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  1. Removing or renaming the preference folder of Vectorworks fixes this problem: C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks > remove or rename '2019' folder This is not the greatest solutions because you have to redo all the personal settings, so another solution would be very welcome.
  2. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    It`s pretty amazing indeed, did some testing as well. A shame you cant buy a license, but that they have a subscription model. I read that in 2019 they are going to drop the beta version and change it to the subscription model.
  3. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    Off topic, but pretty jealous Just converted the imported scene? Or do you need to retexture, relight the scene and us Cortana camera's?
  4. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

  5. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    Attached the file and render as for i got. This result is renderd in 1h5m. Maybe someone can check how the reflections on the chairs and kitchen can be less grainy without adding allot of render time. steve kitchen 3d v2019 (1).vwx
  6. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    With some further tweaking down to 19 min for this result:
  7. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    Nice detailed scene by the way, welldone!
  8. Bas Vellekoop

    Best Imac pro setup?

    I'm doing some testing as well. Allot of materials have a bump texture, like the walls etc. My experience with Cinema 4d is that the bump takes allot of time when the render engine is doing the lighting calculations. I now removed them from the bump channel and changed the color setting to a noise texture so you get the nuance in color, but not the render times. The lighting calculations (interior 16 bounces) where done in 10 /12 minutes on my laptop. In 21 minutes the render was as far as you can see in the picture.
  9. This is how i do it now. Bit of a detour. @zoomer I download the bricsys but i was very quickly back in vectorworks 🙂 @Kevin McAllister It is not possible to fillet the edge wit h this command to my knowledge.
  10. Yeah I know, but when possible very nice. The way i did it now is through a detour. I would be beter if it was possible on the nurbs sufaces. I thought i was maybe possible with the fillet tool from 2d pallet. I thought it worked on nurbs curves as well, but not sure.
  11. a very fast sketch 🙂 Hope this explains what i want 🙂 @Jim Wilson @zoomer I`m able to do it is the following way, Shell the nurbs surfaces, fillet the edges, and then extract the inner surfaces again and shell them again.
  12. Hi guys, Is there a possible modeling technique in which it is possible to fillet the 2 edges of these nurbs surfaces and give them a radius of lets say 10mm? @Jim Wilson You maybe any suggestion? fillet edges.vwx
  13. Bas Vellekoop

    shell tool wishes

    I wanna give this a bump
  14. Bas Vellekoop

    Nesting parts for CNC

    Oeeeeehhhh I would like that very much!
  15. Bas Vellekoop

    How to model....

    @twk I like your approach allot! The extrude solid is really easy to edit and with the extract tool you can easily create nurbs curves for the EAP.


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