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  1. Christiaan

    What mouse do you recommend?

    After 22 years of using Apple's mouse I've finally decided I need a middle mouse button (to operate the now free Twinmotion). What do you recommend? Is it worth it to plonk a £100 down on a 3Dconnexion Cadmouse? Are they actually that good. Or should I just get something for a tenner?
  2. I'd like the ability to track User Origin changes in Projects Files. Specifically who and when.
  3. I'd love to be able send symbols back and forth relative to other symbols in the wall, in the same way we can with objects using the Modify > Send command. The reason being is that we often model window sills as separate objects to our windows* and insert them in into the wall at the same place as the window to they're overlapping. The problem is we're usually inserting the sill after the windows because they're a higher level of detail that we don't necessarily need early on in the design process. And this means they obscure the window because they sit in front of it in plan view. So we end up having to drag the window out of the wall, then insert the sill flashing and then re-insert the window object. On some projects we'll also be inserting other ancillary objects such as a railing or lintel. This can be a lot of work; I have 498 windows in the project I'm currently working on. Maybe it needs a separate command but enabling Modify > Send to do the job may also be sufficient. * because the Window Object sill is not up to the job.
  4. Should any changes to the User Origin show up in the Project Sharing History tab?
  5. Christiaan

    Weird horizontal lines in OpenGL render.

    It does often indicate overlapping geometry, so it could be that, but I've also experienced this sort of thing as a graphic glitch. If so it may go away after a restart.
  6. Christiaan

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    It sounds like a bug. I've experience some problems with certain versions relating to absolute and relative paths. Which version of Vectorworks are you seeing this behaviour lgoodkind?
  7. Christiaan

    Weird curved guardrail

    That's generally the only way really for a stair like that. The handrail in the stair tool is not very smart. One thing that does help if possible—in the model and in the real world—is to offset the first step of the second flight.
  8. Christiaan

    WALL Component Import/Export

    This would be great. Also here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49061-wall-component-library/
  9. Christiaan

    Until Next Time

    Good luck my friend. Thanks for everything, it was an absolute pleasure!
  10. Christiaan

    Videos of the foliage tool in action?

    Cool, thanks Peter
  11. Christiaan

    Until Next Time

    Nooo! Resignation not accepted!
  12. Christiaan

    Videos of the foliage tool in action?

    Thank you!
  13. Are there any videos of the Foliage tool in action? Can't get my head around the Profile options. I'm trying to creating some hanging plants draped over a pergola but not sure which is the best Configuration to use.
  14. Christiaan

    Walls with modular external facing

    The way we deal with this is to make a brick grid to cover the building, putting it on a separate layer, then snapping to this when setting out walls and windows.
  15. Christiaan

    Window reveals

    Yes, if using the Window tool, but only in 2D at the moment. Under the Window Style settings look for Interior and Exterior Wall Detail.


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