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  1. Turning off "Display extents below cut plane" gets rid of them. Seems like a bug.
  2. Ha, I remember discovering it much the same way. Glad you sorted it.
  3. It depends a little on the type of building. We just show the thickness of the framing as a component of our Wall, Slab and Roof objects. We've never felt the need to model framing because the timber frame manufacturer has produced their own set of framing drawings. So, depending on the the type of building and the level of information you need to provide you might model it yourself. Modelling the framing can also inform your detailing and highlight any issues early on.
  4. The same thing needs to apply to window handing. We have handing direction for custom sashes. Now we need to turn off the ability to flip windows and add explicit handing to whole window units too.
  5. I've added link to the explicit door handing wish from @digitalcarbon. It's time to get rid of door flipping and the subsequent reliance on floor plans for determining handing direction. @GatRedjust seen your post. Will add shortly.
  6. To associate an existing Design Layer with a Storey or Level you need to do that in the Design Layers tab of the Organization window, not the Stories tab.
  7. Damn. You could try distilling a copy down to two files (original and target file) with only the affected objects, layers and classes included. Can be a useful way to narrow down variabilities and speed up trouble-shooting. You could post it here too so we can have a poke around.
  8. One other option might be to adjust the Story elevation in the target file? At least until they jumped back. Crude but might work.
  9. I do this so often that I have a tendency to avoid File > Open Recent. Two reasons it happens so often in my experience: 1. We save copies of our files each time we do a drawing issue, so they get added to the list with a near identical file name. 2. If we ever open a backup file that also gets added to the list with a very similar file name.
  10. Where can I view this YouTube video on Benlux automated door schedules?
  11. This worked for me. Bit messy from VW. Pset_DoorCommon is not a dropdown option.
  12. Another thing of note is that while the "FireRating" option appears in the windowed chooser interface, it doesn't appear in the auto-complete interface:
  13. I've tried this myself and I can confirm the same problem. Seems to be a bug, but somebody may know better than me. If you want a quick fix for your worksheet you could use the standard Door record and add the fire rating to the Data tab of the Door Style. However this won't be IFC data.
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