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  1. Hi, Ever since following these steps i've not had an issue with Revit users. The VW model imports correctly their end - but you need to set the VW 'User Origin' coord to match the georeferencing system before you do (last option below): you can change back after to suit - user origin is a movable/ flexible thing and doesnt affect the core set-up of the file. You also need to make sure you change angle to true north to match the Revit user's set-up (assuming they are lead and you follow their set-up). This depends on whether they have a false north. This was a bit of trial and error for me as depends which way round the degree arc they've gone but becomes obvious if you have an auto cad Topo survey in correct position. If the Revit model is already orientated to true north then no problem. Lastly VW (as far as I can tell) doesnt allow you to have a false Z value whereas Revit users often have this. In this case I tell them it's as simple as clicking on our model and giving it a Z value as required. This is easy if the model is otherwise in the correct location. So in simplest terms you need from the Revit user: Their Internal Origin Coord location (dont accept alternative terminology about base points etc. often they dont understand what you're asking if not the BIM technician). Angle to true north. Regards, Jack
  2. Hi Kian, This was written for VW 2022 - but I see now 2024 allows you to input N/E coords in Geo referencing menu! Saves steps from above.
  3. Thank you both. will explore this
  4. Hi All, another of my posts touched on this however it might help to separate the issue out. After some trouble and help from others I managed to get photos of plants to display in the plant schedule. Is there a way to get all the plant images to display as a grid? At the moment I can only get them in columns and if you repeat the column formula across subsequent columns the images just repeat. Thanks, Jack
  5. almost there ... it started to work when I drag the plant symbol into the drawing. looks like it doesn't work for mixes applied to landscape areas. You need to insert the individual plant somewhere out the way. Now the challenge is to show multiple plants on a grid not just one column. I applied the same =PLANTIMAGE(2) to the next column and it just repeated the first. Any ideas?
  6. Like Tom I can get it to show for the more graphical plant but not the plants represented by circles. Still exploring. On another note auto sizing the images causes the image that does work to disappear. custom size results in it returning.
  7. Wonderful thank you I will try that. I previously chose the below option and I also tried to add a plant photo to the resource library then load from there but no luck. first try: second try:
  8. J6470-PLA-ZZ-OO-DR-L-92301-P01.vwxI've attached the file. I tried the alternative PLANTIMAGE (1..etc) and still no luck. I added a photo to the plant styles of two plants only just to test. Ultimately I'm after a grid of photos of the plants in the landscape areas but if we can get one photo to work I can apply to the others. Thanks for any help.
  9. thanks Pat - I noticed this after I posted and have tried without the left parenthesis too. still no luck
  10. Hi Jeff, I have tried this and I still get a blank cell. Anything else need doing? I have added a jpeg image to every image field in the plant and tried to make a grid of plants images
  11. Please ignore - all sorted!!
  12. Hi All, I am going round in circles with plant schedules (by that I mean making a report). I am using landscape area styles with a different set of plants assigned to each style. So example one style is sunny dry plants while another is shady plants. 2 mixes. I have made all the plants and added them to the styles and included relevant records/plant info to each. Please note I am not setting out the individual plants - just areas with rate and percentage of a mix of plants. I want the schedule / report to show: column 1: Plant mix. i.e Plant mix 1 'sunny dry' which is a style associated to a landscape area column 2: category i.e shrub, perennial etc. (I know there to set these in the plant record) column 3: Plant ID Column 4: latin name column 5: rate/ density (litre of pot) column 6: height column 7: spread column 8: count/number/quantity of plant column 9: notes. A couple of things I and struggling with: I want to group the plants into their plant mixes so column 1 should contain plant mix 1 'shady' and it contains all the plants within that style and below that plant mix 2 'sunny' and the plants in that mix. I don't seem to be able to do this with everything in each sub column arranging alphabetically. I could separate out the mixes onto layers to keep them separate in the table but I can't find an option to separate by layer in VW 2022. Any help much appreciated! Jack
  13. Thanks all for ideas. I'm going to resize/ reposition the stakes on the design layer to show at the most common sheet layer viewport scale. Not ideal but there you go. The viewport text scale override wouldn't display correctly when exported as PDF anyway.
  14. Just found that although the stakes appear scaled in the viewport - they don't PDF scaled. Just in original design layer size.
  15. Hi All, I am producing a landscape levels plan and using stakes objects as labels. Usually this is super easy providing the relevant viewport isn't set to scale text it all displays correctly. I want to show the stakes at different scales in different viewports. I have used the Advanced Viewport Properties options to scale the text by two in a viewport. For stake objects positioned Auto or Right they appear correctly once scaled. all stakes positioned as 'Left' scale badly and look messy. Screen shots below. first image shows stakes unscaled. Second image shows stakes once scaled by two in the viewport. notice the stakes on the left of the steps scale in wrong direction. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
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