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  1. Andrew Davies

    Until Next Time

    This is a blow - we will miss you Jim, but I am sure you are doing it for the right reasons. All the very best. Nemetschek will struggle to fill the role with someone as good & dedicated as you.
  2. Andrew Davies

    Sharing files advice

    I came up with a bit of a work around. I made a save view, exported it as a DWG (which only exported what I wanted to share) - then reimported that into VWX. Means I lose a lot of info in the file, but I think it's the easiest way
  3. Andrew Davies

    Sharing files advice

    Hello I have a large VWX file which I want to share with a supplier who also uses VWX2019. My large VWX file has about 5 referenced files as referenced viewports I only want to share specific parts of the drawing - not the whole lot. Oddly - usually when I share like this, the recipient wants a DWG - in which case I set a saved view then export to DWG from there. As they want a VWX I can't do that. Any ideas? I could set up the elements they want as a separate file - then reference that into the main file, but that doesn't solve the problem as some of the layers I want to share are already referenced in from an external file. There doesn't seem to be a way of breaking a reference and importing the file in its current state - thus creating one file from many. Any ideas?
  4. Andrew Davies

    Can someone tell me how I can select this symbol please?

    Thanks Matt No idea how the symbol got that way to be honest. Is there a way of forcing Vectorworks to reexamine all the content of all the symbols and therefore resetting and fixing it? Or do I need to go through each symbol one by one?
  5. Andrew Davies

    Can someone tell me how I can select this symbol please?

    Thank you Kevin That is correct. That symbol has objects in the 2D portion of the symbol set to the 3D plane (so confusing) and that throws VWX. I don’t know how it got moved onto type 3D plane and it has happened to lots of symbols and seems to have happened suddenly. I’d been working on this file a lot in Mojave and 2019 and am pretty sure it only just happened. All I can think of is a couple of weeks ago I deleted some classes and reassigned objects for a Rudy up and I wonder if something happened then. So frustrating. Is this all part of the new symbol editing in 2019? So complicated. Thabks again for checking this out
  6. Andrew Davies

    Can someone tell me how I can select this symbol please?

    Hi Thanks - here is my file (I thought I uploaded this a couple of days ago, but it must have failed) Thanks Kevin - always forget that one! I did try it, and no - it did not work. Was going to restart and if that fails throw the laptop out of the window - that just as good? Thanks again all. TEST.vwx
  7. Andrew Davies

    Can someone tell me how I can select this symbol please?

    Thanks again - but no! Force Select doesn't work either. Screen Recording 2019-01-24 at 11.22.20.mov
  8. Andrew Davies

    Can someone tell me how I can select this symbol please?

    Thanks Mark I can - but that means wading through loads of symbols to fix. I am trying the plug in now but nervous as it affects the whole file. This seems just wrong...
  9. See screen grab I want to select the chairs around the table - but they must be on the 3D plane of the symbol - not the screen., But I can't even select it to edit it to fix it........ Screen Recording 2019-01-24 at 11.07.37.mov
  10. Andrew Davies

    Video artefacts

    Thanks Jim - Currently set to Best Performance. Will try Best Compatibility and report back
  11. Andrew Davies

    Video artefacts

    Hello I get this a lot on VWX2019 on Mojave - see video. Brand new MacBook Pro with an eGPU (Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB graphics). Also happens without the eGPU Pretty awful Screen Recording 2019-01-18 at 16.15.20.mov
  12. Andrew Davies

    Plans not publishing as expected

    Thanks Boh Appreciate your help with this. Sorry about the link - it was late and I was grumpy. This link should work. https://secure.flair.ltd.uk/fl/7z6As8Bfky/VWX_Sample_files_ I have done a little more digging and do remember a couple of weeks ago tidying up my drawing and combining / deleting some classes. That is the only thing I can think of that affected the drawing. That said - I certainly didn't directly change any symbols. However there are still some very strange behaviours. For example - being unable to select a symbol, but more importantly - having a Viewport on a sheet layer which shows as I expect - but the published or printed PDF is missing elements,. In other words - WYSI NOT WYG Thanks again, Andrew
  13. Andrew Davies

    Plans not publishing as expected

    I haven’t come across this before and it is driving me nuts. I have a sheet layer with a viewport and all displays correctly. When I publish it or print it - some symbols are missing. For some reason I can not select the symbols in question directly on the drawing - but if I select them through the resource browser - I see that there is no 2D version. These are 2D symbols - but the geometry seems to be stored in the 3D part of the symbol. Copying the 2D part FROM the 3D to the 2D part seems to fix it - but I can’t go through all symbols. I have no idea why it has suddenly started behaving like this. I have it set to a Top view in the viewport - some items disappear, some remain. I know I am not giving much to go on, but I just want to get this drawing done. If it wasn’t 10 pm at night and I didn’t have a massive day ahead of me tomorrow, I would be more coherent. I have restarted, rebooted, exported to 2018 and back again to no avail. Just loaded a previous version and it was working fine, but I can’t re-do all my edits now. The file is here if anyone wants to take a look. https://secure.flair.ltd.uk/dl/RtYb6GvA13 Try selecting a symbol on the Welcome Reception Hired Furniture Layer. I am on Mojave and VWX 2019 SP 2 I have attached two screenshots - one screenshot of the Viewport I am publishing, and another a portion of the published PDF. Just tried trashing preferences to no avail. Andrew
  14. Andrew Davies

    V2019 - Data Tab in Info Pallette - Assigned Records

    Hmmm... closing and reopening worked. Feels like a pack of cards sometimes.
  15. Hello I have two text labels within a symbol, assigned to a couple of fields in a record format. I do this often. But I can't physically see the area in the info pallet to enter the data. I have had this in the past, but been able to slide the line with the dot (Shown in attachment) up - however it is not working now. Oddly, right clicking on the symbol and selecting properties - did work once, but now doesn't at all. Mojave, v2019, latest service pack


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