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  1. A Wordpress wiki plugin/theme could be an option: https://codecanyon.net/item/knowledge-base-helpdesk-wiki-wordpress-plugin/5758910
  2. Yeah, thanks, the only one that comes close is Confluence, but it's still miles away. Not entirely sure what WordPress WMX files is.
  3. ha, yeah that's the one. Funnily enough we'd ditched everything except file sharing, VPN and the wiki, then we started using Dropbox and didn't even need file sharing or VPN. So now we have a mac mini server to run a wiki
  4. Apple is deprecating their Wiki Server software. Which is a shame because we love it, we use it for everything that needs to be written down; project notes, office manual, knowledge base, checklists, etc. Problem is I'm having a lot of trouble finding a suitable replacement. The only thing that comes close is Confluence but even then it doesn't match Apple's ease of use. Any suggestions?
  5. a case for browser based cad

    Isn't that what PI insurance is for?
  6. a case for browser based cad

    Anyone in that situation could stick with VW Desktop, on a job-by-job basis.
  7. a case for browser based cad

    I've had a lot of trouble this year trying to deal with some persistent and serious bugs, to the point that I run out of time stay on top of the bug reporting and sending VW files in order for the engineers to try and reproduce the problem (many of which they're unable to, or simply haven't found a solution yet). This process of bug finding, tracking and resolving would be hugely simplified in a cloud-based CAD. Not just for the user but for the CAD vendor as well. Less variables, no files or log files to manage. It's all there in one place for the user and the CAD vendor work on. I could probably go through my time-sheets and put a exact figure on it. It wouldn't be small.
  8. a case for browser based cad

    I'd be very surprised if a decision has been made to make a new cloud-based CAD or to never make one.
  9. I'd like to request online training content for Service Select users. Specifically, a video tutorial explaining how to use the Notes Manager and avoid problems. Topics to include: Dos and don'ts. Pitfalls to avoid. What you need to do if copying and pasting notes from other design layers or other files. And/or why to avoid it. Good alternative practice. Comprehensive description of the behaviour of notes and the notes database in relation to files, design layers, callouts and keynotes and how to manage these relationships.
  10. a case for browser based cad

  11. Do away with annual NEW releases

    I'd rather there wasn't a big version release date at all; that improvements were simply pushed out as they're ready, big and small.
  12. Project sharing workflow

    We used that workflow initially but there are problems: More file management, including increased potential for screw-ups related to more complicated file management. It makes many things more complicated, even just exporting files. (I hatesess file management!) More bugs. Workgroup Referencing is another vector for bugs and there have been some long-standing ones that we never got to the bottom of, especially relating to Section Viewports. And the straw that broke the camels back: Edit Section In-Place doesn't work with referenced files. Since moving to a one-file policy we haven't had to split any files up yet. But it's a lot easier to split them up than it is to merge them. I have a project coming down the line in April that we'll need to split up simply because it involves multiple buildings. I'm not particularly looking forward to that because having everything in one file has made life a lot easier (apart from some hugely aggravating PS bugs causing data loss, but that's another story!) How do you mean dangerous?
  13. Project sharing workflow

    Hans, it's not clear to me how splitting the files would give more access under Project Sharing? From my experience the longer you can keep everything together in one file the better.


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