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  1. Andrew Davies

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    A new UI isn’t just about making it pretty. It’s about increasing functionality, look and feel, ease of use and importantly brand. It’s important that the software is seen to be moving on and keeping up to date. For me Vectorworks (though I love it really) feels like a hotch potch of tools. Like my garden shed - crammed full of tools making them hard to find and when I do find them they are often broken. New features are laid on top and not always integrated fully - and old features are left to fester with no way of knowing which is which. Not to mention the funny quirks that we are probably used to but don’t even notice now we are so used to them. I did did some training recently and couldn’t believe how many times I said “I know it’s not intuitive”, or “I know it’s a bit odd” Vectorworks feels so so old and out of date now. When I slip into autocad for Mac, or Cinema 4D or even twinmotion it just feels so much nicer. I’ve said this every year for the last 5 years “so much for a new UI with this version”. My money is now firmly on never.
  2. Andrew Davies

    Why these glitches?

    I’m afraid it occurs just as often when I am not using an egpu (MacBook Pro). I just mentioned the egpu to point out I am using VWX with a decent GPU.
  3. Andrew Davies


    I have. Two yesterday - lost about 10 mins work each time. So common I forgot about it until I read your post. Frustrating
  4. Andrew Davies

    Why these glitches?

    It's so common - danger is it becomes the norm and doesn't get flagged enough. Really not what you would expect from professional software - VWX 2019 so relatively mature software now too.
  5. Andrew Davies

    Why these glitches?

    I get this a lot. Drives me crazy. Prints ok - but so hard to work like this. Please fix MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro 580 8 GB eGPU Screen Recording 2019-08-23 at 13.23.39.mov
  6. Andrew Davies

    Copy/Paste buy Basepoint

    Hello You could use “Paste in place” which has a similar result. Hope this helps Andrew
  7. Blimey! I missed that. Where? When?!
  8. This does look like a useful addition. I just hope it is well implemented and baked into the application. I can see some uses for this - though (for me) only if the display of symbols can be affected. Looks like some improvements to the object info palette too maybe? Collapsible sections?
  9. Andrew Davies

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD Great - thanks Johnathan Do you see much improvement with VWX? Or is it just twinmotion you get the benefit from the Vega card? Lastly - what output do you use on the Vega card? DisplayPort? Hope you don’t mind all the questions and hope you’re keeping well! Andrew
  10. Andrew Davies

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    Hi @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD I’m looking at a new display for my MacBook Pro. Is this set up still working well for you a year down the line?
  11. Andrew Davies

    First Hour with 2019 SP3: Productivity: 0%

    I get a lot of similar issues to this. Any idea when SP5 is likely to be released?
  12. I really hope this is fully and properly implemented all the way through the UI, not just half baked like Tags - introduced last year. Hate to be so negative - but it’s the sort of thing we should have had years ago. So much for a UI overhaul.
  13. Andrew Davies

    Vectorworks and ConnectCAD

    Any Teaser Tuesdays planned this year?


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