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  1. Thank you for everyone's input. Really great to see how others utilize Notes. Good to have a support group. I have found that using Aspect_Design method is the closest I have found yet. If I need to change Font size on the fly, will use Modify > Edit Symbol. Hot Key Ctrl+[ Windows PC As one can see I have started my list.
  2. Pat! That is Great! Would never have thought that VW "sees" it that way. Really appreciate you taking the time to look into this. Taoist
  3. Boh, Appreciate the reply. Hw do I do this without a Title? IOW, just a note.
  4. Thank you. I will try that. Or other software allows us to create what they call Speed Notes. I have them organized in folders. Say, Room labels Type of Foundation walls Wall Notes Floor Framing You get the idea.
  5. Pat, Thank you! Will set openings by insertion point and distance. Then dimension. Do the math if needed before moving to desired location. This is a needed ability in my opinion. To me, Unconstrained should work like Constrained. Drawing would be easier.
  6. Thank you both. Yes, I have the settings as you show. Let me clarify, When I left click on wall, (I have mine setup for interior walls to snap to left and right of stud as we dimension to framing, not drywall) and try to find center or end of door or window, inline with stud face, it does not associate. No matter where I left click on door or window points. I am able to dimension walls and opening to openings just fine. I do not have this issue with constrained linear dimensioning. I will try again. Rod
  7. I have not been able to get this to work the way I want. I am unable to have associative dimensions work with non orthogonal dimensions. I use the same method on constrained and it does not work. I am unable to dimension to windows, doors then edit the dimension and have the door or window move accordingly. Must be something I am missing or doing incorrectly. Very frustrating.
  8. Pat, Thank you for the reply. I am not able to figure out how to get it to do what I want. I want to be able to store individual notes with a Title. EX: Solid Core Door Pantry Tile Carpet Make Sense?
  9. How does one go about creating a Notes Library? Think of it as a collection of commonly used notes which one may use over and over so as to not have to type repeatedly. Taoist
  10. Maybe one of the 3rd party interests would find a way to have Vectorworks have a wall framer tool that truly lives up to its name. It is sorely needed. Current wall Framer tool is woefully inadequate. Hopefully, one of you will take on the challenge.
  11. Phil, To my knowledge no. One must import thru Resource Browser as it sets the parameters up import. May be edited after import. Remember, an image is 2D Texture is 3D Even with same image. Comes down to how Vectorworks applies the image. Taoist
  12. Something I discovered while working on stacked wall components. Stone on lower section of wall, vinyl siding upper section of wall. In this case 9' wall 42"of stone, vinyl siding above. I put the stone as 1st item in "stack", offset the top down -66" Vinyl siding second item in "stack", offset bottom 42" up. Siding is 1" Thick Stone is 2" Thick This way works as I intended. When I put Vinyl Siding on top, did not get same results. Way Cool! Rod
  13. Update: As far as I am able to determine, the reason for wall length in OIP not matching the dimension number, has to do with the Wall Component Settings, Master Snap Points. Check only which side you want to snap to and for which material for dimensioning purposes. In my case, need to check Master Snap Points to dimension to outside face of wall sheathing, and inside face of wall stud. I made the needed corrections, and so far, all is well. I unchecked the settings for drywall, & siding as this is an exterior wall, and we do not dimension to drywall being new home builders. Rod


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