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  1. I think I remember trying 650/651 and found it to be unreliable and possibly view dependent. I finally resorted to checking the object type.
  2. Most Vision users with dedicated Vision machines are running Windows because Mac has a very limited video card selection. Most users have found they can get much better video cards for Windows and can easily upgrade if a better card is released. For Vision on the Mac there are only 3 acceptable choices. Top of the line MacBook Pro, iMac Pro or the Mac Pro. And even these Macs come with "older" video cards.
  3. Please be sure you are using the most recent version of Vectoworks. I think this issue was resolved with Vectorworks 2018 SP1.
  4. Render Movie was removed from the initial release of 2017 because it was not working correctly. You should install the latest version of Vision 2017 or if you still have a valid subscription download and install Vision 2018.
  5. I'm assuming this post is about Vision so it has been moved there. Submasters should have noting to do with Vision. Vision is just reading the output of the console, it does not know the difference between a value from a fader or a cue. It is possible that you do not have the output or Vison configured correctly when using the physical console if you are seeing different behaviors between the physical and virtual console.
  6. Please make sure you are using the latest service pack of 2017. I think there was an issue with the align and distribute tool that was fixed in a service pack.
  7. We are currently investigating why sACN is not working on the Mac in Vision 2018. The issue appears to be isolated to sACN on the Mac. sACN works fine on Windows and ArtNet works on both platforms. We expect to have a fix for the upcoming service pack.
  8. @td4stageU Address is only shown when "Automatically assign Universe" is selected in Spotlight Preferences. When "Automatically assign Universe" is enabled "U Address" will be shown and the "Universe" and "U Address" fields will be disabled. These values will be automatically calculated based on the absolute address entered in the "Address" filed.
  9. @td4stageWere things working properly in 2017? Also are you following the instructions in LW for exchanging data? LIGHTWRIGHT 6 ADDRESSES AND VECTORWORKS
  10. We think you might be missing some standard Microsoft libraries that most users already have installed. See if downloading these libraries from Microsoft fix your problem and let us know. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679
  11. gjacksonlights Can up please provide us with the InstallerLog.txt file from your Vision 2018 application folder. It will help us identify what went wrong with your install.
  12. Andy, Which Robe Red Wash are you using the REDWash 2*36 or the REDWash 3*192? Robe doesn't list a REDWash even in their discontinued products so I can't check to see if there is something special about that mode. As Mark said the data was probably estimated because the manufacturer did not supply the data. We can make an request to Robe to supply the data but they may not have it either given the probable age of the fixture. Can you give us an example of a similar fixture that has the correct output?
  13. If you have an active Vision subscription you can request new fixtures here: Fixture Request Form
  14. You would have to go the the Other choice to find the other modes or edit the Inst Type in the OIP of the selected light to remove the mode specific information to see the other mode choices in the popup.
  15. If you modify the Light Info Record attached to the symbol and set the "Inst Type" to the desired fixture mode exactly as shown in the popup it should automatically select that fixture mode on insertion. So the "Inst Type" should be something like "Martin Mac 250 mode 1"