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  1. Currently when one wants to change opacity of a fill they click the opacity button on the attributes palette> slide arrow or enter percentage amount>preview (perhaps make some changes)>OK It would be great to have the slider built into the attributes palette itself and the preview automatic.
  2. J. Wallace

    Trim 3D contours

    Cropping the site model might be the easiest approach, assuming you have created this.
  3. J. Wallace

    Plant tag default settings

    Hello everyone Question for you all, over the years I have developed a file I call 'Office standards"(advise from a VW webinar I saw years ago) where I place amongst other things, I place plant symbols which I often use within drawings. As I create new plant symbols within a design I will export these to this file so that I can create once and use these in future designs. One thing that I haven't figured out is the default tag settings on these saved plants. When I import these into a new design I have to spend quite a bit of time going through each plant and changing the tag settings. Below is an image of the default tag and the tag structure I like to use. Is there any way to set this as a default? This would save me hours of work on each of my designs...thanks for any feedback. ps, it doesn't seem to make any difference what the tag settings are when the plant symbol is exported to the Office standards file. When re-imported the tags goes back to the default setting shown in the image.
  4. Have you tried using the align tool? Select the plant tags then Modify>Align>Align/Distribute leader lines.
  5. J. Wallace

    Sheet Layer Printing Issues

    Have you tried to print to pdf and then send this to your printer? Export>pdf
  6. J. Wallace

    Mac Pro vs Laptop for VW 2018

    HI @miajani the iMac Pro would be a good option except that I don't like the glossy screens found on the iMacs. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping my trusty Macpro can hand in there until a suitable replacement comes on the market. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. J. Wallace

    Eye dropper tool-pick up and place opacity

    Thanks @markdd, I'm not sure how I missed that.
  8. Is it possible for the eyedropper tool to pick up and place opacity? I haven't been successful with this but would use it a lot. Thanks for any feedback.
  9. J. Wallace

    callout tool stopps adding leader lines

    I've had this happen before @halfcouple try restarting VW. I found it happens more often when working on a file that was designed using a previous version of VW.
  10. J. Wallace

    Mac Pro vs Laptop for VW 2018

    Thanks for that link @PatStanford I took a look at it was really geared for Macpro 2009 era firmware upgrade. Great idea for those with an older Mac. @rowbear97 I haven't considered the external GPU approach. I think I'll cross my fingers and baby my unit along for a bit, at least until some new release come into being as Jim suggested. Thank you, everyone, for your really helpful feedback.
  11. J. Wallace

    Mac Pro vs Laptop for VW 2018

    Thanks very much, @JimW I'm not in a 911 situation and will hold off as long as possible. I would love to see the new Macpro line before committing as I feel I've received lots of value from my old "Cheese Grater" as @zoomer calls them. Thanks again.
  12. J. Wallace

    Mac Pro vs Laptop for VW 2018

    Thanks very much, @JohnAthayde for that insightful post. Lots of things to consider. My gut instinct tells me the Macpro is the place I should stay, saying that I ran a Macbook pro and monitor years ago and quite liked the flexibility. It ran pretty hot and there's no doubt you sacrifice some performance for the portability. Thanks again.
  13. Hello everyone My 2012 Macpro is showing signs of needing replacement and I'm taking a look at some of my options. One of the options I'm staying away from the Imac pro as my eyes have a hard time with a glossy screen. The new Macpro is a bit of a mystery at this point so one idea that has come up is considering a Macbook pro laptop which I could plug a keyboard and monitor into. My work is a combination of 2d and some 3d with some site model work and rendering. So I guess my question is whether the new Macbook pro is a unit worth considering. Love to hear opinions from some of your Mac folks...
  14. J. Wallace

    Plant record

    Yes, that is easy to do @Stephanie Desmeules I suggest you take a look at the help section of VW and search under worksheets. You have to open up a worksheet and view database headers to modify the sheet. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you have understood how to modify the sheet it's very easy. You end up editing the criteria for rows and add functions to the columns such as this ='Plant Record'.'ID'
  15. J. Wallace

    Plant Symbols display as blobs in PDF

    I set my design sheet to 300 dpi normally for printing purposes. Looks like your a bit lower than that @BJRobinson