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  1. klinzey

    Title Box Manager Missing??

    This is a know issue on Windows. MA is aware of the problem with their plug-in.
  2. klinzey

    Custom Connector /Cable Types

    Also check permission on your application folder. By default the folder is "read only". Vectorworks should give you a warning that it can not modify the file but I have seen times where there is no warning given.
  3. klinzey

    Fixture Color not importing

    Unfortunately it's not a simple fix but we are working on it. Because color and gobo can be controlled by DMX we can't always send over the information from Vectorworks about the color and gobo. Vectorworks is a static renderer so we only need to know about the active color and gobo but Vision needs to now about all the colors and gobos that are available. We are working on a solution but it's not an easy problem to solve will keeping the dynamic rendering rendering required by Vision and DMX controlled fixtures.
  4. klinzey

    Vision - Camera Fly Through

    The manual is available online and can be launched from within Vision. Select Help->Vision Help or http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/Vision/index.htm?#t=2018_Vision%2FVision%2FVision.htm Take a look at the Using Lighting Console Controls section of the manual. In order to achieve camera movements you will control the movements of the camera using 11 channels assigned to one of the cameras.
  5. klinzey

    Vision - Manual Fixture Selection

    This is the newer list browser interface. You can click on the column headers to sort and typing will navigate you. If you want a Martin fixture simply start typing Martin and the list will scroll automatically. We plan to add a search box in the future.
  6. klinzey

    Instrument Schedule as Database Worksheet

    It's not possible to format a database worksheet like the spreadsheet created by Generate Paperwork, which is why the command exists. You can come close but you would have to manually generate a database row for each position.
  7. klinzey

    Lighting Device 3D Rotation Troubles

    Make sure you are both using SP3. Do either of you have a customized OIP or custom fields added to the OIP? If so try exchanging a document using only the default OIP settings.
  8. klinzey

    Error loading Vision Library

    We want to grab the problem installer logs before you do a re-install. We know a re-install usually fixes the problem but we want to see if we can find out why the first install is failing so we can fix the problem. An installer log form a problem install should give us a lot of information on where the problem is or more importantly where the problem is not. Kevin
  9. klinzey

    General Device Type Format

    It's true. No April's Fools joke. You will see more details released about GDTF in the coming weeks.
  10. klinzey

    Error loading Vision Library

    When you contact tech support about the issue please provide them the InstallerLog from inside the Vectorworks application folder along with your system configuration. We have not been able to reproduce the issue on our machines an we need to see if something is going wrong with the installation process on specific machines.
  11. klinzey

    Spotlight 2018 not live syncing to Lightwright

    We are looking into an issue where newly placed instruments are not immediately exported to LW. Any modification to the lighting device in Vectorworks after the initial insertion, i.e moving, setting the unit number etc., will cause the lighting device to automatically export to LW.
  12. klinzey

    Create New Layer Event

    You can try to look for the state kObjectCreated (13), not sure if Vectorscript will get this notification or not. It was added for 2012. The problem is that you you are using the name field of the locus. If you attach a hidden record to the loci then duplication would be less problematic. The other issue is that the locus is a dumb object so it can't react to a change. I would try changing your logic slightly. Store the UUID in a hidden field of the PIO AND name the PIO with the UUID. With a PIO you can Hide and disable the object name so the user can't change it. Attach a record to the the loci with the UUID as a record field. (You can also name the Loci with the UUID+"Loci" to make it easier to find but you can't keep the user form changing it.) When you need to find the loci you can do a quick name search for the UUID+Loci, or do a more complex search for the record and filed value if it fails. When the user duplicates the PIO, the object name will change but your hidden UUID will stay the same. You will know the PIO has been duplicated when the UUID does not match the name. Generate a new UUID and rename the object. The duplicated Loci will still have the record attached with the old UUID but you can find it and update it with the new UUID. (For VS this portion of the workflow will fail with duplicate array because could have multiple loci with the same UUID in the record field but you can check the parent to see what the new UUID should be.)
  13. klinzey

    Turning off the object preference OIP

    You can use: FUNCTION DefineCustomObj( pluginName :STRING; prefWhen :INTEGER) : HANDLE; The parameter prefWhen can be one of: kCustomObjectPrefNever = 0 kCustomObjectPrefAlways = 1 kCustomObjectPrefNew = 2 http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:DefineCustomObj
  14. klinzey

    Lighting Positions renamed in VW2018

    The name can be used anywhere in the document., the names are not exclusively used by the hanging position. For hanging positions I would start by looking for the position name used as a symbol name.
  15. klinzey

    Some objects passing light, others not

    Check the textures applied to the object. You can set a texture to not cast shadows.