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  1. Third this, in addition, the ability to tie to Design Layer Elevation Levels or Story Levels or Stories. As they can be placed on the drawing and if RL's/FFL's change, corresponding labels update automatically.
  2. I was going to suggest this ^
  3. This is true, but similar to what others have mentioned, the 'hyping' still happens with release videos, and the actual use-case of the tools don't reflect the marketing (ie Import C4D Textures). I would love to have the 'hype' surrounding a roadmap at least. At least we can see 'briefly' what is in the pipeline. Have a look at VRAYforC4D's release notes. (At the bottom is a good example of the kind of roadmap that is enough). disclaimer, this is no shot at Vectorworks as a product, I gladly use it and bend it to it's breaking point happily (ie productively).
  4. Hi Alan, not really understanding the question. Do you want an output node that spits out a list of objects? or named objects? Just opened your file, the criteria should be T=SLAB for roof faces. Or ST=ROOFFACE
  5. We've played around with this release for a while as well. Quite seemles with FBX export. The same with Lumion3D. Lumion is the one we use in house for quick video renders. The pricing is quite steep though, hence the reason were stuck on version 6. Both of these products should be on Vectorworks radar... Below render took 5mins (720p).
  6. That'd be great, if as service select customers, we could choose more powerful machines to do the heavy lifting during rendering.
  7. That was my next question.. lol.. are the cloud servers faster than this? actually, what are the specs for the cloud servers?
  8. This is great. How long did it take to render the 360 Pano?
  9. Yep thats true.. we shall call it "Welcomed Wednesdays" here then
  10. Hmmm, I had thought it was going to be every Tuesday as well. Maybe a schedule of Teaser Tuesdays???
  11. Just chiming in, I started with Vectorscript but have moved on to Python, as it's much easier -for me- to learn and use. Hopefully this is ok here, I guess you could convert it to VS if needed. Below is a script in python: import vs # copy symbol/plugin out of wall # As Pat said earlier, spaces/tabs are important in python # I always use an external editor to check for this before pasting my code back into vectorworks # I use PyCharm Community Edition def list_objs_inserted(h_wall): h_obj = vs.FIn3D(h_wall) list_objsinserted = [] while h_obj != None: if vs.GetTypeN(h_obj) in [86, 15]: list_objsinserted.append(h_obj) h_obj = vs.NextObj(h_obj) return list_objsinserted # A Wall needs to be selected! h2_wall = vs.FSActLayer() vs.SetDSelect(h2_wall) objs_in_wall = list_objs_inserted(h2_wall) for obj in objs_in_wall: newObj = vs.CreateDuplicateObject(obj, None) # None passed in as last parameter just places a copy on the layer you're on vs.SetSelect(newObj) Got the idea from @orso b. schmid's website here : That website is an invaluable resource for vectorworks vs/python coders HTH Tui
  12. Please UpVote this on the wishlist post below!
  13. This is great.. thanks VW Team.. now looking forward to that script sharing section with similar screenshots..etc.. future is less dim now
  14. I take it that smile means: "I'm going to spill the beans right away! "