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  1. Hello So I am finally going to try and sort out my display setup and could do with some advice. Current set up : MacBook Pro 16" with LG 5k and LG 4k displays. Blackmagic eGPU (Radeon 580) I get a lot of crashes in VWX when working on the 5K display and a heavy file with lots of geometry. I suspect the card / Vectorworks just can't handle the resolution. It doesn't seem as bad when just using the internal display and no 5k monitor connected.. I may be wrong - but I need to do something to fix this. I have seen other people on the forum ( @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD @RonMan in particular have had success with non Blackmagic eGPUs) Added to this - the Blackmagic eGPU does not output enough power to charge my MacBook Pro. Apple recommend attaching the 96W power supply as well as the eGPU. I have also seen benchmarks showing that the Radeon 580 in the Blackmagic is far outperformed by other cards that are cheaper. I would rather keep my two LG monitors - but as they are both Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C - it limits me massively on which eGPU I can use. So I thinking of ditching it all and buying : - Razor Chroma eGPU (this supplies 100W to the MacBook Pro) - Either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 - Then a 4k matt monitor - (why are glossy monitors so common?!). I assume the best would be displayport? Keen to get any recommendations on which GPU card is best or is it much of a muchness? Big problem I have us that when I search for either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 I seem to get a long long list of cards - all at different prices, and with what seems to be a minor difference in specification. Not to mention how I install a webcam / microphone / speakers - which I use a lot for video conferencing. So confused! Any help much appreciated - can't keep working with these crashes. Andrew
  2. Hello bgoff Sorry for the slow reply. I tend to give up with these issues they are so common. i find myself just putting up with it. my navigation settings are on best performance. I tried best compatibility but the system just slows down too much. Any other suggestions? im on a 16” MacBook Pro with a Radeon 580 in an egpu and 32MB RAM
  3. Hi I am using a Blackmagic eGPU with a Radeon Pro 580 graphics processor with 8GB of GDDR5 memory My MacBook Pro 16” has 32GB RAM Had a bad VWX day - several crashes. About 4 altogether. Really not a complex file I am working on. Just one referenced VWX file, no meshes etc. Very frustrating. Spent 3 hours doing what should have been no more than 1. I’ve said it many a time, but VWX really needs updating / refreshing. I am a long time user and just put up with the oddities and quirks. Shame.
  4. This is interesting. I've got a 4k ultra fine monitor and 5k antra fine (both USB-C bought direct from Apple) I get poor performance (MacBook Pro 16", Backmagic eGPU, Catalina). I have been waiting 20+ minutes to "Edit section in place" and it's not even a complex model. I wonder whether it's the amount of pixels I have with a 5k and a 4k screen together? Maybe I should have gone for 2 x 4k or even just 2 x 1280? Can that make a difference? Driving me nuts...
  5. Hi Any tips for importing STP files into Vectorworks? Originally created in Inventor. I received one which is 150MB, imports nicely into VWX but swells to 1GB+ in file size. Also - very slow doing some operations (rotate, going into flyover) but once in the flyover tool it is very smooth. Any suggestions appreciated. Regards Andrew
  6. Really ? Look on the RHS - lawn area. Several symbols disappear then reappear
  7. Hi Sorry for the slow reply. It's working out ok - not a major leap forward but certainly a bit snappier. BEst thing about it is the keyboard and the physical escape key!
  8. Hi I have a MacBook Pro 16". I went for the 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 and upgraded the memory to 32GB (as Zoomer says, this can't be done post purchase) I had a 2017 MBP prior - it definitely feels snappier. VWX 2020 still doesn't perform great on it though - so don't expect it to be a magic bullet.
  9. Hi I've posted about this behaviour before a while ago - don't really understand why it is still happening. The objects on the video that disappear and reappear are all simple, 2D symbols. Nothing complicated Working on a MacBook Pro 2019 with a decent graphics card. To summarise - when momentarily scrolling - the objects are shown, but they vanish when I stop scrolling. When publishing they show up. Very frustrating Andrew Screen Recording 2020-01-08 at 12.15.44.mov
  10. Great - thanks Tamsin. I will respond. Andrew
  11. Thanks Tamsin - I will when I get a mo, but it is very difficult to replicate and happens across files. Thanks RussU - will give that a crack too Andrew
  12. Morning Just went to make some simple changes to some 2D symbols in a drawing. Opened the file - lots of instances of the same symbol missing. Edit it in Resource browser and add some geometry to test. Does not work. Thumbnail in Resource browser disappears. Restart Vectorworks -they re-appear (with the added test geometry) Carry on working Lo and behold - a different symbol then refuses to be selected (check layer, check class, check everything) - then also disappears Restart again (10 mins after first re-start) and they re-appear Have changed the settings to Good Performance and Compatibility ( was on good performance) to see if that helps - but I am on a brand new MacBook Pro - and this has happened before. So so so frustrating - what a waste of time- just want to get what I need to get done - done, Any ideas? Andrew OS X 10.15.2, VWX 2020 SP2 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB graphics
  13. That's a great tip Grant - thank you Particularly for what I am doing at the moment (unrelated to my wish list request). 12 viewports showing the project at different stages. Using the eyedropper tool to set layers / classes between viewports has really helped - thanks! Would still like the Wishlist suggestion though! Thanks again Andrew
  14. Hello This is one I have often thought of but never posted. I hoped Tags would do the job, but they don't. I have several viewports in the same file. Many of them, should have the exact same viewport layer / class visibilities. I'd like to have a preset that can applied to the viewport. Ie - the present defines all the visibilities and changes to the preset, propagates through all the viewports. Similar to Renderworks Styles. I realise this could add a layer of complication - but certainly on the project I am doing now I would find it very beneficial. Tags sort of help - but as soon as a new class / layer is added, I have to work back through each viewport. I could see this new functionality being added to the visibilities view of the Organisational pane. Thoughts? Andrew


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