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  1. VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    Is it something you can replicate and post a screen recording of here?
  2. VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    I don't think it's just BIMobject. I think it's any object in the background that has complicated geometry (ie lots of faces etc). That said, I'm not sure this is the full story. If you look at the video I posted above, there's nothing behind the troublesome geometry (unless somehow stuff on hidden layers comes into play). All the geometry I'm working on there is uncomplicated. There's something that seems to make selecting a face, across several tools, unreliable. It doesn't seem like I'm alone in experiencing this. I really think this is something that needs fairly urgent attention. Agreed
  3. VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    Do you find it more or less problematic according to whether the file originated in VW2018?
  4. To full scale or not to full scale?

    How do the pushing and pulling differ?
  5. To full scale or not to full scale?

    It's a long time since I've used Acad but doesn't it have model space / paper space which is pretty much the same concept?
  6. VW 2018: Push-pull tool problems continue

    This issue is still causing me constant headaches. @JimW can you report any progress? It's not just the push-pull tool. It's common to everything that needs to select a face. Set working Plane for example (there's another thread about that). And the extract face tool. Here's me in the video below trying to select faces to extract from some really quite simple geometry. It's completely inconsistent and really frustrating. This is very basic functionality. Basic functionality needs to work properly. I wish I hadn't paid to upgrade to VW2018 because this stuff seems to be even worse than 2017. This is 2018 SP3. extract.mov
  7. To full scale or not to full scale?

    It's one of those Vectorworks things where the name makes it more confusing than it needs to be. It's silly to have a "scale" for design layers as it's a fundamental of the design layer / sheet layer concept that if you want to output geometry at a certain scale, on a sheet of paper, you do it on a sheet layer. Calling it something like preset zoom factor would be a more accurate description of what it actually is.
  8. To full scale or not to full scale?

    Yes and would now struggle to survive without it (for 3d stuff anyway)
  9. To full scale or not to full scale?

    As others have said...for the avoidance of confusion everything is drawn in 1:1 units. I used to set my design layer scales at whatever was the scale they would most generally be ported to. For architectural drawings that would tend to be 1:50. That was so that when editing drawings, I'd get a reasonable approximation of what things like dashed lines, lineweights etc would look like in the sheet layer viewports. Recently I've changed to setting all my design layers to 1:1. This is because I draw more in 3d now, and setting it to anything else causes issues with the 3d navigator device I use. This is a bit of a pain because it makes editing 2d linework less comfortable. I've said esewhere that the design ;ayer scales should be done away with and we should just have a "display at X scale" dropdown somewhere, so we can change it on the fly just like you might change from hidden line to openGL according to what's convenient for what you're doing at the time. Regarding dimensions: I always always put them in viewport annotations because that's what they are - annotations. They aren't part of the basic geometry any more than any other annotation. Putting them on design layers makes no sense to me and creates a big mess when you want to viewport the basic geometry to different veiwports at different scales. I have a feeling that various VW tutorials suggest putting dimensions on the design layer - I don't know why.
  10. Mac Pro 5.1 with VW Architect 2018

    Hi - I use an upgraded 2009 Mac pro, basic specs as screenshot below. It seems to cope fine. 99% of issues I have running 2018 seem to be software rather than hardware related. I think you should be fine ... happy to answer any specific questions if you like.
  11. How to adjust darkness of greyed layers using "Publish"

    Aha! Thanks. That options button was greyed out for me. I see that it's necessary to highlight the sheets in the right-hand list for it to become active.
  12. There's an oportunity to adjust the darkness/lightness of greyed layers in viewports if you use "export as PDF" or "print". But I can't find any such option when using the "publish" function.
  13. Heliodon causing crash VW2018

    I've had problems where Heliodons simply become invisible. They are still there - you can select them by drawing a selection window around the relevant part of the drawing, but not visible. They will later become visible again in what seems like an arbitrary manner.
  14. Absolutely, being able to set date and time for the Heliodon per viewport would be hugely useful. I sometimes end up with several Heliodons set to different times, all in different classes or layers to allow me to have them on or off in various different views. As a side issue I find the Heliodon really awkward to control anyway. And find in VW2018 that it sometimes becomes invisible in top plan view and therefore difficult to select in order to adjust.
  15. It's even worse than I thought then!


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