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  1. I think this was something to do with how or, more importantly, when the Viewports were created because as I progressed with working on these Viewports I noticed that some of them didn't exhibit the problem. And when I created fresh new Viewports they didn't exhibit the problem either. The file started in v2019, was converted to v2020 and then to v2021.
  2. I thought we'd put this one behind us, and I'm not sure when it started happening again, but I'm getting lines appearing between abutting walls in Hidden Line where they shouldn't be showing (horizontally and vertically); my walls are perfectly aligned as far as I can tell. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  3. I'd like the ability to restrict scrolling of the Navigation Palette to be vertical only. I use an Apple Magic Mouse and I'll often accidentally scroll the first three columns out of view. If I want to see some text to the right I'd rather have to widen the palette (or optionally turn sideways scrolling back on).
  4. There's always a price to pay for whatever tool you choose.
  5. Another option is to leave it there I guess. Doesn't look so bad on my 1:100 basic sections.
  6. What do you think is the most efficient way to get rid of the Profile Line around the cavity below the ridge beam? This is a Section Viewport through a roof ridge, made up with multiple Roof Face objects, a Structural Member and that bit of ceiling below the beam is a Slab object. It's a shame roofs can't clip Slabs (as they can Walls) because I could have simply added a 300 mm or so cavity component to the Slab object and then clipped it with the Roof Face objects. How would you do it? I'm not so keen on manually modelling extrudes or anything like that as I have multiple buildings to apply this to with slightly different ridge conditions.
  7. I've updated the original post to lay the argument out better, add roofs and slabs to the wish, and add Tom's point about inserting objects.
  8. Been there my friend. Been there.
  9. Matt Panzer kindly pointed out to me that this has been fixed (a couple of versions ago even). In the Railing/Fence Settings > Post, set the "Align Corner Post Angle to" dropdown menu to "Leading Segment" or "Trailing Segment". Default setting still needs to be changed. P.S. moderators: this can be moves to wishes granted.
  10. Post a file with the trapezoid shape you were having trouble rendering correctly and we'll have a look at it.
  11. For your splays, check this thread out: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/53041-window-opening-floor-level-but-cill-not/
  12. The sill feature in the Window tool is a mess unfortunately. A little bugbear of mine too. Do yourself a favour and model them separately until they fix it. There's an example file here I made. It's an aluminium sill but you can use it as a starting point for any kind of sill set up. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/65060-windows-offset-sash-and-jamb-separation/#comment-325071
  13. Thanks for prompt Andy, I did check that but not thoroughly enough. It was on None class but I use A-None instead and None regenerates every now and then.
  14. Any ideas why my Grid Line bubbles aren't showing in Section Viewports? Just the lines are showing.
  15. Good points. Doors, windows and symbols would need to punch through connected walls. Wrapping would need some though too.


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