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  1. @rDesignThanks for that I did not know about SU Free. You can still download SU 2017 Make Disappointed that it now runs in a browser but at Uni we purchase the pro version and it will be interesting to see how we go with Free in the future @Jim Presently you have to save as Su 2015 for VW2017. It used to be the case that you would go back on version but clearly that is not the case currently. Could you confirm the versions of Su that work with 2018 and if you are going to keep pace with at least the previous version of Su? thank you
  2. We use it all of the time and take the models from SU into VW after clean up work. VW tools are far superior and despite claims to the contrary VW is much quicker than SU. The one area where SU beats VW hands down is with texturing, which VW is absolutely awful at. In fact a large green crayon held in a boxing glove would be superior to VW for texturing. SU relies on a lot of plugins which at times is not great but there are several UV mapping tools which help enormously. The model into VW works very well indeed and scaled textures are respected in VW and rescaling of objects is also respected with the texture also resizing correctly. There are a lot of things to be aware of when working between SU and VW but as long as you follow a set of rules you are good to go. I am happy to answer questions on the process. <Edit> I should also say that SU is free (SU Make) and its all you need and we have been using it seriously for years. So the flashy promos are absolutely fine because the product is free. Maybe it is an urban myth but I believe Google stipulated that Trimble had to provide a free version for life during the sale of Su.
  3. @EAlexander When I finish my current project as long as the Uni are ok with it then I will be happy to post it as it is not commercial (education only)
  4. Bottom line is quality of final output and there really is no contest. The Arnold renderer is just beautiful and honestly no matter how hard I work in C4D I just can't reproduce. Materials are a confusing mess and UV mapping is laughable so the time I lose (and there is a lot of it) fixing everything else in C4D, only to end up with an inferior output, I can spend in the object hierarchy. My workflow is so much quicker now from end-to-end and I really don't go back to VW so its a one-way-ride
  5. Slightly off topic but I went with C4D for quite some time then the latest release just wasn't good enough and it hit me that I had only chosen C4D because of the VW pipeline. Once I got over that I dropped it like a rock and took up Maya. It has been a breath of air with the UV tools (just gorgeous) and the Arnold renderer. VW is seamless into Maya without a single issue at all. No doubt, for me at least, it has been a successful decision. I now build in VW and then light, texture and render in Maya. I often use VW structures as reference objects in Maya and rebuild if required. For interest it was BodyPaint and the utter lack of pipeline with Substance Painter and Unity that killed C4D for me. Well those and the complete jumble of a material implementation which confused me no end. I am sure it works for others but the quality of my work has never been higher and that is after less than 3-months. As I say, I appreciate it works for others but not for me.
  6. I can only speak with the experience of the results the students have had here in the UK.
  7. I have students who use Archicad and those who use VW. A very broad answer is VW much better at 2D and Archicad much better at modelling. I was hoping VW would catch up with Sub-D but without texturing it unfortunately hasn't. If I were starting out again now I would go Archichad but bear in mind we are Interior Design and not Architecture so it may well be the other way around for the majority.
  8. Four pencils which would now come with four separate select agreements.
  9. In all honesty even though we have 2018 I am still using 2017 as there is nothing for us of any real significance. Multi-Viewport but that's it and on its own not enough to invest time in 2018. Best release we ever had was 2015 by a country mile - now that was a game changer. Now its too much bling and not enough substance (apologies to those who worked incredibly hard on the release)
  10. Use Collada (.dae) to transfer from VW to SU
  11. Initially basic walking around a space and interaction.
  12. I will be developing for the Hololens again soon after my sidetrack to AR. It is VW to Unity
  13. You can double-click the wall to enter reshape mode and adjust from there.
  14. Ping results. Will check tonight if the export works - thank you
  15. Hi Andrew please let me know if you need me to do anything else to help thanks