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  1. C. Andrew Dunning

    Soft Goods Tool

    At the present time, this can't be done without converting a given Soft Goods instance to a Group (making the P.I.O. raw geometry).
  2. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    Here is what I get @ my end when comparing w. a flat screen - which is what you essentially have when considering the space the projected image would fill. What am I missing? Untitled 1.vwx
  3. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look @ the model if you want to post or PM a copy.
  4. C. Andrew Dunning

    Spotlight - script move of legend points?

    You might want to check out AutoPlot Tools For Spotlight. Included is a "Copy Altered Label Legends" script that allows you to copy an altered layout from one Lighting Device to other selected fixtures. Pretty spiffy script...
  5. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    Yes, you can. The tool calculates needed areas based on projector aspect, screen height, and overshoot %. Assuming the fist 2 are fixed, adjust overshoot % until the tool will allow a single projector.
  6. C. Andrew Dunning

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    You must be using Projector Symbols with an old version of the record attached. The new version includes weight data. Do you know what the source is of the Symbol(s) you're trying to use?
  7. C. Andrew Dunning

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Hayden - Assuming that the Projector Symbols you're using have appropriate weight data, you should see the weight in the OIP change as you select different projectors (I just confirmed). The lack of doubling is a known issue that is being addressed,
  8. C. Andrew Dunning

    Audio Tools and Symbols

    A question from over the weekend: "Where can I save speakers, that I created out of symbols in my own library? Meaning: I created a Symbol of a speaker in a vwx file. This symbol I want to use out of my library in the future. How do I achieve this without the need to have all my symbols in my drawing template?" Save any files containing correctly-formatted speakers (or, bumpers) in the "...\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Speakers" (or, "...\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Bumpers") folder. After you restart VW, the tools will include the contents of the files they see in that folder in the appropriate pop-up.
  9. C. Andrew Dunning

    Blended screen tool (circle projection screen)

    At this point, the tool doesn't provide for automatically creating complete-circle (360°) screens. Your best bet will be to create your 360° screen in 2, 180° halves.
  10. C. Andrew Dunning

    Import audio and bumpers

    Fuji - The current Spotlight audio tools don't actually use Symbol geometry. They simply use the data attached to Symbols. If you want to use actual Symbols, you'll need to get a license for the Landru Design version of the tools, released earlier this week. See this thread for more info:
  11. C. Andrew Dunning

    Audio Tools and Symbols

    For those of who've been patiently waiting to be able to use the VW audio tools to place speaker and bumper Symbols, our new release does that! (...in addition to a few other new features...) See http://www.landrudesign.com/AudioToolSet.htm for more info or to download a manual. The manual includes detailed information on formatting Symbols to work with the tools correctly. MANY thanks to folks from this community who played a part in making this new feature a reality.
  12. C. Andrew Dunning

    Light Info Record fields

    David - I'd strongly caution you against changing the field formats in the "__VS-RecModData" Record. as you're going to end up with calculation problems when using projectors formatted in different units conventions. (This is why the fields are Text fields - including Dimensions.) For getting a usable number out of a Text field, you might look into using a format like "=VALUE('VS4-Projection'.'Wattage')." Also, have you investigated using a Worksheet formula that ignores the last 3 characters ("_kg") of the Weight field?
  13. C. Andrew Dunning

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    Definitely interested...
  14. C. Andrew Dunning

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    These 2 images confirm what Kevin said. "NoFocus" was generated w/o the fixtures having Focus Points assigned. "WithFocus" was with Focus Points assigned. The challenge, here, is that, within VW, we did NOT want to use Focus Points for these fixtures. We intentionally wanted them to aim straight-ahead (doable w. Focus Points but would have required 100...) As to moving-yoke fixtures exhibiting this same behavior, we saw it on one computer but not another. We also saw things flipped 180° (not just 90°) on some loads.
  15. C. Andrew Dunning

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    Thanks for posting this, LJ. If you remember, EVERY fixture - moving and fixed - was spun around when we opened the file on the 2nd computer.


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