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Maximizing Landscape Design-Build Efficiency with Technology


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During the Great Recession, landscape architect and owner of a mid-size design-build company, Joe Hanauer decided to “tech up”. His goal then was to be a one-person design-build office. Now, with labor markets tight, using technology to create efficiencies for installation crews is increasingly important. With hardware including a tablet, computer, GPS Surveyor, altimeter level and camera, combined with software for note taking, estimating and designing this session will reveal how they are all essential to creating an efficient workflow from first call to last shovel. This session will also show how this “almost-paper-free” technology workflow can be used to run a one-person office and scaled to work with larger firms, too.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what hardware is needed to create a streamlined survey to design to build workflow.
  • Understand how the integration of software and apps (CAD, note taking, estimating, e-books, etc.) can be used to create a smooth and streamlined process.
  • Realize how design software can be used not only to sell the project to customers but to aid in design, estimating and installation processes.

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