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  1. Not sure. I haven't used Apple Silicon yet. I also haven't actually been working with SLVPs that much recently either.
  2. The M2 Mac Minis do seem to be the best bang for buck.
  3. That's where my head's at. Wait until 31 March to see what happens. I sure would love to see what the Mac Pro has to offer too.
  4. Actually I've been thinking the same thing, even if it means having to wait beyond the 31 March and miss this 25% discount. I've also been thinking about giving the Studio Display a miss too, at least this first version of it. Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB in our iMacs.
  5. I say rendered but that's actually redundant because there's no other thing. Hidden Line, Shaded, Renderworks. All of these processes coupled with SLVPs eat up memory in my experience. Mind you Martyn Horne and Steve Johnson did some testing of one of my files comparing memory usage of v2022 to v2023 and the difference was stark. v2023 is better at releasing RAM:
  6. Do you use a lot of sheet layer section viewports Mark?
  7. In my experience (as a heavy user of rendered Sheet Layer Section Viewports) the limiting factor has always been maxing out RAM. So if you're a heavy user of rendered SLVPs, the more RAM you have, the less likely you run out of RAM.
  8. I thought I understood your first sentence but then you next sentences suggest that I don't. What do you mean by CRM?
  9. Seems to be a lot of conflicting advice on that, but batteries are pretty cheap to replace. I often max out 128 GB RAM on some of our projects so 96 GB is the very minimum I'd consider, on the basis that the new architecture efficiency makes up for the shortfall. Our 2019 iMacs are still doing ok but there is a post-pandemic 130% capital allowance deduction that ends on 31 March in the UK. Effectively a 25% discount. Any idea how much? HDMI 2.1 also opens up a few options on the third party display front.
  10. Very tempted by the MacBook Pro M2 with 96GB RAM instead of getting Mac Studios. What do people think? Will we notice the drop in RAM from 128 GB RAM in our current Intel iMacs to 96 GB, particularly when hooked up to a Studio Display?
  11. Yeah I noticed this yesterday, thanks for posting.
  12. Jesus, they should give this guy a boat load of money and just do whatever he tells them.
  13. Yeap, agree with Andy, but this gets my vote. Layers and Sheets would be better.
  14. Great stuff Steven, thanks. I've often wondered about bending to Vectorworks' will and using the VW-Arch standard just so I don't have to worry about self-generating Classes!
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