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  1. Make sure you have downloaded the proper version of dialog builder for your version of Vectorworks. Installing the 2018 version into 2017 will likely cause a crash.
  2. Also be sure to consult this article from Lightwright. LIGHTWRIGHT 6 ADDRESSES AND VECTORWORKS
  3. You can connect loads to a single hoist. Unfortunately, this is a little bit tricky with the Vectorworks Hoist. You have to place the load at the hook of the hoist, and then Braceworks will calculate the single hoist. We are working to update the snapping to better support this connection. Also, be sure you are using SP2. There were several fixes in SP2 related to connecting items to the hanging position. It's difficult to diagnose the issues from just the screenshots. Would it be possible to post the file here or email it to technical support, tech@vectorworks.net? Please put "Attention Kevin" in the subject line if you email the file. I've also asked the developer, Moritz, to post to this thread if he has any additional information or questions.
  4. This is going to be a question for John McKernon@Lightwright. There appear to be quite a few fields that you can export from LW that are not in the available fields for the data exchange list. Note that setting the Vectorworks fixture mode to the Lightwright profile will not allow Vectorworks to properly recognize the fixture properly so the Gobo and color wheel information in Vectorworks will be incorrect. I recommend using a custom user filed in Vectorworks to store the LW profile setting.
  5. Make sure you have the latest version of the MA plug-in. There were issues with the plug-in on Windows, Mac was OK, and MA was working on updating.
  6. There is no problem using the "Truss" object placed by the "Insert Truss Tool". It is not a Vectorscript object. If you are making structural calculations you should be using the "Truss" object as it contains accurate structural data and not a generic cross section used by the Straight Truss object.
  7. We are seeing the issue when you use a Hanging Position that contains a Vectorscript Parametric object. Till we can get the issues resolved when converting a Straight Truss, Curved Truss or Lighting Pipe to a Hanging Position choose the "Create Symbol" option when converting the objects to a Hanging Position.
  8. The Align and Distribute Items tool will not work with extrudes, it is only designed to work with plug-in objects and symbols. You can use Modify>Align>Align/Distribute... menu command to to align extrudes and other objects.
  9. When the lighting device turns into a rectangle it indicates that the symbol can not be found in the local document. Try manually importing the symbol into your document and choosing the symbol from the active document. What is the symbol name? Also try refreshing the libraries in the Resource Manager. In the Resource Manager, click the gear icon and select "Refresh Libraries"
  10. Make sure you have updated to the latest service pack. We corrected an issue where some characters in the fixture data would cause the summary to fail.
  11. I think I remember trying 650/651 and found it to be unreliable and possibly view dependent. I finally resorted to checking the object type.
  12. Most Vision users with dedicated Vision machines are running Windows because Mac has a very limited video card selection. Most users have found they can get much better video cards for Windows and can easily upgrade if a better card is released. For Vision on the Mac there are only 3 acceptable choices. Top of the line MacBook Pro, iMac Pro or the Mac Pro. And even these Macs come with "older" video cards.
  13. Please be sure you are using the most recent version of Vectoworks. I think this issue was resolved with Vectorworks 2018 SP1.
  14. Render Movie was removed from the initial release of 2017 because it was not working correctly. You should install the latest version of Vision 2017 or if you still have a valid subscription download and install Vision 2018.
  15. I'm assuming this post is about Vision so it has been moved there. Submasters should have noting to do with Vision. Vision is just reading the output of the console, it does not know the difference between a value from a fader or a cue. It is possible that you do not have the output or Vison configured correctly when using the physical console if you are seeing different behaviors between the physical and virtual console.