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  1. I have students who use Archicad and those who use VW. A very broad answer is VW much better at 2D and Archicad much better at modelling. I was hoping VW would catch up with Sub-D but without texturing it unfortunately hasn't. If I were starting out again now I would go Archichad but bear in mind we are Interior Design and not Architecture so it may well be the other way around for the majority.
  2. Four pencils which would now come with four separate select agreements.
  3. In all honesty even though we have 2018 I am still using 2017 as there is nothing for us of any real significance. Multi-Viewport but that's it and on its own not enough to invest time in 2018. Best release we ever had was 2015 by a country mile - now that was a game changer. Now its too much bling and not enough substance (apologies to those who worked incredibly hard on the release)
  4. Use Collada (.dae) to transfer from VW to SU
  5. Initially basic walking around a space and interaction.
  6. I will be developing for the Hololens again soon after my sidetrack to AR. It is VW to Unity
  7. You can double-click the wall to enter reshape mode and adjust from there.
  8. Ping results. Will check tonight if the export works - thank you
  9. Hi Andrew please let me know if you need me to do anything else to help thanks
  10. Hi Andrew see attached thank you
  11. Hi Andrew - see attached thank you
  12. Hi Jim same issue from work Being education we do not have Service Select so I can't test that
  13. Will test tomorrow at work and post on here thanks
  14. Thanks Jim no Firewall here and I never heard of LittleSnitch
  15. Trying to export to web and I get the attached error. My internet connection is fine at home with no restrictions. Could someone check this please? thank you