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  1. I would like that, but their is dinner on the table in 40 mins where i will be expected, life choices 😄
  2. @JuanP Is it possible to watch the live event back?
  3. A workaround i found is the use of Design Layer Viewports for an assembley of symbols. This way you do not need nested symbols 1 create the needed symbols 2 create a separate design layer 'assembley truss 01' 3 create the assembly of the symbols on the design layer 4 make a design layer viewport of your assembly and use this on your main design layer Now you can still tag all of your symbols that are used through the design layer. I do not know if this gives you a performance hit. Maybe DLBP's are slower then a symbol with nested symbols?
  4. A Z-height for everything would be great! Maybe a wishlist-item for this?
  5. Almost everything in Vectorworks can be ungrouped. Design Layer Viewports can not. Wish: Ability to ungroup Design Layer Viewports so it imports geometry to the design layer where the viewport is on. This should be possible from within the document (from another layer) or an external document. Additional it would be nice if specific parts (objects / layers / classes) of a viewports could be imported into the model.
  6. The exclamation point makes it seem that i should know what 'regenerate' in this situation means, I do not, please help 😂
  7. Sorry, I do not get it I think 🙂 If I was unclear then let me try to rephrase it. 1. Is it through a script or Marionette possible to create some sort of button that makes Vectorworks recalculate the CSG solids that are present in the VW file? 2. Would through an VW enhancement request it be possible to add this as an automatic part of History-Based Modelling? (Vectorworks recognizes you changed a symbol that is used in a solid addition or subtraction and recalculates the CSG solid automatically? Thanks for your help and patience 🙂
  8. Ah ok, hmmm, do you know if it is possible inside of Parasolid modeling kernel? Is this the same as the VWX event system? Maybe Vectorworks can tap into this? Questions questions 🙂
  9. For designing furniture I use symbols as solid subtractions and solid additions. This helps allot in automating the drawing and designing proces. It prevents mistakes and the need of double checking stuff. A good example is sheet metal with several M5 screw holes For the screw holes I use an M5 symbol which I use as an solid subtraction from the sheet metal. At the moment the proces is as follows: Step 1: draw sheet metal plate (extruded rectangle) Step 2: create an symbol of an M5 hole (extruded circle) Step 3: place symbols in the correct spot on the sheet metal Step 4: subtract the symbols from the sheet metal Client says: use M6 instead of M5 screw. Step 5: change the symbol of the M5 hole to a M6 hole Step 6: go into the solid subtraction of the sheet metal so the symbols automatically change from M5 to M6 (because of step 5) Step 7: go out of the solid substraction > tadddaa! all subtractions are M6 now without the need of editing every single hole one-by-one To my question: Is it possible to force Vectorworks to recalculate al the solid geometry so that you do not have to go back in al the different solid subtraction to make step 6 happen? (even when there are several levels with fillets, additions and ... of geometry?) Would this something that could be accomplished with Marionette? Adding the Marionette Jedi Masters 🙂 @sbarrett @Marissa Farrell @Stephan Moenninghoff @DomC
  10. Seeing how quick things go and the flu/virus spreads i completely understand this decision. As someone living in Europe / The Netherlands I can only say that you can not be to carefull about this. It is going pretty fast from something we made jokes about to empty fridges in the supermarket, the closing of museums, sport events and just all kind of gatherings . In the Netherlands everyone who can work from home is expected to do this for the coming weeks. And that is probably not the last measure the government is going take to try to slow this thing as much as possible so the hospital's aren't going to 'overload'.
  11. Never been added, please vote up to get it higher on the wishlist. You can mirror it back, this makes it context relative again, but that is probabilly not what you want.
  12. In my case i do this because I design allot of products / furniture. For example: when i design a table with a wooden table top I create part symbols and assembly symbols. Each part, in this case a screw, piece of folded sheet metal, a wooden table top, etc, gets his own part-symbol (P_01, P_02, P_02) Each assembly gets his own symbol as well: main assembly > A_01, sub assembly > A_02, A_03, A_... etc. Al these individual part-symbols and assembly-symbols have there own individual design layer, and there own individual sheet layer that all correspond with the symbol name. The separate design layers are needed to be able to create sheet layers with views of each specific part or assembly. I would be amazing to just be able to drag-and-drop symbols on sheet layers for the creation of viewports (left, right, top, bottom, back, isometric, perspective)
  13. If u use the compose command (modify menu > compose) you get one nurbs curve, then create a nurbs surface from that (model menu > 3d power pack > create nurbs surface). A nurbs surface can be shelled (3d tools in pallete) This will give you an extruded nurbs 🙂
  14. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/2020 A shame that the window and door tools are still lacking, but the history based modeling tools are going to make 3D-modeling so much easier and faster. This will have a big positive impact on my workflow!
  15. Is this possible for DLVP that refers to another layer in the same file as well? In my case there is no reference file.
  16. Hi all, When working on design proposals I make extensive use of design layer viewports. This is great for the creation of different options, styles and colors. Now to my question: Is it possible to 'import' the geometry shown through the DLVP on the layer where the DLVP is on, like an ungroup/decompose or an old fashioned autocad explode 😉 ?
  17. It happend to me when is changed the staking order in the navigation pallette as well.
  18. A disclaimer that I do not work with the localized version, so no personal experience with it. I use the international version, but the grass seems pretty green in Belgian and Holland.


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