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  1. TKA

    Publish, organize by sheet number

    Sorry, what I meant was "publish" to match the stacking order, sheet numbers have different prefixes which change the stacking order to alphabetical. I have a set where a need to change sheet numbers and names as I develop it (need to print progress sets) and every time I need to essentially start from scratch, over 120 pages and suddenly its a lot of work, almost easier to just save it as pdf and just drag pages around in pdf reader.
  2. I was wondering why by default publish box organizes sheets alphabetically by name as opposed to sheet number which is presumably what everybody does, am I missing some hidden option to set "publish" by sheet number?
  3. TKA

    Imported image background not transparent

    I bring them as pdf via copy (from preview, paste from clipboard and drop solid background in attributes, that works on Mac, don't know about windows
  4. TKA

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    sane set up, I am getting beach balls when selecting drawing label in annotations, also anytime I touch some of the parametric objects like table with chairs getting it to, sometimes I return to viewport and info box is still showing table as seated object. But its not consistent, still trying to figure out what causes it.
  5. I am trying to do a simple thing: have space tool elements different attributes via classes. Class assignment is working fine, however, it seems like pen and fill cannot have different attributes, namely, I am trying to have fill @ 5% and label @ 100% opacity - space sits on top of everything else with label being 100% sharp and area fill color coded but showing furniture etc behind. Is it just me or is the label tool working that way.
  6. TKA

    stair tool

    so I managed to get it done with legacy custom stair tool. I think there should be a check box "override stair tool logic"
  7. TKA

    stair tool

    I have been trying to configure rather simple stair. In 2018 it nearly impossible, but in 2019 I am getting close. My main issue is that I am getting error messages (two treads are partially melted..., etc) that doesn't explain what is wrong and it does not make sense geometrically. So I am wondering if anybody knows which settings are causing this. Also, I arrived at this configuration by trial and error changing different values till I almost got what I wanted. Also, it is not possible to have nosing in this stair, I unlocked overall stair dim . Attached is line drawing of the stair and above is VW stair which has one offset set at 2" and it cannot get smaller.
  8. TKA

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

  9. there is a line type edit in resources, is there a way to edit line thickness in a similar way to removing classes: remove unwanted thicknesses and make them conform to whatever new standards I want. I know I can do it by custom selection tool but its time consuming and not as instant as removing classes.
  10. TKA

    Strange Cones:

    I think these are lights and cameras, go to light and views palette and make them invisible
  11. TKA

    stair tool

    the stair tool doesn't allow for stair that is composed of two raisers and one tread, is this right??? or is there a trick?
  12. TKA

    Wacom tablet?

    I have been using small intuos Touch (very useful for scrolling and zooming), and various versions of Wacom tablet before Intuos. Small works fine for me, and yes its just the right size relative to the natural movement of hand, similar to small sketching writing.
  13. take a look at this, this is a schedule of different light fixtures on a number of floors, is this what you are trying to do?
  14. Boh, you are right, I have misunderstood your question, may be if you . What I understood is that let's say you have 6 layers and 3 different types of seating spread across all layers. You want to have box in a spreadsheet showing just type 1 seating on layers 1,2,3, that will be scenario where both chair type and layer will have to be present in order to register in the box. But I suspect you might have something else in mind.
  15. it depends which version of Vectorworks you are using. Normally there is an option to add layers and other criteria from pull down menus.


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