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  1. barkest

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Thank you Pat Python it is then ūüôā
  2. barkest

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Thanks Pat Would I be correct in saying that if you can use VS you can do it in Python as well? I also use Blender so it could be a win win for me as my Py skills, that I don't currently have, are transferable. With Py I could move verts as needed. I have no idea if I want to do this but if I can move verts then I could do most things with a mesh. thank you again for your help
  3. Can I use marionette to assign parameters to an existing object? This means size, scale, rotation and also face size Not used marionette before but not fazed if the solution is complex as long as it can do it thank you
  4. barkest

    How to export Quads instead of triangles?

    Although it is some time since I used C4D that was my experience. You could run it a couple of times and maybe isolate parts of the mesh and run it again on that alone. I am 'assuming' here that you are not modelling in VW and instead you are taking pre-made objects such as windows, doors etc. If that is the case then work object by object. As previously mentioned you will probably have to do some manual tidy up work. Its always worthwhile optimising as you go along and merging verts does not take that long depending again on complexity. You are right that quads are preferable given that the flow is predictable. What exactly are you trying to do (what type of object) then maybe we can help further? <Edit> Just thinking about this and although I do not have C4D have you thought to try Modify > Simplify Mesh (turn you object into a mesh first but take a copy before you do it). So if you then simplify but keep the same number of faces and then export. I wonder if you will then end up with a mesh in C4D that is all tris rather than a mixture.
  5. barkest

    How to export Quads instead of triangles?

    It would largely depend on the mesh it has to convert. I would generally say that you would need some understanding of topology to make sure that you have a decent conversion or you can just go with what it gives you of course. I am unsure why the OP wants to convert, I mentioned UV mapping and this could be the reason maybe?
  6. barkest

    How to export Quads instead of triangles?

    Not used C4D for a while but when you bring in the mesh you can convert tris to quads (untriangulate or something). Not sure how smart C4D with this operation but after its best guess you may want to run it again then finish off with some manual work if required. I seem to remember that Jim said that due to VW being all tris it was very difficult to have a UV map option.
  7. barkest

    3D Wheelchair

    Here is a wheelchair from Su. I took a very lightweight one. Imports and works fine in VW but I will add the skp file as I have an edu version of VW. When importing make sure to tick Create Renderworks Textures for all Materials then you can swap out the material as required. Also note it will create a Layer0 class as the class is created from the associated layer name in Su. Wheelchair.skp
  8. barkest

    Until Next Time

    You are a smart, honest and decent guy and wherever you are going I hope they know how lucky they are to have you working there.
  9. That's a shame thank you Jim
  10. I can hold down my middle mouse (3-button mouse) to pan and ctrl+middle mouse to flyover. I cannot see from editing my workspace keys how to change this to: middle mouse = flyover and shift+middle mouse = pan Not sure if this is possible as middle mouse doesn't register as a shortcut key (maybe a key combo I need instead) thanks
  11. Stuff has been missing from the Education version (Designer) forever. I have enough posts on it and to be fair @Jim did get some stuff reinstated but broadly speaking we still don't get everything we need but small steps forward are better than backwards as explained in this thread. I never understood the paranoia compared to other vendors who actively push their software onto edu users with no difference between full and edu version.
  12. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    I would suggest a 1m x 1m x 1m cube to test the process or some walls as shown below. No issues here exporting/importing dae. Hopefully the screenshots will help
  13. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    @michael john williams Maybe I missed what you are trying to do so my earlier solution does not work for you but here are walls with a roof and a window (simple building).
  14. barkest

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    Export from VW as .dae (collada) Not sure you want the layers to follow. Layers in Su are very different to layers in VW. In Su they are for visibility only and to have objects scattered across them will cause you problems in the long run. Good luck though
  15. barkest

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    Saying we are fixing a bunch of stuff and missing out lots of stuff that needed fixing seems to me that 2019 was in fact a dot release. It was running downstairs at Christmas only to find that last years gifts had been painted and re-wrapped and I had paid for the paint.


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