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  1. Yeah, Julian’s Windoor has a little different approach and options than does the native VW doors and windows, but once you wrap your brain around it, it all makes sense. i have yet to see how VW has implemented the Windoor items.
  2. I would most definitely rely on Julian’s tutorial videos.
  3. That is why I was confused….used to be called Designer. I am living in the past 🙂
  4. Andy Yeah, I have had the same 'less than acceptable' results, as well. But this one I was pretty happy with. Without getting too granular, there are quite a few tweaking options available within the Photoshop 'actions' relating to this. I had a lot of fun tweaking the various settings. The guy who created the product has a pretty good tutorial available, which is more than helpful. Check it out if you wish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N1kzWSHTy0
  5. Hey markdd Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool 🙂 Here is a link to the product: https://graphicriver.net/item/archi-sketch-photoshop-action/16211716
  6. I was just playing around with this new $6.00 Photoshop 'actions' add-on that does a decent job of converting an existing Photo Realistic Rendering to something a bit 'looser' and painterly. Lots of adjusting is possible, but without ever messing with the optional tweaks, here is what it will produce in seconds, in the default mode. This may be of interest to some of you. Here is the original rendering..... ...and here is the result, created in seconds, with the 'archisketch' photoshop filter applied to the image.
  7. This may not be of any value to you, but who knows. There are a select few sites I visit to acquire seamless textures. Here is an example from one of the sites, pertaining to board formed concrete....
  8. Well, if that is the case, I stand corrected. Thanks for qualifying rDesign. It would be a shame if the Windoor stuff was not available for everyone.
  9. Andrew, how goes it? 🙂 Well…..since you asked. I am a little put off at the moment, for several reasons. First off, that I would need to “ have a conversation” with someone at the company before I could download the trial version. I read that and my jaw hit the floor. As you may recall I did not upgrade to 2021 because of all the existing items in the program that needed some attention and fixing, which did not get that attention. Especially, among other things, my all time favorite complaint, that they cannot ever seem to address the issue where a wood grain texture around door and window trim can ludicrously go in one direction only….which would only happen on Earth 2. For a guy like me who does a lot of photo realistic rendering, that is the death knell. Also, based upon what Juan P mentioned to me about the Windoor items only being available in the Design Series, and apparently not offered to anyone who just wants VW architect….seems like a really bad decision. I really am not affected, as I already have and use Windoor exclusively. I never bother using the native VW door and window tools…..ever. So…..I have an intuitive feeling that there will exist the same old issues of not fixing things that are still ‘broken’. But, I cannot qualify that because I need to “have that conversation” with a rep before I can download the trial version to have a little test drive. I am only one tiny voice…..why would they listen or care about my opinions. 🙂 So…..aren’t you glad you asked, Andrew 🙂
  10. Juan I have been using windoor for years, so I have no need for the university thing. It just seems a bit arcane where you parked the item, in the big picture.
  11. Also…in previewing some of the “new features” in 2022 in the videos, I see nothing about incorporating Julian’s Windoor objects? You guys forget that part?
  12. Wait...we need to have a phone conversation before downloading the trial version of 2022? Really???
  13. Kevin K

    HDRI Domes

    C.T looks good. whatever it takes to get the job done! 🙂
  14. Kevin K

    HDRI Domes

    This is an interior rendering I created with a bit of 'lit fog' shown on the right side of the image., where light its streaming into to the room through a window. Is this more or less what you guys have been wanting to achieve throughout this thread? This is a VW file ported over to Cinema 4d to get that 'look' of the misty interior. VW has a hard time with procuring this, seems to me. C4d does this really well, regarding the whole 'fog' thing. If you just want a one-off rendered image I would be happy to take your file into C4d and 'fog' it up for you 🙂 -Kev
  15. Tom without digging too deep, because one should be able to hide those elements, how about just duplicating your design layer with the site model, and simply removing the texture beds? sort of a workaround, but fairly painless.
  16. indeed, that would work quite well. Ragnar was not clear as to whether or not he had an actual survey for his project, which if he did, he would need to create an actual site model.
  17. Yes, you have to use pad with retaining edge to keep the vertical cuts totally vertical. maybe post your file, if it isn’t huge, and we can sort it out for you. Or, create a file with just the site model. I personally do not use VW 2021, so the file would need to be a 2020 version.
  18. Slightly off topic, but speaking of site models, for those of you that import your VW files into Cinema 4d, there is a great add-on to C4d, called 'Grass Kit' that quicker than you can imagine, lets you add three kinds of grasses, wildflowers, and rocks to any site model. Lots of flexibility. Sort of how VW lets you make a grass texture, but with many more options and way faster rendering times. Here is a low res rendering of a rather interesting project I modeled and worked on with an architect friend of mine. I used the various 3d grasses, etc mapped to the site model. Somewhat more realistic than just using a flat texture.
  19. Ragnar You can achieve this, but your request, without being inside your head to visualize what you imagine, it is difficult to give you any direct advice 🙂 Can you post an image or photo of 'the look' you want? That would help.
  20. techdef Can't really tell without seeing the file, and I am not sure what you mean referring to 'stair-stepped' ? You referring to the horizontal layered lines where the cut occurs?? Also....'resolution' ?? Not sure I get that either. That said....check two things..... 1) Make sure that your 'mesh smoothing' is ticked on and that it is at least set to 60-70. This setting is in File/Doc Settings /Doc Prefs 2) Definitely make sure that your Open GL Render Settings are set to high, at minimum.
  21. Purge is definitely your friend! 🙂
  22. Tom Yes, you can mix and match between WinDoor items and the VW doors and windows, but....for my work, I just use WinDoor items for everything. The Worksheets that come with WinDoor do allow to report data for both WinDoor Items and regular windows & doors from VW. No reason to mix and match since, with all due respect, VW doors & windows don't come close to what you can do with WinDoor. One MAJOR thing that I love about WinDoor is that you can combine doors and windows in ONE opening!!! I know VW can do that with curtain wall items, but not with just the regular windows and doors. I could go on and on....like multiple cavity doors.....multiple folding doors, etc... Again, you guys are going to LOVE it when it arrives into VW 🙂
  23. Tom, just noticed your question regarding WinDoor....I am one of the lucky one who purchased WinDoor many years ago so I am able to get the updates for each version of VW. I couldn't live without it, I must say. To your question, it is just an addition to the existing doors and windows PIO's. It will feel like Christmas to all VW users if it does find its way to 2022.!! 🙂
  24. I created this to include in some of my interior renderings. It is a symbol but you can easily have access to just individual wine bottles and the horizontal surface metal wine rack Have at it! 🙂 WINE RACK & WINES V2020.vwx
  25. For what it is worth...I have found that including a keynote legend (with callouts) for each floor plan design layer is helpful. That way, when someone is looking at the sheet layer for, say, the ground floor plan, the keynote legend callouts ONLY apply to that floor plan. When they reference, for example, the upper floor plan, the legend and callouts only apply that plan. Seems to keep their focus on just that drawing sheet.
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