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  1. I am so sorry for wasting your time! I could have sworn that in 2020 - holding the spacebar and moving the mouse panned. but of course not - you need to click and hold the mouse button. That would have been crazy. I have done that for 10 years + so don't know why I suddenly thought it was different. Please ignore me. 😳😳😳😳😳 I was so convinced I even fired up 2020 to check 😳
  2. Thanks Mark That's the behaviour I am getting. I have turned off spacebar usage in the SOD preferences too... I quite liked, and am very used to, the old / back in the day style (yesterday - as you say) of the spacebar acting in boomerang mode, I think that is what it is is called. ie - hold down space bar and the mouse cursor pans, no need to go to all that extra effort of holding the left mouse button down. Not quite ready to go back to yesterday yet - still early. If I had a choice mind, given Brexit here in the UK, the virus etc 2017 feels very appealing.
  3. Smart Options Display will be really useful in 2021. But I am so used to using the spacebar to pan! I have tried re-configuring it using the § key (what is that for anyway?!) for Smart Options, but can't get the spacebar back to the old usage. Anyone know how to do it? I am on a Mac
  4. Doors anyone know if VWX 2021 is Big Sur compatible on OS X?
  5. Scrub that. Got it! Look forward to trying it out tomorrow.
  6. 😮 I don’t think I have a serial number yet.
  7. I was hoping today would be release day! Perhaps not.
  8. Hi I am afraid not - it is one of those tricky problems as it is hard to replicate. Make sure you are on the latest service pack though - that’s the first thing support will say
  9. Thanks Nice try but no. It snaps to a rectangle on a design layer but not a rectangle in a referenced viewport on a different design layer
  10. Thanks - but that didn't work! All classes are on.
  11. Hi I am having trouble snapping in the annotations space of a Sheet Layer Viewport. The two items I want to snap to are on different layers (but the same scale) I can snap to them both when in a design layer Snap to object is on Though irrelevant when in a annotation space of a sheet layer VP - Layer options are set to snap others Any other ideas? Thanks, Andrew
  12. I would make a symbol library in a separate file - then reference that into your master drawing. Reports and data records etc still work
  13. Hi For me, @PVA - Jim does some superb tutorials. Vectorworks endorsed too. Just look up the official Vectorworks YouTube channel, Are you a VSS subscriber? Good content there too. Which industry are you in? Andrew
  14. Hi I am trying to brush up with 3D skills and learn some things that have always puzzled me, but I have never had time to investigate (Yes- 50% of my work has been cancelled!) One of these things is 3D planes. I've noticed that : A rectangle drawn on the layer plane is always at a Z height of 0 - though the object info palette doesn't say this. Moving it up using 3D move command, moves it to the "3D Plane" As it's a 2D object still (I suspect) - I don't get a Z height on the Object Info palette (not sure why not). ie - draw two identical rectangles on the layer plane over each other, then move one up the Z axis 1m or whatever. Nothing indicates in the Object Info the big difference in location in your drawing - other than one is on the 3D plane and one isn't. I think it would be useful to show the Z height of a 2D object as it makes it easy to reference / move Changing 3D plane in the Object Info palette to working plane seems to rotate the rectangle along the X axis ( but then the drop down box reverts to 3D plane, even though I just changed it to working plane Does 3D plane just indicated that a 2d object is on the layer plane - but not at a height of z=0? Finally - what's the difference between pressing Command+\ to set the working plane, and "Shift+1" to set the working plane? Don't they do the same thing, but Shift+1 gives you more options? Thanks, Andrew
  15. Thanks again both! Fantastically useful. Need to read and digest - a lot of this is over my head (Particularly the Apple forum post) . I just want it to work and give me good performance. Thanks again - much appreciated. Andrew
  16. Hi again - So helpful - thank you!!! @PeterYip Tried both of those with no success I am afraid. I seems the LG 5k only has one TB 3 input and the remaining USB-C sockets are just USB. Also tried the HDMI to USB-C adapter route with no success. Will probably wait until there is a GPU card which I can install in a eGPU which has at least 2 x TB 3 outputs. My only other choice is to put the whole thing on eBay and buy a couple of Displayport monitors. Again - the Blackmagic eGPU doesn't give great graphics performance. @RonMan I do a lot of Skype calls - do your monitors have a webcam? In fact - how can you do USB Webcams / Mics / Speakers with an eGPU? 🤯🤯🤯🤯
  17. Thanks RonMan Yes - the Blackmagic eGPU only has 2 x Thunderbolt 3 connections - one goes to the Mac, the other to the monitor. It does have an HDMI out too - but I don't have an HDMI monitor - just two Thunderbolt 3 monitors - so one monitor is directly connected to my Mac. Wish there was a GPU card, which I could put into an eGPU with 2 x Thunderbolt 3 outputs... Thanks for all Andrew
  18. Hello again So - the other night I was working on a 3D model into the evening. I wanted to be in the same room as my wife - so I unplugged my Blackmagic eGPU and worked away just using the built in screen. VWX worked well. The next morning, I went back to my desk and plugged back into the Blackmagic eGPU and carried on working on the same model. Immediately I noticed the difference in performance. But not as you would expect. Working on viewport annotations on a sheet layer, with the eGPU plugged in, was unusable. I had been doing exactly that the night before using the in built GPU (admittedly a good GPU - 8GB Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB) but I did not expect worst performance with the Blackmagic / Radeon 580 8GB GPU. I was in a rush at the time - so just quickly unplugged the GPU and went back to using the monitor on the laptop to finish what I had to get done - but I was surprised at the poor performance. Now I have a little time on my hands, I have just been doing some experimenting. A few days prior - I had turned on the "Prefer external GPU" option in the Info pane you get from right clicking on VWX 2020 in the finder - with an eGPU attached. I assumed that would be worth doing. But having done some experimenting it seems that that causes some issues. I found that with the "Prefer eGPU" setting selected - when using VWX on my 4k monitor (which is plugged directly into my Mac) - VWX slows massively. Activity monitor GPU graphic oddly says that none of the 3 x GPUs are being used. Moving VWX to my 5K monitor (which is plugged in to the eGPU - then the Mac) and VWX works much better. Without the "Prefer eGPU" option selected - I don't see this issue. VWX uses the build in Radeon 5500M when on the 4k monitor, and the eGPU when on the 5k monitor - as you expect. Performance is good. Will leave that check box deselected from now on - must be a bug somewhere - maybe with OS X? Andrew
  19. Ahhh thanks @RonMan That’s useful. Vectorworks has behaved beautifully today but I have not been using it with my eGPU. I’ve been working in someone’s office so just on my MacBook Pro with its internal screen. OpenGL is slower but at least it doesn’t crash. anyone else using a 5k monitor with vectorworks?
  20. Hello So I am finally going to try and sort out my display setup and could do with some advice. Current set up : MacBook Pro 16" with LG 5k and LG 4k displays. Blackmagic eGPU (Radeon 580) I get a lot of crashes in VWX when working on the 5K display and a heavy file with lots of geometry. I suspect the card / Vectorworks just can't handle the resolution. It doesn't seem as bad when just using the internal display and no 5k monitor connected.. I may be wrong - but I need to do something to fix this. I have seen other people on the forum ( @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD @RonMan in particular have had success with non Blackmagic eGPUs) Added to this - the Blackmagic eGPU does not output enough power to charge my MacBook Pro. Apple recommend attaching the 96W power supply as well as the eGPU. I have also seen benchmarks showing that the Radeon 580 in the Blackmagic is far outperformed by other cards that are cheaper. I would rather keep my two LG monitors - but as they are both Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C - it limits me massively on which eGPU I can use. So I thinking of ditching it all and buying : - Razor Chroma eGPU (this supplies 100W to the MacBook Pro) - Either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 - Then a 4k matt monitor - (why are glossy monitors so common?!). I assume the best would be displayport? Keen to get any recommendations on which GPU card is best or is it much of a muchness? Big problem I have us that when I search for either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 I seem to get a long long list of cards - all at different prices, and with what seems to be a minor difference in specification. Not to mention how I install a webcam / microphone / speakers - which I use a lot for video conferencing. So confused! Any help much appreciated - can't keep working with these crashes. Andrew
  21. Hello bgoff Sorry for the slow reply. I tend to give up with these issues they are so common. i find myself just putting up with it. my navigation settings are on best performance. I tried best compatibility but the system just slows down too much. Any other suggestions? im on a 16” MacBook Pro with a Radeon 580 in an egpu and 32MB RAM
  22. Hi I am using a Blackmagic eGPU with a Radeon Pro 580 graphics processor with 8GB of GDDR5 memory My MacBook Pro 16” has 32GB RAM Had a bad VWX day - several crashes. About 4 altogether. Really not a complex file I am working on. Just one referenced VWX file, no meshes etc. Very frustrating. Spent 3 hours doing what should have been no more than 1. I’ve said it many a time, but VWX really needs updating / refreshing. I am a long time user and just put up with the oddities and quirks. Shame.
  23. This is interesting. I've got a 4k ultra fine monitor and 5k antra fine (both USB-C bought direct from Apple) I get poor performance (MacBook Pro 16", Backmagic eGPU, Catalina). I have been waiting 20+ minutes to "Edit section in place" and it's not even a complex model. I wonder whether it's the amount of pixels I have with a 5k and a 4k screen together? Maybe I should have gone for 2 x 4k or even just 2 x 1280? Can that make a difference? Driving me nuts...
  24. Hi Any tips for importing STP files into Vectorworks? Originally created in Inventor. I received one which is 150MB, imports nicely into VWX but swells to 1GB+ in file size. Also - very slow doing some operations (rotate, going into flyover) but once in the flyover tool it is very smooth. Any suggestions appreciated. Regards Andrew
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