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  1. C. Andrew Dunning

    Theater Flat Tool

    That streak that just passed you was me...trying to make that flight... ;-) 1) A big hat's off to you for jumping into the coding pool. A lot of users have good ideas but never do what you have done. Kudos for giving things a go. 2) Whether it ever makes you any $ or not, you now have a tool that a) meets a need you had and b) that you can tweak as your needs evolve. I've got many that will never see the commercial light of day...that are "raw" at-best...but that are an integral part of my workflow. 3) Now that you've dipped your toes, be prepared to be frustrated when you find things in other developers' tools that you feel the impulse to "adjust" and can't... ;-) For anyone reading this who is tempted to jump into creating Tools or Commands, you'll find the Scripting community to be incredibly gracious and generous with help...tips...hints...etc. The list of people who have helped me over the years is longer than I could ever remember. If you're running VW in Developer Mode (VW Preferences dialog...), you'll get an "Integer" error on line 16. The code is looking for a value that should be an Integer but it is being given a Real #. The tools still works; you just get the error message.
  2. C. Andrew Dunning

    DLVP and Raked Truss - Hybrid Error

    Cas Not sure what to tell you. Like the video, itself, the format is old but I was able to play it at my end. If you're a Service Select subscriber, the same video is available on this page: https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/training/webinars/tips-by-guest-presenters-and-vectorworks-power-users/2014/index/? .
  3. C. Andrew Dunning

    DLVP and Raked Truss - Hybrid Error

    Casey - 2 things: 1) I'd recommend your fixtures and truss being on the same Design Layer. Use Classes to organize "what" things are and Design Layers to organize "where" things are. Therefore, using your example, same "where" = same Design Layer. 2) Expanding on #1, a DLVP can't be raked unless it contains at least one Lighting Device. Here is a link to a Webinar from several years ago that includes a segment on raking DLVPs: http://www.landrudesign.com/Webinar2014FollowUp.htm. While the video is old, the approach still works well (I used the technique 6 times in a design, today).
  4. C. Andrew Dunning

    Custom projectors

    My pleasure...
  5. C. Andrew Dunning

    Custom projectors

    Dean - You might want to give this a watch:
  6. C. Andrew Dunning

    Parametric theater flat?

    1) I my own tools and have never had need for a "flat" tool. 2) 3 words: "Return On Investment." ;-)
  7. C. Andrew Dunning

    Parametric theater flat?

  8. C. Andrew Dunning

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    For anyone pondering buying a copy of this Symbol set...these are, hands-down, some of the most well-made Symbols you will ever see. They're worth far more that what GoLive is charging...
  9. C. Andrew Dunning

    Soft Goods Tool

    At the present time, this can't be done without converting a given Soft Goods instance to a Group (making the P.I.O. raw geometry).
  10. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    Here is what I get @ my end when comparing w. a flat screen - which is what you essentially have when considering the space the projected image would fill. What am I missing? Untitled 1.vwx
  11. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look @ the model if you want to post or PM a copy.
  12. C. Andrew Dunning

    Spotlight - script move of legend points?

    You might want to check out AutoPlot Tools For Spotlight. Included is a "Copy Altered Label Legends" script that allows you to copy an altered layout from one Lighting Device to other selected fixtures. Pretty spiffy script...
  13. C. Andrew Dunning

    Curved screen for one projector

    Yes, you can. The tool calculates needed areas based on projector aspect, screen height, and overshoot %. Assuming the fist 2 are fixed, adjust overshoot % until the tool will allow a single projector.
  14. C. Andrew Dunning

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    You must be using Projector Symbols with an old version of the record attached. The new version includes weight data. Do you know what the source is of the Symbol(s) you're trying to use?
  15. C. Andrew Dunning

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Hayden - Assuming that the Projector Symbols you're using have appropriate weight data, you should see the weight in the OIP change as you select different projectors (I just confirmed). The lack of doubling is a known issue that is being addressed,


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