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  1. Thanks for the update. I'll see what happens when SP4 is out but it sounds like unfortunately it'll remain unusable for me for now.
  2. Unfortunately, a month down the line I've heard no news of any progress on the problems I describe upthread.
  3. I've had a spacemouse pro for several years and there are various points in time where there have been problems - usually to do with upgrading to new versions of VW or most recently connected with Big Sur. These usually end up eventually getting fixed via a SP from Vectorworks or a driver update from 3dconnexion. For now my spacemouse is working fine, but there's always a background worry that something's going to break, each time you do any kind of update/upgrade. This is not ideal, but it's useful enough to me that I just tolerate it. It's also not ideal that 3dconnexion seem to have a monopoly in the market for such devices which means you are entirely dependent on them being bothered to fix things when they go wrong.
  4. It seems to me that 95% of the problems with levels / stories are to do with user interface design. The basic thing is fairly sound and not actually all that complex. But as usual, VW somehow manages to implement it in a way that is almost as if it's deliberately designed to be as confusing as possible.
  5. Does this mean that the "compose" command remembers the classes of the individual components even if they are different from whichever class the composed polygon ends up in? That's useful to know for future troubleshooting.
  6. In top plan it looks like this (It's actually not inserted into a wall, but sitting on top of a shortened wall, because that's the most convenient way to model this particular building) I'll send you the file privately.
  7. On the left is with 2d components, on the right without. At this stage I'm doing 1:50 floorplans as "merged" sections. I expect there will be a separate bunch of issues with non merged, but once I get to that level of detail I'll probably have to model the windows myself anyway, because the VW ones are so hopeless. What's wrong is 1) Missing lines 2) Lines that shouldn't be there 3) Cut plane in places it shouldn't be Here a bit larger: Neither version is exactly what I want (for example, I'd quite like the cutplane fill not to apply to the glazing elements) , but the non 2d component one is much closer. Maybe you will tell me things can be improved if I change things in the window settings, in which case I'd be interested to hear.
  8. I'm trying out "horizontal sections" as opposed to just regular sections taken horizontally, for the first time. As I understand it, a significant difference is the ability to show the '2d' representations of certain objects, like you would in top/plan, rather than simply slicing the 3d component of those objects. My question is, can I choose to do this for certain objects only, or is it all or nothing? For example, ticking "display 2d components" gives me something workable as far as doors are concerned, but windows are a disaster and I prefer how the look when they are just done as a horizontal slice through the 3d geometry. So is it possible for me to choose to have the 2d components of door objects shown, but not of window objects?
  9. Not sure it can be blamed on conversion from earlier version - the drawing I'm working on at the moment I started completely fresh in 2021. I'm not quite sure yet, but I think that when these lines show up in my OpenGL views, they don't necessarily also appear in my hidden line viewports.
  10. Yes, it's a two component wall, using a wall style. Turned out it was because I didn't actually have a texture assigned to either of those components. When I did that, the options became editable. And ticking the "use world Z" box did make the line go away as you suggest. It doesn't come back when I then untick the box.
  11. Hm, I have walls by component too, but it's greyed out nonetheless.
  12. Fairly sure it's not an XY issue in this case because it's sorted by only adjusting the Z height.
  13. That's a setting I've never looked at or used before. But it seems to be greyed out for my wall objects anyway?


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