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  1. Awesome, thanks H! FYI its: result = vs.SetObjPropVS(49, True)
  2. Hey H, yes thats what I thought as well. Just don't know what event switches to set, or ObjectVariableInts or Bool?
  3. Theres no documentation I could find on setting up your plugin/plugin object to recieve/set plugin styles. Anyone knows?
  4. Hi Ian, Having used both Revit, and Archicad in the past, I must say, compared to Vectorworks, Archicad is more similar. Funny you say they're knocking on your door, as they had visited us also, a month or so ago. We've been 'looking over the fence' and keeping tabs on what they are doing. And they are very impressive. The boss here, was really impressed with the BIMx feature as that was crazy incredible. Things that stopped us from jumping ship were: - Many years of Vectorworks use, familiarity with the Software. - Invested a lot of time (more than we should) into setting up Templates, Office CAD Libraries (converting manufactures product detail DWGs to vwx), Staff Training in VW, workflows - Flexibilty of Vectorworks -- (Not tied down with Stories/Pen Sets/etc with Archicad), vectorworks Class system is quite superior when set up properly. -- Modelling -Invested a lot of time in custom plugins and scripting. The introduction of Python, was a game changer for us. Allowed for a more rapid R&D process. Marionette is promising as well, but needs some work. Things that had us peaked our interest: - CADImage Addon - Automatic Cladding of Building Exteriors at the click of a button (Roofs/Walls/Decking) - Revision/Markup workflow - Automatic bubble association with revision/issue sheets and titleblocks - Window and Door Schedule - Automatic Window and Door schedule creation (Any object scheduling creation) - BIMX (Vectorworks needs this) - 3D Cutaway Detailing - there were others, just cant remember right now. Cheers, Tui
  5. As title reads, I tried to submit a bug report for API functions that do not work, however I kept getting a HTTP Error.. can I file this as a bug for bug report submission? Basically, there are a couple of API calls, that do not work in python, or I'm doing it wrong. These are: Screenshots from Bug Submission error: To lighten the mood :
  6. Why can't you have a fill opacity set to 50% and it's line set to 100% for plugin objects? Please make this so..
  7. Thanks @Marissa Farrell, much appreciated!
  8. Hello All, Is there a way to get TAB's or Carriage Returns to be set as Delimiters for this Function? EDIT: Figured it out: Copy a 'Carriage Return' or 'TAB' spacing from a text object and paste it in formula Cheers, Tui
  9. That would be me . And, as our CAD Manager, a non marketing change-list is much needed. The Online Help, does have list though, []; But what I'm after are more specific changes to 'EXISTING' tools. There's a long thread somewhere about the 'Edit Site Model Source Data' disappearing. Which I believe is not in the help documentation. As 2018 hasn't been released yet in New Zealand, I can only wait and then explore, once its released here. Tagging @Marissa Farrell, @sbarrettfor any update on this?[RE Marionette Changelist Improvements]
  10. Ha!.. Funny that, its gone again..
    This is a great improvement. Was there a list somewhere of the new Marionette features for 2018?
  11. Hey Allan, did you get this sorted? Not sure why someone would downvote you!?
  12. Having a brain-block on a project at the moment, thought I might have a crack at this. example-v2017_tui.vwx
  13. Greetings all, Functions mentioned in title [vs.GetProjectUserNames(), vs.GetResourceTags()] return NoneTypes, not sure whether this is broken. From the DevWiki: Description : Get a list of userids that are part of the current project. def vs.GetProjectUserNames(): return (BOOLEAN, userArray) userArray | ARRAY : Array of userids as strings However, upon running this in a Project File, I get a Boolean of True, but a NoneType for userArray. Not sure how to iterate through list of results. This is the same with vs.GetResourceTags(): From the DevWiki: Description : Gets the tags attached to the specified resource. def vs.GetResourceTags(handle): return tags tags | ARRAY : Array of tags Running this on Symbol Definition handle, with tags attached yields a NoneType as well. The Symbol Definition has got tag(s), and running vs.GetNumResourceTags(some_handle) returns the correct number of tags attached to this resource. Any insight would help, @orso b. schmid/ @Pat Stanford
  14. Wow, doesnt look too good. 1. Havent tried title blocks 2. Roof style conversion from 2016 works. 2017 have not tried yet. 3. All roof component classes converted from 2016 work as expected. 3. Confirming upon file conversion all is well, once you edit a class associated with a roof component. All hell breaks loose. Component end mitres change from vertical to horizontal, thickness of component drops to zero, texure gets deleted from component. Haven't converted from 2017 as majority of our current projects are being done in 2016. Been really busy in the southern hemisphere this year. Too busy to even upgrade a version! So it looks like we'll be taking the leap to 2018