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  1. Thank you Mike. I Will check that out.
  2. I received the same tip from Support. And yes it works the recource browser now appears in one second. However, i can not acces the files in the workgroup folder when I use the replace symbol from the OIP. Opened files, Vectorworks & online Libraries can be explored but not the workgroup folder. I didn't really miss the feature in 2017. So this is a good workaround for me now. @JimWwhat do you mean by "and linked in as favorites"? can some kind of a link be created between Workgroup folde an Favorites?
  3. Could you explain where you can set this? And can you choose your delemiter there also? I’d be interested to use this setting.
  4. I personally think that the fields of the labels should have a lay-out where distance and direction stays the same relative to the other labels, in stead of to the symbol. So a rotation of the instrument will not change the layout of the labels. Maybe be you want to read my wish list topics about label legends and numbering intstruments. And add your two cents there. I think the whole system of numbering instruments and label legends should be made much less cumbersome.
  5. I’m afraid it doesn’t. I’m already aware of them. If I have 32 movers in a circle. Then each of their lables will be a few degrees off and you still have to touch each and every one of them. Especially if there ‘s another 32 washes in between them. And the are lots of other situations with crowded designs that require lots of on the fly altering of label locations. The eye dropper and autopilot is useful but on a different level. I still have to move 7 handles of an instrument before I have a new layout to use with either of them. In fact I know the functionality of the autopilot plugin and this exactly should be the second functionality of the Label Legend tool! -First you you move all of the handles at once -Then you copy the new layout to whichever instrument you want to. Without changing tools and with and with a few clicks and keyboard strokes.
  6. I would like to propose the following improvements to numbering instruments: - The number instruments settings window should have the ability to save and recal setting made in it. For instance saving a setting for DMX numbering. And saving a setting for Circuit numbering. - The ability to link the auto increment setting of two fields in de number instrument window. For instance when assigning multi cable channels to instruments. I set the circuit name to start at ‘A’ and the circuit number to start at ‘1’. When numbering the circuit name will not increment until the circuit number has reached it’s set maximum, for instance 6. So when I reach A-6, I would automatically continue at B-1. And so on.
  7. Hi, I love vectorworks and I make al my stage and lighting designs with it. However I still use a third party plugin to label my lighting devices. Among other reasons because the label Legend is too cumbersome. I understand the benefit of a label legend to have a template for different lables and perhaps for some general directions like left, right, up, and down. However finalizing a technical drawing always requires me to make adjustments to the distance and direction of the label to the symbol. Typically I have a label with Unit number, universe, DMX address, muticable, multichannel and sometimes purpose and fixture modes. Moving a set of labels slightly further from the instrument now requires me to individually move each of the 7(!) little blue handles to the new desired position. That’s for each individual instrument. Imagine a truss circle with with lots of movers, mole’s and strobe close together and the task to create a clear and readable plot for the load in crew. Touching each and every blue handle of all of those symbols...... This is why I propose a label legend tool that could have some more features but the first and foremost feature would be: The ability to move all of the blue handles of a set of lables attached to an once! This is would require less lable legends and far less clicks to make clear and readable plots. (Just like you already can with the 3D Lable)
  8. Hi Jim, I did some testing. I Reinstalled VW 2018 without migrating my old favorite files. Replace symbol take 1 second to open the replace symbol dialog, and another to open the nested resource browser. Just a bit slower than in vw 2017 where it feels instant. I tried this both in SP0 And in SP1. Then I migrate my old favorite files and replace symbol becomes slow again. There are about 24 files in my favorites folder and they range from 133 bytes to 835 MB. So some of them are quite large. However VW 2017 was able to open the replace symbol dialog instantly and 2018 it takes 15 seconds for the first window and 15 seconds for the next to open. @JimWcan I send you my favorite files in a dropbox link or so so you can so some testing? This problem is making VW 2018 useless for me at te moment so I hope that this can be looked into.
  9. That’s odd. Maybe I should try a reinstall as well.
  10. Hi Jim, did you find time to look in to this? I had to switch back to 2017 because of this problem.
  11. Hi Jim, I just send you an example of a new file from my .sta with just 1 symbol in it. Replace symbol takes 30 seconds in it. Thank you for looking in to this!
  12. Are there more People with this issue?
  13. Reading that thread it is suggested that turning of all libraries exceptthe current document solves the issue. In my case it does not. I had already tried this. Also I went back to 2017 to check and the replace symbol window pops up instantly there. JimW can you list this as a bug?
  14. Hi, I just started my first project in 2018. Besides the fact that there are still redraw issues (grrr, slightly better than in 2017 so i can live with it now), there is one issue that is costing me a lot of time. If i click replace symbol from the OIP it takes 15 seconds to open the "Choose a Symbol" window, and another 15 seconds to open the nested resource browser. I am working on a late 2015 15" Macbook Pro and have SP1 2018 installed. Can this be listed as a bug?
  15. Hi Scott, Sorry for the late reply. But thank you! it certainly helps. I had not added a light to the viewport yet which is why it wasn't working for me. Perhaps us lighting people are amongst the few that like to angle hybrid symbols? And this feature was specially made for us? I added Lighting instruments to my layher and i noticed all the tilts where pointing in random ways. in the design layher they are all straight. Do you know why this is happening? I added a screen shot of it. Regards, Sebastiaan