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  1. It was my understanding that Autodesk recently purchased Rockwell Automation 😱
  2. Longer history affects performance and converting to solids would be the right approach. For more complex objects I tend to copy them and move them out of the way just in case I have to amend them. The new history update is good news but its more of an extension rather than a brand new option (that's the way I see it). Very welcome addition although as you say it can lead to issues.
  3. Maybe you have some lights not in the class. Also look at:
  4. You can control the on/off of all lights via the visualisation pallette
  5. Overall there are some 'bits' that are useful and will save time. Graphics improvement is a big one and the modelling history will reduce the back and forth. Some elements I was hoping for, although in reality not expecting, stair tool for example. On the surface an ok upgrade
  6. When you say you cannot adjust the light brightness it is possible that the light is part of a symbol. Right click and chose Edit 3D component Once inside the component then select the light object and adjust as required. It could be that it also is inside a nested symbol in which case right click and keep travelling down until you can isolate the light. If you find it is part of a group (group will show in the OIP) then double-click and keep going again until you isolate the light object
  7. Do a quick check to make sure you do not have more than one wall in the same place. Also with the wall selected make sure the texture is on the correct part; this means the right, left etc. and not on overall. Select the wall layer or class and turn off the visibility on everything else and see what it looks like with nothing else interfering (lights for example).
  8. Unfortunately not. You could distort in Ps then add the decal. Not great but a workaround I had the idea to create a plane with an extrude of 0 and apply a transparent texture and then deform the plane to match the already deformed object but that was unsuccessful. Cylinder projection has a few more options but nothing I could work with sorry
  9. Behaves as expected on your file Here is a tapered solid and it works ok as well. I am probably missing something here so which deform are you having issues with and how? I applied the decals after the deform <Edit> ah I think you want the decal to deform?
  10. I have spent such a long time on this subject over the years as it is so important to VW interior design. A few years back I had a long discussion with Jim about this and he was very doubtful it would ever happen. At the time my view was that we can take an object from VW and UV map it elsewhere and then bring the object back as a mesh with the map intact. I asked if we could somehow map elsewhere and then make a relationship in VW between the original object and the external map. He said it was not possible which is understandable but worth asking. Jim's advice at the time was to use C4D and BodyPaint. Given that BP is out of date, and pretty awful (It was the industry leader many years ago) I did not see it as an option. Even more so now with the subscription based direction of Maxon and BP did not get a lot of love in the last update. For interest after years of trying for a solution and using SketchUp, C4D, Maya (plus a few others) I settled on Blender. Maya's UV mapping was outstanding but in the end the cost was prohibitive. The recent 2.8 version of Blender is great and of course it is open software and completely free. As a pipeline it works very well and I am more than happy with the results. <Edit> my pipeline shown against a similar object to the OP 1. I created the object in VW from a 2D extruded shape. 2. VW to blender as .dae and then UV map 3. Export map and add texture in PS. If you don't have PS and want a completely free pipeline then Krita is fine https://krita.org/en/ 4. Add texture back into Blender and export as OBJ and import into VW Once you have the UV map the rest is easy with regard to changes etc. You just swap out the texture in VW and texture however you want Necessity is the mother of invention!
  11. One of my greatest bug bears with VW is the lack of being able to map textures. There is a workaround for your issue. Extract the surface, extrude by 1mm and add the texture to the new object and set in the correct direction. The image shows that you should select face mode and make sure you Create Planar Objects. Then you can extrude and re-map.
  12. You can also use the transparency shader on the texture. Of course this would apply to all objects with that texture so you would duplicate the original and remove the transparency.
  13. @Paulo Ferrari There are some textures you do not need. For example VW does not use normal maps (bump only) so it depends on which 2 textures you have missing. You may not need them. I guess you may only need diffuse. I say this because the extra textures will increase the file size which you try to avoid.
  14. I guess the object you imported is a mesh. You can edit the mesh and remove the parts you do now want (front ortho and drag around and delete). From memory if you double-click the mesh it will screw up so be careful. Maybe worth a try Or can you create an auto hybrid and set the cut plane at the right height. I am not sure how you extract the 2D shape from the hybrid though.
  15. Put your .mtl file and the textures in the same folder as the .obj
  16. You can align objects by snapping them together and then rotating To rotate the bottom extrusion with the one above it Snap together Align the rotate tool with the lower extrude Click and rotate to match the extrude above it Click to finish and move as required
  17. My understanding is that with a perpetual you don't get Cineversity, you can't use plugins and you have to log online every 14 days. Something along these lines I think Also the monthly cost is way higher than the annual when taken over 12 months. Even more interesting for me is that Blender 2.8 has massively got its act together and the recent influx of high profile investors, and then of course Autodesk announced Max and Maya at $250 per year (£275 uk) for a full version if your turnover is < $100k. This is a 1-year trial to see if it works. If that continues where does it leave Maxon? Blender == free, Autodesk == $250, Maxon is significantly more. Autodesk announced it a day or so after the Siggraph presentation from Maxon - go figure
  18. Tough if you just renewed your MSA Anyhow, recently Trimble (Sketchup) announced subscription based licensing, of course Adobe did it a long time back, now Maxon......who is next? Seems like its not a popular option for existing users as you no longer own the software but it does allow new entrants so depends where you sit I guess
  19. Put the lights into a separate class and turn the class visibility off when working in your 3D view
  20. @A.D.K. Usually I would always have Show/Snap/Modify Others set for classes. For DLs I change as required and the only time I set Show/Snap/Modify Others for DLs is if I forget what layer something is on (so I change the layer option click it and check the OIP). I have found it too risky to have it set for DLs and also impractical. I am sure others work differently just the way I do things
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