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  1. Am I right in saying that if we use the Medium setting for Detail Level of a Viewport we must accept that the Wall Components will show? I've been editing some of our standard library symbols to show various things at Low, Medium and High, but now I have a floor plan where I want to show a Medium level of detail in my symbols but I don't want the Wall Components showing, which means I'm forced to use the Low setting.
  2. Agreed (we've used this method extensively in the past). The problem with each of these approaches—both of which use Symbols—is that you then need to use an entirely different method for scheduling.
  3. Christiaan

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    Ah yes that's true. But we're also talking about the door/window and stair tools!
  4. Thanks Jonathan, didn't know you could do that. But why not use Classes?
  5. Christiaan

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    I wouldn't hold your breath for feature improvements in a service pack. Generally they're for fixing bugs.
  6. Hey Matt, thanks for the comment. I thought you might say that, in which case, yes, if we could have the Data Tag inserted automatically (based on a Door/Window tag setting) and if we could offset them (without the need for a leader line) and manually drag instances around (and rotate them) then that would solve the problem imo.
  7. Christiaan

    Deleting Posts

    I think it is, no? Unless I somehow have mod rights.
  8. Christiaan

    Fire Door ID Tag

    @HWood you might find the attached useful. door-tag.vwx
  9. Christiaan

    Fire Door ID Tag

    Thanks for the walk through Pat. It prompted me to finally take a good look at the new Data Tag as a solution to this problem. Here're my thoughts: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51066-custom-id-tags-for-windows-and-doors/#comment-321498
  10. I've finally got round to assessing the updated/new Data Tag tool as a solution to this feature request and I'm not convinced. While it is possible to use in this way it has a couple of important drawbacks: Using Data Tag objects to tag windows and doors requires a lot of manual work, as the user has to manually place each Data Tag as a separate object, whereas the in-built ID tags are already in place. You can't offset a Data Tag object from the door or window without being made to use a leader line. The later of these two drawbacks could be easily solved at Vectorworks' end but the first one is an inherent problem of using a separate object. Window and Door objects are special cases and already have ID tags built into them. It's these in-built ID tags I would like to be able to customise. Effectively we just need the in-built ID Tags harmonised with the separate Data Tag tool @Matt Panzer
  11. Christiaan

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    Agreed Jeremy. A better idea might be that the top three items each month should have an official response from VW about where they are on the roadmap and why. I really miss Jim's no nonsense transparency. Instilled a lot of confidence and helped me understand why certain things are as they are.
  12. Christiaan

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    Bring Back Jim!
  13. @BG, @PenChiselCamera, @RussU, @drelARCH please vote up if you haven't ready (top left)
  14. The first image on the left is a Design Layer view of my model. Note that the mapping of the grey texture has an equal module each side of the bay. This is an Autohybrid containing an extrude and looks like this in OpenGL or RenderWorks. The second image on the right is a Sheet Layer Viewport in a Workgroup Reference file rendered with RenderWorks. Note that the texture mapping is offset slightly and doesn't match my model. Any ideas how to fix this and synchronise them?


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