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  1. You’re welcome. Individual tool icons can be found in the VW installation. Jim Wilson explained in this topic were they can be found. I have not extracted the new 2020/2021 tool icons yet. So you would have to get them yourself. Also in the topic below you can learn how to get the toolset icons from a workspace file. hope that helps you!
  2. BTW for maintenance of old files I could imagine the need to edit you could try to edit the field in The recourse manager. If you right click the lighting device in the recourse manager and click ‘attach record’, look up the Light info record, and then edit values. There you can edit the field.
  3. It is a field containing a string value that acts as a filter for VW to find a fixture mode. Simply said it contains the fixture name it used to be visible in the OIP, but was placed in the background in vw2020. there is no need to edit it, it does it’s work in the background. The name fixture ID is often mistaken as channel number or fixture numnber as these terms are often used in the field. But that is not what it is in VW.
  4. by the way. In Label legends I do place the circuit name and circuit number next to each other. It works fine the only downside is that you can not center the two fields as one. also did you know that in the label layout you can group all fields together? This wil make your label behave as one object.
  5. I agree this should be possible. Especially when you use multiple fields next to each other then the alignment in the legend becomes much better. There are two things you can do at this moment. use a data tag. In data tags there are dynamic text fields where you can combine mutliple fields into one. Which you can then center align for instance. also you could use a script to concatenate the desired fields into one. In the AutoplotVW Plug-ins there is a menu command called copy field to field which will do exactly what you want. but this will require you to run it each time you make updates to your plot. what we really want is dynamic text fields in label legends!
  6. Hi, I just tried the link and it still works. Maybe try it from a different browser? Did you upvote the request? (little black arrow at the left upper corner of the topic, will turn green when you click it)
  7. Hi, I recieved the following answers from tech support. The issues did not make it to SP4, my workaround is to not use schematic views until they work as desired ;-): That is correct, currently it unpacks the schematic at the origin, piling elements on top of one another. If not using hanging positions It’s best to select individual pieces of truss 1 by 1 and create schematics of each separately and then arrange them. This workflow is being worked on and will be improved shortly. My apologies, completely forgot to answer the other questions. I think the orientation of the schematic is hopefully going to be adresed in SP4 the other issues… A lot of movements of devices in the schematic views leed to out of date schematic view geometry? This is correct you can use the select similar tool to select all of the schematics and click update on the Object Info Pallatte. And also it is not possible to move a device in the schematic view from one truss to another? This is also correct, fixtures should be moved on the truss not the schematic. However if you insert a new lighting device into a schematic it will spawn that fixture on the truss. I think this should be on the feature request list.
  8. You need to apply a texture. This is done in the object info palette. I would advise you to check out one of the free courses in the online vectorworks University. There are some basic rendering courses there that will help you on your way.
  9. I believe you should be able to add IES files to a lighting device from the edit light button in the OIP. I have not yet gotten around to do this myself yet but I think that should bring some improvement.
  10. As to your question why. I always explain it like this. If I delete an object. And then change view. Then after that I want to undo the delete. Wouldn’t you want a visual confirmation that the deleted object is there again? I find the undo view change very reassuring for that reason.
  11. Hi All, I've been testing my workflows on the schematic views. I ran into some issues, I am working on 2020 SP3. I did not convert to hanging position. The file is a new 2020 blank metric file. I have 4 sticks of truss each truss has 1 fixture attached to it. If I make a schematic view from those, the placement, rotation and order of the fixture gets messed. This happens both in top and front view the first image below is the actual truss and fixture geometry, the second and third is the schematic view made from it. If I put all 4 lighting devices on one piece of truss then the order and placement is correct, but the rotation is wrong. The first image below is the actual truss and fixture geometry, the second is the schematic view made from it: A lot of movements of devices in the schematic views leed to out of date schematic view geometry. And also it is not possible to move a device in the schematic view from one truss to another. Again the first image below is the actual truss and fixture geometry, the second is the schematic view made from it: Is there a workaround to avoid these issues? I did try to use a hanging position but that led to a very long conversion time and this schematic view also had issues. I did not continue testing those as I understood the truss system workflow is the way the program is headed now. The VWX is attached.Schematic test.vwx
  12. SP3 is running quite well here. Have been doing al lot of training sessions on it and 1 actual real life project since the mayhem started. There is a thing here and there but I am happy with it now.
  13. in 2020 this functionality was added to Universe and DMX address. This is great already! The universe can increment upon the restart of the DMX address. I would love to see it extended to at least the circuit number and Circuit name. They are related to each other just like universe and DMX address.


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