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  1. hi @SamIWas I wonder if this is a workaround: try to make the extra legends that you need in a blank file. Less than ten at a time. And then import those into the file you are working on. maybe that will keep them from breaking.
  2. interesting theory. I wonder if that is actually the way it works? Who would be able to tell us if that is so? I copy and paste in place all the time.
  3. Ok that sucks, did you also report it to tech support? They can file the bug for you. I heared more people with this issue where duplicating from the recourse manager did work. So your issue might be different?
  4. I think in the meanwhile a workaround could be to duplicate them in the recourse manager in stead of in the legend manager. Could you try that?
  5. Wow this is a useful workaround to being able to copy viewports within files! just tried is and I found that after coping all classes and layers where turned of in the copied viewport. After turning them on I got the same view as in the original file. I will probably use this in the future! however I do agree that this should be a more workable function within the software. For instance being able to have a viewport import just like a layer import. So I upvoted the request.
  6. that’s very interesting! I am going to try this out! @Cookie_NZ that might be your answer to get what you want.
  7. yeah me too! Would be useful in worksheets too! Thinking out load. I wonder if one could apply a data visualization to a data tag? Never tried that.
  8. I believe it can not. It would be super mega awesome if it was possible though!
  9. it is! If only we had full VWX integration with the streamdeck. There are only so many keyboards shortcuts that one can use in vw.
  10. To bad non of these issues made it to SP2.1. Last years SP3 release was in march. Are we going to have to wait until spring for these issues to be fixed?
  11. hi Yordan, we are aware of the “restart at function”. the request is that for instance the Circuit name can Increment at the moment of restart at of the Circuit Number. So we don’t have to manually enter the next circuit name. this could be useful in other fields that have a close relation just as Circuit number and circuit name.
  12. I always have it set to copy and I never change it. I just set the number of copy’s to 0 if I want to just move. Double tap your hotkey. Set number and click away.
  13. You can also set the number of duplicates to 0. Then it is only one button to turn of duplicates. Also if you press you hotkey for move by points twice fast. Then you get a pop up where you can fill in the number of duplicates. I often do this by default when using this tool.


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