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  1. In the same boat here, need to upgrade in the next year or two and not happy with the Mac choices.
  2. You should be able to do this with a texture bed. Otherwise the Nurbs road tool is your next best option.
  3. I started using Mac's about 15 years ago and was always pleased with their products. I'm currently hanging onto my older Macpro (which I adore, easy access, easy to clean, I can add a hard drive in minutes) and I"m not too excited about my replacement options.
  4. You are welcome @Benson Shaw
  5. Thought folks might like to see this as there has been some discussion on the new iMac Pro lately.
  6. @JohnAthaydeyou might want to check out this post...
  7. Have a great holiday season. Thank you for all participating in this excellent forum, it's been a game changer for me.
  8. I'm having issue with the OIP pallet today, does not display the highlighted item unless you select File>save.
  9. Totally agree, colours within the colour palette are another small hard to distinguish item.
  10. Thank you @zoomer and @Benson Shawfor those comments. I found the culprit. Some how a pad was hidden within another pad which seemed to cause the crash. You can see I'm getting a few pads. It would sure be nice if there was a way of automating an offset when snapping in a site modifier class so that no pads would ever overlap or touch. I usually draw a polyline>offset the shape 1mm>create objects from shape>site modifier. Still seem to get conflicts occurring.
  11. I have just started using VW 2018 landmark and noticed that when site modifiers conflict (touching) that I get VW crashing instead of the usual modifier conflict count in the OIP. Anyone else finding this?
  12. Double ouch if your looking at this with Canadian dollars... $6,300
  13. Totally agree, I often need to flip between feet/inches and meters. Anything to improve this would be great.
  14. Haven't run into this before, but on a current project it would be great to have control over the opacity or depth of the greyed out layers or classes. The attached image is an example of how I would like to further reduce the visibility of some existing site features such as fencing while still having them there for reference.
  15. I find the same thing @domer1322, raising the elevation is the work around that I use. Generally I find texture beds tricky.