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  1. line-weight

    Viewport class over-ride doesn't work on site models.

    I think so yes.
  2. line-weight

    Viewport class over-ride doesn't work on site models.

    I think you may not be understanding correctly. The 3d polys are the ones that make up the surface of the site model - the ground in other words. Obviously I'd want the ground to render, with whatever texture I want it to have, for example grass. Whatever class I set those polys to be in, it fails to be over-ridden in the lower viewport.
  3. In the attached file I've got two renderworks viewports, looking at a simple cube and a site model. Both of those objects are in a class with a pink/purple texture, and sure enough they render correctly in the top viewport. However in the bottom viewport, I've set that class to be over-ridden with another class which has a yellow-orange texture. The cube takes on the new texture as expected but the site model doesn't (the side skirt does but not the 3d polygons on the surface). In the settings for the site model the graphic properties for the 3d polygons are set as "site model class". Therefore they should be "pink class" which should be over-ridden by "orange class" in the bottom viewport but this doesn't happen. If I change that attribute setting from "site model class" to "pink class" the same happens. coverride.vwx
  4. line-weight

    Site model - modifiers spilling into each other

    I'd also like a modifier that simply raised or lowered an area of ground relative to and parallel to the 'existing' surface, something that doesn't seem easily achievable at present.
  5. line-weight

    Site model - modifiers spilling into each other

    Yes, they were touching, and moving them slightly apart has fixed it. Thanks.
  6. I've got a site model set up with a recessed pad, with retaining wall, into which a building sits: Just uphill of this I want a flat pad, at a higher elevation. So I use the standard 'pad' modifier: Which gives me the pad I want, but I don't want it to spill into the hole I've created with the other modifier. Is there some way I can stop it doing that? Tried using a 'grade limits' modifier but that just created this: I think it's applying the grade limits to both of the modifiers but that's not what I want.
  7. line-weight

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Just cross your fingers that this will have been sorted out in VW2019 I think....
  8. line-weight

    door and window styles in resource browser

    Another vote for it being confusing to have Window Styles under 'symbols/plugin objects' in the resource browser. If it's a 'style', and behaves in concept like other 'styles' then put it with the other styles. If it doesn't behave like other styles don't call it a style. It baffles me how decisions like this get made. It's like it's done to deliberately wind up users.
  9. Also, when in the camera edit mode it's annoying that it gives you no preview of where the crop frame is going to be. So to get the viewpoint just right, you have to switch back and forth between the viewport and edit mode.
  10. I tried that, actually, but couldn't find it. I may have been doing something wrong though.
  11. Not the exact same but I occasionally find the settings have gone haywire within cam-edit. I treat it quite cautiously and minimise the changes I make... I never feel 'safe' in that camera edit mode. Yesterday I thought that the cam-edit mode had stopped working completely because when I went into it there were no settings there to change. I eventually worked out that it was because some non camera objects had become selected, hence the OIP not relating to the camera. But as the camera doesn't exist as an object, it wasn't possible to find and select the camera. In the end I found that deselecting the objects, returning to the viewport, then re-entering cam edit mode made it work again. It's such a clunky way of doing things - the camera settings should simply be controlled from the viewport settings whilst remaining in the sheet layer, just like the render style settings are.
  12. line-weight

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    90% of what I need to model day to day can pretty much be done with rectangles, lines and the push-pull tool. But the push-pull tool is glitchy. These base tools should be rock solid reliable, but it doesn't feel that the problems with the push pull tool are being dealt with in any great urgency. It's the equivalent of a 2d drawing environment where the function to resize lines or polygons sometimes refused to select the object. No-one would consider that acceptable.
  13. line-weight

    What's special about an HDRI background?

    ....this story is continued in this thread: