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  1. 👍🏼
  2. yeah, there's a little waste bin icon when you mouse over the image icon (while editing post). I didn't see it at first either.
  3. Always Auto Join in Capped Join Mode was turned on for all components. You need to turn this off and then redo wall joins.
  4. Message me file if you like.
  5. Did you turn off "Always Auto Join in Capped Join Mode" for all wall components?
  6. There is another way that works okay for me: simply convert the Viewport to a Group. But then you have to recreate the viewport if you want to regenerate the render, and it's also one of those workflows that isn't very intuitive when working in teams.
  7. Edit Wall Style component and change this setting: Wall Preferences > Wall Component Settings > Always Auto Join in Capped Join Mode
  8. I'd like to be able to double-click into a Viewport with Hidden Line rendering and have an option to edit the lines. Including deleting, changing length and changing thickness. I'm happy for these changes to then be obliterated if I update the viewport, but it's meant just as a final touch-up workflow for those little niggly bits that are extremely hard to model out. For instance this request is motivated mostly by those pesky lines that show up where you have a wall meeting another wall parallel to it but that is already L-joined to another perpendicular wall.
  9. Ha, very good. It does make the Resource Browser seem a little antiquated.
  10. Alan, one thing we'd need would be the ability to call out windows that are 2D/3D Symbols, not just native window objects. Would this be possible somehow, even if we had to tag the symbols in some way?
  11. You could draw them as a symbol within the Annotations Layer, then just use the same symbol across viewports.
  12. Ha, nice one, hadn't thought of it that way 👍🏼
  13. We'd like support for more than 63 characters when naming Classes as the current limit prevents us from using a long-form implementation of the Uniclasss standard. This would then also need options for exporting to file formats that don't support this number of characters.
  14. Hi Joey, you're trying to go to a single vanishing point with both control lines when Camera Match needs to two vanishing points (indicated by the red and blue arrows of the CM reference). A natural mistake to make with a photo like this. You'd be better off with a photo taken off to the side of corridor rather than straight down the centre. It's difficult to match because you're essentially perpendicular to one set of the control lines, making them almost parallel to each other and so very prone to error (i.e. any small movement of them will have a large effect). I've had a play around with the file and got it roughly into position, but I need to go out so I'll leave it with you to refine. I also recreated the Reference (your one had been rotated 90º and I think this can be a source of problems). Is your model the real world width and length of the corridor? If not you'll need to correct it somehow (even if just by trial and error). columna.vwx
  15. Oh my god, that's amazing, I'll give it go over the weekend or early next week! How exciting, well done