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Transitioning to 3D BIM Software


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With project schedules becoming increasingly more compressed, you may be looking for a new workflow that’s efficient, but also doesn’t hinder your creative process. One of the most straightforward ways to make a change in your building design process is by adopting a 3D modeling workflow. Incorporating this method will help you remain creative and meet shorter deadlines.

This presentation includes a brief history of what you draw in a building design workflow and compares the similarities and differences between a traditional, 2D workflow with a modern, 3D modeling workflow.

Learning Objectives:&nbsp:

  1. Compare and contrast 2D drafting and 3D modeling workflows as they pertain to buildings.
  2. Define the scope, strengths, and basic principles of 3D modeling using data-rich objects.
  3. Discuss various tools and techniques used in developing 3D building models and the associated data.
  4. Consider how various software applications can share both geometry and data — increasing the efficiency of your process.
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