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  1. Thanks very much for that Jim. We are adding another work station and I keep leaning towards the Imac Pro. I don't see it as a perfect solution but it seems to be the best bang for your buck currently in the Mac world. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone A quick question that I'm sure is an easy one for @Jim Wilson I'm looking to upgrade my older MacPro (I'll get over it...) and trying to get a good handle on my future needs. My work seems to be including more site models from 1-20 acres, with this in mind does VW use a single core of a CPU when in Open GL mode as well as when one updates a site model. I realize multi core machines shine in the rendering mode but I'm curious about how these modes are handled. Thanks very much... ps I'm looking at an Imac Pro vs a high-end Imac
  3. J. Wallace

    Retaining wall site modifier showing conflict

    HI Benson, thanks very much for your thoughts. Yes the blue lines are grade limits and are close but not touching. You're quite right that if this occurs you get an error. I use the regular wall tool for all of my retaining walls and then add a retaining wall site modifier to it. I have never had much luck with the landscape wall tool, it doesn't seem ideal for the type of walls I like to depict. I attached an image showing the wall base site modifier, you can see that for some reason when this was created it placed extra lines that can't be removed or edited. I'll have to look into this, thanks Benson.
  4. J. Wallace

    Retaining wall site modifier showing conflict

    @Jim Wilson should this post be in the troubleshooting section?
  5. I seem to be having a challenge creating a retaining wall site modifier in a curved wall. My workflow has been: Create a polyline to represent the wall shape based on contour lines. Covert polyline via create object from shape, wall is 6" thick and approx 1.5m high Create retaining wall site modifier For two of the three walls I created, I ended up with some conflicts with the modifier. The modifier seems to create extra lines which end up playing havoc with the site model. I'm not sure if others have found this issue. One of my workarounds has been creating the wall and modifier in another file and then bringing that in. Not 100% effective. There is no way to edit the modifier and remove these extra unwanted lines. Love to find a solution. Last image shows the result of the error.
  6. J. Wallace

    Driving curve tool

    Thanks very much, Tamsin. I'll check that out.
  7. J. Wallace

    Driving curve tool

    Hi I see that there is a driving curve tool for VW 2014/15 and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a more current version for 2018/19. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. J. Wallace

    I heart OBJ

    Fantastic post @jeff prince .I don't have a drone but often hire one for mainly taking elevation data. I recieve shape file with one foot contours that is easily used to create a site model, high res images and obj object as you've shown. Extremely helpful technology.
  9. J. Wallace

    A second monitor, yes or no?

    Thanks for the advice @herbieherb ...I hope that it doesn't come to that but I'm bracing myself for the possibility.
  10. J. Wallace

    A second monitor, yes or no?

    Thanks for the feedback @Wesley Burrows , I see your point regarding the high resolution and ones ability to see things easily (in terms of size). I'm feeling like I'm leaning back to getting a second 2K monitor for many reasons.
  11. J. Wallace

    A second monitor, yes or no?

    Yes, that is worth considering, I fear I may be forced to move in the iMac Pro direction if the new MacPro doesn't appeal or is too costly. I'm doing everything I can to stay with the mac operating system having left windows 15 years ago. So yes thanks @herbieherb for those words of wisdom.
  12. J. Wallace

    A second monitor, yes or no?

    After some more research, I'm starting to lean towards one larger monitor vs two smaller ones. I don't think I have the budget for the monitor that @jgmrussell has but this might be a good alternative. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01IOO4TIM/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  13. J. Wallace

    Site model settings not working in 2d mode

    Thanks very much @Tony Kostreski that was it...
  14. I created a site model in VW 2018 and for some reason, I'm not getting major contour lines in the model. I fill in the field for this and set it to 10', click ok and nothing happens. I revisit the dialogue box and the major contour is set at 0. Any ideas would be warmly received.
  15. J. Wallace

    A second monitor, yes or no?

    Thanks very much @Mari Schrammeyer


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