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v.2020 now available

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Some of my favourites:

  • Dark Mode for Mac
  • RAL colour palettes
  • PDF optimisation
  • Improved Notes Manager
  • Improved Title Block
  • History-based modelling
  • IFC referencing
  • In-line editing of list interfaces like the nav palette
  • Collapsible grouping of settings the OIP
  • Early signs that the door/window tools are getting some love going forwards. Not a fan at all of the naming of "Barn Door" (would have preferred Wall Mounted Slider) but the implementation is great. Looking forward to the rest of the door/window tool getting this sort of treatment.
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I had a sneaking suspicion that this version wasn't going to be something to celebrate.  Maybe there will be some hidden gems but I won't hold my breathe.  I suppose I do like the updated history based modeling, the updated data tags and the walk-thru animation tool.  I'm at a point where I'm starting to feel like upgrading next year will not be worth it.  I guess I need to trust that I don't know all the ins and outs of upgrading certain tools.  How hard can it be to upgrade the stair tool and doors and windows?

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11 minutes ago, Asemblance said:

Is there somewhere with an official list of all the new/changed features? Surprised how this has snuck out today, can't see our office bothering to upgrade for a good while based on what I've seen so far..

Yep, we will be leaving this upgrade until at least service pack 4, going by previous experiences.

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23 minutes ago, ptoner said:

Yep, we will be leaving this upgrade until at least service pack 4, going by previous experiences.


Our experience on macOS 10.14 is good so far.


I'm also running v2020 on macOS 10.15 beta. Stability is good but there are a interface speed issues to deal with (in both v2019 and v2020) before macOS 10.15 is released.

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The OpenGL speed improvements that were discussed in a Teaser Tuesday are immediately noticeable. I was able to load a complex model in OpenGL and navigate much more quickly than in previous versions, which is a welcomed improvement!


All of the icons in the program were redrawn. Some for the better, some will take some getting used to. Looking forward to that full UI redesign some day!

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