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  1. Hi As per the title, I have adjust flipped text selected in document preferences, but text within a symbol (in the 3D portion) is not flipping. See screenshot attached from a generated PDF (Via the publish command) Any ideas? Andrew
  2. Hi Got myself a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Wireless the other day ( Really nice - good build quality and I can really see the benefit of it. But I am struggling to get it to work well with Vectorworks. I set it up as per these settings But I am still struggling to make it feel natural. I have though just opened a file in Sketchup and it felt immediately natural to use with the default settings - virtually no learning curve. Now I go back to using Vectorworks and I am all over the place! Has anyone got any other tips for using it? Should I be in Flyover and walkthrough mode? Can I disable one of the modes so that it only ever uses one mode - which may simplify things? Any advice much appreciated. Andrew
  3. Does it drive anyone else mad when you hit Shift-Cmd-E (Hidden line render) by mistake instead of Shift-Cmd-R for rotate? Happened twice yesterday - 20 mins to re-render which I won't need and can't escape out of. Just waiting for it to finish again. Love Vectorworks - but there are some elements that don't quite cut it....
  4. I feel your pain! I would change that short cut, but I use it quite often anyway! Why cancel (esc) doesn't work I have no idea. Usually I resort to laying my head on the table and screaming in frustration - but it doesn't seem to help
  5. Hi Is it possible to export a VWX 2018 file to 2016 and all referenced files at the same time? Andrew
  6. Hi I have loads of rope and post (stanchion) I've added to my drawing using the Rope and stanchion tool. What's the best way of counting how many posts all together? Thanks, Andrew
  7. Thanks Pat - that's perfect. Not obvious though - but thanks. I was using the following dialogue box to sum the values - but it didn't work. What are those options for? Andrew
  8. Thanks again for this - really helpful. Just got round to using it 😳 and am struggling to get dimensions (Total Length) and quantity to work. It seems as if the report adds the dimension and quantity as text (so 3,000mm as opposed to 3000) meaning I can't do a sum of a column without pasting it into Excel and manually removing the mm. I am doing something wrong , I just know - but can't work out what! Andrew
  9. I use AutoCAD on the iPad Pro. It’s excellent. Hate it on a desktop, but it’s good on the tablet!
  10. Hey Jim is there a rough ETA for SP1?
  11. Many thanks both - appreciated.
  12. @JuanPdon’t suppose there’s a rough ETA for SP1?
  13. Hmmmmm. Should I take the plunge and install it? All downloaded and ready to go - but I know I shouldn't really!
  14. Hello all I've decided to take the plunge and have bought a copy of C4D visualise. Keen to learn new stuff and build my skill set. I'm happy with the renders I get from VWX - just want to see how much better I can get them. I will do all modelling / drawing work in VWX - just use C4D for rendering. Anyone got any hot tips for getting going? I've watched a few videos covering exporting from VWX into C4D but any other tips as I start down this path appreciated. Best Andrew
  15. Thanks again for all your help with this Zoomer - appreciated. Have spoken to Vectorworks UK support. Hopefully I will get this sorted soon
  16. Thanks Zoomer Followed your steps exactly and still don't get that dialogue. Will do a re-install when I get a moment. So is it behaving for you as it should be / always has in previous versions?
  17. Thanks Zoomer - any help appreciated. Will try a re-install of VWX 2018 (VWX 2017 shows same behaviour though)
  18. It was working fine for the C4D Demo (R18) - it's not working for the fully paid up version I bought last week! R19 - Visualise. Maybe I will try re-installing VWX 2018. Are you using R19?
  19. Hi all Anyone else had this issue? (No merge dialogue box in C4D). I got it on the demo. I have tried VWX 2017 and same behaviour - but I am wondering whether it is a compatibility issue with C4D R19 which I am using? Andrew PS - note this image is from the help file - I just added it for reference - it's the box I am missing!
  20. Easy as
  21. Hi all I like the attached symbol which I downloaded from the VSS library - but it is killing my drawing (I have about 400 chairs). Just opening a dialogue box causes them to redraw. Any tips on optimising it? I noticed the feet are a Mesh - each at 7,500 polys (so 30,000 all together) - guess that's not good! What about the generic solid? Are they "expensive" Any way of knowing? As it came from the VSS library, I assumed it would be VWX friendly..... Andrew Chair_Symbol.vwx
  22. That’s great! Thanks so much Kevin. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that. Best Andrew
  23. Thanks so much Kevin - doing that now and it's taken 10Mb off that file. Good to know Couldn't see anything in the info palette to give any guidance on this - guess you just need to dig around in the symbol