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  1. Thanks Jeremy for confirming!
  2. Greetings all, Wondering if I'm the only one facing this problem. The 2D Cut/Fill Area check box for Site Model(s) is not working anymore in 2018. Was working in 2017 (attached video). Posting here to see if no one else has this problem, it could be my file. Cheers, Tui
  3. +1 for this. After 15+ years of using Vectorworks, I have just now delved into the dark world of call-out notes/databases/keynote legends. All went well until I realised you cannot get rid of the period after the keynote label, in the keynote legend. Please, if there's a way, could someone let me know. If not, please add this request to this wishlist item.
  4. This is great! Thanks for the update..
  5. I haven't tested the code below, but I believe it goes something like that: (You'll have to declare those variables though; ah Vectorscript ) { Orso *********************************************** } { wraps a string in '' } FUNCTION T_Apo(str: STRING): STRING; BEGIN T_Apo := Concat(Chr(39), str, Chr(39)); END; RecordName := 'Group-A' FieldName := 'Mark' FieldValue := '2001' crit := Concat(T_Apo(RecordName),T_Apo('.'),T_Apo(FieldName),'=',T_Apo(FieldValue)) Counter = Count(crit) Message(Concat('Total Count = ',Counter_))
  6. You could convert that 660 line macro in VS to python .. (jokes) When I used to use vectorscript, the VectorLab website was an invaluable resource. Here are two functions by @orso b. schmidthat helped me string together criteria(s):
  7. One of the reasons I jumped to learning python was the Criteria String building in vectorscript, proved really difficult for me. try this, in python: RecordName = "Group-A" FieldName = "Mark" FieldValue = "2001" crit = "'{}'.'{}'='{}'".format(RecordName,FieldName,FieldValue) GroupPanelCount = vs.Count(crit) vs.Message("Total Count = {}".format(GroupPanelCount))
  8. Thanks @Hippocode and @BillW. Was just looking through the dev wiki and totally missed that one. Thanks heaps!
  9. Greetings and Happy New Year to you all, Has anyone figured out how to duplicate an object (locus,symbol) along a 2D path, be it a polyline, polygon? Developing a plugin to take a symbol object and have it duplicate along the Plugins 2D path (this being a 2D poly path plugin object type). Have tried the : def vs.GetPointAndParameterOnNurbsCurveAtGivenLength(inNurbCurve, inPercentOfLength): return (BOOLEAN, p, outParam, outIndex) by converting the 2D path to a nurbs object, running the calc, then copying the /out/ data to the 2D path poly. However just realised the convert to Nurbs command takes into account the orientation of the view. This makes it not feasible for a path-pio object. Any ideas? Cheers, Tui
  10. Please hint that this is coming in v2019. Just had to renumber manually an 85 apartment block drawing set
  11. Dom this is awesome! ..and you have too much time on your hands .. Merry Christmas!
  12. Its 2018, next year.. please make this into v2019.. I still dont see the reason why the new class editing, has a whole tab, dedicated to only the Descripiton.. what UI design intent is this? No hating, seriously would like to know.
  13. This is very welcomed.. seeing that different regions have different service pack release dates.. will that be taken into account of as well? Would be great to have that info here as well. Maybe sticky threads for different locales?
  14. Haha,.. I shall wait for the forum upgrade completion before posting the rest then!.. yep there's more.
  15. Should probably start a new post with this Lumion stuff.. but here seems good for now. This will be the last time, sorry for hijacking the Twinmotion thread.. Old Lumion and new Lumion 8 comparisons.. Render time 30secs... still getting used to this.. version 5 - with sketch effects - version 8 - with 'realistic' preset - no post-production