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  1. How'd your trial of Revu go Jim?
  2. Everybody commenting so far seems to think of gantt charts as inherently smart documents, but they were invented well before computers. By gantt chart all I meant is "a chart in which a series of horizontal lines shows the amount of work done or production completed in certain periods of time in relation to the amount planned for those periods."
  3. Managing projects isn't the only reason to create a gantt chart programme. For example, as architect in a D&B contract maybe you just want a simple outline programme to indicate to employer and contractor what you think the main timeline is with key dates for info exchange/issue. Then someone else manages the job and does their own build programme. In this case it's the Director. Shall I get a new one?
  4. No need for the smart stuff. I'm talking about about very simple one off charts that maybe get one revision at most. Not when you do it very rarely and just want to get the job done. They don't know Excel either.
  5. I've tried all sorts of applications that are dedicated to producing Gantt chart style design/drawing programmes, with tasks, resources, dependencies, child tasks, etc. but the problem with all of them is that you need to learn the programme and anybody else updating them needs to learn it as well, including and usually technophobic bosses. On on this last point we've had much better success producing one in Vectorworks, although it was very simple. Which made me wonder if anybody else uses Vectorworks for this and if they have any examples they're willing to share?
  6. I'd like the ability to define our own sash types and markers. The native window tool has been missing some sash types for many years now and I've nearly given up trying to get them added. They're critical from our point of view and it's frustrating to be held back by such omissions. Being able to add themselves would solve this problem.
  7. I've added items 5, 6 & 7.
  8. One lovely little habit I could truly do without is VW crashing on me while I do a save and commit and then having to recreate the project file. This kind of thing is a hangover that OnShape eliminates nicely.
  9. We have some of this already with Project Sharing, but I get your point, it's still way less friction.
  10. This was my first thought when I saw OnShape's live collaboration. Not just newbies though, my main thought was actually about rubbing off on Directors We touch on this a little in our office because I use screen-sharing a lot with one of my colleagues and I just talk across the office to him while we take a look at whatever issue he has. If VW had live collaboration I'd probably do this a lot more and I think it would be particularly useful for the old guard, not just the newbies.
  11. No crashes would be nice.
  12. For a while now we've had the ability to return wall components at either side of a Window object in a Wall. Which is great. The problem is that it's only in 2D, in Top Plan view. I think it's well past the time that this should also work in 3D (including separate control of the window head). This is of critical importance for us. Apart from just not showing in 3D it also causes problems for things like Section Viewports. Without 3D returns we end up having to add masks to our Section Viewports to hide the wall components that shouldn't be showing. Pretty anachronistic for where Vectorworks is these days. Here's an example of Interior and Exterior Window Detail component returns in plan view, which is great: But these returns don't show in 3D: This is how our Section Viewport ends up looking: And this is roughly what we'd expect it to look like:
  13. I agree with bumping too. Sometimes when the question is asked the right people aren't about to answer it. I think there should actually be a built in bump button, that allows people to bump a topic after a certain period, without having to make a comment
  14. As we can with Symbols I'd like to be able to define the Wall Hole Component of Window and Door Objects, so we can more easily model modifications of the wall that are associated with a window/door.
  15. We have letter tracking support but not for Drawing Labels, which are probably the thing we'd most like to have tracking support for. Please add support for Drawing Labels.