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  1. Final renders

    Off topic: I got the xps 15 a few weeks ago. Since then Dell replaced the screen 3 times and the 4th time i got a complete new XPS (2 times several death pixels, 1 time the aluminum finish was a different color and 'rough', 1 time the webcam was broken) So i wouldn`t recommend a Dell at the moment, their seem to be 'some' quality issues. The latest (new) laptop has a screen that isn't completely centert in the case/body.
  2. Final renders

    @Art V Is shouldnt be more than a couple of minutes. I set the DPI to 150 instead of 300 to speed up the proces a bit.
  3. Final renders

    Thanks for the feedback and compliments guys!
  4. Final renders

    @Andy Broomell Hahaha, The sketch lines are put over the rendering so i don't have to model these kind of things "its just a sketch"
  5. Final renders

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Final renders

    No problem:
  7. Final renders

    Hi all! Working on a small interior project and for the first time only worked with Renderworks. Would like to share the results so far
  8. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    Nice! Some exporsure settings would help brighten up the scene, but if I`m correct that is not possible at the moment with the panorama`s
  9. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    @Zeno Haha, rendering is a facinating thing. I can loose hours and hours in this kind of jobs
  10. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    Looks very nice, like Stephan some tips, - You would expect that the back of the chairs stick out above the table top (table to high, chairs to low?) - The oven doesn't have any cabinet around it or top? would it be build in like this? - The doors of the kitchen look like they are 1 surface, there is no seam between the separate doors. - You could give al the cabinets/shelves a (very) little bevel on the sides/corners so that you get al little highlight on the edges. - The texure of the walls, table lamp and the bookshelves look like they are the same. The bookcases are probably made of HPL or melamine so give just a little bit of reflection and have a little noise bump so they stick a tiny bit out. - It seems that you Ambient Occlusion is turned on. I would turn it down with 50% - The table top is very thin, the plinth of the kitchen very low - There are some lighting artifact above and under the paintings. This is probably a night scene, but if you would make it a day scene where the sun shines through the windows it could bring the scene to life. Then there would be allot of shadows and light spots that could 'guide' your view through the room. Where did you get those awesome textured and modeled couches? Great job so far!
  11. User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    Ok bought something completely different , a XPS 15 with a gtx 1050 Score Opengl score of 90fps, whoopwhoop!
  12. User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    Ok, last question @JimW: If I look up the gtx 1070 on cbscores I get 3 results from 96 up till 141. How are such big differences possible? The difference with the HD 6970 seems to be small if you take the lowest score. But maybe the dedicated GB makes a big difference?
  13. User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    I can buy 3 of those Imacs for the same money as the 1070 setup 3.5 to be exact, haha
  14. User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    haha thanks @JimW I found the site seconds later Thanks for the advise. In doubt about getting a complete new windows desktop with Ryzen 1700x and a 1070gpu or the mid 2011 Imac with Apple OS.... Though choice
  15. User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    I can get my hands on a relatively cheap 27 inch mid 2011 Imac with a AMD HD6970M 1024 mb GPU. Any idea which gpu score this one would give? I can only find test with older cinebench versions Owh wait found this: http://cbscores.com/ A score of 70 so it would more than twice as fast as my current gtx 555m 3gb But those the difference in gb make allot of difference?


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