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  1. We've been using Uniclass 2015 for our callout numbering (e.g. Pr_25_57_06_56/100 Rockwool Hardrock Multi-fix (DD) tapered insulation boards to specialist design.) but it really doesn't make for easy scanning of notes so I'm considering changing it.
  2. We haven't purchased a licence at my new company yet but previously I was using NBS Building. I haven't used anything else but I loved writing specifications in NBS (despite the fact that we had it siloed on a crappy little windows laptop). Comprehensive, always up to date, flexible and easy to use. We're interested in NBS Chorus but we fit into that category of a small business doing medium-sized projects so we could do with it but it's kind of a big overhead to have when you only need to use it for a month or two a year. Also, as I understand it, while there's a VW plugin that allows you to link clauses to objects in your model, there's no way to link and sync *callouts* to the spec, nor even a keynote export function. I might be wrong there though because that seems like a big omission. We may get a subscription later this year but not if this capability is missing.
  3. Wow, big news, thanks Juan. I presume that means free to Design Series users?
  4. Interesting for sure but I wouldn't hold my breath. The press information is very much focussed on VW expanding into Australia and bolstering localisation efforts. It doesn't seem to be anything like the acquisition of PanzerCAD and CameraMatch, which was very much about bringing CameraMatch and Matt into Vectorworks.
  5. Doesn't sound like it does it. It certainly doesn't sound like the acquisition of PanzerCAD and CameraMatch for instance. I loved working with WinDoor but I actually prefer the Custom Sash Options approach in the native tool for complex windows. It just needs somebody to update the damn thing. Also, from FAQ page:
  6. For whatever reason v2009 does actually run fine on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 for me these days.
  7. Didn't work either, thanks Pat. 😞
  8. Does anybody else have a problem where your Keynote Legend notes (not the actual object itself) will disappear and you need to double click on it to regenerate the notes? I find that it happens pretty consistently having closed VW and coming back to the file the next day.
  9. @inikolovano I didn't submit a report because I thought it was a known bug. I've just submitted one now: https://jira.vectorworks.net/browse/VB-180794
  10. Agreed Andy, but it might be better as a dropdown menu. We use A-None in place of None, so we'd need a way for VW to know that.
  11. I'd like a new command: File > Open Recent > Clear Menu
  12. Thanks for updating the forum software recently. I see a little "solutions" badge has popped up next to our names, next to the existing one for the number of posts we've made. This is a great idea. Doesn't it deserve its own leaderboard widget, like the Popular Contributions widget?
  13. I was seriously thinking about musing that this is how it should work in my previous post. It would make so much more sense to do it this way instead of reinventing the wheel in every country. Glad to hear that might be on the cards.
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