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  1. The the structural cross section data for the sixty82 is not yet available in Braceworks so the truss is calculates as a rigid member. We are working to get the data added to Braceworks.
  2. Try exporting with the detailed chain turned on. The simple 3D geometry representation of the chain work well for Vectorworks but may not convert well to other formats.
  3. Containers do not automatically resize. If you want larger containers or different shape containers, draw the shape you want for the container and create a symbol from the shape. Place the symbol in the containers folder and the shape will be available for you to select when you use the label legend manager.
  4. Yes, Importing the new resources into a new blank file would fix the fingerprint issue. It sounds like they added resources to a resource file that was supplied by Vectorworks and then sent you that file.
  5. Do you mean fingerprinted or watermarked? Resource files supplied by Vectorworks are fingerprinted for a specific product; the individual resources in the file are not. Using a resource from a fingerprinted file will not fingerprint a new file. For a watermarked file ALL resources in the file are watermarked and using any of those resources in another file will watermark the new file and all the resources in the new file.
  6. This is currently not possible. Light always starts from the emitting from the point source of the light. It is something we are looking to add as a future enhancement.
  7. You can also use Spotlight -> Find and Modify to select the fixtures or assign to a class.
  8. Convert to Truss is designed to take an existing Vectorworks symbol and the necessary data and structural information so it can be used by the truss tool. If you convert your geometry to a Vectorworks symbol and then you can use the Convert to Truss command to add the specialized truss data.
  9. Also, those look like nested symbols consisting of a table symbol and multiple chair symbols contained in one symbol. I don't think the replace symbol command will replace symbols inside of other symbols.
  10. This is a know issue and we are working on a fix. I think the issue only happens in dark mode, the dark shading shown in the preview dialog is also present when the light is rendered.
  11. Right now this is not possible because data can not be saved to a referenced layer/file. The 2 objects need to read and write data to and from each other in order to maintain a connection and allow structural calculations.
  12. The Hoist works just like most other Vectorworks object. You can set the defaults for a document in the tool and then save it to a template file. Activate the hoist tool and then click on the preferences button (wrench and pencil) in the mode bar. A dialog similar to the OIP will open. Click the Classes button and set your default values here. Click OK to exit the classes dialog. You can set any other you would like while you are here. Click OK to exit the preference dialog. Now when you place a hoist it will use these settings by default.
  13. The Graphic Legend only looks at the symbol and not directly at the Lighting Device. Accessories are a special group inside of the lighting device, the Graphic Legend is seeing the stock symbol and the nested accessory symbol in the stock symbol. For counting Lighting Devices and Accessories we recommend using the Equipment Summary Key.
  14. Can you provide a sample file? The parameters exported should be the same for all. Only static accessories would not have coordinates.
  15. In order to help we need a little clearer picture of where you are attaching the records and how you are importing the lighting devices into another document. Are you attaching the record to a lighting device placed into the document? Are you attaching the record to the lighting device symbol? Are you importing the symbol into another document or are you copping and pasting the lighting device into a new document? Records attached to the symbol are used by the lighting device to obtain default information. After the symbol is converted to a lighting device the record information is no longer used and all information is stored in the Object Info Palette. Any record information attached to the symbol will no longer be accessible when symbol is used by the lighting device. Including a record as additional defaults allows the lighting device to copy data from the record into the OIP if the record has matching parameters in the OIP. If you can post a sample file we might be able to give you some suggestions.
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