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  1. Not sure what's happening there but my first step would be reset that Wall Style (go into the Wall Style and change anything). If that doesn't work I would replace that wall instance. i.e. remove that section of wall and add a new one. You might also try the same exercise as in your screen recording in Wire Frame mode. Is it disappearing in Wire Frame (in 3D) too or is it only OpenGL?
  2. You adapt. We do this with Vectorworks. We've converted all our projects to the new version of VW as soon as it comes out for many years now, apart from where we had one with a couple of months until completion (but we could have converted that in hindsight too). A lot of that "adapting" is adapting to bugs, at least until SP3, but that's one area that cloud has it over desktop. Half the effort involved in bugs on desktop is getting the engineer to be able to reproduce your bug. Cloud short circuits this to some degree because everybody is using same platform: the web. Another problem is regressions. Short-circuited by cloud software, again, because they have way more customer data than desktop developers. Same as above. You adapt. I agree with you that it's a different set of problems but I prefer a culture of adaption and progress. And because this is the norm with cloud you might expect that they'd do these transitions to newness better than desktop, which can rely on telling people not to upgrade. And indeed, that is the case with the likes of Onshape. Upgrades, for instance, are automatic; no farting about with installers and migration. That's another job we don't have to do. And Onshape's kernel can emulate the behaviour of older versions, so that older designs in Onshape can use the code paths they were created with while newer designs can use the newer code paths. I don't know if this is a cloud development per se, but it's something they do because that makes transitions better. I wouldn't underestimate a seemingly small thing such as the ability to fix problems faster. This can add up over time. And so can a culture of progress vs waiting. Nothing is perfect but cloud has progress built into its DNA. How can desktop survive that.
  3. I was using iLovePDF the other day and decided to download their new desktop app for macOS. I couldn't compress a PDF for some reason so I went back and use their web-based version and it worked fine, as usual. If their web-based version stops working it'll most likely stop working for everybody, including them, they'll know immediately and they'll fix it right away. But if their desktop version doesn't work on my machine for some reason then I need to contact them before they even know it doesn't work, let alone begin working on the steps needed to fix it.
  4. Thanks Juan. It's a little more nuanced than I initially reported, but you could ask them to do a search for "apple silicon" or "M1" for instance.
  5. @JuanP minor thing but when I open this in Preview.app and do a word search it doesn't work. All characters for the purposes of search appear to have a space between them. Is this something that can be fixed at your end or do I need to get another PDF reader?
  6. Navigation is number one. If navigation doesn't work everything else is for the birds. I don't know what the current default Flyover mode is in Nomad (centre on User Origin?) but it should be the equivalent of VW's View Center Mode. Having to spin, pan, spin, pan, spin, pan, is madness. Walkthrough mode should work like any basic 3D game. I shouldn't have to try and set myself down on ground/floor to start. And Nomad should understand solids, doors, gravity, stairs, etc. In addition to the basics noted by others above, two things that really need to work are default views and Saved Views. Nomad needs to be a bit smarter and know that we don't want to look at a blank screen, and especially our clients do not want to look at a blank screen. Perhaps the ability to modify default and Saved Views directly in Nomad would help? And sync changes back to Vectorworks? Maybe the ability to hide certain Saved Views from clients etc. And the Reset button for resetting to default view is fine but there also needs to be Fit to Objects button.
  7. I'm not convinced by this idea, but I could imagine it happening the other way round. That Nomad becomes more and more capable and available on desktop OS.
  8. We've budgeted for new iMacs.
  9. Same here, I give up very quickly because I don't have time to figure out why it doesn't just work. And the expectation I have of mobile apps is that they *just work*. The default view is always either blank or some irrelevant design layer. And I have Saved Views that work perfectly fine in VW but usually don't work in Nomad. And in once instance where they do work for some reason I have to pan the whole model into view each time I activate them. It doesn't understand that I don't want to look at a blank screen.
  10. I experience this often, but not 100 duplicates, usually 1. I delete them when they appear. Sometimes The original is gone and is just a dumb object but that used to happen more often in the past.
  11. Ha! Seriously, I was just thinking about this because when I was fiddling about I thought that's what might have happened when I updated a viewport. It didn't of course but it occurred to me that this would actually be very useful.
  12. @inikolova thanks for engaging openly like this on the forum. I feel like we're covering ground that often gets lost in the opaque ether of the Wishlist.
  13. @inikolova I only ever tried it from the old Cloud Services app. I've never went back and tried again through the Publish command because I never heard any news that viewports could now be updated. I've just tried now and the first problem I came across is that I can't publish via cloud services from a working file on my local volume. What does this mean, that we save our working files to the VCS? This would negate one of the advantages of using Project Sharing with file sync, which is that you don't clog up the sync queue every time you save your working file. (or maybe I'm doing set up wrong, maybe I can't just move standard project file on to VCS and start working with it?) Next I tried to generate PDFs of my project file (which is on VCS) via the Cloud Services app, but when I select my project file and click on Cloud processing > Generate PDF it asks me to upload a file. Confusing. So I synced a normal vwx file and tried the Publish command again. This did indeed update the viewports prior to exporting to PDF, but it didn't update the viewport in my Vectorworks file. That's what I'm after.


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