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  1. Had a good chat to Maxon UK technical support this morning - it seems as if C4D is overwriting the current file somehow. It has been escalated to the engineers at Maxon Will keep you posted. Andrew
  2. Hi Zoomer Maxon tech support here in the UK trying to help now - though they in turn are waiting for news from their engineers in Germany. Can I ask what OS you’re on? The chap I have exchanged emails with is wondering whether it is a Mac High Sierra thing. Andrew
  3. Thanks Selin I’m on Mac OS High Sierra. Latest patches etc installed VWX 2018 SP2 C4D R19 I’ve tried Maxon a couple of times. First time they said it’s a VWX issue, second time they ignored me. Thanks so much for helping. I’ve tried my distributor here in the UK too but nothing from him either. Andrew
  4. Thanks @rDesign- just tried setting up a second Mac OS User account (on the same machine) Installed VWX 2018 and C4D R19 but same thing happened (I say installed - I just had to enter the licence numbers) Have attached a video showing the steps I took - just in case I am doing something wrong!
  5. Hi Just downloaded and installed VWX 2017 - exactly the same behaviour.
  6. I’m going to install VWX 2017 and see if that works. Hope pe I can still download 2017
  7. @JimW& @SelinDo you have any ideas? Getting a bit desperate here. I've watched your videos on Send to C4D and I am not getting the same behaviour at all. Andrew
  8. Thanks again Zoomer. Followed your steps in the first post above - no Update Merge dialogue at all. I have had it at times - but can't replicate it. This is really frustrating as it makes C4D pretty useless to me - all my geometry is done in VWX. Will try Maxon support Thanks again Andrew
  9. Thanks Zoomer. I only have R19 so no issue. Still not solution to my problem though - here is a short video which shows what I am doing. Does this help at all? Can you see what I am doing wrong??! I followed your steps from earlier and no success. You will also see that the texture I applied to a shape in C4D is removed (though the texture stays in the file) I MUST be doing something wrong! Andrew
  10. Hi all I have been flat out on another project and just come back to this. I still have this issue. Driving me nuts. Am I the only one? Basically - I do not get the C4D "Update Merge Options" dialogue box as shown earlier in this thread. Have re-installed OS X since my last post too. VWX2018 CD4 R19 - Visualise. I do get this message when I "Export to C4D", then open the exported file in C4D and then save it. Could this be the reason why? If so - why no-one else?! Please help! Andrew
  11. I feel your pain! I would change that short cut, but I use it quite often anyway! Why cancel (esc) doesn't work I have no idea. Usually I resort to laying my head on the table and screaming in frustration - but it doesn't seem to help
  12. Does it drive anyone else mad when you hit Shift-Cmd-E (Hidden line render) by mistake instead of Shift-Cmd-R for rotate? Happened twice yesterday - 20 mins to re-render which I won't need and can't escape out of. Just waiting for it to finish again. Love Vectorworks - but there are some elements that don't quite cut it....
  13. Hi Is it possible to export a VWX 2018 file to 2016 and all referenced files at the same time? Andrew
  14. Thanks Pat - that's perfect. Not obvious though - but thanks. I was using the following dialogue box to sum the values - but it didn't work. What are those options for? Andrew