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  1. barkest

    Opacity and Transparancy

    You can also use the transparency shader on the texture. Of course this would apply to all objects with that texture so you would duplicate the original and remove the transparency.
  2. barkest

    Problem to Import .OBJ File (Textures)

    @Paulo Ferrari There are some textures you do not need. For example VW does not use normal maps (bump only) so it depends on which 2 textures you have missing. You may not need them. I guess you may only need diffuse. I say this because the extra textures will increase the file size which you try to avoid.
  3. barkest

    ClipCube to 2D Polygons?

    I guess the object you imported is a mesh. You can edit the mesh and remove the parts you do now want (front ortho and drag around and delete). From memory if you double-click the mesh it will screw up so be careful. Maybe worth a try Or can you create an auto hybrid and set the cut plane at the right height. I am not sure how you extract the 2D shape from the hybrid though.
  4. barkest

    Problem to Import .OBJ File (Textures)

    Put your .mtl file and the textures in the same folder as the .obj
  5. barkest

    Moving/aligning objects

    You can align objects by snapping them together and then rotating To rotate the bottom extrusion with the one above it Snap together Align the rotate tool with the lower extrude Click and rotate to match the extrude above it Click to finish and move as required
  6. barkest

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    My understanding is that with a perpetual you don't get Cineversity, you can't use plugins and you have to log online every 14 days. Something along these lines I think Also the monthly cost is way higher than the annual when taken over 12 months. Even more interesting for me is that Blender 2.8 has massively got its act together and the recent influx of high profile investors, and then of course Autodesk announced Max and Maya at $250 per year (£275 uk) for a full version if your turnover is < $100k. This is a 1-year trial to see if it works. If that continues where does it leave Maxon? Blender == free, Autodesk == $250, Maxon is significantly more. Autodesk announced it a day or so after the Siggraph presentation from Maxon - go figure
  7. Focusing on workflow has to be the right way to go - well done
  8. barkest

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    Tough if you just renewed your MSA Anyhow, recently Trimble (Sketchup) announced subscription based licensing, of course Adobe did it a long time back, now Maxon......who is next? Seems like its not a popular option for existing users as you no longer own the software but it does allow new entrants so depends where you sit I guess
  9. barkest

    Help with Polygon and extrusion

    Put the lights into a separate class and turn the class visibility off when working in your 3D view
  10. barkest

    DISREGARD - Snap to Referenced Object

    @A.D.K. Usually I would always have Show/Snap/Modify Others set for classes. For DLs I change as required and the only time I set Show/Snap/Modify Others for DLs is if I forget what layer something is on (so I change the layer option click it and check the OIP). I have found it too risky to have it set for DLs and also impractical. I am sure others work differently just the way I do things
  11. barkest

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    Interesting deciding which walls (objects) need welding together for UV mapping. If you are doing internal views then adding the internal walls then putting the external walls on the same map unless of course they belong to other areas of the space than need putting together etc. etc. I find that making the windows and doors single objects in VW, so ungrouping and making a single solid solves the issue (most of the time) but then I have to look out for internal faces and normals are easy to handle as I always fix as required as well as optimising. The issue is that I have to keep the windows and doors are original objects in VW incase I have to change them. The other option is to make all windows and doors openings and then import the windows and doors (as solid objects) separately. This way moving windows/doors can be done quite easily after export which saves me heaps of work. Biggest manual effort is UV Mapping and honestly that is down to working out how best to join the objects and arrange the islands.
  12. barkest

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    @zoomer Hey Zoomer I no longer use C4D (dropped it a long time back) but I am interested in the thread. Are you saying that you turn your walls to solids before export or do you leave them as walls? (I found that making windows and doors solids was a must). When the walls are in C4D are they tris or quads (tris I suspect as VW only exports tris). If so do you then make them quads? Either way (solid or wall object) do you have internal faces at the corners or is each wall (right and left in VW terminology) separate? (I guess separate). If separate do you leave them like that or join them in C4D to help with UV mapping? If you do make them solids in VW you are a bit screwed if you have to have a change back in VW so I guess you would then make solid and keep a copy of the original walls. Any changes in the VW file will mean a refresh of the UV map of course so from this pov the whole process is a manual pain. thanks I was talking to a C4D guy the other day and pointed out that you can add loop cuts to create a hole in the wall and imagine if you had the two rectangles on either side of the wall you can select both faces and bridge. This will auto remove the faces and create the 4 quads to bridge the wall all in a single operation.
  13. barkest

    bending a solid

    @Peter Telleman Use the bend deformer. From the 3D modelling menu chose the deform tool and use bend mode.


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