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  1. After doing a Save and Commit and attempting to close the file Vectorworks will invite you to save the file. Why? I assume it's doing this to save the Save and Commit as project sharing history. Even so it's not very logical from a user's point of view, because as far as they're concerned they just did a save and commit.
  2. Thanks for persisting with this one Vasko: I don't want it to do this. I'm not exporting Saved Views, just Sheet Layers. And no other resources except the DWG file itself. So no folder is needed. It hasn't always been like this. There have been times in the past when I've been able to Publish DWGs and PDFs into one folder, with no additional folders created. Little things like this count. The less complicated this process the better we can concentrate on actual design work. I shouldn't be manually tidying up files after an export.
  3. Both. Export creates a folder called [filename]-dwg Publish creates a folder called [filename]
  4. Thanks, missed that, but I'm still getting a folder with these settings:
  5. This is not the case for me Vasil. Even with everything off as image below I'm still getting a separate folder created for DWGs. And my associated bug report has been 'resolved' as Works as Designed.
  6. Scenario Let's say you want to select some vertices of a polygon, but your window is full of other polygons, so there's no clear space to start dragging the Marquee.Current Solution Apart from panning to find free space (as attached screen recording, you can select the relevant polygon, activate the Reshape tool, then hold the Shift key down and you can start dragging the Marquee from anyway without accidentally selecting one of the other polygons. The Problem The problem is that there's no clue for the user that the Shift key behaves in this way because the cursor does not change to a Marquee cursor when holding the Shift key (as the cursor does if you mouse over free space). And the reason for this is that with the Shift key is still also operating as a modifier for multiple selection. i.e. if you hold the Shift key and simply click on another polygon—rather than drag straight away—then it will select that polygon so that you now have two polygons selected. Suggested Solution Instead of using the Shift key to tell the cursor to ignore other polygons so you can drag a Marquee, use the Option key. This way the Shift key can be dedicated to multiple selection and if the Option key is held down then the cursor can change to a Marquee cursor.
  7. When exporting DWGs via the Publish command and I uncheck the "Create Folder for Each File Type" option I don't want it to create a new folder and put the DWGs in that. I want it to put them directly in the folder I choose, along with any PDFs I may also be exporting. Works As Designed bug report here:
  8. Well I think that wins best solution.
  9. Can't replicate either. Have you tried on a different Workspace (Tools > Workspaces)?
  10. Ha, that is brilliant Gadzooks! Where's the reputation button when you need it!
  11. Try making them into symbols and then using "full break without caps" in the OIP (then add any 2D lines you need to cap that actual window)
  12. The problem is they're Wall Caps and as such they're the same class as your Wall, so you can't control by Class. I thought setting the window to "full break without caps" in the OIP would turn it off but it's not doing this in v2017 or v2018 for a window/door object. Only for a symbol. So you could make your windows into Symbols, and then the option above will work. Otherwise, if you need a quick fix, you could mask over with polygons. Gadzooks will probably have a better answer.
  13. Thanks for articulating this one Kevin. Very frustrating. And, frankly, a bit amateurish for advanced CAD software.
  14. @JimWcould you have a look to see if there are any ways to add bookmarking for specific posts within the forum? Every now and then I come across posts that I'd like to save for easy recall, little gems like this: The reason I'd like bookmarking within the forum software rather than using an external bookmark solution is that URLs can change over the years with forum upgrades, so internal bookmarks are more likely to remain in place over the years.
  15. heh, yes well it's hard not to conclude we're bumping up against some bugs here. For a start I think it's inserting it into the wall the wrong way around. Terminology doesn't help either. What is the "front" or "back" of a window? It depends on which way you're looking at it, no? Would it better to name them "outside" and "inside" (despite internal doors not necessarily having an inside and outside). Perhaps, too, we shouldn't actually be able to flip window and door objects in walls, but rather have explicit control over "left" and "right" opening + "inward' and "outward" opening in the OIP.