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  1. There is a Soft Shadows option for each light source. If you are using Spotlight run the Set Spotlight Rendering Options command and you can turn off soft shadows for all the Lighting Devices at once.
  2. @JacksonBGray From your email address it looks like you may be using the educational version? You should get an email confirmation once your information is verified. If you were given a new serial number please look at the email and verify the version, each version of Vectorworks uses a unique serial number so the 2021 serial number will not work with 2020. If you are still having issues I would contact tech support directly.
  3. I have seen this before with other applications when pushing the Mac hard fro a long period of time. Make sure you plug the charger directly into Macbook, no hubs or adapters. Use one of the connectors towards the rear. If you search around you will find recommendations from some people on which ports to use for power and which ones to use for data because of the architecture of the boards. From experience it's been passing power thru a hub that has caused most of the issues.
  4. @BenG It's very strange that you are getting the error when not launching Vectorworks. When you check your task manager does it show Vectorworks running? Do you have any 3rd party launcher utilities installed? The process should be started when launching Vectorworks, it doesn't start up on it's own.
  5. Could be many things, can you post the file or a sample? The first place I would look are your texture, all Renderworks modes use the cast & receive shadow options set by the texture. The lighting devices supplied by Vectorworks have the Default Instrument texture applied to the geometry with the cast shadows option unchecked to allow light to come out of the fixture. Also look for objects in the path of the light that do not have a texture applied, I've seen them act differently in OpenGL and Renderworks when casting shadows.
  6. You can not edit Vision fixtures but you can create and edit MVR fixtures that work with both Vectorworks and Vision. https://gdtf-share.com/ contains many pre-built fixtures and you can use the online fixture builder to create new fixtures or modify ones from the share.
  7. @AlexSawaya The crash appears to be in the graphics card driver. According to your system specifications you are using an integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 card with only 128 MB of dedicated memory. Vision requires a dedicated graphics card. While it may work sometimes, integrated graphics cards are not officially supported for Vision.
  8. "Additional Default Records" works just like the "Light Info Record", data is only read from the record when the lighting device is placed or replaced. The information does NOT sync automatically when data is changed on an existing lighting device.
  9. Yes. All but the most basic information for the hoist should displayed using data tags. There a few sample data tags available that you can use or modify.
  10. @calebetron You need something to unlock the GrandMA onPC output. The way GrandMA onPC is written you need a node or a wing to unlock DMX outputs on the GramdMA onPC, then you can use ArtNET or SCAN. The other option is to use the Vision dongle to allow Vision and GrandMA opPC to communicate via MANet.
  11. Please post your machine specifications along with the crash log. Vision 2020 has some additional and more stringent system requirements then Vision 2019.
  12. Yes, Soft Shadows needs to be OFF. Soft Shadows makes VERY soft shadows, not good at all for lighting devices.
  13. Did you make any changes to the default instrument texture? or import another fixture into the document? Can you still the light, but not the shutters? Did you turn on soft shadows? Try using a gobo and see if it renders. Shutters and gobos are very similar to the renderer. Try to copy and paste one of the lights to a new file and see if it works in a new blank file.
  14. Accessories now utilize the parts record to determine which part of the fixture they rotate with. If there is no parts record attached it defaults to being placed at the front of the fixture and rotating with the body of the fixture, as this was the default behavior for all accessories in prior versions. For clamps and other accessories that attach to the base of the fixture the parts record should be attached to the symbol and the Base filed should be selected. Concept: Lighting accessories We will look into the issue of the geometry not updating after editing the symbol.
  15. @DBLD As long as SLI is enabled for the machine Vision should use it.


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