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  1. Bas Vellekoop

    Teaser Tuesday - Clip Cube Viewports - Vectorworks 2019

    Great feature!
  2. Hi all, I was wonderding if anybody has tips: I`m working on a design that can have several different finish. In a worksheet I want to calculate what the costs are for each finish At the moment I have attached a record to each symbol/product which has a number field for the price. But this is just one price. What is the best way of making it possible to attach several finishs that correspond with a different price? So product A with a attached record: Finish 1 - price 1 Finish 2 - price 2 etc. It would be the most convient if I could selected in a worksheet the different finishes with the corresponding prices.
  3. Bas Vellekoop

    Happy with Vectorworks!

    Yesterday I found some tools in VW that I never used before, but came in pretty handy. In this case this where the 'drilled hole tool' in the 'fasteners tool set' and the 'geom dim tool' in the annotation tool set. Still learning about all the different possibilities in VW!
  4. Bas Vellekoop

    Doors 2D and 3D parts are not the same

    If I`m correct it is not possible to make the 3D match the 2D.
  5. Bas Vellekoop

    Worksheets > Project name above database header

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thanks you very much!
  6. Hi all, I'm working more and more with worksheets so I can skip Excel for my Bill of Materials for my designs. My question: Is it possible to create a header (above the database header) which gets the Project Name automatically from the project data in the title block manager? Is this possible for print data, project date etc. as well? Thanks in advance!
  7. Bas Vellekoop

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Understandable but a shame for me Maybe next year for me! Curious about all the things to come!
  8. Bas Vellekoop

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Any changes of moving the whole Design Summit to september/oktober? 🤣 I`m in the neighborhood at that time 😁
  9. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    Off topic: I got the xps 15 a few weeks ago. Since then Dell replaced the screen 3 times and the 4th time i got a complete new XPS (2 times several death pixels, 1 time the aluminum finish was a different color and 'rough', 1 time the webcam was broken) So i wouldn`t recommend a Dell at the moment, their seem to be 'some' quality issues. The latest (new) laptop has a screen that isn't completely centert in the case/body.
  10. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    @Art V Is shouldnt be more than a couple of minutes. I set the DPI to 150 instead of 300 to speed up the proces a bit.
  11. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    Thanks for the feedback and compliments guys!
  12. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    @Andy Broomell Hahaha, The sketch lines are put over the rendering so i don't have to model these kind of things "its just a sketch"
  13. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    No problem: