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  1. Nice!
  2. Curious about this as well. Not to hijack this thread but these seem to offer allot of bang for bucks:
  3. @markdd Haha, you are right with the number keypad @JimWcan you verify this is a bug or a wad?
  4. @markdd Does it function when you are on a sheetlayer, then go to your resource manager and then go 'edit 3D component'? Here the 'look at working plane' icon is grayed out If so then it is probably a bug.
  5. I was working on a symbol and wanted to use the 'set working plane' tool. I am able to set the working plane inside the symbol, but not able to use the 'look at working plane' button. This only happens when I'm on a sheet layer and open the symbol from the resource browser. Is there a specific reason this is not possible?
  6. I was hoping for a option in Multiple View Panes menu. Maybe it can be a wish item
  7. It is not possible that all views 'follow' you into groups, solid aditions, subtractions etc? Or do you have to 'go in' at every view separately?
  8. It is probally Renderworks with artistic lines
  9. What I do for my bill of materials is sort of the same: counting symbols with an attached record. In the record is the info for material, price, size, colour etc. Yesterday I stumbled upon the Detail Bubble Tool. Is that better then a worksheet that counts symbols?
  10. @jimw that would be great!
  11. @JimW Do you have a idea what the best workflow for this would be ?
  12. Sort of a newbie question after all these years working in VW What is the best way to keep track of changes in drawings in generally and specifically for furniture design? Like when you added an extra screw or something relatively small? I looked into the issue manager and the revision data. issue manager: works globally between all sheets, that's great. But editing/removing the info is on sheet by sheet basis if I`m correct? revision block: works only on 1 sheets and is not shown on other sheets if I`m correct? And is there a way to place something like a revision cloud with a connection to the revision block or issue manager. Sort of like the detail viewport so it has the revision number / issue number attached and shown and is editable and removeable when you click on it?
  13. +1 Tiles are so much easier to work with. @JimWare tiles more memory intensive and is that the reason that it is not introduced from the start?
  14. I don't trust the deform tool. In this kind of cases I use the nurbs tools. You can reproduce this and make minor changes to the design without starting from scratch and ending up with a generic solid. Not near a pc so I hope you can follow this: - draw several 3d loci that follow the pitch line and the circular path - draw a nurbs curve through the loci - duplicate the nurbs curve and move into position in the z-axes - loft 2 the nurbs curves - shell the nurbs curves 18mm