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  1. That's a shame thank you Jim
  2. I can hold down my middle mouse (3-button mouse) to pan and ctrl+middle mouse to flyover. I cannot see from editing my workspace keys how to change this to: middle mouse = flyover and shift+middle mouse = pan Not sure if this is possible as middle mouse doesn't register as a shortcut key (maybe a key combo I need instead) thanks
  3. Stuff has been missing from the Education version (Designer) forever. I have enough posts on it and to be fair @Jim did get some stuff reinstated but broadly speaking we still don't get everything we need but small steps forward are better than backwards as explained in this thread. I never understood the paranoia compared to other vendors who actively push their software onto edu users with no difference between full and edu version.
  4. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    I would suggest a 1m x 1m x 1m cube to test the process or some walls as shown below. No issues here exporting/importing dae. Hopefully the screenshots will help
  5. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    @michael john williams Maybe I missed what you are trying to do so my earlier solution does not work for you but here are walls with a roof and a window (simple building).
  6. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    Export from VW as .dae (collada) Not sure you want the layers to follow. Layers in Su are very different to layers in VW. In Su they are for visibility only and to have objects scattered across them will cause you problems in the long run. Good luck though
  7. barkest

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    Saying we are fixing a bunch of stuff and missing out lots of stuff that needed fixing seems to me that 2019 was in fact a dot release. It was running downstairs at Christmas only to find that last years gifts had been painted and re-wrapped and I had paid for the paint.
  8. Having to create a separate plane to texture a stair landing is ridiculous. C4D is just as bad with BP and everyone over there is as equally confused as to why there have been no updates for years. In the meantime users have provided their own solutions. I have a few dollar plugin to do what BP does not do. The point is that if some guy in his bedroom can create a solution.........
  9. Thank you for the reply. This of course is an existing system that needs improvement. I apologise for beating this subject to death but in the UK VW is the most used tool for Interior Design and although I do not understand your company's inner workings I am sure you know much better than I do how to run you business. As an experienced render person you know that Lighting and Texturing can take a below average offering and make it look great. The converse is also true and the current methods are stone age in comparison to so many other products. Thank you again
  10. Early days but I have not seen anything so far that addresses the main issue (for me anyway) for interior designers which is the ability to texture objects correctly. It was disappointing but not unsurprising that the promo video only applied a single colour to the Sub-D object (the big orange/yellow shiny what on earth is it object) as you cannot apply a pattern. Applying the single colour is a cover up for the deficiencies of the tool. A shame but I am hopeful that I missed a lot that is in there for us and its only a matter of time before it comes to the surface. I am certainly looking forward to the new stair tool as the old one was a flipping nightmare (and texturing it was awful)
  11. barkest

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    Still looking for that big ticket item (maybe I missed it)
  12. As it turns out its not OT. With mobile VR you are working with a phone processor and not a lot of memory so you have to build accordingly. Textures have to be optimised and so does lighting. Clearly real time lighting is not going to work so you have to 'bake' the lighting. When you bake the lighting Unity can generate a lightmap for you which means it will UV unwrap your model. I have found that the model has to be made in a certain way for this to work properly and its much easier for me to supply the UV map rather than take the auto one as I get much better results. The thread name says 'What is the best VR device' but this only tells part of the story. You can have the best device in the world but if you do not build properly for it then the results will be poor. So UV mapping is pretty much essential to get a) realism b) efficiency in VR - not OT
  13. Texturing in VW is very poor indeed and the proof is that in some cases you have to extract the face to texture it. This is a workaround and has been in place as long as I have used VW. Texturing is up there with lighting yet continues to be ignored year after year. The sub-d tool never took off (look at the number of posts on its board) because you cannot texture it (apart from a single color). I doubt it will change with 2019. Honestly VW is in the 90s with texturing and the answer that I had once which was to use C4D. More cost to use an application with BodyPaint that is slated every year for being massively out of date. And in the latest C4D release nothing changed. Why are they so opposed to UV mapping/tools when the whole flipping industry cries out for them in other applications. (apologies for the rant but it hit a nerve)
  14. No but try it and see - create a cube in VW, add a texture (not a colour), export to fbx and drop into Unity UV Mapping - youtube Best thing to do is to start working on this stuff
  15. The Oculus GO has its own chip. This means you just generate an .apk file as you would with your phone and then upload to the GO - its as simple as that. The GO is completely independent. Google it Chargeable means you can charge the client $$ for the headset because it is so cheap. But yes you can charge the headset via usb c VW to Unity is fine but long term you need a way to UV Map the resulting model and VW doesn't do that (I have moaned for years so won't start now). Honestly that is long term and first get a build working then worry about the intermediate software. Teleportation has nothing to do with C4D its all in Unity. I went down the daydream route and its fine to start with but Oculus GO is the better solution. Your choice but once you see your work in VR you will want to share it and that means the GO (long term).


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