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  1. totally agree this is an issue, including the palette position which is not perfect. I work from a laptop, most of the time I have additional big screen sometimes not, when I switch it creates a total mess of windows and palettes. I wonder if there is something like a project/file associated "workspace" that remembers all of it, and preferably int one or two versions depending upon screen set up.
  2. I wonder if there could be improvements: 1. Have a separate button @ top of spreadsheet to recalculate as opposed to scroll down menu. 2. I understand "one way street" with worksheet, but I wonder if a change to any data base object could trigger recalculate button to go red, even if it doesn't belong to the particular spreadsheet - a reminder of sorts update.
  3. Try "option" empty trash, if it doesn't work, sometimes you need to restart the computer.
  4. I ran into this problem in various places (including layer settings), it seems to be fixed on the Mac side. I used to add space after the the name or number which seemed to trigger change.
  5. in different files on different computers light become un editable as soon as I edit it, the name disappears and popup window doesn't invoke edit window any more. I can't even delete this light????
  6. I have a single object in both elevation and section. 1. It appears that the section is actually cutting the object and changing geometry from smooth to faceted, I tested a different smooth object and it was fine when cut, however, 2. Doing a section cut of the test object resulted in correct first view, I noticed some strange shadow line when zoomed icon the viewport, I changed the line to white, well, the section view is no longer updatable, red line around the viewport doesn't go away and 'update' button is no longer red even though the viewport indicated is out of date. 3. When trying to do another section viewport it resulted in elevation without cut mark. I removed, presumably, a corrupt viewport and made a new section viewport, it works but it is faceted again right next to elevation viewport of the same object. 4. Viewport resolution. In model space, of course, everything looks sharp. In viewport, despite setting the sheet raster to 300 dpi it looks like 72 dpi, of course I can go to 600 or 1200dpi but that is simply unworkable.
  7. I have Architect and the current escalator tool is in the Building Shell toolset, you might check in workspace editor whether it is just not active.
  8. its a bug, VW knows about it and most likely will be fixed in next SP, this has been brought up a while ago, I think it happens only on windows.
  9. click on "name" in publish window - you can control the order of pages there
  10. if you don't have 2018 you can use attached space object.vwx
  11. Something happened with graphic attributes in space tool. It seems impossible to have a label 100% opaque and 2D boundary in less than 100% opacity. This functionality was working in VW2018 but 2019 and 2020 has rearranged info and settings boxes and it is no longer possible. Its kind of indispensable when dong planing and color coding different uses etc.
  12. you are right, it's a bug, I will report it to the tech. I formatted my space tool/object in VW2018, just checked and it works in 2018, then you can reuse the same space object in 2019 or 2020 but when formatting it in settings it reverts to opaque.
  13. yes, highlight the space object, then in the info box click on settings, then navigate to graphic attributes.
  14. Is this 2020 native or from previous versions of VW? Just wondering if something is "lost in translation".
  15. you can activate "by name" order by clicking the "name" header, you should see little arrow on the right hand side of the header


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