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  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Mojave, OSX 10.14.6 as there is a specific SMB protocol bug fix. Most of our issues went away after we upgraded the OS and to VW 2019 SP5.3 Try this! https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT209149 Improves file-sharing reliability over SMB. PS important to note that the server where the files are stored should also be updated to OSX 10.14.6
  2. This issue has been raising its head in our network, now it is a constant issue. Using VW 2019 5.1 and users continually get the .bak and .vtmp files and other associated network issues. They have had this for months through all the 2019 versions. To be honest it is a massive pain everyday for me and the user. Tech Support really need to do more to solve this. I will need to log a call first thing tomorrow when I am back in the office.
  3. Yep, we will be leaving this upgrade until at least service pack 4, going by previous experiences.
  4. So from April to now, Vectorworks have not done anything about or even acknowledged that it is an issue it seems. Excellent support.
  5. This very issue is happening constantly on our network. We have SMB & AFP both enabled as there are massive issues that only MS Office has over the SMB network. So we have to have both on. This only really effects about 20% of our users but is a constant issue. On VW 2019 SP3 &SP4
  6. This is still happening to machines in our office. Where these ever finally addressed?
  7. If you get the spinning again, just disconnect form your network, you problem will instantly vanish. Vectorworks has issues with SMB access over a network. Major issue in our environment of over 30+ staff using VW.
  8. Only way to stop this is to work locally and disconnect from the network you are on.
  9. Didn't solve my issues at all. No difference. The only thing that stops beachballs is copying files to work on locally and then disconnecting for the network /server. Seems like VW is having issues with working over macintosh networks.
  10. Yep, only started playing up this week. Same happens when I select text boxes..
  11. Multiple instances from of Vectorworks 2019 SP 3.1, undocking the Object Info has no effect.
  12. Same issue on a users computer on High Sierra, also happening on Mojave for me.
  13. And also Network issues with your server. SMB or AFP and the naming of shared folders on the networked drive can also cause you beachballs.
  14. It is not a philosophy, it is a coping mechanism. We already have made the change to another CAD/BIM Package.
  15. It will come back, worked for a little while in my iMac also then started up again.
  16. Complete uninstall and reinstall with VW 2019 SP2. On OSX 10.14.3. This is still happening at least 3 times a day when either selecting text or click on a symbol or view. VW2019 is getting beyond a joke now, glad that the rest of the office isn't sitting with this issue. Last Vectorwork that adequately worked, was version is 2018SP6 on High Sierra. When will these issues be addressed without blaming Apple all the time?
  17. Simply stating that after the initial move 10 years ago by Apple, Vectorworks still has not moved completely to 64bit. Add in the impending discontinuation of OpenGL, this is becoming a joke IMO.
  18. Installed and running OSX 10.14.3 now. Sadly Apples fix list is embarrassingly non existent. https://support.apple.com/kb/HT209149
  19. Through my research, and using a iMac with a boosted graphics card, I am leading towards the GPU being the issue in most cases.
  20. Sound advice it's my first port of call to see what is eating up what resource. Activity Monitor helps narrow down issues very well.
  21. I am sure it runs fine on Windows, OSX users are having issues.
  22. We continue to see stability on or 30+ workstations with VW2018, on OSX 10.13 machines. Both VW 2018 & 2019 on OSX 10.14 cannot be used a a daily driver. Why too many bugs and Apple themselves say the software is not supported with a pop up warning when running VW2019 SP2. So I am waiting for a version that is not as buggy, before upgrading all the companies workstations to Mojave and VW 2019. Any word yet? EDIT: Adequate testing with open betas is required, in actual working environments, cause these bugs should have all been identified and sorted long ago IMO.
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