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  1. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Ok - So I got my Sonnet eGPU and AMD Radeon WX7100 Pro - and it was a resounding DISASTER!! Well - not a disaster, that is too strong, but.... The Moshi DisplayPort to USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 cable (https://store.apple.com/xc/product/HLR62ZM/A) did not work with my LG Ultrafine monitor. The packaging does say “Or, connect your DisplayPort computer to a USB-C / TB3 monitor - bidirectional support) - so I really thought it should work. It also says 5k is supported. Why on earth it doesn’t work I don’t know. So I hooked it up to my sons ancient old DVI monitor and loaded up a fairly heavyweight VWX file to test There was a definite difference - but not massive. I thought Open GL would be pretty much instant but not really. Hidden Line rendering took awhile (I think that’s still CPU so no surprise). Felt quicker editing “Section in place” but not massively so. Comparing this to my MBP 2016 with a 4GB Radeon built in card. So - I will probably give it a couple of days and then return it. The shop I bought it from have already said they would refund if it didn’t work. Would love to know why that Moshi cable does not work when the packaging claims it would. Even if it did work, I would have had to come up with some work around to get my webcam and speakers working. If it was a HUGE performance improvement then ok, but not really worth the hassle. Will put the £900 towards a Mac Pro whenever they come out. Andrew
  2. Select a random assortment of objects?

    Interesting thread. On another subject - having this many 3D figures in your drawing - can I ask if the file is nice and responsive still?
  3. A “by current class” choice in symbols

    19 votes for this wish! Would be interested in hearing thoughts from Nemetschek on this
  4. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Hi just about to go on site for a week but think I am going to order the Sonnet 550w eGPU with a Radeon Pro WX7100 with 8GB to test out when I am back. Was hoping Apple would release a new Mac Pro soon but that’s not happening until next year at the earliest apparently. Hoping this will make Open GL lovely and smooth on my MacBook Pro
  5. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Ahh!! Thanks Jim Looks like I would just need this cable : Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort Cable https://store.apple.com/xc/product/HLR62ZM/A Then I can connect the DisplayPort output from the graphics card mounted in the eGPU to my USB-C monitor. I think? Hoorah!
  6. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    That’s correct - connect the eGPU to the MacBook Pro with USB-C But I am talking about the connection from the Graphics Card that is installed in the eGPU to the monitor. Ie - MacBook Pro — eGPU — Monitor
  7. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Looking forward to hearing the results. My Mac specialist have recommended a Sonnet eGPU with a 550w PSU and an AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 with 8GB. Anyone’s thoughts on that? Not convinced how well they know Vectorworks One of my challenges though is that I have an LG 5k display which is USB-C only. Hoping I can go from DisplayPort to USB-C and maintain 5k
  8. AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    I see Apple officially supports eGPUs with their latest OS X release now. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208544 I am keen to try one out - anyone got any recommendations? Andrew
  9. Debug Menu

    Me too!
  10. Debug Menu

    Out of interest - how come it appeared?
  11. export webview opinions

    I like Web View - but do find Sketchfab better - much more customisable (though haven't tried the new Web view in SP3 yet) Export from Vectorworks as a 3DS (don't forget to include textures), upload to Sketchfab and you're done. Lot of options to customise and even change materials. https://sketchfab.com/ Andrew
  12. External GPU for MacBook Pro

    Hi I'm keen to boost the performance of my 2016 MBP - so wondering if anyone had tried an eGPU with Vectorworks? I think eGPU support is out of Beta now with High Sierra? Andrew
  13. Lack of 3D View / Render modes when editing a 3D symbol

    Thanks you so much Mark and oh I love this forum! That was it. Is that a bug or as designed? Thanks again Andrew
  14. Hi I have often wondered why, when editing a 3D symbol, you lose the Front, Back , Left etc view options from the drop down list - along with rendering modes. Even view plane is greyed out. I am stuck in wireframe. Am I missing something? Andrew EDIT - noticed I have standard view choices available from the main menu - just not the drop down menu No other render options though
  15. Warning - woke up in a grump today.... Any chance the “Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the <WHATEVER OBJECT> and select <WHATEVER> from the context menu.“ can be changed to “Select <WHATEVER> from the <WHATEVER OBJECT’s> context menu.“? Reading through help files on Marionette and it’s laborious reading that over and over again! Warned you.... Andrew


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