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  1. In System Preferences under the General tab is where that pref lives. Is it turned on?
  2. It's in the Snaps preferences General tab
  3. I'd say that's definitely part of the problem.
  4. Sorry, but are you rendering the scene on screen (or something like that) and then exporting the screen via iPhoto? If you're unfamiliar, the best thing is to use the VW Export Image File command. Then you have "complete" control over it. You also dont have to wait for it to render to export. Start it off in the render mode you want then hit Esc to stop the render. Then go to the export dialogue. HTH
  5. You shouldn't need to go that large. I rarely export at much more than 2000 across because that comes out at a file which will print to A3 happily and any more is a waste of time etc. Try exporting at 800 or 1000 (but not double, because -like harmonics- you might get the interference pattern again).
  6. Moire patterns are from small mis-matches in pixel/dot spacings as Mike said. Have you tried changing the output resolution of your renders a bit? This *should* make the small mis-match a large mis-match and the patterns should go away. HTH
  7. Have you got the Edge Conditions set to Trim?
  8. What you want is the Fit Walls to Roof command. Where it is depends on your workspace.
  9. Well I just tried it: (intersecting lines turned on) with a VW2012 file; interior of a house: 13 seconds The same file opened in '13 took less than 4 seconds So I'd be calling that 3 times faster -on a mac. So presumably on widows it would be faster again.........
  10. The menu item is missing out of my Designer workspace but it can be added in the workspace editor Looks like a little oversight in the release I bug listed it
  11. all working as planned here. Drawing was converted from 2012
  12. Are you suggesting that vendors (of any product) should make their product easy to steal to increase their market penetration? {:-O BTW; The free student versions of Autodesk products work in exactly the same way as VW: they apply a watermark and will "stain" any files they come "in contact with"
  13. The third (sub face) mode produces a solid addition/subtraction
  14. You guys might like this learning revit in particular; this; more fun good luck
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