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  1. Yeah, more info needed. What's the workflow exactly?
  2. Christiaan

    2021 Feature Maybe

    You sound like a good contender for joining the beta testing group.
  3. Christiaan

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    Doe maximum undos really have a significant effect on performance? I have it set to 100.
  4. Christiaan

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    Cor that's a long time to wait for pre-selection though
  5. Christiaan

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    Excellent advice Neil, thanks. One little trick to have it both ways on this one is to check Allow option-click in-place duplication, which allows you to duplicate an object in place‚ÄĒeven with Offset duplications checked‚ÄĒby holding down the option key down when clicking an object. This way you have both options available without too much thought. I'm still trying to get used to this myself but it's an option.
  6. Christiaan

    Vectorworks University

    Oh that sounds great, well done.
  7. Christiaan

    Vectorworks University

    All videos were there previously I think. This is just a much better web design.
  8. Christiaan

    Vectorworks University

    Is this new? https://university.vectorworks.net It's great!
  9. Christiaan

    v.2020 now available

    Bread and butter.
  10. Christiaan

    Best notes app for iPad?

    Hi Andrew, we went with Noteshelf 2. Does everything we want and has a very responsive developer.
  11. Still need 18 votes to even catch up with the the top request of "no new features" ūü§£
  12. Christiaan

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Agreed. I do think v2020 SP0 is very different to v2019 SP0 but our entire office is also running on iMacs that are not even a year old.
  13. Christiaan

    v.2020 now available

    Here's another


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