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  1. C. Andrew Dunning

    Spotlight - Festoon / Bistro Lighting Tool

    Gotcha 1 better... Seth Robinson, one of the unsung heroes in our biz created a festoon PIO a few years ago for one of his projects and has OKed its being shared. Simply copy the folder in this Zip file (folder structure intact) into your Plug-ins folder and add "String Lights" to your Workspace. To use, treat it as a path-based object (like SoftGoods 2 or Stanchion Layout...) Just know going in that Seth offers this freebie tool as-is so don't bug him for tech support, suggestions, or feature requests... StringLights.zip
  2. C. Andrew Dunning

    Seating bounding box

    PM sent...
  3. C. Andrew Dunning

    Seating bounding box

    My gut is that the "problem" areas are mirror copies. True? Do you see the same issue with non-copies?
  4. C. Andrew Dunning

    LED Screen with Different Module Sizes

    Matt - You can only enter quantities in whole numbers. To do what you're wanting to do you'd have to make each individual panel a single LED instance and build your wall out of multiple instances. Make sense??
  5. C. Andrew Dunning

    JBL Components added to Speaker Array Tool

    Steve - By "rotate," I assume you mean "tilt." To do that, enter your desired value in the "Bumper Angle" field on the "array" tab in the "Configure Array..." dialog.
  6. C. Andrew Dunning

    Create Object From Shapes: Stage Plug

    Duly noted!
  7. C. Andrew Dunning

    JBL Components added to Speaker Array Tool

    Steve - Have you tried entering bumper and speaker spec. into Speaker Array (or, AudioArray 2) and having the tool generate the objects for you on-the-fly? That is the way the audio tools are designed to be used. See the attached example... VTX.vwx
  8. C. Andrew Dunning

    2018 Lens Color

    Josh - 2 questions: 1) What are you entering in the "Color" field? 2) Is it s correct assumption that you've double-checked your Symbol to make sure the lens is, indeed, assigned to "Glass Lens?" I just tested this @ my end w. one of my Symbols and all works as it should. So...probably not a 2018 thing.
  9. C. Andrew Dunning

    Screen Illuminance tool for Video Screens

    Moritz - That field is there to provide for future functionality. - Andy
  10. C. Andrew Dunning

    Pipe and Drape highlighting

    In the current Spotlight version, no...
  11. C. Andrew Dunning

    Video screen tool - workflow

    While backing up your "Projector Models" file is definitely a good idea, it is not necessary - IF you remember that you don't have to over-write that file. The tools will recognize any projector Symbols in any current-version VW files contained in that folder. Call your new file something like "My Custom Projectors.vwx" and you'll be good-to-go!
  12. C. Andrew Dunning

    Rebuilding parameter choices list

    Larry - Assuming your PIO is Event-Enabled, use vsoWidgetPopupClear(Parameter Index) to clear the list, vsoWidgetPopupAdd(Parameter Index,Item ID, Item Text) to add items to the list, and vsoWidgetPopupSet(Parameter Index,Item Index,Item ID, Item Text) to make a given item selected. Using vsoWidgetPopupAdd(Parameter Index,'-','-') will insert a horizontal divider line. I hope this gets you headed in the right direction.
  13. C. Andrew Dunning

    Softgoods Custom Texture - Match Height

    Andy, your request makes perfect sense and, believe me, I've tried. The calls simply haven't existed to allow that. (Anyone reading this care to correct me, I'd GLADLY receive that...)
  14. C. Andrew Dunning

    2018 Blended Projector Horizontal Count Override Broken

    This is a known bug and is being addressed in a forth-coming update - both the Spotlight and the Landru Design version of the tool(s).
  15. C. Andrew Dunning

    Video screen tool - workflow

    Frederick - This isn't a bug or a problem. It is a matter of how your chosen projector models are created/formatted. So, there are 2 answers to your question: 1) You can easily create your own projector model(s). The Web page in my signature includes a link to the manual for the Landru Design versions of the tools. Toward the end of the manual there is a section giving some general information on creating custom projectors, stands, and TVs. You can also watch this YouTube movie: It is a few years old and some of the details have changed but the general convention remains true. 2) For users holding a license to the Landru Design version of the tools, we included a couple of ultra-short-throw projectors in the latest release. While there are only 2 (for now), we included them for the very reason you cite - that they APPEAR to work quite differently than other projector models - and users might need examples of how to make things work.