat Stanford pat@coviana.com} {© 2017 Pat Stanford pat@coviana.com} {Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License} {No Warranty Expressed or Implied. Do no operate motor vehicles} {while using this script.Side effects include baldness and acne.} Var X1,Y1 :Real; Procedure WithIt(Hd:Handle); Begin If ((GetType(Hd) = 15) or (GetType(Hd)=86)) then GetSymLoc(Hd,X1,Y1) else HCenter(Hd,X1,Y1); HRotate(Hd,X1,Y1,(20*Random)); End; Begin ForEachObject(WithIt,((InSymbol & VSEL=TRUE))); End; Run(RotateRandomEachObject);
  3. Yes, that helps a lot to understand workflows, thanks
  4. That makes a lot of sense, thanks. And why do you prefer this method to Layer imports ?
  5. Great I will try both and figure out what suits me best, thanks
  6. Thanks that will work. But if I gave this example as a simple one. I might have different masking, seating, and trap option in the future and it may become complex. Is the layer import method not recommended in your opinion ?
  7. I have a Vectorworks file with a theatre venue drawn in 3d. I start a new project, and I reference the theatre in my new file. In a sheet layer, I want to show 2 viewports, one with the orchestra pit up, the other with the orchestra pit down. The 2 versions of the orchestra pit are on 2 design layer in the theatre venue file. Can I achieve this with a reference design layer viewport ? (I cannot seam to be able to control the reference design layer viewport independently in different sheet layer viewport.) Or I need to use the ols layer import method ? Thanks Simon
  8. Thanks Pat, this works ! Select object right-click and choose the script ( I have put it in object context menu ) Click again to apply. @michaelk you are correct, but I wanted to avoid using a tool, and keep it in a context menu, just like using Lock
  9. Hello, I am trying to write a script so I can right click on an object and hide that object's layer. Any help would be apprciated since I am very new to scripting and this doesn't work. PROCEDURE DesactivateLayer; VAR h : HANDLE; Selected() : TRUE : BEGIN IF h<>NIL THEN BEGIN Layer (GetLName (GetLayer(h))); HideLayer; END; END; RUN(DesactivateLayer);
  10. Yes the marionette network was an attempt to make it work for multiple nurbs surface but it is not working.
  11. From the normal line I drew another vertical line and made an angle dimension, in 3d view
  12. Is there a way to get the angle between the ground plane and the normal vector of a nurbs surface ? With Marionette or report ? 2022-03-31-ANGLE-NORMAL.vwx
  13. I am using Autocad TrueView, it is free offline software and let you convert DWG files between versions
  14. In my recent experience it worked, except when a viewport uses Redshift render. Theses viewport only render when the file is on the cloud and started from the web. Maybe I am missing something ?
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