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  1. 12.45 14" Macbook M1 Pro, 32GB 13.2 ; VW 2023.SP.3
  2. another option is the split tool - draw your wall as normal , mark out where you want to make cuts , and then change wall heights to suit.. Then use an extrude etc for your wall capping...
  3. sorry, just seen you were after hatch ! not a texture………
  4. save, quit and restart vectorworks gets rid of them.... (probably not the answer you wanted!)
  5. sounds related to this: (the workaround is to select the wall and move it 0,0 - this will regenerate wall)
  6. if any consolation - its hasn't happened to me since first post....
  7. if you pull one window out the other one shows up , and if you put it back in both disappear again.
  8. @Matt Panzer as is typical I can't reproduce it at the moment ! It seems to only happen on the M1 and not the intel iMac , and a restart of vectorworks clears it. Will send on once it happens again - (it doesn't happen everytime you change a window or door)
  9. getting consistent crashes when moving doors / windows around in walls with components with 2023. - especially with duplicate copy of a door or changing window heights - will cause a crash - changing a window height (if more than one window in wall) will result in windows disappearing in 3d view - but show fine in plan view. below is sliding door at 2600mm high - changed to 2650mm high and both disappear in 3d. (all looks ok in 2d) (on MacBook Pro 14", OS 12.6)
  10. yes, having same problem with viewports of image files of worksheets, will show once then completely disappear if viewport moved. works fine in 2021 but not 2022.
  11. the hatch units were set to world not page... seems to be much smoother now!
  12. for me, most of the whackiness is in annotation viewports using hatches. The settings seem so messed up compared to 2021, even zooming in and out will cause it to flicker (and lag) and go mad.... the scale of hatches when first used in 2022 seems to be off v. 2021 and it scales back to and forth each zoom (if that makes sense!) This is on both an intel iMac and M1 Mac Pro
  13. I get this also - no solutions I know of.... (hatching seems to be FU in 2022)
  14. @frv would love to see your corona settings for those renders ! they look fantastic... (HDRI or sun/sky for lighting?)
  15. this looks interesting : https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2022/10127/ parametric file seems to be brought straight into Blender. On another note, scaniverse on app store is excellent (and free!) , and the point clouds import nicely into vectorworks.
  16. on the relevant story - click edit in bottom of menu - and add the relevant levels to the storey (minimum should be a finished floor level)
  17. What’s the current price for VSS renewal in the EU? Just want to check as I’m been forced to pay to a non eu country (sterling!) , even though I don’t reside in the UK.
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