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  1. If you have an active Vision subscription you can request new fixtures here: Fixture Request Form
  2. You would have to go the the Other choice to find the other modes or edit the Inst Type in the OIP of the selected light to remove the mode specific information to see the other mode choices in the popup.
  3. If you modify the Light Info Record attached to the symbol and set the "Inst Type" to the desired fixture mode exactly as shown in the popup it should automatically select that fixture mode on insertion. So the "Inst Type" should be something like "Martin Mac 250 mode 1"
  4. We will pass on the information to MA, however it is best to report the issue directly to MA Lighting as Vectorworks does not develop this plugin.
  5. You can use the Gobo Shift parameter to adjust the location of the gobo and eliminate the ring.
  6. fixed

    By default this is a hidden folder. If you are having a hard time finding the folder you can use Vectorworks to help you get to the folder. From the menu Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences select the User Folder tab click the Reveal in Finder button. Open the Plug-ins folder. Once the folder is open quit Vectorworks and then delete the RuntimeCache folder
  7. First try following the steps in the knowledge base article below.
  8. Wes, We do have a large plan on where to go with Vision and Vectorworks but noting that can be shared with you. We have spent the past year doing a lot of learning about Vision and re-engineering many things so we can improve Vision faster in the future. We are working to get new and improved features out to customers as quickly as possible. In many cases we are delivering major improvements with a service pack rather than waiting for the next full version because we want to get the improvement out to the customers that have stayed with Vision over the years. The UI differences has been one of the things we have addressed during the re-engineering efforts, so you should see US issues address in a future release. If you have specific examples of the UI differences please let us know here or via tech support so we can confirm that your issue has been resolved. Thanks, Kevin Linzey SPOTLIGHT FEATURES MANAGER
  9. Daniel, We are currently working to put together a list of supported capture devices and general requirements for capture devices that should work with the current implementation. Video capture was tested with the limited number of capture devices we had in-house for SP3 as the protocols we use support a wide range of capture devices. We have reached out to our beta testers to help us identify capture devices that are currently supported and identify devices that still have issues. The engineering staff is working to address these issues and will add support in future releases and service packs for a wider range of devices. Sprout, Syphon and several other technologies are being investigated as ways to better support using video into Vision in the future. Kevin LinzeySpotlight Features Manager Vectorworks, Inc.
  10. The data exchange is probably being turned off because Vectorworks cannot write the the data exchange file because it gets locked by GDrive, Dropbox, etc. When Vectorworks cannot write the the file the exchange is turned off otherwise Vectorworks can slow down significantly as it continues to try to write to a file that is not writable. Vectorworks does not know why that the file is locked only that it can't modify the file so it stops trying. Both Vectorworks and Lightwright recommend against keeping the exchange file in GDrive, Dropbox, etc. because of the file locking problem caused by these services.
  11. Make sure both computers are running the same version of Vectorworks. I think this was an issue that was resolved in a service pack.
  12. Yes, You can add additional bumpers to the array but it must be the same one as configured on the bumper tab.
  13. Hoist can be displayed by function or manufacturer by setting the Display Hoist By: option in the OIP. To change any of the default values for all new documents you will need to use the plug-in manager to change the default value. Select the plug-in then select the parameter you wish to change the default. Click Edit and then change the Default Value.
  14. A layer scale of 1:50 should work fine for creating the LL. I tried it and it works correctly for me. Make sure you don't have a text style applied to the active class and that you are starting from a blank document and not a template to eliminate default settings from the template. If all else fails please contact support and they should be able to help you resolve the issue.
  15. Running refresh instruments should not be necessary on a regular basis. You don't state which version you are using but one of the first things I would recommend is adjusting your Navigation Graphics Settings. If that does not solve your issues make sure you are running the most recent version and contact tech support directly.