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  1. twk

    Database CAPITALS

    Hi @John Meunier, Looks like a glitch in the matrix.. - Any other formula added to that glitching cell doesn't work. - If I copy the formula out, then replace it with the cell's formula next to it. The worksheet starts to function again. - Now I can copy back in the first formula I had (or you wrote), and it recalculates fine. 2019-03-14_13-24-08.mp4
  2. twk

    Database CAPITALS

    There is no native way to do it. But you could with a script. 1. Create a script in your file name it 'WS_ALL_CAPS' . (When it asks you to create a palette, just name the palette whatever you want, something like 'WS Scripts' will suffice. 2. When the script dialog box pops up, change the language to Python. 3. Use the code below in your script: orignal_str = vs.WSScript_GetPrmStr(0) vs.WSScript_SetResStr(orignal_str.upper()) 4. Now back in your worksheet, select the cell you want capitalized. Enter this into the formula bar: =RUNSCRIPT('WS_ALL_CAPS', 'Existing Tree'.'ActionComment') 5. Recalculate Active Worksheet
  3. twk

    Railing/Fence Tool

    Just as a follow up to my previous post being for a 3rd party Addon to Archicad, the actual native Handrail tool in Archicad is something to be envious of as well..
  4. Pretty amazing what these guys are doing. https://twitter.com/Test_Fit_io
  5. I remember seeing the 2016 Marionette video about cladding walls.. looked so promising, until I tried it myself. Short answer : a short endeavor..
  6. twk

    Vectorworks to Twinmotion

    Oh you definatley should check out @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD's work. Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56qp6QeXSAayDOOHu3BcCA
  7. twk

    VW beginner is stuck

    After extruding a circle, you can user-adjust position of top or bottom end of cylinder by activating the "ReShape" Tool command. (highlighted tool in screenshot below)
  8. Wondering how 2019 does it with titleblock data being able to read TB info from another file? Could not find any related functions for opening one file in another file in the DevWiki or the SDK files.
  9. Greetings and happy new year all, I was wondering if there was anyway to access plugin data from a file other than the active one? Wanting to read in data from a plugin object that resides in another file. Cheers, Tui
  10. twk

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    This I can relate to.. on the other hand, surley Teamviewer sessions with Vectorworks Tech support would be much faster/cheaper/easier then bug submissions/phone calls/site visits? I should probably wishlist this..
  11. Is there a maximum number of layers you can map onto an IFC Story? See GIF below: I can't attach those last few layers to the IFC story. Also is there any way to export these settings? When we click save setting where does it get saved to?
  12. Here I created a custom object class: (tested and worked in VW2016) # save work before using def SetClassGroup_Contents(handle_to_group, className:str, descend=False): class CustomObject(): def __init__(self, handle): self.handle = handle self.__old_class = vs.GetClass(self.handle) @property def old_class(self): return self.__old_class @old_class.setter def old_class(self, value): self.__old_class = value @property def obj_class(self): return vs.GetClass(self.handle) @obj_class.setter def obj_class(self, value): vs.SetClass(self.handle, value) def restore_old_class(self): self.obj_class = self.old_class if vs.GetTypeN(handle_to_group) == 11: # Only work on groups TypeGroup == 11 if not descend: # if descend parameter set then cycle through each item in group, default is set to false stored_objects = [] #type: list[CustomObject] def set_class_objs_in_group(h): stored_objects.append(CustomObject(h)) vs.ForEachObjectInList(set_class_objs_in_group,0,1,vs.FInGroup(handle_to_group)) # See Documentation for parameter descriptions vs.SetClass(handle_to_group,className) # Set Class of overall group for object in stored_objects: object.restore_old_class() else: vs.SetClass(handle_to_group, className) # Set Class of overall group vs.ReDrawAll() # Sometimes my machine needs this to show updated attributes vs.ResetObject(handle_to_group) # Updates Object Info Pallette h = vs.FSActLayer() SetClassGroup_Contents(h,'NewClass1') # Use for apply to group only # SetClassGroup_Contents(h,'NEW CLASS', True) # Use for apply to group and contents
  13. Ok, reporting back, I dont have access to 2014/2015 anymore, but I have just tried in 2016 and it doesnt do what i thought it did. The class function gets set to both the group and the objects in it. Im stumped.
  14. twk

    Managing BCF Data for IFC-based Workflows


    Missed this! Any chance for a recording for this please! Checked the service select portal theres nothing on there for this.
  15. To my understanding it has been fixed as of 2019


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