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  1. I've covered Item 1 a few times (including an enhancement request on the JIRA, VB-167477): https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/62367-flippin-flipped-doors/&tab=comments#comment-310722 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/33776-windowdoor-tool-allow-user-to-define-opening-configurations/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49476-additional-window-sash-types-required/
  2. No, there's nothing you're missing unfortunately. I have an enhancement request in on the JIRA for this: VB-167477
  3. Fair point digitalcarbon, although given that we were already doing all the above our whole office was able to simply take their iMacs home, hook up to Wifi and carry on as if nothing happened. Our phone system is also cloud-based so we just got everyone to download the relevant app on their phone as carried on as usual.
  4. VB-167562 is still open and unresolved Dick, but I'm not seeing the problem at the mo. Going to give it a good test over the next few days to see if I can reproduce.
  5. We ditched our in-house server some time ago and started using Dropbox Business. Apart from occasionally having to wait too long for syncing we've been really happy with it. Access files anywhere. Works well with Project Sharing. 120 days of easy to use backup built in. But best of all, I don't have to manage server hardware and software. We use Dreamhost for email and web hosting, an iCloud account for address book + email archive and nuclino.com for our wiki (which is very good). G-suite sounds like a good option too (if you happy to deal with such a privacy-invasive company).
  6. I have no experience with BIMserver but this capability would be priceless. We're a bit better, roughly bi-monthly we'll lose something because of a project sharing glitch that also screws with the backups.
  7. Does anybody have experience with AEC project and/or business/account management software? Total Synergy looks interesting: https://totalsynergy.com
  8. This is true for Workgroup Referencing but Project Sharing offers delta-based syncing in most cases.
  9. I'm not sure if that works, but it would still have the limitation of creating more work. Plus it wouldn't work well with flank windows, especially for buildings that are not simple rectangles.
  10. Thanks Nikolay, but that would be much the same—in terms of steps required—as tagging all eligible windows and then deleting the tags not required.
  11. When tagging windows in elevation I don't want to tag all eligible windows in the model. I just want to tag windows visible in my elevation (and I don't want to have to take every single window separately either, which is currently the only other option).
  12. Are there any hardware, system or software requirements for viewing Web View models via web browser listed somewhere? We sometimes get messages from clients saying they can't load a model, so it would be useful to explain what sort of hardware (and software version) they need to being using for a usable experience.
  13. I'm told the reason this functionality was removed is because of the way Workgroup Referencing and the Data Tag work. If an object is tagged with the Data Tag tool in a referenced layer and then the referenced layer is updated, it's unable to know which object was tagged, because all objects from referenced layer are deleted and recreated again. So they removed that functionality. That's quite interesting because I think it reinforces my suggested solution to the problem, which is to get rid of the antiquated workgroup references and replace them with something smarter.
  14. Apparently we're unable to tag walls in Workgroup Referenced files with the new Data Tag tool. I'm pretty sure a loss of functionality as I believe we used to be able to do this with the old ID Label tool. We'd need this functionality please. And my preferred way to bring this functionality back would be to get rid of Workgroup Referencing and replace it with something else:
  15. Thanks @KIvanov 🙏🏼 Messaged you with a link


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