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  1. line-weight

    Snap to Intersection

    I feel that over the past few releases, the cursor behaviour has got gradually worse, becoming less predictable and more glitchy and erratic. It increasingly feels like there is just too much stuff going on everywhere and the way that the cursor does or doesn't select things doesn't feel intuitive. This applies especially when working in a 3d environment.
  2. I have been having some similar problems today...with DLVPs 'disappearing' in OpenGL view. Took me some time to work out was happening but eventually I realised it was because the clip cube was turned on. That won't be the cause of everyone's issues but I thought I'd mention it here for the benefit of anyone to whom it might apply.
  3. line-weight

    Sloping Floors

    ^ won't the Shell command add thickness perpendicular to the sloping surface, rather than in the Z direction, though, meaning that the edges of the slab don't meet vertical walls properly? (I think this is why some favour using roof faces)
  4. line-weight

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    I totally get the stuff about having several versions in the air at once, and that the same fix doesn't necessarily apply, for an outwardly similar problem, across these different versions. I think there should be more overlap between the active maintenance of versions though and this is partly because of the lag at the user end, in using new versions or functionality. VW2018 came out towards the end of 2017 - but many people will not have upgraded until several months later (especially given the recent tendency for early SPs to be so buggy). So perhaps you might install VW2018 in spring 2018 - but even then, you might not start using it on live projects. Or perhaps you use it on new projects but keep older projects, that are nearing their end, running on VW2017. Or perhaps you decide to use VW2018 on a small, or non time-critical project first. All this means that it could easily be 6 months after release before a large user base starts using a new version 'for real'. (Maybe VW has user stats that can prove me wrong) On top of that though, it might be that you start using VW2018, and you're aware that there are a few things it can do that mean it might be worth making changes to your standard drawing setup or workflow, but you don't quite have the time to test these out, so you essentially continue with your 'old' workflow. Maybe 6 months later you get a chance to try a few changes, to try using some things that you've ignored before (and these might be things that have actually been present for 2 or 3 versions). And maybe this is the first point in time where you start using VW2018 *and* start trying a few changes to your working methods *and* apply this to a 'live' project. But by this time it might be September 2018.... and VW2019 is getting released. And it's right at this point in time that you start discovering all the little bugs that turn out to make a certain thing unusable. The bugs that only become apparent to a user in 'real world' use and which apparently have not been discoverable by VW's own testing. So... we the users might only find all these things a year after release but then we are told it's too late to fix them. And then there's the choice to go to the next version and the cycle starts over, constantly chasing our tails.
  5. line-weight

    Mesh & NURBS surfaces section incorrectly

    So I've just tried opening this file in 2017 - and the error is not there. This means that this is another example of something that was broken in 2018, and we are now left with a 'final' version of 2018 where it's not fixed. Whereas it has been fixed in 2019. So, the software that I paid for can't do something pretty fundamental which means that I can't generate correct section viewports from a model without having to avoid certain object types (any kind of multiplanar 'surface' object seems to be out). Can anyone from VW comment - given that the error is not present in either 2017 or 2019, it seems to me that the decision not to fix stuff like this in 2018 is a commercial rather than a technical one.
  6. line-weight

    Sloping Floors

    If it's the same section right across the space, I'd draw the section through the floor and extrude it horizontally. Then I'd draw the outline of the space in plan, and extrde that vertically. The stepped/sloped floor slab would then be the intersection of those two solids.
  7. line-weight

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    The reason I'm not moving to 2019 isn't just a money thing - it's because I don't want to move to something that still seems to have a lot of issues. I do think that bugs should continue to be fixed in a previous version until the 'new' version is stable enough that everyone can move to it confidently. I agree that VW owes us another SP for 2018.
  8. line-weight

    Bugs not patched in older versions

    Maybe it'll be broken again in 2020 - who knows!
  9. Further testing suggests this happens when the section line doesn't pass through any non-planar objects. So is this a bug?
  10. line-weight

    Mesh & NURBS surfaces section incorrectly

    Ho hum. I guess it's a bug in 2018 that will never be fixed, then. Time for me to waste yet more productive time making a workaround. It seems the same applies to subdivision surfaces. Eurghh!!
  11. line-weight

    different scale on different design layers

    Yes it's possible, and normal. It will cause you problems if you want to view two layers at the same time, and they are at different scales though. There's something called 'unified view' and I've never quite understood what it actually does. I find the concept of different design layers having different scales a bit confusing. What it really means is the scale that you view them at - which becomes relevant for things like line thicknesses. These days I have nearly all my layers set at 1:1 because otherwise I have problems in 3d. Scale only comes into play when I make a viewport on a sheet layer.
  12. line-weight

    Can't edit mesh objects properly

    Luckily I know enough German to understand this! You're right, changing projection to orthogonal solves it. Danke sehr!
  13. line-weight

    Can't edit mesh objects properly

    ... mesh.mov
  14. line-weight

    Can't edit mesh objects properly

    That's what it says in the OIP! Tried with rectangle>pushpull>CMD-ALT-R as you suggest ... same happens.
  15. line-weight

    Can't edit mesh objects properly

    I've tried the selection tool in all 3 modes. Class/Layer are active. If I select a 2d object, the blue handles appear. But not on the mesh. I'm using VW2018.


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