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  1. I just copy paste url, I have been doing this for a long time.
  2. "save palette positions" works may be 1 in 10 times for me on many different OSX computers. However, I do have different set ups @ work, home and on the go. There should be an option to save particular sets just like workspaces independent of monitor set ups.
  3. you need to go to title block manager, issues, delete all at the bottom
  4. I was trying to add another field in Data Manager for all the doors to use it.
  5. for some reason I cannot add/edit User Field in Door data manager, I cant find it in Help, I am sure its something simple asI used to add them without problems.
  6. Enscape, I have been using it for over a year, not perfect but it is constantly improving costs very little and wage quality is pretty good. I used to use VRay which a very high quality renderer which by the way bought enscape so I expect enscape to be top quality in the near future.
  7. Another problem is that Ventura considers VW 2022 as corrupt and throws it automatically to trash, totally new 2022 reinstalled same thing. I no longer can use 2022, I have been able to use 2021.
  8. Running 2023 on Ventura on MBP M1 Pro, all old files crash when changing page layout, I sent sample file to VW.
  9. thanks, that works, I thought I did tried that but must have done something wrong and got confused by the "luck"
  10. I stumbled upon one thing I cannot resolve: I have floor area calculations in a large worksheet everything is working when I add area calculations, when I need to subtract for some reason its not working, I tried other variations too with the same result: =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')+(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R')) - this works =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')-(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R')) - this doesn't
  11. so that was 5 years ago, any progress with using tiles in renderworks textures?
  12. it doesn't work for me even in the sections set in design layer, the 2 items lost their link and I cannot re establish them in existing view port, I cut a new one and copy/pasted annotations and re established links, the problem is that on Monday links will be gone.
  13. yes, I made a test file, one thing I noticed that if I cut in model space it works fine, only when I cut in viewport it causes records to misbehave TEST.vwx
  14. Out of the blue my furniture tag selectively stopped working, I have been using it without a problem for a long time, now I annotated viewports with tags, after some changes wanted to add tags and nothing works, existing tags display data. Then it started working again but only in some viewports, I tested the same object in different viewports and sometimes it works sometimes not, cant figure out what is the setting that cause this.
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