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  1. Hatch Scaling

    Alan, thanks, that is most likely the best way handling it
  2. Hatch Scaling

    I agree with solutions listed above as I have been using them. The problem is that this should not be the case especially when having classes forced attributes, the whole point of the VW class forced attributes is to have it all happen automatically and so all (say steel) is represented in a similar manner in a design layer and then adjusted in viewport accordingly. I believe based on the comments so far this is a bug which should be fixed.
  3. Hatch Scaling

    I use "Detailing" with parametric structural shapes (W, I, Tubes etc), than I assign a specific "hatch" not screen pattern, in this case the standard double line for steel and triple for aluminum. These hatches are totally controllable in polygons double lines walls etc but not in the structural shapes. attached is MC channel, on the left it is exploded (CMD K - polyline), the same thing unexploded on the right, both set to the same hatch and set to the same size via attribute dialog box.
  4. Hatch Scaling

    I have complete control over the hatch scale but neither hatch control tool or attribute control box does anything to hatches in structural shapes, scaling the drawing doesnt change either. Is there a solution to this without "exploding" the parametric object?
  5. Group in viewport shown as wireframe

    when grouping or converting to a symbol new attributes are assigned, double check the the group attributes match the elements within it.
  6. DXF Export Visibility

    peculiar indeed. I have replicated your settings and I am still getting the right result. I am sure you have opened and closed VW, have you tried a new file just for testing purposes? I have had corrupt files sometimes, usually very complex. The only other explanation is that I am importing DWG back to VW but it would be very strange if for some reason VW reads DWG in a different way than ACAD

    i have grappled with this issue. It seems to me like there is no way to mix windows and doors in a single spreadsheet. To go around it I just used window objects and named them as doors (D prefix as opposed to W) - sliding window as sliding door and bi-parting casement for swinging doors. This is exactly to have, like you said, all windows and doors by one manufacturer in one spreadsheet. The only issue I noticed is the sill details which are not compatible. But so far on almost all the projects we have in the office this is what we are doing and it works fine. In reality the whole division between window and door is an artificial one, given the current design trends what is needed is something like an opening type - there are just too many different types of door window solid panel items that just dont want to molded into traditional typology.
  8. DXF Export Visibility

    when I export to ACAD my invisible classes are not exported (I just checked) and I always do it from sheets (I have all my annotations in viewport rather than on design layer), VW 2018. The only shortcoming of this set up that I see is that the dimensions are "exploded" and are just groups in paper space.
  9. I have spent sometime working with both 2017 and 2018 trying to streamline not only the title block itself but the drawing list with full matrix of revisions etc. By far the 2018 is superior to 2017 on many counts, however, it has a lot of little glitches which can be worked around, like you said the positioning not always works, I usually adjust that with margins in TB set up, I don't use the new "revisions", instead I use "submissions" for actual revisions (seems like other people on this forum are doing the same).
  10. macOS High Sierra and Vectorworks 2018

    I have mac mini 2011 server, also i7 and 16 ram, no slowdown, in fact somewhat smoother, but not by much. On another mac mini newer and faster and the one definitely runs great. Over all I don't see much difference when it comes to vectorworks. In fact I have not noticed improvements in OS that much, I mostly update for security reasons, though who knows.
  11. I ran into interesting issue: I set up different elements if space tool components on different classes (label being on different than "rectangle) as I need to control their visibility separately. Each class forces graphic attributes (in my case Label is 100% opacity and "rectangle" is 10%). It seems like when everything is assigned proper classes etc in the end once setting is involved in 2D attributes there is only one opacity control that overrides the class settings. I wonder if someone run into that issue, or am I just not noticing something.
  12. Adding Chairs to Tables

    or if you are using table/chair tool than you can change the number of seats in the object info palette
  13. 2018 random crashing, Windows 10

    not on windows or the graphic card you have and not related to 2018, but i do have random crash issues about once a year or so. I found it is due to corrupt objects, very rare, but it happens. I have back up set up at 20 min interval and once the crash happens I can see unseasonable file size increase.
  14. Vectorworks libraries

    I keep all libraries and other standard reference files on server for years, no problems at all. Every time somebody in my office adds library item in forces the right naming and is available to everyone else. Totally recommended.
  15. hatch requires a bit of work, depending on the complexity of what you are looking for you might try "Tile" - it's simple and intuitive to set up


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