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  1. shertzarch, Thank you for the information. Not something typically used here in the USA, at least where we build. I do like the idea though.
  2. Thanks to all for the info. Will take a look into this. We use Andersen, Pella, Therma-Tru.
  3. Interesting. Have never seen a casement window open to the inside.
  4. Try changing one of the walls you want with different material(s) to unstylized. Change your material(s) and either save as new stylized or leave as unstyled wall type. If I recall correctly, the Stylized walls will remain unchanged.
  5. Followup. Snapshot of how to use custom report fields to get what you want. Need to convert roof slop to pitch if required.
  6. Maybe for 2025 version. Would be great if we had more than just eave, gable, dutch hip. Yes. we also want to be able to create any roof style with Vectorworks default design freedom. How about adding Bullnose Hip, Intersect, Double Hip, Profiles. Edit ability to set the parameters. This would be extremely helpful to those of us that produce drawings or designs quickly but also need the creative ability of Vectorworks. How about something along these lines. FWIW
  7. The preview image on the right is just to show you what it will look like. Changing that number has nothing to do with changing the image. Left click on the set by image button near the lower left. there will be a dot or 2 dots in the upper left hand corner. Left click on the dot and drag vertically or horizontally to the other opposite side. You may also drag diagonally. You will notice a line is created while you are dragging. Type in the distance you want.
  8. Owens Corning Shingle Textures.vwx Enjoy. Includes the New Sand Castle Midnight Plum Desert Rose Williamsburg Gray Peppercorn taoist
  9. Thanks to all who responded. I am working on custom plan, in Design Layers at the moment. Will get to Sheet Layers.
  10. Just tried assigning class to GWB that is not in wall definition. If I turn off the GWB it shows only plate as one expects. However, it also turns off the 3D of the GWB. Back to the drawing board.
  11. Thanks to all for the responses. Will use your suggestions. I apologize for not being clearer. Need to show plate only for interior walls in Top/Plan view. Show all in 3D Exterior walls, inner plate edge and OSB in Top/Plan view. All wall components in 3D view. Used GWB class that is no part of the Wall class. Works great.
  12. Need to show studs only for interior and dimensioning on plans as framers build accordingly. In other words, show in 2D (Design Layers/Sheet Layers) Stylized walls not showing GWB or any interior finish. Still want to show GWB (interior finish) in 3D views. How does one go about this? I have tried, but no result as desired. Anyone with suggestions, or how to's, greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the update. I will wait till 2025. Please have the ability to select or create countertop edge profiles. Also, ability to auto or manual place crown moulding for cabinets.
  14. Have they fixed the sink cutout issue for countertops? Are we still limited to oval and rectangular sinks? Do we still need to create sink form (if not one of the above) extrude, etc.. etc..?
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