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  1. If you want 2D people (png) very high quality then go to: Make sure you click on the person you want as you will then get the higher-res image. He does great work for free although he accepts donations. I highly recommend a donation as it is the right thing to do. He is a nice guy and I have traded emails with him in the past.
  2. @jimw not sure if anyone there has 3DS Max but exporting to a 3DS file from an initial Revit file the doors end up being hundreds of single items. Is it possible to check what a door looks like if it comes from Revit and then goes into 3DS?
  3. unfortunately you would have to export each layer separately and then import into Su. Having said that Su does not work in way that you have objects on separate layers. Everything should go on Layer0 and then you will place groups/components onto other layers - Its for visibility only. Putting things physically onto separate layers would be a disaster
  4. Use Collada (.dae)
  5. Sorry for using Unity as an example but I am just getting into it and its a breath of fresh air. They introduced a subscription model and with it they were able to change their philosophy From their keynote this year. Start at 7m:30s and run for 1 min.
  6. Such as Web view or Sub-D (from existing objects) etc. I honestly believe the model of secrecy is rooted in the past. Honesty and openness have served other companies well. Unity, for example, explain where they are going in the future. Not just this year but their whole roadmap. Users buy in and help push them. They have constant betas on release for the community to work on (if they want) and in this way everyone is involved in the R & D cycle. A closed system with an annual release = modules that don't always work or don't work in a way that serves users needs as no input was asked for. Even Maxon has begun to evolve and that's saying something.
  7. Should improve workflow. Good to see
  8. Programming - have a look at marionette Developers community - same board and they are beyond helpful If not marionette then python is worth a look No idea about upgrading but I bet @JimWdoes No doubt you will continue to have mixed feeling as we all do about any software but the massive difference you will find are these forums which are without doubt the most helpful I have ever used once again a lot to do with @JimW good luck
  9. Currently only Revit and Archicad but it looks pretty decent with .OBJ
  10. VW > C4D is rock solid C4D > Unity3D is rock solid that is the pipeline I am currently working on albeit very early days as I have to grapple with c# (don't have to but want to as it is not a prerequisite) From what Jim says on the timeline then I am happy with looking at alternatives
  11. I know I posted this link in my own thread but it sits in here nicely as well Autodesk are light years ahead in comparison.
  12. Seems like AutoDesk is way ahead with Stingray
  13. Maybe sometimes the focus is on architecture whereas we use it for interior design. In fact here in the UK VW is used extensively for interior design (google jobs). I have no idea about the world of architecture and VR (which is why I asked) but for sure ID is a great vehicle for VR
  14. Hi Alan, I am just at the start of things and learning C# so I can do more stuff in Unity. VW is in the pipeline for sure but I am not at that stage yet. With regard to VR then if VW are investing in it then they can see it is important so I don't think it is a bad place to move towards. Having said that they will never be a Unity, and I would not expect them to be, but I would like to provide a fully immersive experience than I think you will get with VW. With regards to the people who think it is not necessary then that's fine and maybe they are correct, time will tell. I am happy to keep you up-to-date with progress off board maybe. Interestingly the number 1 freelance job at the moment is VR including archviz walk throughs (go figure)