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  1. Andrew Davies

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    What’s the plan with 2018 and Mojave? That still a no go and is there a SP5 in the offing?
  2. Andrew Davies

    Preview Render

  3. Andrew Davies

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    So - how are people on Mojave with SP1 getting on? This thread has gone nice and quiet (apart from some installer issues - it installed perfectly for me on High Sierra BTW) Is the silence a good sign?
  4. Andrew Davies

    OpenGL does not work in Edit Symbol 3D window

    That’s a much better way of saying what I was trying to say!!!
  5. Andrew Davies

    OpenGL does not work in Edit Symbol 3D window

    I’m happy to take a look if you like. Pop a download link here or via DM Jim’s the real expert mind - but I can at least check for you
  6. Andrew Davies

    OpenGL does not work in Edit Symbol 3D window

    I’m not in front of my Computer now - but out of interest - how are you editing the symbol? I seem to remember a similar issue when editing the symbol via the resource manager - but opening a symbol when it is placed on a design layer fixed it. Apologies if I remembered wrong - but maybe worth a try?
  7. Andrew Davies

    Updating all Worksheets in a file

    Yep. I use that quite a bit. You can also right click the worksheet in the resource manager.
  8. Andrew Davies

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I’m taking delivery of a new MacBook Pro in a couple of weeks. Would you mind talking through the steps to install High Sierra? Do I need a bootable USB image of High Sierra?
  9. Andrew Davies

    Assign "Fixed" data to a symbol

    HI - I am aware this may be in the wrong forum now - or it has gone off topic. Apologies if so. @Boh Tried the integer thing - to no avail I am afraid. I would keep the Quantity Ordered by symbol for me though. It would be set per project and as a file is in effect a project, that would work for me. @Pat Stanford I am hoping you can help me with the other thing that is baffling me! Tying to subtract a "=count" column from a a data value ("='Furniture Info'.'Quantity Available'") column in a database. I just can't get it to work! It seems that the "=count" formula returns a 1 in the column it is being referenced from, unless the "Sum values" checkbox is checked. See screenshots where I have set up another column next to the count column to demonstrate this. That's what is causing my problem. Is that correct behaviour? Is there a formula I should be applying to my column B?? Thanks in advance. Andrew
  10. Andrew Davies

    Assign "Fixed" data to a symbol

    I can’t work it out. The figures in that column are wrong. I’ve had it working before - but can’t remember how. It is supposed to simply subtract the count from the quantity ordered column.
  11. Andrew Davies

    Image Function in Worksheet

    Yep - that clears it up - thank you @Hugues
  12. Andrew Davies

    Assign "Fixed" data to a symbol

    Thanks Pat - I appreciate this. Another work around (which I think I will use) - My worksheet is summarised by symbol name and has a column for each data value - then a count of number of instances of that symbol. As the worksheet is summarised by symbol name - entering the data there updates all the record formats for the symbols in the document. Perfect! To better answer your question regarding exact use - best to give an example : 300 pieces of furniture coming from 6 different suppliers for an event. Approx 20 different types (Chairs, tables, sofas etc). I want to have a symbol for each of the 20 types - with the data attached for "Supplier", "URL for reference" & "Quantity ordered". My worksheet then (summarised by furniture type) counts the number placed on the drawing, shows how many a left available to be placed - and who supplies them. Essentially - the "Supplier" and "Quantity Ordered" fields should behave the same way as the geometry of the symbol - ie - the value is sourced from one location and changes everywhere if it is changed. The current record formats are still fantastically useful - I use them lots for table numbers, seat numbers etc. where the value is different for each instance of the same symbol. Hope that helps better explain it! Screenshot attached which may help too. Next stage is to add a "Count-quantity placed" column so you can see at a glance how many of each type you have left. Can't get that to work at the moment (Formula is C2(Qty ordered)-B2(Count) but gives an odd result - haven't got to the bottom of it yet) Best wishes & thanks, Andrew
  13. Andrew Davies

    Record format assigned to a symbol

    Hi again Just seen that if you summarise items in the worksheet by, for example, symbol name - then change the data directly in the worksheet - it updates for every symbol.
  14. HI I would like to be able to assign data to a symbol (such as manufacturer, quantity available) that is permanent for that specific symbol. Aware you can do this with record formats now - but the data can be changed per symbol - I would like the data to be fixed by symbol - so if you change the data for one symbol - it changes for all instances of the same symbol. More info here : Thanks, Andrew
  15. Andrew Davies

    Image Function in Worksheet

    Thanks @Hugues Is it a setting I can change? Any work arounds? Andrew


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