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  1. I'm with zoomer and Pat on this one. Pat nails it quite nicely.
  2. Just to be clear, I'm reasonably happy with the way these tools work in principle (although I'd like more direct modelling) and I have absolutely no view on the code. The new wall mounted sliding door (Barn Door in VW parlance) implementation is great, for instance. I just want much more than a barn door in one release. I'm not asking for a re-write/back to the drawing board scenario. I just want these tools finished off, in the sense that we can use them to model the windows, doors and stairs we put in our buildings. At the moment they're quite far off that point and they've been that way for years.
  3. This is presumably because the person winning the argument that these tools should only get incremental updates is near the top of the food chain.
  4. Does anybody actually have a copy? Care to post a screenshot of the kind of thing they have in it regarding fills?
  5. v2019 was released in 2018, so it's two years and two release cycles old. The application you make your living with should always drive your schedule for upgrading your OS, not the other way around. There's no need to upgrade to Big Sur. Apple still fully supports Catalina. Here's the problem. If Vectorworks Inc added official support for a version that is two release cycles old that means they may have less time and resources to update the last version, the current version and next year's version. Personally I think the right mix is to support the last version and the current version ( I'd even be happy if they didn't support the last version if that meant significantly more time and resources for the future version, but that's just me and the fact that we pay via subscription). Either way I hate the idea of features and updates that I want in future versions being delayed because they're too busy working on an older version. That's not to say they won't update v2019, if they assess that the fixes are quick and easy. I think they may have done this in the past. Perhaps somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Can we have a release with more than incremental updates to windows, doors and stairs? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/75889-more-than-incremental-updates-to-windows-doors-and-stairs/#comment-366424
  7. Ha, yes, I submitted my own but it didn't even make the cut. I agree with your analysis but I think urgency is still not winning the day. It seems to me that somebody at Vectorworks is still winning the argument that these tools can't be the priority. P.S. remember to upvote.
  8. I've review these requests against the official release of 2021. None have been included except for a little update to correct the badly implement tilt n turn; we now have right and left operations.
  9. In the Design Day Live Europe Q&A a question about future development of windows, doors and stairs was answered by way of pointing out that Vectorworks is always working on incremental updates to these tools and prioritising which updates to include. Windows, doors and stairs are at the core of our experience, but these tools have been missing key features for many years. Can we have a release where major updates to these tools‚ÄĒinstead of incremental updates‚ÄĒare one of the biggest focuses of the release?
  10. Curious to know this too. The AEC UK BIM protocol says no more than one building to be modelled in a single file, with a separate container model to bring them together. (Then again it also recommends one Sheet per file for data tracking purposes!) Whether you export all buildings to one file or not depends on the requirements of the people you're sending it to I guess.
  11. Since this elevation was published a few years back I've had a number people contact me to ask what render settings I used, including somebody just recently. And since it was through this forum and some very helpful souls that I figured out how to do this I thought I should just post the whole file. The cloud reflections are produced with the help of an image prop behind the Section Viewport line. example v2021.vwx example v2020.vwx example v2019.vwx
  12. No, it would require the manual entry method. Complying with ISO 19650 already requires manual entry of revision numbers because they consist of a letter and a number (see attached). But we actually stopped using auto-incrementing revisions many years ago because we were using our own but similar system. In practice it's only the changes you want to keep a record of and not lose, so two digits (99 changes) is beyond plenty. Yes, that's essentially what the WIP revision system in ISO 19650 is all about. It just formalises that into a standard way of doing it.
  13. Oh where's Jim where you need him. He would give you a very good explanation of where the bottlenecks are in the process and how they are improving them (and they are improving them).


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