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  1. Hi is it possible to create a 2d shape with the bounds of 2 curved walls based on area alone (see attached). There are two curved walls and the rooms are inside the walls with a specified area and there are several rooms following the curve inside. Its a student prob I have that I have come up with a manual workaround but although its close its not precise and its manual effort. thank you
  2. Look at the wall square on and then take a screenshot. Go into Photoshop or similar and bring in the screenshot. Colour as required. Add it to your single wall and adjust with the attribute mapping tool. It will be the correct proportions
  3. Is it possible to get the clip cube so it only affects a single layer? I composite layers at the moment to get over it (so one layer overlaid without the clip cube). Maybe missing something thanks
  4. The portal is correct and you have the student version. My guess is that Uni has 2017 and you have 2018. In Uni File > Export your work to VW2017 and you should be fine.
  5. @Philip Smith Ah ok I was not aware you could download the professional version for 1-year. My understanding was 30-day trial so maybe Jim can clear it up. In the past you could open student docs in the professional version but then the doc would remain watermarked once again maybe Jim could explain if that has changed (disappointing if it has). Either way if you are still a student then you can download the student version from the portal and it would of course work fine. I understand that if you have student work you want to convert to professional then if you purchase VW there is a discount and you can have a number of docs converted. There are a few differences between prof and student. Finally if you are in the UK my experience of student portfolios for interviews/jobs is that the watermark is not relevant.
  6. What are the versions? If the one at Uni is a higher version than the one at home then you should do File > Export > Export Vectorworks....... and vice versa I would guess that the student version is the same as the one available on the portal where if you have a valid student id you can register and after approval you can download
  7. Create the print file from 2014 and print at Uni. If it is a PDF then export to PDF, or to an image file etc. I am unsure why you have to open in an earlier version. To clear up my confusion: You are a student who has VW2014 at home and you have 2011 and 2013 at Uni? Not sure where the non student/professional version came in to this unless I missed something? Also, I am pretty sure that 2014 has not been downloadable from the student portal for a few years so how did you upgrade to 2014 or was that sometime ago? If so then just jump to 2017/2018. Out of interest which Uni and I am surprised they have such old installs of VW (they should be up to date or at least only a single year behind)? Sorry for all the questions but I teach at Uni in Southampton and its interesting to know what happens elsewhere
  8. Use both. Su works very well with VW and has done since 2015.
  9. Autodesk products are licensed for 3-years and all products are available to students. VW is 1-year and C4D has to be paid for at currently around £90 for an 18-month license. Dear Maxon its not the way to promote your product to students. This is an issue as the students, or at least mine over the last 6-years (around 700 students), do not use C4D for onward processing as they cannot install it outside of the Uni due to cost. Why should they when the can trade .fbx to Maya for free and honestly the process is seamless. It makes no sense to me but I guess people at Nem and Maxon communicate regularly and recognise this problem (or maybe not).
  10. What about if you fill the shape (bucket tool) and then double the offset of the orginal and then clip the shape with the filled shape. Not tried this but makes sense in my head
  11. There is also the chance that the client loves it and signs up. AR, MR and VR is not all doom and gloom (although you make a fair point).
  12. Yes but its not a magic button. You need to do some set up work first such as colliders etc. But its not a 'huge' amount of work although there is a fair bit of up front learning.
  13. Hi Alan hopefully I addressed this issue in my last PM Good Luck
  14. Hi Alan you are on the right track. Have a look at this for flipped normals and you can correct Good Luck
  15. Merry Christmas all and +1 for the best forum help for any product that I use or have ever used