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  1. Ok bought something completely different , a XPS 15 with a gtx 1050 Score Opengl score of 90fps, whoopwhoop!
  2. Ok, last question @JimW: If I look up the gtx 1070 on cbscores I get 3 results from 96 up till 141. How are such big differences possible? The difference with the HD 6970 seems to be small if you take the lowest score. But maybe the dedicated GB makes a big difference?
  3. I can buy 3 of those Imacs for the same money as the 1070 setup 3.5 to be exact, haha
  4. haha thanks @JimW I found the site seconds later Thanks for the advise. In doubt about getting a complete new windows desktop with Ryzen 1700x and a 1070gpu or the mid 2011 Imac with Apple OS.... Though choice
  5. I can get my hands on a relatively cheap 27 inch mid 2011 Imac with a AMD HD6970M 1024 mb GPU. Any idea which gpu score this one would give? I can only find test with older cinebench versions Owh wait found this: A score of 70 so it would more than twice as fast as my current gtx 555m 3gb But those the difference in gb make allot of difference?
  6. A very quick test/example with components. I smashed something together really quick so the settings aren't ideal. You have to put everything in its own class and with his own texture and line types etc. test.vwx
  7. 1 You could create 1 Render works texture in photoshop with the desired heights/textures and apply. this to the wall. 2 You could create a wallstyle with components. These components you could give a specific height and texture and only a width of 1mm. In plan you can turn these components off so the don't mess up your plan.
  8. I think Cinebench could be useful in this case. It gives scores for your cpu and gpu.
  9. Hi @jimw No then it is not working a supposed I guess. I got the camera selected but didn't get the bright pano as it should be.
  10. Hi! Is it possible to set the exposure settings for the camera when you render pano`s?
  11. Hi guys, thanks for all the answers. @Alan WoodwellAttached some pictures of the render, no photoshop used. It is a fairly small and simple renovation with some custom made furniture.
  12. For me they are new too, but knowing that you can create roof- slab- wall styles I assumed that creating a window or door style through the rs-browser would be possible as well. Feels to me a the same kind of action/object.
  13. @Marissa FarrellThanks for your quick response. Is there a logic reason that this is not possible?
  14. Hi all, This week I was working on a little renovation project. I wanted to create a window and door style but couldn't find out how in the resource browser. They don't seem to be available when clicking on 'new recourse' Am I missing something? And it is not possible to only show the door or window styles when searching for those?, see pic 2.
  15. Anybody an idea about this?