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  1. This is precisely why zoomer gets paid the big bucks….:-)
  2. Ohhhhhhhh.....another thought. I didn't quite catch in your message where you said " If I have nothing selected, and set my Attributes to class settings"... Try NOT having attributes set to 'use class settings' as a test. Jut have everything set to the default classes..and not using ''class style"...see if that makes a difference.... Again, I would do this in a new blank file to test it....
  3. François No it should not…..did you try opening a new blank file to test it out? you should consider that. Could be some voodoo in the file you are working on that doesn’t allow you to do what you wish, regarding the attribute settings.
  4. Oh, as a thought, open a new blank file to test out what I mentioned….before you tweak the use at creation option in whatever file you have open….
  5. François Check your settings, regarding "use at creation" Normally I just leave "None" as my default class when drawing anything....then, if desired I will put whatever it is into a specific class. You may have your None class (if you work as I mentioned above) set to 'use at creation'. ? check that out...if you uncheck 'use at creation' you should be able to set your attributes to whatever you wish, and it will maintain those settings. Be careful though...there are certain advantages to using the 'use at creation' option. and there are reasons NOT to do so.
  6. Christina A few thoughts...some sage advice from an ancient VW user 🙂 First, it is always a good idea to note your version of VW when you post anything. For example I am not upgrading to VW 2020 for more reasons than I care to mention here, so I was not able to assist you with your issue because your file was a 2022 file and I could not open it 🙂 Second...do yourself a huge favor and spend a couple hundred bucks and buy a second display. Honestly, I absolutely cannot imagine working, as you do, having all the various palettes jammed around your one display window. You will find that you will probably make like 5,000 less mouse clicks during the day by having all your palettes on a second display. The time you spend scrolling to expand and contract all those crowded palettes on your one display would be insanity to me 🙂
  7. hahahaha.....the middle of the Atlantic 🙂 Yeah, would be tough to build something on that floating site model !!! My bad... Let me know and I can reimport it and WON'T move it, and send it to you..... Or...you can asked 'Mr Bonehead-Prince to do it for ya. 🙂
  8. Anders Not sure what you mean by 'correct coordinates'? I just imported it as 'all 3d data' and it did take about a minute or so for all those pesky 3d loci to appear. I also moved all the data to fit on the center of a 24x36 sheet...perhaps I should not have done that? Under the circumstances, you may not be able to get the data as continuous 3d polys, as I had mentioned, because of the Swedish terrain Model source, but as you noted, you can ask 🙂 Not sure what you plan to do with the site model, but with what I gave you, will it work ok??
  9. Tom Not sure, but perhaps because I have my souped-up iMac Pro to thank 🙂 As you know, when you import dwg data you can choose to bring it in as: -all 2d -2d & 3d (which is the dumbest thing I have ever have heard of) -or all 3d data. (which is best when creating site models) Because Anders mentioned there were tons of 3d loci, so I chose all 3d....which probably wasn't really necessary, but maybe thats why it arrived a bit faster? When I import dwg/autoBad survey data I import it first as all 2d, for the basic top plan view of the site plan, then as all 3d for creation of the 3d site model.
  10. In fact.....if you contact the person who created the dwg file, they may be able to export it using the continuous 3d polygons......worth a try. Then, import that. It should go a bit easier. Then, because they ARE 3d polys, you have the ability to choose the 'Simplify Polys' menu item to reduce the amount of vertices for each 3d poly. It is a great trick! 🙂
  11. Anders a word of advice....:-) Next time, tell your bone-headed surveyor to use continuous 3d polygons instead of millions of 3d loci ! 🙂 The file is fairly large....mainly because of all those 3d loci. I created the file in meters, guessing that is what you use in your location on Planet Earth. I just used a scale of 1:500, but you can change that. ANDERS SITE MODEL V2020.vwx.zip
  12. techdef…..exactly what Pat & Michael suggested….Windoor!
  13. J.Wallace Glad that worked for ya. As Tom mentioned, worksheets and worksheet functions are usually the way to go with these types of items, but to some users, especially newer users, worksheet stuff can be a bit intimidating. I use them practically daily for one thing or another, but they still scare the hell out of me 🙂 That option to click on something and just select the menu item to check the Volumetric properties is pretty cool. In fact, if you quickly just wanted to get the overall sq. feet of your entire wall(s) you don't even need to extract anything....just select the wall and select the Volumetric properties menu item and it will report back to you to the total volume of the entire wall(s) As you aptly noted...:knowledge is KING!!!"
  14. Indeed Tom. I was actually mentioning that approach to point out the hidden gem of Volumetric Properties for a quick assessment of objects in general.
  15. For those of you that would like to dive a bit deeper regarding Redshift, check the link below. https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Welcome+to+Redshift It may be a bit TMI (too much info) for many of you, and your head could spin off, but it really does go into granular detail about Redshift in its pure form.
  16. Tom W and J Wallace Or........if you want to have a bit more fun than the worksheet methodology ......:-) -3d Tool Set / Extract Face (click on the face you want to extract), then..... -Model Menu / Volumetric properties, and voila! Like I said....wayyyy more fun! 🙂
  17. Haha…. Benson, glad that comment brought a little levity to your life. 🙂
  18. Yeah, that is why I am not a fan of window and door styles.... Say you want to quickly run a script to select all of your windows ( and/or doors) and change the trim to on all the windows to 2x2 instead of 1x4....you can't, to my knowledge, if you use styles.
  19. Not trying to be too pessimistic here, but the reality between Redshift in VW and “the real” Redshift used in Cinema 4d, are about as disparate as croissants and fill dirt. I did a few test renders. An exterior render, not even utilizing the ‘denoiser’ option for Redshift in VW, took about 14 minutes. That same exact scene utilizing Redshift within Cinema 4d took just under two minutes ! You do the math. i had such high hopes for Redshift being implemented within VW, but it seems it is not quite ready for prime time.
  20. Yeah, this is why Katarina gets paid the bug bucks 🙂
  21. I had mentioned awhile ago (years) that something should be done to address the issue with site models, when using clip cube, appear hollow. In test driving 2022 I noticed this still has not been addressed. Also, although it is probably way too late, would it not make sense to be able to use boolean operations on site models?? Subtract solid here, add solid there, etc, etc. but still have the site model BE a site model? All the issues with 'pads overlapping' alerts, etc really gets old. Trying to facilitate complex excavations and terracing topography can become very, very difficult using the existing suite of site modeling tools. Something to consider.....
  22. I believe line-weight is correct. That horizontal line will show up if the walls above and below do not perfectly stack on top of each other.
  23. Just make a custom selection script, one for select only screen plane objects and one for select only layer plane objects. works like a charm. I use those two scripts quite often.
  24. JBenghiat, what is your general feeling about how VW has Implemented Redshift into 2022? I was somewhat disappointed that unlike Redshift in C4d, there is no IPR window where you get instant, constant feedback of how your scene appears , in general and especially related to lighting, etc.? I also noted that the rendering times using Redshift in VW are substantially slower than rendering time using Redshift in C4d. Any thoughts on this?
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